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Manipulating the List (Immortal Companion, #1) [Read] ➵ Manipulating the List (Immortal Companion, #1) By K.B. Lever – Katherine Sheppard is the exception to the rule That is as long as she continues to run from the law; murder innocent people; and manipulate the Collector’s List Shouldn’t be hard right Since the Katherine Sheppard is the exception to the rule That is as long as she continues to run from the law; murder innocent people; and manipulate the Collector’s List Shouldn’t be hard right Since the tender age of six Katherine has always loved to hear Jonathan’s nightly stories about tracking stalking and Manipulating the PDF/EPUB ² collecting his victims She’s even had the privilege of watching souls transition into the afterlife led by the hand of the Collector to their paths where angels or demons escort them home It has been an unwavering friendship that has flourished for sixteen years That is until an unexplainable twist in circumstances causes Katherine’s name to appear on the Collector’s List Oh but do not mistake this as an end this is just the beginning Katherine refuses to hand over her soul uietly and Jonathan will stand beside his friend feeling the bitter sting of helplessness as he realizes that he might possibly be the cause of her demise So now a new relationship unfolds between them one of checks and balances hints clues and mysteries where the two despite their now forbidden friendship will work together to manipulate the List But just as resolute the law won’t stand idly by as Katherine assists in the deaths of others Every form of law enforcement is preparing to conduct a global manhunt to bring her to justice Nor will the Creator of the List tolerate a friendship that goes completely against his rules The collections continue to increase in difficulty pushing Katherine into an irreversible life of crime where the only possibility of escape is her own death Yet Katherine as impassionedly determined as a trapped animal trying to escape its captor will stay the course in her fight to overcome Heaven Hell earth and the Collector.

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  1. Airah ♔ Airah ♔ says:

    First of all I’d like to disclose that this book was provided by the author in exchange for an honest reviewI’m open to new reads and I happen to like the premise of this one Minus the cover not really eye catching To be honest sometimes book covers influence the way I prioritize my top tbrAnyway this book takes the grim reaper stuff to a whole new level This is a story about Jonathan and KatherineA story about the weird friendship between a boy who collects souls based on a list AND the one girl who could manipulate the said list This was going to be the beginning of our new friendship; a friendship where he would give me clues to find his next victim and then my race would ensue to find them before the collection time so that he could bypass collecting me At first this book seriously gave me the headacheOkay I know how the Collector works but I felt confused as hell with all this manipulating mumbo jumbo It was stated that “ by the end of the given timeframe a name on the list would have to be collected”If that’s the case and the Collector has been doing this for decades then what’s the point of Katherine tracking those victims? Should handling those victims on a silver platter to the Collector actually manipulates the list?So I read on Wondering how the heck could I actually ever enjoy reading this bookI don’t know why I aggravate myself by reading a book out of my genre but since I was the one who reuested this book for review I thought I should give it a try and keep an open mind Fortunately that wasn’t very hard to do because the writing style was really good When finally “ I didn’t know what interfering with the Collector’s list was going to do to me” KatherineHah After that admission I actually sighed with relief At least I know that the stuff which was initially bothering me will be resolved somewhere in the book I just have to be patientAnd I’m glad I didThis is one of those books that won’t grab your attention in the beginning If I’ll be perfectly honest the first few chapters were a total yawnfestBut when things picked up it would freaking pull you at your collar – happened just after the first two hunts when the MC was running away from everyone Dang A girl on the run By that time I’m finally acknowledging the fact that the author has some serious writing skills Why She just amped up the suspense factorSo obviously I thought this was turning to be a pretty exciting readI was wrongAnother bad thing happened I don’t have anything against Australians but I got bored again – this time because of too detailed Australian back stories It’s one thing to engage in a chat with a cab driver but to have him recap the whole story of something he actually witnessed back in the day again TOTAL YAWNFEST My relief totally disappeared because of one unrealistic romance found in the book Don’t get me wrong I love whirlwind romances But for me it just didn’t work with this one It was hurried and I even thought the romance was done as an afterthought view spoilerMaybe find another connection between Liam and Katherine other than being hopelessly in love? hide spoiler

  2. Heidi Heidi says:

    I received this book from the author for an honest reviewWhen I started this story I was only going to read a few chapters Before I knew it I was so far into the story I couldn't put it down until it was done And the cliff hanger at the end I can't tell you about it or it will ruin the story for you Lets just say that this is one of the best paranormal stories I have read in a long time It is uniue has well developed characters and really does pull you in right from the start To witness death over and over at the hands of a collector is something that no child should have to face Yet the main character in this story Katherine has seen and been part of Jonathan's collections since he found out she could not only see him but could hear him But soon the collections take a twist when she finds out her name is on the list What would you do if you knew that it was either you or someone else standing between life or death? This story actually shows you one version of what a woman finding herself on the list for collection will do and will go through when she is given the date of collection and what the name of the other person who could save her life is I can't wait to see the future stories in this series Amazing and well written story

  3. Ashley Ashley says:

    I am glad this was one of the books that started off my new year The story line was AMAZING I enjoyed the suspense romance tragedy and complexity of this book I do not want to divulge too much information but this story is all about realistic survival of the fittest choices Katherine Sheppard the main character in the book has been surrounded the majority of her life by the grim reaper or The Collector as she calls him She witnesses the passing of people throughout her childhood and somehow finds herself in a friendship with the very person who collects their souls Jonathan As Katherine becomes an adult she is forced to make some very hasty and rash decisions Will she make the right choices? This book is very fast paced and brilliant Throughout her journey she is presented with friendship love and betrayal The ending will leave you coming back for I am so excited to see what happens in the second half of this series I am sure we are in for some twists and turns along the way With all that being said I highly recommend this book to other readers KB Lever is by far one of my favorite authors of the year so far

  4. Heather Heather says:

    This book joins the short list of books in my life that once I started it it took over my life until I finished it Seriously it was maddening every time I sat it down it teased me until I came back to the adventure I am almost embarrassed to say it took me under a day to read it even though it says a lot for the book itself I am counting down the days until the adventure continues again in the second book

  5. Katie Katie says:

    This is probably a 45 star book actually This was an innovative original intriguing book Someone mentioned this was a series and I hope it is I would of given 5 stars if it wasn't for the extensive detail about Australia It was just too much The characters were great and the plot was exciting That was uite the ending

  6. Peggy Swearingen Peggy Swearingen says:

    KB Lever has created an innovative story that is filled with many surprising plot twists and turns Very imaginative fast pacedand with amazing attention to detail this author keeps you on the edge of your seat until the last written word A goodread

  7. Renee Renee says:

    This is out of my usual reading genre but I loved the cover and the romance tag too I was into it by the first chapter I won’t go on about the plot because it will have to be read to feel it The main character is Katherine and she is the only one who can see Jonathan aka the Collector When she is only six she witnessed her fatally ill Aunt be lead to heaven by him It is explained as in a way that is not scary not dark but very intriguing This uote got me to gasp and it was on page #6 “I had no idea that I was the only one who could watch him collect souls converse with him or see the final transitions of their souls into the afterlife” As the years go on Katherine is really the only friend that Jonathan has and she cares very deeply for him Every couple of chapters you are brought into a “new” story line about who will be collected I will tell you each story line is very different and one did scare me but I am over 40 and sleep with a night light on I couldn’t put it down As for Katherine she is very likable as Jonathan’s best friend You would think she would not seem well adjusted but she is When Katherine tries to manipulate the list she finds herself on she meets Jennifer This is by far the best story within the book Jennifer is having Katherine photograph her at her party that was supposed to be her wedding She found her boyfriend Jeremy Hopewell cheated on her So Jeremy ‘s girlfriend is Ashley and poor Jen finds out Ashley is pregnant So she has been dealt a really poor hand but is optimistic Here is Katherine’s dilemma What does she do when she finds Jennifer’s name on the list? At this point just read and DO NOT put it down Very fast paced and what I loved was how Katherine had no fear of The Collector Their friendship grew for 16 years It is a game of manipulation and survival The best best best part was a sneak peak chapter at book 2 Mercy that made me happyGet the book here visit the author’s web page please visit the following pages Facebook Immortal Companion Series page – wwwfacebookcomKBLeverBecome “friends” with the author on facebook – Some great uotes Manipulating the List The Immortal Companion Series KB Lever Highlight on Page 6 | Loc 188 90 |I had no idea that I was the only one who could watch him collect souls converse with him or see the final transitions of their souls into the afterlifeManipulating the List The Immortal Companion Series KB Lever Highlight on Page 74 | Loc 1275 77 | Added on Tuesday January 08 2013 0841 PM I just couldn’t see it There was nothing fascinating about what I’d done No love story no high intensity robbing and especially no tough and rugged appearanceManipulating the List The Immortal Companion Series KB Lever Highlight on Page 118 | Loc 1962 68 | Added on Tuesday January 08 2013 0919 PM “April 28th 1996 The day changed the lives of every Aussie in Australia No one ever understood the events or what it takes to drive a twenty eight year old man to go out and maliciously murder and injure over fifty people – his friends family and townsmen This man this Maxwell Cooper supposedly had been contemplating this plan of attack for years Not even his family or his live in girlfriend knew what he had been planning Highlight on Page 123 | Loc 2046 48 | Added on Tuesday January 08 2013 0921 PM I was sitting on the edge of the car seat I didn’t want my ride to end It was all so exciting I had never been one interested in history but he was so animated and made such a great storyteller it made every word every step very exciting Highlight on Page 140 | Loc 2285 87 | Added on Tuesday January 08 2013 0932 PMI had three thousand dollars left after paying for the room my food and some casual every day clothes I still had plenty of money to have a proper send off I suddenly had nerves of steel nerves I had never known before This was the end but strangely it felt like the beginning Highlight on Page 172 | Loc 3110 12 | Added on Tuesday January 08 2013 1017 PM While my description leaves a little to be desired it was nothing less than amazing to get to hold it examine it and see it in its natural habitat instead of some attraction at an exhibit Highlight on Page 180 | Loc 3301 7 | Added on Tuesday January 08 2013 1022 PM“Some one thousand burials took place ‘ere from 1833 to 1877; the majority of them convicts or former convicts Originally the convicts were denied the right to have gravestones placed and the only way their graves were to be marked was by the mounds of dirt they were buried under Highlight on Page 182 | Loc 3392 98 | Added on Tuesday January 08 2013 1026 PM His mother wept for days non stop begging him not to go After all how could a child of only sixteen with but two weeks of training defend their lands? But Thomas was ready He stood proud in his new uniform a size slightly too big looked his mother in the eye and said ‘no son hath love for thy mother than me Dry your eyes before I leave and wish me well on my journey

  8. Alisi ☆ wants to read too many books ☆ Alisi ☆ wants to read too many books ☆ says:

    Like wow This book right here will make absolute certain that I never read another self published book for a very very long time I was lured in by the blurb but the blurb and the book are two very different books apparentlyI'll give the warning that I might just stalk away mid review to come back when I'm less angry That's a little heads up kk?I thought this book would be like this she makes a friend with a reaper and when her name comes up she tries to save those above her name to cheat fate No That was just the logical way to look at it but this book isn't logical in any senseI could've gone with that if this was in the normal story format aka an actual story but it wasn't This is all told Up until I threw up my hands in defeat we had MAYBE a third of a page of actual events Everything else was just massive info dumps one right after the otherSo we start off with one massive info dump about the MC Kathy The author tells us her WHOLE life We see her first meeting with this reaper when she was six her aunt died in the park for all the info dumps I wish he would've at least attempted some fact checking A woman dying of cancer isn't going to spend an hour a day outside much less with children Anyway we're told she's all 'eh' about it After boring facts we learn this reaper sneaks into her bedroom every night from age 6 to her mid twenties to tell her every conceivable fact of the people he's been reaping And naturally the MC takes it all in and only in her twenties feels like there's something odd about this The author tells us with delight almost that she's helped him pick his next victims and everything Besides the occasional nightmare the author doesn't actually tell us much and it left me feel very sick to my stomach A grown man visiting a child every day of her life is like pedo bear creepyAnd then we're told about the one case she feels anything about which is the reapers case I'm all about the nightly visits but I'm hoping we'll start the actual fucking story nowBut I was wrong because now we have the whole very long life story of the reaper The author starts this story BEFORE HE WAS EVEN BORN Did you know the reaper was a premie? I do And then we go on to hear everything else that's befallen him When he dies because both are idiots you don't think a man dragging a bloody suitcase is cause for alarm? Why thanks for taking yourself out of the gene pool I was cheering Woohoo Pedobear is deadWe learn that his list then has two names Kathy and some other guy He's supposed to reap her What? So this is where I logically assuming if there was two names on the list and one was above hers that she'd try to save the guy beforeNo Out of no logic known to man she decides the best way to save herself is to help him reap the others on the list Because you know when you want to blend in with the crowd the best way to do it is kill everyone around you Then you'll really blend inStill I was hoping for some actual events to happen We have a short paragraph of a scene about this war torn fireman carrying out a kid from a burning building and this is the guy above her so I'm like ACTION LOOK PEOPLE ARE LIKE WALKING AND THERE'S NOT INFO DUMPS AND Fuck I was wrong We get another whole life info dump on him and everyone surrounding him including the full life story of the girl he's just rescued This time the author peppers his prose why pointing out the obvious like the pregnant woman who was having contractions yeah he even timed them for us that he felt necessary to tell us she'd be having a baby soonBut we're getting action right? RIGHT? The next paragraph of action we get is after being told she's been following him that she gets out of the car and throws herself to the ground to have a fake seizure He comes to her aid and is reaped thirty seconds laterBut don't worry We're treated to move of his after life via info dumps Moving on Kathy feels guilty The reaper tries to give her clues for his next reaping but whew When it seemed like there might be actual action in hunting this down we find out that that isn't necessary Because the reaper set up a whole meeting between her and his next reaping Gosh Reapers today are all so considerateAnd I was scared there for a moment because the reaper hadn't info dumped this next victims entire life Will there actually be action? My heart stutters at the thoughtBut my heart panicked too soon for the moment she steps out of the car a random stranger comes up to her and info dumps the next victim's entire life Whew Aren't random strangers that bump into you so gosh darn helpful these days?I tried but I couldn't finish Just shot me please Dear god

  9. Charlotte Jones Charlotte Jones says:

    The author of this novel sent it to me for an honest review and since that is what I aim to do with these reviews I felt that I could honour her wishThis book was written by K B Lever and is about a young woman named Katherine who throughout her life keeps coming into contact with the Collector Suddenly after her name appears on the Collector's list she becomes a killer at the age of twenty two in order to manipulate the list She soon realise that she must assist in the deaths of others to bypass her own fateThe plot of this story is what drew me to it in the first place and it definitely didn't disappoint Although some aspects of the story were a little bit unrealistic like managing to get from the US to Australia purely through hiding and distracting security I think that the concept of the Collector and the idea of manipulating the list is really interesting and definitely holds the reader's attention I found that I didn't want to put this book down and when it ended I immediately wanted there to be a seuel which there will be Some of this story was a little disturbing particularly the murder scenes but I think that this was entirely necessary to add a sense of urgency to the protagonists situationThe characters were entirely believable and likeable I really liked Katherine because although at points she was emotional I think that her strength carried this story forward and most of the things that she did were the most logical steps I also really liked the Collector as he had a believable and yet tragic background and this made me sympathize with his situation a lot The other characters such as Liam the love interest were well rounded and each one added to the storyThe writing style was suspenseful and interesting not too simple yet easy to read I read this book in just over a day as it is uite short and I think that the writing style really pushed the story forward Overall I really enjoyed this book it was interesting and exciting and made you want to keep turning the pages I would give this 5 out of 5 stars and will definitely keep an eye out for the seuels

  10. Melissa Melissa says:

    A copy of this book was given to me in exchange for an honest review and away we go Let me start off by saying that even if I hadn’t been given this book to review I would’ve picked it up anyway by the cover alone There’s something haunting about those blue eyes something that prompts you to turn the pages to find out what list who’s manipulating who or what and why Unfortunately however beyond that I didn’t find much to keep me anchored to the story It’s not that I didn’t like it—it’s a uniue one a young woman named Katherine Sheppard befriending Death as a child not really understanding it until she’s older kind of like having a mobster for a parent But the writing didn’t seem consistent There were a lot of repetitive sentences The jump in age for our female protagonist was so abrupt that I felt like I’d missed something and I couldn’t really develop a feel for her In fact as the story went on I found myself not liking her and Even when she finds out who Death is and how he works she doesn’t seem to take it very seriously It becomes a game that she plays rather selfishly There’s a lot focus on the characters Death is collecting rather than the story itself and its heroine—if that’s what you can even call her I actually found myself liking those people than Katherine They had dimension depth to them They were likeable and you felt bad for them for reasons I won’t say in case any of you want to read it Overall I give this book two and a half stars out of five In most cases Lever’s writing flows nicely and it’s so obvious that she has talent But the book needs some editing to deal with those repetitive phrases and also to flesh out the main character Secondary characters should never be interesting than the main one

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