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  1. Chantal Bellehumeur Chantal Bellehumeur says:

    The author gifted me this book in exchange for an honest review As soon as I finished reading the first book in the series I wanted to read the second and was instantly lost in the story again In the first chapter the author nicely briefs the reader on the last events of the first book as well as reintroduced the characters to refresh the memory while remanning interesting and adding new material Sofia's older daughter Clarissa must choose a mate and has many shape shifters competing for her love including Adam who was supposed to stay away from her for a year before courting her However he reuested a fair chance at winning Clarissa's heart like the others which Sofia finally granted him as long as he played by the same rules Just like in the first book Clarissa is strongly drawn to Adam yet wants him to stay away from her because she also fears him New challenges arises not only for Clarissa but the rest of her family too As expected this well written book was just as entertaining as the first and much passionate The emotions felt by the characters were just as intense Humour was added to the continuous drama and suspense filled the pages I really enjoyed every bit of the story I could not put the book down The ending was a tease again making me crave I can't wait to read the third book in the series If you enjoyed reading Imminence you absolutely have to read Seduction

  2. Brenda Perlin Brenda Perlin says:

    Seduction opens up and takes you right in The writing is so clear and inviting that it is easy to get back into this mesmerizing story Meeting up with Clarissa and Marie once again was refreshing The visuals are panoramic and life like You can see the wolf yearning and you can feel his yearning tooThe seizures that Marie has are all too real and you can feel the pain this family experiencesWho would win Clarissa's heart and claim her as his own?Even though there are demons and shape shifters this story feels realistic The real life emotions are far from fictional In this story the dogs come alive and can communicate something most of is yearn to have happenShe listened to David breathing He remained still She must have imagined the whole thing She closed her eyes again and saw Gunward looking straight at her She missed him so much that it killed her She lay still and tried to reach her mind She felt the slight connection between them and she knew that he was still with her She looked jealously at what her dream figures did and felt truly guilty How stupid could I be she thought? She had made her choice and had no right to regret it She belonged where she was right now at least and she should look forward not behind

  3. Paula Mccue Paula Mccue says:

    loved loved loved this book the first in the series took me a minute to get in to but once i did i loved it i went in to this booksecond in seriesunderstanding it and loved it totally read it in a few hours and was seriously dissapointed when it ended i will defo be reading the next one one of the best shifter series iv read in a while

  4. Marie Godley Marie Godley says:

    Things are changing within the family and the girls are discvovering things about themselves

  5. Emma Emma says:

    well this was odd in that it switched between a girl's point of view and her mothers but other than that it was okay kind of 'meh' i do not think that I will continue the series

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Seduction Shape Shifter #2 [PDF / Epub] ✅ Seduction Shape Shifter #2 Author Jennifer Loiske – A dark and mysterious shadow flickered on the man’s face and Clarissa wanted to step back Her legs however seemed glued on the ground and she just stood there like some stupid lamb about to be sacri A dark and mysterious shadow flickered on the man’s face and Clarissa wanted to step back Her legs however seemed Seduction Shape eBook ↠ glued on the ground and she just stood there like some stupid lamb about to be sacrificed when he brushed her temple making her to tremble uietly She was so scared and yet while she stared at him as if paralyzed she felt something other than fear growing slowly inside of her He intrigued her she couldn't deny that Not any She seemed to know where he was always and her heart screamed after him How crazy was that He was just a huge dark guy with a body like a dream and to be honest if one said he was gorgeous that was not true He was Totally He was like a girl's worst nightmare and the dream that you didn't want to wake up from Someone you wanted to touch and taste A devil with wings Oh she was so stupid and so much deeper she had though.