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Private Dicks [Read] ➵ Private Dicks Author Samantha M. Derr – Temper by Siobhan Crosslin—Reese hates deception but that's all his life has been since he was sent to investigate a wolf pack on clashing sets of orders Keeping his lies separated is all that's kee Temper by Siobhan Crosslin—Reese hates deception but that's all his life has been since he was sent to investigate a wolf pack on clashing sets of orders Keeping his lies separated is all that's keeping him alive and it's a job that grows harder by the day—especially with the unexpected complications of the alpha he's investigating The PI and the Rockstar by K lee Klein— Mason is a detective He’s not flashy or hip and he doesn’t have an office conducive to entertaining wealthy clients But when made of money Durango and his gum snapping daughter hire him to do surveillance on a popular rockstar named Jade Jonathan Lee Mason’s business world collides with his personal life and the result is a mystery that must be solved Glamour by Holly Rinna White—When his little brother is kidnapped Jason hires Eric PI and long time crush to find him terrified of what will happen if people learn his brother is unregistered psychic But when Jason is kidnapped as well he learns he and his brother are not the only ones keeping secrets The Virginia Gentleman by Alison Bailey—When the Virginia Gentleman rides into town it's a sure bet that trouble ain't far behind He's uick on the draw feared by all and one sad little group of train robbers is about to find out why it's never wise to bet on trouble The Royal Inuisitor by Megan Derr—Esmour is one the best Inuisitor's in the kingdom but the penance bracelets on his wrist serve as constant reminder that once he was not a master of deception but a victim To solve his latest case he must work alongside the liar who changed his life and the love he learned too late was never real Regarding the Detective's Companion by EE Ottoman—Jamie is desperate he has no money rent is coming due and if he does do something soon he'll be forced back into a life of charity and pity So when he is brought a case Jamie takes it—even if it will mean lying to his client manipulating the suspect and propelling himself into the middle of a plot involving murder and political intrigue The Demon Bride by Isabella Carter—One dead body left at the door is than enough but after three are left on the stoop of his father's agency and no one else is willing to investigate uinton decides he'll just have to solve the mystery himself Too Dangerous by Sasha L Miller—Shi is good at what he does no matter what his stupid ex thought Danger comes with the territory especially when that territory includes a special license to do select work for the government But when the government needs him to fix something that defeated even their most elite Shi learns that some situations are too much even for him.

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  1. Mary Mary says:

    Temper One of my favorites and the reason I took longer to finish this antho I went back to reread it This story was great and a total treat to read Reese does his PI job mostly looking for stray pets He doesn't have it easy with his 'supposed' pack supposed bc basically the Alpha is a total PCK and the rest are no better When asked to infiltrate another pack to look into the murder and disappearance of several shifters is when his life becomes a tangle of lies and deception as he tries to discover what is going on It made me sad how Reese was so used to mistreatment that Deepine's welcoming and warm actions seemed so alien to him particularly the Alpha's focused and doting attentions I was totally engrossed in this story There's action and tension and mystery that when everything was revealed at the end I was like woah Reese is one very sweet but sneaky fellow LOVED IT The PI and the Rock Star This was a good story but I felt like it was missing something to give it that extra sparkle Maybe it was bc I was expecting this major confrontation between the opposing charactersbut I still liked Mason and JadeGlamour This story for me had a lot of potential but it felt like a condensed version of a novelSo while I liked the characters and the possibilities it seemed over too uickly and the situation resolved with no particular fanfare The Virginia Gentleman This one was actually a great story but I felt like there was a cop out as like a previous story there is no suaring off with the bad guy it was very easily tied up in a bow Still enjoyed itThe Royal Inuisitor Megan Derr is always a favorite so it goes wo saying that I thoroughly enjoyed this story It's so hard to realize how one simple action can cause such a serious misunderstanding Esmour trying to prove his love and loyalty to Teigh only leaves himself open to someone else's treachery and giving Teigh the belief that Esmour has betrayed him Now under the employ of the crown as one of the top Inuisitors Esmour wears penance bracelets on his wrists and the pain of Teigh's actions in his heart Suddenly an assignment tosses them together and Esmour and Teigh finally have the opportunity to set to rights the wrongs committed years before Regarding the Detective's Companion Jamie is having a hard time As a PI he finds it difficult to land any cases since rarely anyone wants to overlook the fact that he's in a wheelchair and when they do it's only to offer him shady ones Which is what happens with his next case Someone is willing to pay a lot of money for Jamie to find anything that will implicate Dr Hallingsworth of a crime even murder Jamie doesn't want to sensing something is going on but feels he has no choice at the reality of his situation He accepts the case but bows to find the truth discover who really murdered the Dean of Dr Hallingsworth college and if Dr Hallingsworth really is the killer than he has nothing to feel ashamed of This story was enjoyable and the relationship between Jamie and Hallingsworth is very innocent I disliked how people treated Jamie and his handicap so it was lovely to see how Hallingsworth and his colleagues regarded him While an intriguing mystery the end result felt like a let down since it was just swept under the rug But it was good to see Jamie get a fresh start The Demon Bride This story was another favorite uinn is a young man who keeps finding dead bodies in the front stoop of his father's business and he finds it odd that neither his father or the police are willing to investigate the matter further He is convinced to let it go but finds it difficult to turn the other way when it involves a friend Between ominous advice from a gypsy dark riddles and warnings from a mysterious and compelling man Sebastian threats from a Hunter Francis; uinn has to discover who is leaving him bodies and why He also has to deal with his attraction to Sebastian when it's Oz his father's employee that he loves and last but not least come to terms with the fact that his not completely human I wanted of this story seriously Sebastian is a very compelling character uinn is very pure and I liked that even though he didn't really know what he was doing still tried his best to find out the truth Oz is a very gentle and protective character so the three of them go very well together Really good read Too Dangerous Shi accepts a case that involves locating Elis his possibly ex lover Not really knowing where their relationship stands but feeling the need to find him Shi goes ahead The assignment is way over Shi's head something Elis will most likely throw in his face as that was the reason for their fight before the man disappeared but Shi has no other choice Hmm this story is good Not so much mystery but action driven Shi and Elis are guys with strong personalities I think this case proved Elis' point not because he thought any less of Shi but because there are some things that Shi is just not trained for A very exciting story Overall this was a great compilation of stories D

  2. blub blub says:

    Temper by Siobhan Crosslin One of my favorites stories from the book I really enjoyed it and to be truthful I wished it was longer I wanted to see of Reese and Donovan together and the Deepine pack There was a sense of mystery throughout the story and everything about the story just had me captivatedThe PI and the Rockstar by K lee Klein A good read although the idea has been done before a lot It was written well and flowed well Glamour by Holly Rinna White A pretty good read The revelation from Eric was surprising I should have seen it comingthere were hints The character development was nice and the story was interesting The Virginia Gentleman by Alison Bailey I had difficulty getting into the mood to read this story I'm not really into the MidwesternAmerican West theme so it was a bit boring for me I did read it though and managed to finish it The twist near the end was niceThe Royal Inuisitor by Megan Derr I enjoyed reading about Esmour and Prince TeighAmabel how their relationship went wrong and how it was rectified I would love to learn about the Inuisitors Regarding the Detective's Companion by EE Ottoman An okay read not something I would usually want to read The plot was simpleThe Demon Bride by Isabella Carter Not my favorite of the stories At the end there was a hint that the relationships between uinn Sebastian and Oz were going to turn into a menage For most of the story it just seemed it would be a love triangleToo Dangerous by Sasha L Miller A good sci fi read Shi was uite likable and I liked his work ethics I would have liked a bit world and character building It would be nice to read an accompaniment story but from Elis POV There were a few editing errors I caught that kind of had me shaking my head

  3. Pépin Pomme Pépin Pomme says:

    It is difficult to rate this book since the content is very different but I really enjoyed most of the stories inside and the common theme undercovers was a trope I particularly likeTemper by Siobhan CrosslinI don't like shifterwerewolf stories But I loved this one because the poor main character Reese really is adorable I want to protect this poor man from the world and I am glad he found someone able to take care of him This story has great characters with interesting background despite the shortness and the plot was also very interesting I need to look into this author's other booksThe PI and the Rockstar by K lee KleinCute and silly I was really worried about slut shaming and victim blaming at the beginning but it was mostly avoided Warning for statutory rape tho It's not the story of the year but it was cuteGlamour by Holly Rinna WhiteOne of my favorite stories in the book The plot was REALLY great for such a short story and I didn't see anything coming The universe is good and I would love reading of the author's workThe Virginia Gentleman by Alison BaileyI didn't read this one I don't like cowboys stories and contrary to Temper the beginning didn't seduce me The writing was weird and feelinglessThe Royal Inuisitor by Megan DerrLove and treason Prince and thief It was everything I love with Megan's amazing writing and storytelling skillsRegarding the Detective's Companion by EE OttomanI was surprised by this story it wasn't what I expected and I loved it It is not often actually I think it was the first time for me that you read about a hero in a weelchair Really great the characters and the universe were awesome and I felt like the author didn't have the opportunity to write as much as she would have wanted to Scientists and communists the best The Demon Bride by Isabella CarterMy favorite story of the book I love Isabella Carter her books are always something new I couldn't believe it when reaching the end because I was hoping to see it ending that way but it's not something that usually happens The characters are so great uinn is very stubborn and Sebastian was my favorite by far sassy little guy Oz was a sweet cinnamon roll The plot was really interesting so was the worldbuilding Too Dangerous by Sasha L MillerI never read a book by Sasha Miller before but I probably will because it was great Sassy narration interesting characters and plot it was good

  4. M.J. Willow M.J. Willow says:

    Temper by Siobhan Crosslin 4 stars Lovely suspense Donovan is an alpha to die for and Reese an adorable but admirably determined woobieThe PI and the Rockstar by K lee Klein 35 stars Easy to see where this was going but sweet and hot and a fun read nonethelessGlamour by Holly Rinna White 3 stars Somehow I didn't really connect deeply with the characters but it was still a satisfying readThe Virginia Gentleman by Alison Bailey 3 stars The Western setting was fun but the resolution a bit too abrupt for my tasteThe Royal Inuisitor by Megan Derr 35 stars Oh how I love it when characters beat themselves up over something so much they forget the worst case scenario isn't the most likely one ^^Regarding the Detective's Companion by EE Ottoman 3 stars I loved the setting Jamie can be a fun narrator and the secondary characters were a lot of fun as well Sadly the use of present tense and bits where the author seemed to forget about it threw me off every other paragraph or soThe Demon Bride by Isabella Carter 25 stars Both too complicated and too simple if that makes sense? Also the threesome felt like an afterthought Too Dangerous by Sasha L Miller 45 Easily my favourite I loved the setting the characters the story I could have read pages and pages of this

  5. Josephine Josephine says:

    Temper Siobhan Crosslin ★★★★★This one was right in my wheelhouse I'm a sucker for the whole unwantedunderappreciatedoutcast character who doesn't know their own worth thing and shifters? Yes pleasePS A couple shorts featuring Reese and Donovan are available as free reads on the author's websiteThe PI and the Rockstar K lee Klein ★★Cute but not a lot of depth to the storyGlamour Holly Rinna White ★★★Thought I would enjoy this one than I did The story seemed rushed and I didn't get a sense of chemistry between the main charactersThe Virginia Gentleman Alison Bailey ★I found the writing style stilted and a poor fit with the rest of the collectionThe Royal Inuisitor Megan Derr ★★★★Previously read as a stand aloneRegarding the Detective's Companion E E Ottoman ★★★Liked it but found the execution of the absent minded professor persona to be heavy handed Also I think the overall storyline could use some editing A couple scenes seem lacking purpose and integrate poorly with the narrativeThe Demon Bride Isabella Carter ★★Eh not bad but I didn't connect well with any of the charactersToo Dangerous Sasha L Miller ★★The story had a lot of potential but the ending felt rushed and seemed like a cop out

  6. mythicgeek mythicgeek says:

    Overall I liked it but I felt it was set up backwards To me the strongest stories were in the middle with the weakest ones at the beginning and end and that's the exact opposite way you should present any variety show anthology or stand up comedy act or anything of that ilk You put your second best piece first the okay stuff in the middle and end with your best It's because poof the way people remember things The first and last things they hearsee have the most impact The middle gets lost You don't want your best stuff lost in the middleI did like how it gave me great insight into which authors I'd probably like to read works by though and overall it was a good compilation Your mileage may vary however You may think it was set up with the best first and last I just know I enjoyed stories 3 7 and not so much 12 and 8Bottom line? Definitely worth the read

  7. Riayl Riayl says:

    Temper by Siobhan Crosslin 5 stars Liked this one so much would love to see it extended or stories in the same settingThe PI and the Rockstar by K lee Klein 3 stars Glamour by Holly Rinna White 3 starsThe Virginia Gentleman by Alison Bailey 3 starsThe Royal Inuisitor by Megan Derr 4 starsRegarding the Detective's Companion by EE Ottoman 35 starsThe Demon Bride by Isabella Carter 3 starsToo Dangerous by Sasha L Miller 4 stars

  8. Sarina Sarina says:

    Review written for Love Bytes ReviewsANTHOLOGY REVIEWI love mystery stories and while I do enjoy seeing the boys in blue in action there’s something really appealing about seeing a private investigator save the day This was a nice diverse collection of stories that has something for just about everyone paranormal steampunk historical western fantasyeach story was uniue I enjoyed the entire collection for the most part and I thoroughly enjoyed the time I took to read it If you like a good mystery and like a good variety with your stories this one could be for youTemper by Siobhan Crosslin 5This was a great way to start the anthology and is the one story that I find myself still thinking about now that the book is done I liked how the shifter clans were structured like the mafia as that was something I hadn’t seen before and it gave a uniue feel to the story I also felt really bad for Reese with the situation he found himself in but even with the upbringing he had he proved he was a lot smarter than I think he was ever given credit for I especially love how he brought some BAMF to his bringing the case to a close Add in a nice HEA and I was soldThe PI and the Rockstar by K lee Klein 4This story did not go at all the way I expected For one it was surprisingly sweet and low on the drama that I was expecting and I really liked how Mason was the one being looked after at home as I wasn’t expecting that of his partner Not a lot of angst and with surprisingly down to earth characters I enjoyed this one overallGlamour by Holly Rinna White 4For a story about a psychic there was less of the ability shown than I thought there would be though there were still some interesting aspects I liked the addition of the ‘other species’ and the small twists that brought to the story though I did figure out what was going on with Eric for the most part before it was revealed in the story It was a decent read but wasn’t spectacular; I’m sure I’ll re read it at some pointThe Virginia Gentleman by Alison Bailey 3For the vast majority of this story I couldn’t figure out just why it had been included in the anthology to begin with The entire thing revolves around a group of train robbers and you are only given a glimpse of the private investigator briefly near the beginning The story was okay for the most part but it wasn’t so entertaining that I couldn’t put it down for a great deal of time before coming back to it The ending made up for some of my ambivalence about the story as a whole but I don’t really foresee myself reading this againThe Royal Inuisitor by Megan Derr 45Like pretty much everything else I’ve ever read from this author I really enjoyed this one I felt really bad for Esmour as criminal or not no one wants to have their heart stepped on the way his was The fact that he’d been trying to do the right thing and wasn’t even given leave to explain just made me hurt that much for him It was nice seeing his lover realize just what had happened and even better to see him make up for it I would’ve liked to have read about these two but I’m satisfied with the ending givenRegarding the Detective’s Companion by EE Ottoman 45While I’m no stranger to seeing a main character with a disability this is the first time I’ve seen one working as a detective It was refreshing seeing Jamie at work despite his condition and the steampunk setting just added a little extra bit of interest to the story This was an easy read with uniue characters and a sweet endingThe Demon Bride by Isabella Carter 35While on the whole I found this one entertaining it felt as though something was missing to give it that feeling of ‘wow’ I didn’t really feel the connection between Oz and uinton though they loved each other and the addition of Sebastian didn’t really fit for me I think I would’ve been happier if Francis had gotten what was coming to him at least but I’m at content that things left off on a good noteToo Dangerous by Sasha L Miller 4After all the paranormal elements I’d been reading it was really nice to get a science fiction story to end the book I liked Shi and how even though he was obviously out of his element he was willing to jump in the deep end of his investigation in order to save his ex The setting was interesting and I enjoyed the fact that Elis despite being a prisoner didn’t just wait for Shi to get him out While I would’ve liked to have seen a defined ending things were left on a high note between the two men and this was a fairly good way to end the anthologyhttplovebytesreviewscom2016070

  9. Fehu Fehu says:

    Rating 375 starsIn an anthology there are usually stories one likes and some one doesn't On the plus side there were no real flops in this one But on the other hand there is only 1 story that deserved 5 stars and it was suprisingly not the story I expectedTemper by Siobhan Crosslin 5 starsReese is a shifter and a PI and he is hired to investigate the Deepine pack since shifters had gone missing and there are hints that it's the flourishing pack of Deepine that is behind this So Reese finds himself in a position where he cannot refuse to takte this task since it's not only his Alphawho is a bastard and treats Nick abdominable who wants him to infiltrate the pack but also the authorities Suprisingly for Nick he is treated very well in his new pack and made to feel welcome their Alpha is also showing a particular interest in himThis story is well written I liked how the mystery was slowly revealed the investigation was interesting as was the getting to know the Deepine pack and all of this shifter world Reese was a compeling character strong and vulnerable and really clueless in the romance departmentIt turns out there is another story set in this world coming out and it's on my auto to buy list I think that say a lot about how much I liked this storyThe Demon Bride by Isabella Carter 4 starsAnother surprise in this anthology This one is a paranormal story which reminded me of something set in the Middle Ages and of Witches Burnings The Demon Bride had love suspence a dark unknown mystery man and an interesting mystery around some missing people One of the representive of the church is of course especially suspicious of uinton's involvment The romance is light and I think this might turn into a menage if there ever was a seuel but it had me turning pages and anxiously waiting to see how it will turn outThe Royal Inuisitor by Megan Derr 4 starsInteresting story about the issue of trust Esmour was in love and was deceived by that person I'm surprised that he forgave him in the end and I would have rated the story better if it had taken Esmour longer to forgive Prince Teigh who had him or less enslaved and working for the crown and seduced him for Esmours dealings with a robber band which Esmour uit because of his new loverAmabel aka Prince TeighToo Dangerous by Sasha L Miller 4 starsThis one was a sci fi story Shi's probably ex lover is missing and the military hired him to help them extract him Ironically it's it turns out his lover left him to protect him from exactly the same danger Shi had to face to help save this lover from his prison Fast paced good writting and Shi is very likableThe PI and the Rockstar by K lee Klein 3 starsThe PI is in a relationship with the rockstar who is accused by his clients daughter of fathering her baby since she is underage this could be messy except Mason is sure his boyfriend didn't do it and sets about to prove it It's ok but wasn't anything special or really exiting since one knew the boyfriend was innocent they were happy together and just had to find out why he was accusedRegarding the Detective's Companion by EE Ottoman 35 starsIt's set in historical England and I liked the romance part the mystery was a bit less exiting Jamie the PI was a very lovable character who didn't give up easily Well written I liked the word building and the charactersGlamour by Holly Rinna White 3 starsThe little brother is snatched away because of his psychic abilities and Jason's crush who is also a PI is set on helping him It turns out all is not like it seems and Jason's crush a lot famous than he thought I did particular liked or disliked the characters the story wasn't bad but the investigation wasn't all that interesting and since I didn't care about the characters neither was the romance The case is resolved pretty uick so there wasn't all that much belivable dramaLeast favorite story wasThe Virginia Gentleman by Alison Bailey 2 starsI didn't get into this story and would have skiped it if it was not for the challenge This was a western story and I don't know if it was just me not being in the mood for western stories but I didn't really get into this story

  10. Issa Issa says:

    As always the rating is an average as there were some unbelievably good stories in thisTemper by Siobhan Crosslin 5 starsBy far my favorite of the story Reece is wonderful as he tries to stay ahead of the case and multiple forces pulling on him Written with such wonderful emotion I was so sad when the story endedThe PI and the Rockstar by K lee Klein 375 starsGreat set up and while I should have seen it coming I laughed over who Mason was supposed to investigate The detective story part is thin but Mason and Jade are great together Demerits though for a cheesy endingGlamour by Holly Rinna White 45 starsLoved this Jason is desperate to get his brother back even if it means being in the same room as Eric a PI he’s loved from a far for a while But Eric is not all that he seems and the mystery and the relationship move until the surprise somewhat predictable at the end The only thing I’m grumpy about is I wanted to be there for our heroes’ first kissThe Virginia Gentleman by Alison Bailey 25 starsThis one is tough to rate Bailey has a way with prose the beginning written with such description you can feel the heat and smell the dust But that wonderful prose went way too long and I grew frustrated with the lack of movement on the story Another problem is a random chapter thrown in between a sister and a PI that gives everything away If that chapter had been tossed I’d have followed the story once it does get moving with excitement wondering what would happenThe Royal Inuisitor by Megan Derr 325 starsEsmour is the best Inuisitor in the kingdom A former thief he was betrayed by his lover and forced to work for the kingdom in penance He’s forced to work with his former lover the man who betrayed him and I couldn’t help but be sucked in But this story was missing something I can’t put my finger on it but the resolution between Esmour and his lover happened so fast you’d miss it if you blinked and I felt a bit lost with the whole thing But I still liked it Regarding the Detective's Companion by EE Ottoman 15 starsI couldn’t get into this Written in third person present which I’m not used to and pulled me out of the story It lacked some of the emotional depth I needed to feel Jamie’s desperation and the case itself didn’t engage me at all The ending was well done thoughThe Demon Bride by Isabella Carter 35 starsuinton is curious about the dead bodies left at the front door of his father’s agency but it’s not until one of those dead bodies is his friend that uinton defies his father’s wishes and those of his crush Oz and investigates the matter himself He takes a job at the mansion his friend last worked and finds out life changing facts about himself and the world I liked this story but demerits for the last chapter that switches POV and creates a threesome I saw coming but hoped would not happen for it felt out of placeToo Dangerous by Sasha L Miller 275 starsThis story started so well then fell apart at the seams Shi is hired by the government to infiltrate an enemy ship to rescue an agent his ex who has political ties Shi does so expertly getting on the ship he needs to plot and escape for Elis his ex But Shi does nothing and eventually Elis frees himself then goes on to save himself and Shi What on earth was Shi there for? He didn’t do anything Frustrating end to the book

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