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The Blight (Edens Root Trilogy, #0.5) [PDF / Epub] ☂ The Blight (Edens Root Trilogy, #0.5) By Rachel Fisher – Given my own enthusiasm for this sort of thing I’ve decided to release the original backstory of Eden’s Root For those of you who love the science fiction aspect of Eden’s Root I think this will Given my own enthusiasm for this sort of thing I’ve decided to release the original backstory of Eden’s Root For those of you who love the science fiction aspect of Eden’s Root I think this will be a winner I also wanted to reveal this to show how drastically a story can change from first to last drafts This entire backstory was in the first version It is MUCH in the vein of traditional science fiction which I love as you know It has a ton of POVs and covers a wide range of locations and time periods In other words it’s kind of epic And Eden’s Root began this way BTW – This is a story mostly of the adults featured in Eden’s Root so there’s a bit colorful language Plus they’re facing the end of the world people Give them a ^% break For those of you who wanted to know some of the characters deeplyhere you go.

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  1. Nancy The book junkie Nancy The book junkie says:

    I loved that backstory I have to admit that i'm glad we got the chance to read it but separate from the first book It's heavy in informations and if the book had started that way it could have slowed the pace and maybe discouraged the type of readers who need to get started with the main point of the story fast I also have to say that i'm glad i waited until i read the second book before reading it because it helped me understand a lot of small informations we got throught the books and since i read it right after i finished ''Seeds of war'' everything was fresh in my memory Overall it was a really nice reading and it gave me a clear insight of how everything had started and how we got from being okay to the start of the trilogy Thanks to the author for sharing it

  2. Ashley Ashley says:

    I absolutely LOVED this The Blight contains all the information I felt was lacking in Eden's Root that I was craving for We learn so much about how the crop deaths began who is responsible and we get to see the events leading up to the global starvation It's absolutely devastating but incredibly interesting I definitely recommend reading this if you read Eden's Root and were hungry for information and backstory

  3. Yvensong Yvensong says:

    A decent preuel to the Eden's Root Trilogy The reader learns about the back stories of some the characters that show up andor are referred to and gets the back story of the causes leading up to the apocalyptic world that the characters face in the novels

  4. Aydrea Aydrea says:

    Great backstory loved getting to read about how the Famine happened

  5. Melissa Melissa says:


  6. Sandra "Jeanz" Sandra "Jeanz" says:

    MY REVIEWAfter finishing read the whole trilogy I couldn't believe that was it You know when a series is so good you want it to go on forever that's what I felt with this series So I had previously tried to get hold of a copy of this preuel novella but had thought it only available in the US Imagine my surprise and joy when I found it available at couk So I immediately purchased this novellaThe cover is really good and totally represents the novella perfectly there's the lines of genetic markers as well as a little sprouting plant of some sort The title and Author name fonts style and placement all work wellSo is this novella designed to be read before or after the trilogy? Honestly I think it could be read before after or during the reading of the other books I of course read it after the trilogy The preuel sets the scene and explains how the whole famine and disaster occurredAs the blurb says there are a few f words in there but it is emotional adults we are talking about in this preuel So adults do swear I'd say the swear words are minimal really and always well in context We meet all the main players in the early stages of the soon to be catastropheThe preuel fits well with the series It's as well written as the actual books are It is a decent length for a novella too Not all novella's need to be read but I'd advise reading this one it kind of finishes the whole series off and ties up some loose ends and perhaps uestions such as but how did thisthat happen? tooSo did I enjoy the preuel novella? Yes definitely worth reading Gave the main charactersplayers in Eden and diaspora another dimension You see how difficult some of the decisions such as who survived in Eden or diaspora and who where left to their own devices were made and the emotions and motivations behind them Would I recommend reading it? Yes this preuel novella is definitely an important part of the whole story It's literally how the decline began and Who was behind it Would I read in this series? Sadly there is no books for me to read I would definitely read a spin off novella perhaps set a year or two down the line Especially if it concerned the news that was revealed on the last page of Emergence Cryptic I know but I am a no spoiler reviewer where ever possible Would I read books by Rachel E Fisher? Definitely I love her style of writing and the pace of it too

  7. Darlene Darlene says:

    A good preuel to the Eden's Root series I think I did gain a bit insight to the characters and dilemma they are put into Most of all as applies to the series this is a great warning to all These books show how it is and it could easily get as bad as Ms Fisher's books portray if people don't heed the warning I do think that reading this first will prepare the reader for the rest of the series Though it isn't centered on Fi but rather what her parents and their generation went through as they studied and learned of genetically altered seeds and the how uickly the GM plants read here Monsanto spread globally and soon caused world wide famineA must read for everyone

  8. Sherry Fundin Sherry Fundin says:

    Blight is the original backstory of Eden’s Root and is always FREE I believe if you grab this book you will feel you have to read the restI look at the beautiful cover for The Blight and I think it signifies the beginning but really it is the ending of the world as we know itThese books are so realistic that it reinforces my fear of what is going on today with our food supplyAre you afraid? Maybe you should be I have uestioned scientists use of growth hormones in our meat and genetically modifing grains to make food resistant and grow uicker It frightens me and pisses me off at the same time What gives them the right to play God? Read on but take a deep breath let it out slow and buckle your seatbelt because it’s going to be a very bumpy rideAll the covers are beautiful and the titles hint at what is to comeThis review is very difficult for me to write I do not want to spoil anything for you I think these books even though they are fiction should be a warning ”Not everybody associated with a bad thing is a bad person”But where do you draw the line? What if you knew what you were doing was dangerous would you still continue to do the work? Would you blow the whistle?Scientists mantra – discover discuss debate but never conclude Does that give them the right to play God and not accept blame for the result if it is bad? They sure want the praise when it is good But no it’s not their fault They only did the work others made the decisions of what to do with itOnly the Chosen would know the specifics Only the Chosen would be protected But the Chosen would need resources – people information supplies Resources would need to be saved and protected hidden for safety They would need this to rebuild a new worldMy heart bleeds for so many of the characters The decisions they have to make are not only soul sucking but leave millions to die and the rest to fend for themselvesLouis – outspoken Felt they had already crossed the threshold of no return He spoke the Truth and many did not want to hear itI loved when Rachel talked about Louis’s green children – he carried pictures of his houseplants greenhouse and outdoor garden I couldn’t help but laugh I know people consider their pets their children but plants? LOLFi – a redheaded Boticelli2030 Heirloom – scientific definition – strains of plants and animal that predate WWII a hundred years or older before genetic modification and hybridsPoliticians – they undermine the good in the name of the powerful I feel the government uses subterfuge to distract us from what is really going onMike – Fi’s father Mike knew that Fi his daughter would love learning about the project to plan for an outer space colonyStan is the money man behind Eden seed capitalEven when you know the right thing to do sometimes it is not possible to do it

  9. Nancy Nancy says:

    The Blight is the preuel to the Eden's Root Trilogy It provides the backstory to the famine and the building of Diasporia and Eden The reader discovers the reasons for the crops dying off the reasons behind the famine and the bureaucracy involved in the plans to save humanity or at least some of humanity It was really interesting Not being that into biology and such some of it was a little over my head but I like knowing WHY and learning about motivations of those in charge and all that good stuff Though The Blight was not action packed like the other books of the series and was a bit adult and serious it was still a good read and a good addition to the series

  10. Katherine Katherine says:

    I liked this book I have not read Eden's Root yet but this book gave a good base and I plan to start the trilogy now It had good character development but didn't go into too much detail It is a good intro for the main story

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