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The Gift ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☀ The Gift Author Jonathan Lynch – Michael is a 17 year old boy who has no friends has never kissed a girl and keeps a diary documenting his miserable existence But his worst problem is the atrocious bullying that eventually leads him Michael is a year old boy who has no friends has never kissed a girl and keeps a diary documenting his miserable existence But his worst problem is the atrocious bullying that eventually leads him to try and take his own lifeBut when his suicide attempt fails under strange circumstances Michael has no explanation for itThat is until he finds a message left by a stranger offering him a chance to avail of The GiftThe Gift all of the hearts greatest desires for the price of a handshake and a favour to be carried out when Michael is a very old manWhen Michael accepts The Gift his life is transformed Money success happiness and the love of a beautiful woman soon followBut when the man in black returns a lot sooner than expected to call in his favour Michael finds himself in a life or death battle against the demonic destroyerThe Gift is the Readers Favourite award winning debut novel from Jonathan Lynch.

10 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. Gerard Fleck Gerard Fleck says:

    This is a deal with the devil type of story where a kid who is severely bullied because he's a scrawny dullard has his life transformed at a cost The most powerful parts of this story are the insights into the main character's life and truly feeling how beaten down and desperate he is It's really frighting to see a young person in this condition and to know it happens all too often these days And then to see him transformed as the story takes off and his luck turns gave the story a magical feeling My only criticism is that some of the chapters seemed a bit long running 40 pages on the Kindle perhaps a bit of editing to streamline the action would have boosted the tension and conflict Overall a good read

  2. Sandra Lopez Sandra Lopez says:

    “There is nothing clearer than the power of the written word” 5As Michael writes in his diary he recalls his botched suicide attempt Or was it a dream? But it felt way too real to be a dream Was he hallucinating? Did he have some kind of sixth sense? What was going on?The story grabs the reader from the start You can’t help but relate to these down on the luck characters as they struggle to survive Michael is this high school loser that’s never had a girl and has always been bullied; Ann his mother is working two jobs and can’t pay her bills; and Maggie is married to a rich bastard who is only getting crankier the older he gets Still “it was a relief to see that others were having problems too” 62 Misery loves company right? But why were they seeing a “dark figure?” Where was all this terror coming from? Were they trapped in a strange alternate hell? Or were they just all having a mental breakdown? It was just a mass of wild confusion The “dark figure” reminded me of the winged monster from the Jeepers Creepers movie One minute you’re standing there; the next gone It seems the greatest battle lies in the darkness What was that noise? What’s that I feel on my skin? Are the shadows moving? What’s going on here I can’t see a thing? I can’t think of anything scarier than being in the dark But what lurks within the dark? A Gift? What if a gift could eradicate all your pain and suffering and give you all that you ever dreamed of? But wait what’s the catch? There’s always a catch Well written but long winded A couple of times I found myself wishing the writing would just get to the point already It wasn’t necessary to relay information we already knew Still I was compelled to see how the story would unfold Lynch weaves an intriguing tale of dark surrealism a delightful blend of fantasy and horror while exploring the crippling desire of temptation and the burdening weights of morality Our hero must learn that beauty love and fortune all come at a dreadful price This was a fantastic story full of twists and irony Loved it

  3. Caroline Rolley Caroline Rolley says:

    This is I guess a horror storymaybe a psychological thriller? Not really either but maybe I'm too used to HORROR horror to consider this as such It's basically a be careful what you wish for story If not for the blurb and telling about 6 chapters in I'd never have known the main character was 17 He sounded like a pre teen like 11? Also the setting I couldn't have told you that til over halfway thru the book and by reading reviews Then there was the lottery in the bar where the guy says they draw a winner til the winner's present but later the mom said it hadn't been won for awhile and rolled over to 20000 € Unless no one showed or no one played there'd have been no way it could roll over But what irritated me the most was the ending Was the free version missing pages? Made no sense It was good if details are easy for you to overlook but for me it fell too flat to rise higher than the generous 3 stars I gave it

  4. Dorian Dorian says:

    I loved this book Perhaps one of the best deal with the devil stories I've ever read Granted this type of story has been around a very very long time but its a fresh take on the tale with some great twists and the ending in particular is really excellent really floored me Finished it in a day Recommend it to those who love a suspenseful and creepy read A great debut novel

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