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Checking It Twice (Make Mine a Menage, #2) ❰Read❯ ➳ Checking It Twice (Make Mine a Menage, #2) Author Jodi Redford – ’Tis the season for double seduction The only item on Jana Colton’s Christmas list this year is Kevin Monahan Preferably naked in her bed The delicious hunky chef has been resisting her forever bu ’Tis the season for double seduction The only item on Jana Colton’s Christmas list this year is Kevin Monahan Preferably naked in her bed The delicious hunky chef has been resisting her forever but she’s pulling out all the sexy stops this holiday Especially since his acceptance of an out of state job threatens to nix her uest Checking It PDF/EPUB ² to rock his boxers off Jana has always been Kevin’s personal Kryptonite but giving in to her isn’t an option Relationships are a four letter word in his book He cares far too much for Jana to let his emotional baggage ultimately break her heart With the arrival of his best friend Nick Pappas the balance of temptation shifts From their past history of sharing women Nick knows every dirty trick it takes to lead Kevin astray and he’s not afraid to use them Particularly since Nick’s convinced that Jana is exactly what Kevin needs to be happy and whole Their game of seduction uickly snowballs into something that feels an awful lot like love—in triplicate But with Kevin dead set on leaving Michigan there’s a real possibility it could be a blue Christmas for them all Warning This book contains an extremely tormented voyeur a very naughty and not so saintly Nick a liberal application of candy cane flavored body paint a buzzing butterfly and enough raunchy fun on a sex swing to melt a snowmanor two.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 188 pages
  • Checking It Twice (Make Mine a Menage, #2)
  • Jodi Redford
  • English
  • 24 May 2016

About the Author: Jodi Redford

At the ripe age of seven I penned my first epic complete with stick figure illustrations Sadly my drawing skills haven't improved much but my love of creating fantasy worlds is still going strongYep I still love writing about fairies ghosts and other supernatural creatures only my stories pack a little heat these daysI currently reside in Michigan Checking It PDF/EPUB ² with my husband and overgrown lapd.

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  1. Carol [ Addict] Carol [ Addict] says:

    Checking it Twice is by Jodi Redford This is a love story yes a very sexy one but a story of three people whose lives were intertwined without them even knowing it Separately they were all searching for something together they found the answer they had all been seekingJana Colton couldn’t be happier She owns her own business Wicked Delights which sells lingerie and other sexy extras She also owns her own home The thing she was missing was someone to share her life with She knows who she wants that someone to be if he would just start thinking of her in a non sisterly way Her best friend of five years Kevin Monahan is the one she wants He knows how she feels but keeps her in the friend zone Jana has also doing business over the phone and internet for the last year with a supplier to her store Nick Pappas They have never met but their phone conversations have bordered on the flirty side She has no idea what he looks like but if it’s anything like his voice he is very good looking Is it possible to fall for a man you’ve never even seen?Kevin Monahan knows Jana has a thing for him but he is determined not to give in to her increasingly provocative advances She deserves better than him She deserves the best Kevin considers himself damaged demented or he has been led to believe he is So even though it is splintering his heart in two he will not give in to Jana In fact he has accepted a job as a chef to a restaurant in Las Vegas He hasn’t told Jana yet but he’s leaving soon after Christmas “If Jana knew what was good for her she’d forget him and find a man who wasn’t damaged beyond repair” Nick Pappas and Kevin had been best friends since college Nick is the only one that knows all of Kevin’s darkest secrets Nick and Kevin had a habit of sharing women But five years ago they had a falling out things were said that they both regretted and Kevin left They haven’t spoken since Until Nick showed up in Michigan where Kevin and Jana live The same electricity that had grown over the last year with Nick was zinging like crazy as soon as Nick and Jana met in person It doesn’t take long for Jana to realize she loves both of these men and needs them both in her life Somehow she and Nick have to help Kevin overcome his darkness and to let them both into his heart They belong together if only they can get Kevin to realize itI had such high hopes going in to this book and let me tell you it lived up to my expectations and then some I loved the way Jana was so brazen at times but other times so vulnerable and sweet I loved Nick’s take charge attitude and who could help but to love Kevin’s tormented self Together these three about melted my e reader and I loved it As I said above this book is off the charts sexy but it is also a beautiful love story These three had no idea their lives were intertwined Once they realized it Nick and Jana would do anything to keep the third part of their trio from making the biggest mistake of his life and leaving them Will they succeed? Or will Kevin go off to Vegas leaving Nick and Jana to go on without him? I didn’t realize that there is a book that comes before this The Naughty List You don’t have to have read it but the characters are mentioned and play a small part So I plan to go back now and read that one So can you tell that I loved this book? Because yes I most certainly did And now I can’t wait to go back and read The Naughty List

  2. Kelly Kelly says:

    Holy shoot balls Can Jodi Redford write the sexy or can Jodi Redford write the sexy??? Seriously guys whenever the clothes start dropping the heat index skyrockets Also that warning? Entirely accurateI really enjoyed watching Nick and Jana unravel Kevin's fears Nick fights dirty but it's the delicious kind of dirty that ends up with everyone sweaty and happy at the end Jana usually gets to end a couple of times if you know what I mean You really can't think badly of a Nick though He's such a giver I mean he gives and gives and then he sits back and watches Kev give a little and then he steps in to give a little He's a very generous individualI loved seeing how Ry Bram and Lacey are getting along a year into their triad I loved that we got to see their families accepting of their relationships I loved the liberal application of candy cane flavored body paint Hee Those boys and their toys They certainly know how to use themAll in all this was a fun filled holiday blast that was hot enough to keep the snowpocalypse at bay Keep the ice handy because Jodi Redford might just melt your panties Kelly Reading the Paranormal

  3. Elaine Elaine says:

    First off this book is a seuel to The Naughty List which I did not realize until I started reading It is not necessary to read the first book to enjoy Checking it Twice but it was so much fun I have already ordered the first oneJana and Kevin have know each other for five years and have been in lovelust for most of that time Due to emotional issues in Kevin's past he has resisted his feelings for her although Jana has done her best to seduce him He knows that he is incapable of giving Jana what she needs in a relationship Years ago he even lost his best friend due to his problemsAnd now he is leaving town for goodJana loves Kevin and cannot understand why he won't give them a chance She is also worried about her feelings for Nick Although they have never met they have carried on a long distance flirtation through phone and email Can she really be in love with two men?So guess who comes to town and just happens to be Kevin's long lost best friend?Nick has regretted the end of his friendship with Kevin for years Now that he has found him he is not going to lose him again He has also realized his feelings for Jana have gone beyond a flirtation and it is time for them to meet face to face What he did not realize is that Jana is in love with another man KevinNick has known Kevin since they shared a room in college and that is not all they shared Kevin's voyeurism kink uite often let to MFM threesomes Kevin's background has made him ashamed of his sexual preferences He is afraid to get close to anyone because he knows they will leave him when they find out what he is really like But Nick knows that there is no reason Jana should have decide which man she really loves She can have Kevin and Nick tooJana is not at all adverse to a relationship with both men After all her brother is in such a relationship already Remember book one The Naughty List? And Jana is not shy about going after what she wantsI loved this book It was a light fun read but there was also emotional depth Kevin Nick and Jana are all wonderful characters There were times I wanted to tell Kevin to get over himself but that is only because I wanted everyone to be happyRead this book Especially if you like MFM menages light bondage and some really hot shower scenesORIGINALLY POSTED AT SEDUCTIVE MUSINGS

  4. ⚜️Trea ⚜️Trea says:

    This book was just as good as The Naughty List It had the steamy factor with an added bonus of another sexual interest beside a threesome but I'm not sharing what it is This one was also heavy with emotional issues but renewed my faith that love can overcome most any hardship that a lover has faced in their past This book is set about a year after The Naughty List so we can see glimpses of what has happened in that threesome It was a good book to help to start lifting me out of my doldrums and a pleasant way to pass a rainy evening I would recommend both books in this series to anyone that likes erotic romance novels

  5. Kendra Kendra says:

    For full review including excerpt and dialogue highlight please visit Reader's Edyn at poor baby He has had a hard life of judgment And as commonly happens if you hear it enough you start to believe it Well Kevin believes with every fiber of his being that his sexual proclivities are born of evil and that indulging in them with someone he cares about would be punishment toward that person Conseuently he walked away from a budding relationship several years ago and has since never allowed anyone to get close enough to repeat the mistake At least a mistake in his mind But his intense attraction to Jana is making it increasingly difficult to deny her; especially when she turns on the seduction act So he does what he does best plans to make a clean break and start overJana is hopelessly madly in love with Kev and has been for some time She has pulled out all of the stops to entice him into her bed and hopefully in the way of a relationship but so far nothing has worked She knows her window is closing but she also knows that she affects Kev as much as he does her What can a girl do except keep trying? But despite her hopeless infatuation with Kev Jana also has a guilty pleasure named Nick Her weekly calls to Nick are beyond exciting Even not knowing what the rep who supplies her store with all sort of goodies looks like doesn’t stop her from fantasizing about him And it isn’t long before she is fantasizing about having them both following an unexpected visit from NickNick has come to town for a couple of reasons To meet Jana who has been the object of his deepest desires for over a year And to reconnect with his best friend Kev who walked out on him and their “partner” after he realized they were getting too close Nick knows why Kev reacted the way that he did but it doesn’t stop his annoyance with Kev When he discovers that Jana and Kev love each other but that Kev has refused to acknowledge such the wheels start turning In no time Nick falls hard for Jana Knowing how badly Kev and Jana need each other and how much he needs them both to be happy he sets out on a mission to conuer and destroy all of Kev’s personal blockers; and hopefully bring the trio some well deserved happinessOh Ms Redford how I have missed you sighs We really should not spend so much time between books Seriously you guys this author has an awesometastic way of describing the best sex scenes and she doesn’t skimp either You can bet that if you are reading a book by Ms Redford you will be beyond satisfied with the multiple creative scenes she provides This book is actually a second in a non existent series I say that because I couldn’t find anything indicating such I only know this because I read the first book THE NAUGHTY LIST last year Jana is Bram’s little sister and Kev is Ry Bram and Lacey’s chef at the restaurant Other than that connection the book is in no way dependent on the first book Of course they both have some pretty fantastic ménage scenes winkI really enjoyed getting to know Kev Jana and Nick Each knows what they want I liked that Jana refused to give up even when Kev tries to shut her down Nick was a necessary component to this story that both brought knowledge and rounded out the relationship His sexual tendencies were for the most part opposite Kev so the two together basically created the perfect man And I liked that Nick realizes right away what Kev is about to walk away from and launches a no holds barred assault to get Kev to see the truth of what is standing right in front of him Kev gets props for remaining true to character He really does need a good knock in the head to break through all of the personal barriers he has erected over the years Another great addition was the appearance of Ry Bram and Lacey More so Lacey but it was fun to see how much she had grown as a character in confidence since the previous bookI liked that rather than all ménage like the first book this book changes it up with a couple of MF scenes so it is not all ménage Not saying anything against ménage No way Just saying it is nice to have variety And the wit in the story absolutely kills me Some of the crazy phrases are the best You will absolutely love the personality Ms Redford brings to the story The characters are real Their happiness sadness and fears palpable And as before the uestionable reality of such a relationship remains yet somehow Ms Redford just makes it work If you loved THE NAUGHTY LIST then this is hands down a MUST read And the same I will say of Ms Redford’s fans Those of you who have yet to experience this book andor author are missing out For serious Spice up your holiday season with CHECKING IT TWICE Better yet get TWICE the fun and read THE NAUGHTY LIST too I promise you will NOT be disappointedeBook copy provided by author in exchange for an honest review

  6. Sabine Honig Sabine Honig says:

    Checking it Twice is the follow up to Ms Redford’s book The Naughty List In this book Jana Colton is trying with all her might to get Kevin Monahan to pay attention to her The trouble is he is attracted to her but because of what he perceives as his flaws he refuses to act upon the desire that is within him He is taking the cowards way out and leaving altogether and he is even not man enough to tell Jana to her face Add an old friend into the mix that Jana is also attracted to and which man is going to win the girl? Or perhaps they could come to some agreement and share – well perhaps if Kevin ever lets go of his personal demons and faces up to what is in front of himI loved the first story in which the lesson is be careful who you email things to and also be careful of the things you email In this one the lesson is that demons can be conuered with the right kind of love and affection the help of good friends and even better lovers I am sure that Ms Redford didn’t plan for her books to be used as teaching aids far from it but these characters learn about each other and they love and they also fear themselves and their perceived weaknesses and flaws but they are also not scared to take the risk to get the biggest prize of all love and the partner or partners they loveI loved this story as much as I loved the first book It had all of the same elements – the red hot steamy sex in the bath which killed the poor phone on the sofa in the car and then there is the foreplay in the elevator and the list goes on Then there is also the sizzling super nova hot attraction between the characters and the self doubt of one and the willingness of the others to take risks even though if they failed the loss could be far greater than they could cope with What ties it all together is the development of the relationships One such relationship between Jana and Kevin has been developing as a friendship for a number of years and Jana desperately wants to take it further I was really in her corner from the beginning – boy did she put herself out there only to be rejected by Kevin repeatedly It would have destroyed a lesser person but Jana was strong and kept going and she really didn’t give up On the other hand I could cheerfully have given Kevin what for on numerous occasions for being such a dumb ass but then he did enough self flagellating that I didn’t need to do it for him as well The other relationship between Jana and Nick Pappas is newer but nonetheless just as sizzling Now if it was Kevin and Jana and Nick then it would be hotter than sizzling Is it even possible or will Jana be left with only one man? Is that what she really wants?What also attracts me to these stories is a flawed character – now we all know that no one is perfect but the flaws or perceived flaws that Kevin had to deal with from a young age have helped him become the man that he is today and what he sees as negative and damaging both Jana and Nick see uite differently They have the strength of character to see and understand Kevin as he is and even better they help to make him realize that whatever he perceived as his flaws are not really that at all Another aspect that adds even depth and back story to this tale is the prior relationship between Kevin and Nick These characters learn and love together and they form a trinity that works but some are stubborn and pigheaded and refuse to accept what is right in front of them For a while there it seems as if the trinity will only be a duet but given time and encouragement and the right kind of loving Kevin soon realizes where home is for him and that is with people who love him and with people he loves Has he realized this too late? Is there a chance for the trinity to work or will it forever be a duet? Grab yourself a copy of Checking it Twice to find outReviewed for Manic Readers at

  7. Tina "IRead2Escape" Tina "IRead2Escape" says:

    Warning Reading this book could make you self combust Checking It Twice by Jodi Redford is hot hot hot I am giving it a 35 star rating because the story is good and the writing isn’t bad It doesn’t have a deep meaning or even a really deep plot line but the characters are very likeable and it’s a fun read I am giving it a heat rating of 5 because OH MY GOD Jodi can write some smut let me tell you Jana Colton is in love with 2 men The first man has been a friend for years and has made it clear that he will not act on any attraction between them no matter what she tries The second man has been a flirtation that she has shared with a man for almost a year but she’s never actually met him Now he’s shown up in her business and she is hooked What a confusing feeling to want both men so badly and to find out they have a history together“You shouldn’t love me Jana I’ll only hurt you” Tears dampening her cheeks she dropped on her haunches and stroked his jaw”Not loving you would hurt ” Kevin Monahan has been friends with Jana for years He knows she wants from him than just a friendship and he shares that attraction ten times over but he can never let that happen He is a pervert or at least that’s what his father has told him over and over again his entire life He lost any chance of a relationship with him years ago but that’s never stopped him from trying The only person in his life that he was ever able to open up to was his best friend in college and that was years ago That friendship ended when Kevin came to close to actually feeling something so he ran Nick Pappas has got to be crazy He has had a phone text email relationship with Jana for a long time She’s always refused when he suggested meeting Now he’s giving her no choice He’s got a new line of body products and he’s decided rather than ship them to her like he always has he will deliver them in person The reality of her is just as hot as his fantasy He immediately feels the attraction and heat that he always feels when he talks to her She obviously feels the same Within minutes they are in each other’s arms Unfortunately she uickly shuts this down telling him that she has feelings for a friend that doesn’t return the sentiment Enter said friend and Nick can’t believe his luck good or bad he hasn’t decided yet Kevin was his best friend for years They shared everything together including women Nick spent so much time trying to convince Kevin that his voyeurism doesn’t make him a freak or a terrible person and he was finally getting through to him maybe Kevin left and they haven’t talked since This book is a book about love and patience Nick and Kevin are both in love with the same woman Jana is in love with both Nick and Kevin Kevin is not ready to face that love or risk it Nick is ready for that love but knows that Jana will only be truly happy with both of them Jana and Nick decide to give it their all to show Kevin that he deserves the love that they have to give You can find this review and others at

  8. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews says:

    KcLu's review posted on Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews5 StarsI have to say I’m a big fan of how Jodi Redford does ménage This latest book Checking it Twice is another beauty I am in love with all three of these characters Some peeps may think looking at the titles you are getting a short novella but this is a full novel of yummy goodness Jana Colton has decided she has waited long enough for her best friend to make his move and she is going to have him as her Christmas present if she has to tie him up to get him Kevin Monahan wants Jana than he can say but will not let himself have her He doesn’t believe relationships work for him because he thinks his wants and past make him twisted He has decided the only thing he can do is move to Vegas to work in the restaurant he dad is co owner of Nick Pappas has come to town for two reasons One of is to find Kevin and the other is to put a face to the voice he has fallen for Jana Nick and Kevin have a history of sharing women and the last woman they shared got a little to close for Kevin’s comfort So Kevin did what he does best he ran not only from her but his best friend Nick too When Nick meets Jana he is shocked to find out she is in love with his best friend and that Kev loves her back and is again running He knows this time Kev is running from the one person he shouldn’t So he does what any good friend would do He uses Kevin’s love of voyeurism to get him to join Nick and Jana but it isn’t an easy fix Kev still fights HEA Can Nick and Jana convince Kevin to give their threesome a chance at forever?? This is such a wonderful book I don’t know if I can express how good it really was I love these kinds of book I love when you feel like you are reading about a real set of people because their emotions and reactions are not glossed over or rushed Not to be forgotten the smoking how nekidness LAWDY Even your e reader will be sweating These three are panty melting good together I highly recommend everyone run out and get them a copy of this oneReview copy provided for an honest review

  9. Gigi staub Gigi staub says:

    I always love Jodi's writing style her books are always fun and super sexy This book is not short on either of theseThis is the second in this series but this is a total stand alone book It was nice to see Lacey Bram and Ryan from The Naughty List and catch up with them but again it is not necessary to read the first bookthough you Really should The heroine of this story is Jana who is Bram's sister she is smart fun flirty successful business owner and sexy She has been trying to get Kevin's attention for 5 years Kevin is a chef at the restaurant owned by Bram and his two partners he has some demons from his past that keep getting in the way of him getting intimate with others What Kevin has not told Jana is that he has accepted a job in Las Vegas and is moving after New Years In comes Nick a sales rep who Jana has been buying product and flirting with on the phone for a yearbut he is also Kevin's estranged best friend Kevin and Nick had shared a woman who fell for Nick because Kevin kept his emotions at arms length Nick has come to meet Jana and fix things with Kevin Nick immediately sees that Kevin Jana love each other even though Kevin refuses to do anything about it Nick and with the help of Jana plot to break down Kevin's walls They use Kevin's predilection for voyeurism as a catalyst for their plotting and what we get are super hot ménage a trois love scenes Can they all find love and work things out?? You have to read it yourself to find out ;425 out of 5 licksFor the Smutty Kitty Blog

  10. Chris Bails Chris Bails says:

    Got an ARC copy from Jody and loved it Did not realize that it does not come out until November One of my top favs of her books This book has Jana which she is from The Naughy List Brams sister and she has the hots for Kevin who is the Head Chef at her brothers restaurant She is constantly trying to get him into bed He likes her but something is holding him back He also has a secret and his scared to start something with Jana His secret is that he has taken another job in Las Vegas and knows that Jana is going to be upset Jana owns a adult store and meets a distributor who sells body lotions and other fun stuff Things heat up and some secerts are revealed A very hot sexy read Definately have a bottle of water and be ready to have to fan yourself you are in for a steamy rideLoved this book and always recommend Jodi to all my reader friends You can read by itself but I would suggest to read The Naughty List has some of the characters making small appearances

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