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Aureole ❰Read❯ ➲ Aureole Author Kate Mitchell – When Jessica Carleton a shy eleven year old from a poor family in Brooklyn who had their fair share of trouble goes to live with the wealthy Bishop family on Manhattan’s Upper East Side she uickly l When Jessica Carleton a shy eleven year old from a poor family in Brooklyn who had their fair share of trouble goes to live with the wealthy Bishop family on Manhattan’s Upper East Side she uickly learns that just because you have money does not mean you’re happy As the years pass she grows to love the family and although they never officially consider her to be a member of it she becomes an important part all the sameEverything goes well until the Christensons arrive a little over ten years later A devious clever and good looking brother and sister from Connecticut individually they stir up trouble but together they wreak havoc Soon enough Jess realizes that unless she stands up for herself for the first time in her life she will lose all that she has come to treasure She has to make a choice either lose the family that never really accepted her and try to start over one time or take a stand for what she believes in For the uiet unassuming young woman this is no easy decisionA different kind of coming of age story for anyone who has ever been unsure of themselves this novel watches over the Bishop family in Manhattan and all of their endeavors It follows Jess as she makes mistakes does her best to correct them and maybe just maybe works her way into the hearts of the Bishop family for good using her heart her mind and without using money at all.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 236 pages
  • Aureole
  • Kate Mitchell
  • English
  • 06 June 2016

About the Author: Kate Mitchell

From an early age Kate Mitchell has been an avid reader In June she graduated from high school in Maine and in August of the same year she entered Vanderbilt University where she double majored in Secondary Education and English After graduating from in she was employed to teach th grade English in Nashville where she currently lives She will continue to write as writing will a.

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  1. Ali (Ali& Ali (Ali& says:

    A fantastic book Review coming soon Why didn't I read this sooner?

  2. Dayla Dayla says:

    Actual rating 45 StarsReview first appeared on my blog Book Addict 24 7I received this novel from the author for reviewKate Mitchell's Aureole is a sweet and fast paced novel that touches on the importance of family whether related by blood or circumstance Jessica Carleton though a victim of a negligent and abusive household is fostered by a rich family in New York City while her siblings are sent to live with family If the reader expects Mitchell's novel to be a princessy dreams come true story then she will be sorely disappointed Mitchell goes beyond the cliches of the rich and jumps into the loneliness and downfalls of being a stranger in a rich expectant familyThe one negative aspect of Mitchell's novel is the poor editing Though the story follows a strong plot line it is occasionally freckled with misspellings and repeated words Having said that however Mitchell has weaved such a story for her readers that after a few chapters the editing is barely even noticed Jessica's life with the Bishop family is fascinating and her friendship with the younger Bishop son promising It is easy to root for Jessica even if she at times acts naive and too forgiving Though I could sense what is coming thanks to the omniscient third person narrative the events near the conclusion still shocked me The reactions of the characters are proof of the character growth that occurs in the novel One excellent example is how Jessica perceives the world near the last few chapters Of all the characters Jessica is rightfully the changedAs a debut Aureole is an insightful view into the princess tale of a poor girl being taken in by a prestigious family At times dark funny and heartwarming Aureole shows layers to Jessica's situation In fact money is barely mentioned regarding Jessica as she ages except for the appropriate places The reader does not see Jessica being bought everything nor is she ever coddled Jessica is the reality of how one might view the idea of a rich family taking in a poor young strangerI would recommend Mitchell's novel to those seeking young adult fiction that follows the life of the protagonist rather than just one event I also recommend this novel to readers who want the grittier side of the rich classes and their generosity Aureole is a uniue read thanks to Jessica's commentary on the Bishop family and her desire to overcome her misfortunes

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