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Emanare (Destined, #1) ➹ Emanare (Destined, #1) Download ➾ Author Taryn Browning – Samantha Campbell is born into an extraordinary family of females Only she is different from her ancestors Sam wakes in a Balti bar missing memories of her college life Now the target of a demonic pre Samantha Campbell is born into an extraordinary family of females Only she is different from her ancestors Sam wakes in a Balti bar missing memories of her college life Now the target of a demonic presence she learns she is a weapon designed by evil to destroy her family’s divine fate The demon royalty will do anything to ensure Sam’s loyalty to their cause But Sam is tough She refuses to give in without a fight and partners with a secret group of students to regain her memories and rewrite her destiny.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 185 pages
  • Emanare (Destined, #1)
  • Taryn Browning
  • English
  • 02 July 2014

About the Author: Taryn Browning

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10 thoughts on “Emanare (Destined, #1)

  1. Teiamarie Teiamarie says:

    Protectors and angels and demons oh my Emanare is a fantastic and engaging read I was drawn in from the very first page I read this book for the purpose of providing a review so I will be nothing but honest Taryn Browning is an extremely talented writer I slipped into the world she created effortlessly every time I picked up this book I also enjoyed the characters and their chemistry with each other SPOILERS BEWAREI love reading anything about angels paranormal and romance Put them all together with a gripping plot and you've got a story that I can't resistIn the beginning we meet Samantha Campbell She's a college student in a bar with big blank spaces where certain memories should be She doesn't remember her boyfriend Evrik her best friend Chase nor any of Evrik's friends It turns out that all her missing memories involve anybody supernatural which includes lightwarriors Evrik and his friends and shapeshifters Chase Technically Chase is a skinwalker but I really like Chase and when I think skinwalker I start think thinking of aliens and body snatchers so to me he is a shapeshifter While Sam is trying to regain her memories Cale the demon who tried to abduct her in the beginning hasn't given up He still wants Sam and seduces her through the power of his touch I don't understand why it was necessary to have Sam to sleep with him She doesn't even sleep with Chase or Evrik and we know she loves them I also felt it made her sullied in a way Cale wants Sam because she's an angeling and not just any type of angel but a Seraph the highest order Sam's in transition and it's during this time that she is vulnerable Sam's friends go missing and become possessed and it's during this time that I felt there was a bigger player in the game Cale was just a lackey From chapter one I had a bit of a crush on Chase He helped save Sam from Cale and he had such a warm and caring demeanor He's gorgeous and I could feel how much he cared about her I was all for Chase from the start despite knowing that Evrik is Sam's boyfriend whom she apparently loves very much I didn't get the warm fuzzies from Evrik like I did from Chase I was a little suspicious that Evrik wasn't who he said he was and maybe that was because his stance was to stand back and let Sam get her memories back with no pressure That also meant there was no romantic tension so I wasn't feelin' Evrik from the beginning Chase however was very vocal in his profession of love for Sam At this point Sam's memories started coming back to her little by little and she was remembering Evrik's and her relationship She was torn between the two guys and so was I until Chase fooled around with Vicky the same night he told Sam he loved her What a jerk I was so mad that he did that I wanted to punch him in the face for being a stupid guy lead around by what's in his pants Then he had the nerve to get all butt hurt because Sam wouldn't choose until she had her memories back I was all for Evrik from that moment on and I really hated Vicky Vicky She 's the one character and supposed good guy whom I never liked She was mean and full of vinegar She was also selfish superficial and desperate wanting to live her own life and not carry out her duties as Sam's protector I don't know if I'm supposed to hate that girl but I do In the end there are several big revelations that left me spinning I'm not going to go into them but I will definitely be reading the next book in the series because I have to know what's going to happen next Taryn Browning created real and endearing people whom I really liked as well as villains and a stupid Vicky whom I really disliked The story was lovely and written so well that I can find little fault with it If anything I would have liked a little world building As it was I couldn't form a clear picture of the places that Sam visited over the course of the story from the campus to Evrik's house to when she was in the city The only place I could clearly envision based on the description was the sewer and the woods All in all this was a great read and I'd highly recommend it to my friends

  2. Stacey Stacey says:

    I was given a free copy of this book to complete an honest and fair reviewIf you enjoy paranormal angels and demons you might enjoy this book“Emanare” is the story of Samantha “Sam” Campbell a college freshman who loses part of her memory the only part of her memory that is taken is the part where she knows about the supernatural world When the book begins Sam finds herself in a bar where she did not start the evening and has no recollection of how she got there When her boyfriend Evrik comes to her rescue her even though she has no idea who or what he is However she leaves the bar with him anyway When they leave the bar they stumble across a seduction demon and a pit bull It is at this point where Sam decides to call her friendsroommate who she can remember and then run from the situation between her boyfriend and a demon while being chased by the pit bull after running from the brawl; she runs into the street and almost is hit by a taxi Enter her best friend Chase a skin walker or shape shifter the pit bull who by the way is in love with Sam who appears half naked in the street to save her from being road kill He hopes with her memory loss he finally has a chance at getting the girlSam tries to have a typical college experience appearing to never attend classes while remembering her past and the crazy paranormal things that have happened to her On top of the high jinx that Sam and her friends go through during this book I don’t want to give too much of the plot away but I found the story to be a little jumpy and introduces characters as if we the reader should already know them as Sam does For me I would have preferred a previous book that explained some of the things she is remembering so I knew the context of what the heck is going on during her flash backs And which guy to root for the sexy Lightwarrior or the handsome skin walkershape shifter best friend Overall I liked this book it was in interesting read I was not a fan of not understanding the exact context of her memoriesflashbacks but it was a good book with a cliffhanger ending that leads perfectly into a seuel or a series

  3. Cecilia (rather barefoot than bookless) Cecilia (rather barefoot than bookless) says:

    I really liked this book It was sweet exciting and funny at times But I didn't think it would be anything less I enjoy Browning's writing style and loved Dark seeker so I was sure I would like this one and I did Sam our heroine has problems not only has she lost her memory but she is juggling feelings for three guys I just found that a bit funny because she is so confused by her feelings and frustrated because she has no memory for any of them The author did a great job with describing how confused she feel and you don't know if you should laugh because to be honest it is kind of funny at times or if you should feel sorry for Sam and the guys I just mostly felt bad for her I really liked Sam and all her issues She has no memory but she doesn't let that stop her and she is relying a lot on her intuition and her gut feelings and to be honest I would have to if I were in the same situation but it is also what is causing her major confusion I love the guys eh not the demon but the other two and I still haven´t decided who I like best They are both dreamy and really good to Sam but in different ways But even though this is a love story in a way with a big triangle over their heads it is mostly focused on a really big threat against Sam And her destiny becomes clearer and clearer as Sam starts to remember and with a little help from her friends and all the boys in her lifeThis was a fun exciting read that I had no problem reading in a day and a half It had kind of a fast pace but not too fast just enough to keep you interested I never found it slow or boring It was a great read and I am so looking forward to read book 2 in this series and see what happens to Sam who has a lot of problems to deal with in a near future

  4. Connie Garcia Connie Garcia says:

    This was a story from the start had me and I didn't want to put it down and finshed in about 1 day and half Taryn Browning has done it again with her witty funny stories By Chapter 3 I was already Team Evrik and wanted to slap Vicki Taryn knows how to capture a reader and keep them there thru out the storyline and not want to put it down until you get to the end and even that you are wanting

  5. Emma Emma says:

    In two words strangely different but good this was yet another free book on and i was pleasantly surprised Emanare is about a girl who discovers her angelic heritage wrapped around an intense love triangle this was amazing

  6. Adriana Rios de Biedermann Adriana Rios de Biedermann says:

    I Fully enjoy this book Waiting for

  7. Pixie Pixie says:

    While it was good it had a slow start for me I felt a bit disconnected from the characters not really feeling anything as far as emotion through their situation and the flashbacks weren't entirely my thing throughout My biggest problem was that the character reactions at times felt somewhat unrealistic and sometimes things felt rushed However I found it engaging once I got over the initial start and thought the story to be original and refreshing with a good cliffhanger ending I'd enjoyed DARK SEEKER by Ms Browning much as it was my personal reading style I would still recommend this read if you do enjoy the pararnormal and looking for something new and unusual Still an entertaining and uick read for a rainy day I look forward to reading of the author's work in the future Overall a 35 star rating My thanks to the author for providing the free copy in exchange for my honest review 3Pixie3Pixie

  8. Alannah Clarke Alannah Clarke says:

    Free book in exchange for an honest reviewWhen I first saw this it seemed like a great original idea and it looked like it would be really interesting to read However there do seem to some minor flaws for example the reader does not appear to be properly introduced to the characters in the book I did not think this held the book back too much but a bigger problem for me was not being able to fully understand the context of the flashbackHowever it ended with a good cliffhanger which will lead perfectly to another book though I am curious what will happen in the next book

  9. Suzanne Schack Suzanne Schack says:

    At first I was rather confused it was a bit disjointed but then the plot flushed out the reasoning behind it However there were parts I struggled to get through because I wasn't a big fan of the main character I liked the supporting cast much better However I don't think I'll be reading the next book in the series Unless it was free The premise was interesting but I couldn't get past my annoyance with the main character Happy reading everyone

  10. Melanie Melanie says:

    4sReally enjoyed itReview posted herehttpbookpassionforlifeblogspotco

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