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Sweet Hell Greek God #2 ➵ [Reading] ➷ Sweet Hell Greek God #2 By Rosanna Leo ➪ – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Dionysus Greek god of wine and theater is the world’s original playboy But lately he has been restless moody and he knows something is wrong His carefree and bacchanal lifestyle is starting to feel Dionysus Greek god of Greek God MOBI í wine and theater is the world’s original playboy But Sweet Hell eBook ¼ lately he has been restless moody and he knows something is wrong His carefree Hell Greek God PDF/EPUB ä and bacchanal lifestyle is starting to feel like one long string of meaningless sexual escapades Even worse he is suddenly aroused by the idea of marriage And to top it all off Josie Marino the mouthy disheveled and eternally annoying woman who serves him coffee at the local bakery sets him on fireJosie a Toronto baker of Italian heritage is not looking for love or lust Especially not with Dionysus Iros the most aggravating demanding customer she'd ever had to serve With his rippling muscles and sexy knowing eyes he's obviously trouble with a capital T Unfortunately he's also the star of her every X rated dream She’s known players like Dionysus before and one of them almost got the better of her Josie determines she will not fall for his considerable physical charms come hell or high waterBut Dionysus turns strangely protective when a sinister character arrives at Josie's bakery and they can no longer deny their unwanted feelings for one another They are forced to embark on a bizarre sexually charged journey to hell itself which threatens to either change them for the better or destroy them.

  • ebook
  • 140 pages
  • Sweet Hell Greek God #2
  • Rosanna Leo
  • English
  • 18 March 2014

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10 thoughts on “Sweet Hell Greek God #2

  1. AL AL says:

    Five shinning stars for this oneWhat can I say I loved this book and him It was funny Sweet and so adventurous in Hades's Hell Oh my It had an AMAZING humor I couldn't stop laughing and laughing and oh you can't help adoring him I met Dionysus first in For the Love of a God he was a Greek god of wine and theater and the world’s original playboy And Eryx's cousinBut when he met Josie mouthy Toronto baker of Italian heritage you can't help but love her He became restless edgy but found his woman the first woman who ever walked away from him D It was funny seeing both of them denying their attractionBut she is one helluva girl Perfect strong for Dionysus Their journey through Hell was so sweet especially him Meeting Hades whoa Stunned LaughsThe ending again tears it was beauti ful I understand why so happy to see them happy You did an awesome job again Rosanna Big hearts

  2. Jessica Jordan Jessica Jordan says:

    Well first of all I'm still hungry for baked goods and coffee after reading this book The author does a very good job of using words that create imagery in the bakery where about half the book takes place As a glutton I appreciate this Now on to the really important stuff the sex is hot Dionysis is hot and I really found myself liking the character Hades who appears at the end of the book to help Josie get her man back There is lead up to Dionysis and Josie's first time which I love I'm of a sexual tension girl than anything else so lead up is good for me I like Dionysis' attitude and how completely oblivious he is about his feelings for Josie But why wouldn't he be? He's never been in love in the thousands of years he's been alive Josie is also of course attracted to him but he's a womanizer and insults her at times so she's able to keep herself at bay for awhileBut through certains events that throw Josie into harms way Dionysis begins to soften and allow himself to verbally acknowledge his feelings The pair has to go to Hades to find a woman or else Josie will be killed and worse Its a horrible place where Josie is constantly being mind fed but thankfully its also a place with lots and lots of sexual temptations so Dionysis and Josie get it on a lotI won't spoil the ending except to say as I have told the author before that I loved Hades who appears at the end as a minor character He's mentioned throughout the book but we only see him for a second sigh I really hope he gets his own story later

  3. The BookChick The BookChick says:

    I loved this story Another amazing tale by Rosanna Leo Josie and Dionysus were so well depicted with real emotions The imagery of Hell was uite frightening and shiver worthy But the love revealed between Josie and Dionysus while they traversed Hell was so sweet and innocent in its own uniue way And Dionysus' sacrifice for Josie sobsimply wonderful

  4. ~Thena~ ~Thena~ says:

    I feel like I should say so much about this but I just don't have many words beyond I loved this It was so sweet I love Dionysus and Josie so much and had such a wonderful time watching their love grow The depictions of the different layers of Hades were so well done and I was holding my breath at the end even though I knew Rosanna Leo wouldn't be so cruel to me

  5. Liz at Fictional Candy Liz at Fictional Candy says:

    Oh Sweet Hell I’m in love With Dionysus The son of Zeus the God of fertility and wine a patron of the arts and one fiiiiine man When this story starts he is a playboy and a cocky one at that Then one step into one bakery and his life forever has changed See at this bakery is Josie Marino coffee and baker extraordinaire And even though she is typically not his type he is very soon finding himself enthralled with her – and she with him Now if we can get them both to realize it eh? “He looked up at her His cock soared doing a rowdy dance of happiness”Now that’s a greeting I can really get on board with She’s got him tongue tied and twisted something that doesn’t happen to gods too often Rosanna Leo has managed to write a romance that is funny and interesting dramatic and tender Her sense of humor comes through in spades and I was in complete joy How could you not be with lines like “By the great hairy balls of Zeus What the fuck was going on?”BestLineEver I really must find a way to use this line in every day conversation Even funnier since Dionysus is the son of Zeus ; Dionysus and Josie were both terrific characters easily likeable and easy to care for Dionysus comes to the bakery for months coaching Josie on the perfect cup of coffee never making a move on her But meanwhile they are falling for each other I loved it At times he was positively an ass to Josie pretty much the euivalent of a school yard boy picking on a girl cause in reality he liked her But then Dionysus’ past catches up with him and he must make a dangerous trip But Josie isn’t about to let him out of her sight just yet Josie and Dionysus’ adventure of tribulations is vastly unlike any other Infused with Rosanna’s great sense of humor their journey covers everything; fear hate love sadness joy laughter arousal comfort and even This isn’t just another love story There is great heart And seriously a first kiss that has got me thinking I might start a first kiss rating on my site Dionysus and Josie would get a 5

  6. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    Holy cow this book was fantastic I loved how much Dionysus truly cared for Josie It was super funny to watch as Dionysus came to realize that he was falling in love with someone He never felt anything like it before and it was shocking for him to realize that he was willing to go to crazy extents to protect this unruly girlDionysus is the fun loving god of wine and uickly became the god of three somes He was super horny all the time and it never failed to show him a good time He loves his crazy life no responsibilities no rules and all the women he could ever want Josie is a strong willed smart assed wise cracking girl that wont put up with Dionysus's bull shit He annoyed the crap out of her with the way he would bring those bimbos he was so fond of and flaunt them Always coming in with a different girl When he started standing in front of the store at 5 AM every morning she found it annoying and yet endearing all at the same time She hated to admit it but she was falling for this unbecoming manBut when trouble finds her Josie and Dionysus find themselves forced to take a journey into Hell to reclaim what was once lost to bring an end to the mayhem But this journey will take a tole on both of them that they cant even begin to imagine And both are willing to go to impossible lengths to protect each other The story was fantastic and moved at a perfect pace You got plenty of time to get to know the characters and really connect with them Many romance books that I have read leave me feeling like I missed the click where these two characters begin to fall for each other and really connect But this one was different I felt the connection the second that it happend It was a nice change and added to the romance 55 stars

  7. Gaele Gaele says:

    Closely following the premise of For the Love of a God Rosanna Leo has created another winner in Toronto with this story that features Dionysis and the smart mouthed bakery clerk Josie While this is set as the second in a series – and the characters were introduced in the first book they do stand alone Although you will want to read them both – they are that good Toronto is certainly a place to consider relocating to if on any given day one of the exuisitely detailed humorous and witty characters are prone to walking the streets And a ueue from the real world – when a playboy is tiring of his debauched life after thousands of years he throws himself into a relationship as completely as he dives into a bottle of wine Of course no path is smooth and bump free and the sarcasm and snark that permeate the conversations will have you laughing out loud at the wittily turned phrases Featuring a woman who is not model beautiful and vapid but carrying a core strength and sense of what she wants the pairing of a rather spoiled and self centered beautiful god is loaded with comic potential and the author has not failed to miss this opportunity And yet the attraction between the two and the steam created when they actually do act on that attraction will have you contemplating apartment listings in the Yonge or Bayfront areas I received an eBook copy from author for purpose of honest review via the Jeep Diva I was not compensated for this review and all conclusions are my own responsibility

  8. Suzan Suzan says:

    Another great book I loved Dionysus I had to laugh at his problem and how horrified he was about it So funny and his choice of swears had me laughing as well I really liked Josis as well she took things alot better then Maia did but then she didn't have much choice cause she kinda got thrown into the celestial deep end Interesting take on Orpheous as well I suppose with what he went through he would go off the deep end but I think Dionysus was right when he said it was still no excuse for what he did after he lost his wife I always loved Hades and Persephone although Persephone is pretty bad in this She maybe needs some therapy Lol I liked Hades though he was cheeky at the end and I think he enjoyed winding Josie up but he did do right by her and Dionysus so he's not a bad god in my book unlike his wife I loved the journey through hell it was really interesting with the different levels they went through and I have a new appreciation for the phrase 'Hell's waiting room' I'm glad that Josie and Dionysus got their happy ending though cause they both had some pain in their past and I have a friend that went through a similar situation to Josie in the past so I really felt for her hearing her story Great read and I can't wait fingers crossed for books with the gods

  9. Angie ~aka Reading Machine~ Angie ~aka Reading Machine~ says:

    Dionysus Greek God of Wine is finding that he's in a slump He decides to visit his cousin Eryx in Toronto but when he gets there a delicious smell wafts towards him He enters an Italian bakery called Marino Brothers Bakery and blown away by vision strolling behind the counter He becomes tongue tied something that hasn't happened before Josie Marino works in her family but is underappreciated by her brothers She's known guys like Dionysus Iros before but can't trust them as far as her famous canoli Over time Dionysus begins to grow on her with his small praises When Josie is unexpectedly locked in freezer Dionysus comes to her rescue Mystery man claims that Dionysus is Greek God and wants him to find his wife Will Josie believe the truth? Will Dionysus find the man's wife? Will Josie realize her feelings? Will Josie's dream be out of reach? Your answers await you in Sweet HellThis is second book in Greek God Series Once again Ms Leo isn't afraid to show the softer side of her alpha males I love that Josie is guarded in her feelings towards Dionysus I love that Dionysus is willing to admit that he's life isn't as perfect as he thought it was Together they are unstoppable pair with exacting passions I will continue to read this author's work I look forward to the next book in the series

  10. Jaime Jaime says:

    Josie is a mouthy woman working in a bakery owned by her brothers It’s the last place she wants to be Josie wants to open a winery or at least get some credit from her brothers Then in walks a man who looks like a Greek god and is named for one too Dionysus only what Josie doesn’t know is he IS a Greek god And for some reason he knows just how to irritate JosieDionysus came to Toronto to figure out what has gotten into him He has been restless and moody and he can’t figure out why He figures he will visit his cousin Eryx who gave up his immortality for the love of a mortal woman Instead he runs into Josie and something changes inside of him no matter how much he denies itI tend to read a lot of the same genre of books and this was a great break from my normal reading habits Kind of smutty but with romance and adventure thrown in too I loved Dionysus he is everything a Greek god should be And I really related to Josie and her snarky mouthy ways Rosanna Leo has done a great job with this story

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