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10 thoughts on “Sirens

  1. Sarah Mac Sarah Mac says:

    Eh this was okay But that's all it was Okay Mediocre MehWhile the writing itself was competent including some very nice descriptive passages the story lacked any real zip The secondary narrator Lou was enjoyable She was a saucy flapper unashamed of things she'd done wrong in the past unapologetic for misconceptions generated by those actions She alternates chapters with the primary narrator Jo which is a shame because Lou would've made a much interesting POV The problem is that Jo is really boring There's nothing original or interesting about her IMO She's the typical blah Mary Sue YA heroine goody two shoes doesn't realize how gorgeous she is reluctant party girl no experience with boys refusing to allow the idea of marriageboyfriends judgmental of anyone with looser morals etc She comes to NYC then refuses to partake of BOOZE Or DANCING Or CIGGIES Or SPEAKEASIES Or FLIRTING Or y'know anything related to flapperRoaring 20s lifestyle Really? How dull is this? What's the point of the flapper schtick if the primary heroine is such a wet blanket? I wouldn't have wanted to hang around her boring ass so why should anyone else? And yeteyeroll The idea that Evul Mega Rich Bootlegger Danny was interested made me LOL her ridiculous Nancy Drew delusions were even obnoxious than her Cunning Plantm to seduce Danny save her family partly because this stupid girl thinks she's got what it takes to bring down an entire empire on her own without even consulting an adult because it's not safe for them to know ARE YOU SERIOUS? That's not to mention her brother's stupid diary Yeah Jo was running around the city piecing together bundles of pages in a diary because it held the secret to Danny's downfall which was anti climactic as hell since hints were dropped before she even arrived in NYEually annoying was the insta love Villainous bootlegger Danny was a psycho nutball but at least he was interesting which is than I can say for Jo's twu wuv Charlie He had no personality He had no presence on the page He was flatter than flat like cold pancakes or rubbery tortillas or cheap potato chips from the gas station; there was absolutely nothing distinctive about his boring ass Gary Stu routine I didn't give a crap whether he lived or died He was a doormat of a hero who contributed nothing to the pagebut it wasn't entirely his fault I suppose what with Jo's foot stomping rah rah speeches of feminine empowerment Her judgmental attitude toward flappers was obnoxious as was her holier than thou preening whenever she met a girl who dared to shock horrors think about flirting or sex Sure it's not like Lou Danny had a healthy relationship but Lou's growth revolves around her realization of Danny's flaws the rejection of his superficial security Lou learns a lesson A painful one yes but given her background understandable So what is Jo's supposed growth? What does she take away from her adventures in NYC? Not much She was right about everything apparently Booze is evul She can totally take care of herself She also gets a flatline Gary Stu who worships the ground she walks on whom she's destined to be with after approximately four conversations I'm not sure which was worse her anachronistic yammering about grrlpower or the sappy twu wuv closure that followed itSpeaking of which the ending was bizarre Suddenly it shifted from Nancy Drew to Scooby Doo complete with a vengeful view spoilerghost some overwrought Fall of the House of Usher ruination of Danny's mansion hide spoiler

  2. Giselle Giselle says:

    Lovely writing capturing the roaring twenties and how women are still property of their fathers or husbands I loved how Josephine wanted to make a mark on her own without the help or dependence of her boyfriend or father What a brilliant shining example for readers I loved the female relationships in this one and having both Jo and Lou narrate was just genius The story and the whole mystery surround her brother was tediously slow You couldn't even gather any clues either because it just kept dragging on and on I find it rather long and it could have been shortened by about 200 pages so the reader wouldn't grow bored as I was I did enjoy her writing and I loved how the characters grow up I did like reading the journal entries but I grew even frites red when nothing was revealed Everything will be shown in the end though A great stand a lone to pick up if you're in the mood for a 1920s vibe with a murder mystery to solve

  3. Valerie Smith Valerie Smith says:

    Unexpectedly fantastic an electrifying coming of age tale combined with a mesmerizing setting and studded with mystery and romanceWith the captivating and beautiful background of New York during the roaring 20’s Janet Fox’s new novel Sirens offers everything readers could want Women have recently gained the right to vote and with that independence the desire for freedoms than they ever had before Seventeen year old Josephine “Jo” Winters is about to graduate high school and has plans to attend college and make a name for herself as a writer But her father has other plans and suddenly sends her to live with her aunt and uncle in New York with the objective of finding a husband Between her father’s mob involvement in a bootlegging operation and her brother Teddy’s disappearance Jo realizes that there is to this sudden move than fatherly concern for Jo’s futureUnfortunately Jo’s aunt and uncles home may not be as safe as everyone thinks Jo’s cousin Melody also has a secret one she hides behind a “flapper” lifestyle of drinking and partying Teddy a war veteran has been gone for a year suicide or so everyone believes Everyone that is except Jo She knows his secret and when Jo gets ahold of Teddy’s journal as the secrets it holds are revealed the truth turns dangerous for Jo and everyone she lovesLouise “Lou” O’Keefe has fallen in love with mobster Danny Conner From a life of poverty as Danny’s “moll” Lou suddenly has an upgrade in life The newest clothes a mansion to live in all the money from his “bootlegging” operation a girl could desire and the man she loves Lou is determined to keep Danny and insure her lifestyle even if it means eliminating any threats When Lou and Jo’s path cross their two lives become tangled in unexpected ways Written in alternating chapters from Jo and Lou’s perspective the truth behind Teddy’s disappearance a violent political bombing and Jo’s cousin Melody’s secret slowly unfold Readers will be enchanted by the brilliant 1920’s New York lifestyle and setting captivated by the characters and addicted to the ever twisting plot Filled with love loss and loyalty and an impressive look into the worlds of “flappers” and “mobsters” Fox weaves a fascinating coming of age tale that speaks to the ever changing role and rights of women during the early 1920’s Recommended for readers age 12 and up Sirens is scheduled for release November 8 2012Baseballvalbookswordpresscom

  4. Michelle Ramirez Michelle Ramirez says:

    During the prohibition and after the women's suffrage took effect the Golden Age was full of glam and secrets Sirens by Janet Fox is a story set in the Roaring Twenties about a teenager named Josephine Winter When her father sends her off to live in Manhattan with her wealthy cousins he suggests it is to find a husband After helping her brother Teddy fake his suicide Jo keeps his promise by not telling anyone not even her parents about the hoax With the help of Teddy's journal her cousin Melody the flapper and the girlfriend of one of the most powerful gangsters in town Jo uncovers the truth behind that world of jazz and gangsters and their molls and why all that glitters is not goldThe story is written from alternating points of view making it intriguing from Jo's point of view to Louise O'Keefe the girlfriend of the boot legging gangster Danny Connor Louise retells the events as being in the past while Jo is narrating them in the present tense The cacophony of the city rose with the hours New York in 1925 really set the feeling that it was present day New York with its chaos and lights and as a city where dreams come true From captivating places like Central Park and the Algonuin Janet Fox described each setting as glamorous or as secluded as one could imagine She also illustrated every setting and character from the speakeasies to Danny Connor's mansion and right down to how the hem of each dress was beaded I interpreted Jo as the sweet innocent girl everyone believed she was even when she knew better all along Louise I thought of as the older love struck version of Jo except with amusing charm rather than innocence Both characters were my favorite because of their conflicted emotions For example Jo describes Danny Connor as a living nightmare with the piercing stare of a vulture whereas Louise saw him as the love of her life whether his intentions were good or bad most of which were badThe ending I thought was a bit confusing and ended with a lot of my uestions unanswered but it is a story I would recommend to anyone especially those interested in the decade of decadence Overall I really enjoyed this book despite the fact that it was described as slightly disappointing for not seeming like a stand alone story my thoughts on that statement are still indecisive

  5. Ashley Ashley says:

    This book was decent There was nothing inherently wrong with it The characters were well rounded and it is technically well written There just wasn't any spark for me I didn't dislike the characters but I didn't love them either It just didn't hold my attention It was supposed to be suspenseful but I never felt any sense of urgency or danger The mobsters were not scary enough Not scary at all actually I thought Connor was the most interesting character I would have loved to know about him and see the story from his perspective Honestly I'm pretty sure if the mob was after your family you would not be safely hanging out in New York city to their full knowledge for very long let alone falling in love with the guy sent to tail you The hero worship of Teddy got very tedious I just didn't buy that he was this perfect flawless human being that Jo thought he was I could see her thinking that at 10 but why didn't she realize as she got older that he was only human like the rest of us? I think the main problem I had was that what I was told to feel or what I was told Jo felt toward the other characters did not match how I reacted to them My other issue was why was Jo there in the first place?? The entire book I was annoyed by this So a mobster located in NYC is after you He knows where you live and he knows your family so you move from White Plains to NYC?? To be safer?? That makes no sense at all Especially when her parents went all the way out to Montana to keep themselves safe What the heck? It put Jo in a nice position for the rest of the story to unfold but there was no logical reason for her to be there It also irritated me that Teddy and Jo took all the blame for being involved with Connor when their dad the adult who should know better was a bootlegger involved with the same guy And he had the nerve to berate Jo? Really? I really did not like her father or the way she kept convincing herself he had her best interests at heart when all he really had were his own interests at heart Okay maybe this book bothered me than I realized lol The ending wrapped up very nicely albeit maybe a little too perfectly wwwwanderingthepagestumblrcom

  6. Rachael Rachael says:

    It’s 1925 and Jo Winters is a modern girl but not in the same way as all those flappers No she wants to finish up high school maybe go to college and get a job But her father has different ideas for her and she doesn’t have much of a choice when he sends her off to Manhattan to find a husband But as soon as she arrives Jo starts to suspect that’s there’s to the story than her future marriage Too many people are asking her uestions particularly about her beloved older brother Teddy—uestions that she can’t or won’t answer Teddy trusted her and she can’t betray that no matter how alluring a new life as one of Manhattan’s elite could be But whether she knows it or not Jo has been ensnared in a grander scheme of the most powerful man in town Forced into the glamorously dangerous world of New York’s gangsters and their molls will Jo be able to save herself?I am definitely a huge fan of the flapper era particularly its danger and decadence which is why I was drawn to Sirens Unfortunately there was something about this world that failed to draw me in; while I certainly got the sense of the magic of New York City in the 20s at the same time I felt distanced from it perhaps because Jo is somewhat resistant of some of the attitudes of the time This is certainly a different type of 20s story despite having its fair share of the glitz and that maintained my interest though only up to a certain point The plot has a good mixture of mystery romance and Jo’s personal uest to find a place in her world but ultimately I just wasn’t very engaged in what was happening Part of this had to do with the awkwardly paced released of information regarding Jo’s brother Teddy and the fact that some details were just too overwritten but than that Jo’s character was just not sufficiently emotionally developed to make me truly care about her story Though I failed to really connect with this story Sirens will still be enjoyed by fans of Bright Young Things by Anna Godbersen and The Girl Is Murder by Kathryn Miller Hainesreposted from

  7. Lorraine Lorraine says:

    Eh I liked the book enough to finish it but not enough to love it It took a rather long time for me to get through this book because at times I just didn't connect with it It started off promising enough with a gorgeous cover and enticing enough blurb I mean I like the old notion of gangsters and to be honest I haven't seen that many stories around set in the 1920sWhat we begin with is a mystery a missingdead brother and possibly a crime Sounds enticing? Yes it is Papa Winter sends Jo off to NY with her relatives on the pretext of finding a husband We get clued in that there's to this than meets the eye and sure enough it seems it's for Jo's own safety We get to know a bit of what Jo is like as a person and she is developing into an independent young woman who wants to finish her education get a job and not have to rely on a man What I enjoyed about this book was how Fox set the tone for the 1920s and its treatment of flappers the Prohibition and even the gangster scene Bits and pieces like how Jo's father was so against her bobbing her hair added character to the book I did also like the random uotes added at the beginning of each of Jo's chapters They set up the backdrop of 1920s New York just a little bit and are mostly relevant to the storyMoving on Lou was a sassy narrator as well as a red herring I did love how her chapters were told from in the form of an interrogation or confession It was an interesting contrast to Jo's narration Lou is spunky and her chapters never fail to lead you into thinking yes she did commit a crime and perhaps there's a reason she and not Jo is telling the tale to the detective Lou was a beautiful blend of flapper as well as pre 1920s woman dependent on her man for survival She did what she could to support herself and her brother and was so human in her deliberate blindness to Danny's flaws The jealousy she experienced towards Jo and the at times murderous intents were also rather relatable for one so infatuated with her man that it isn't his fault for having a wandering eye but the new girl's fault for being herself Her chapters were also refreshingly short after some of Jo's rather lengthy narrationsSpeaking of Jo I was rather disconnected from her I didn't really care much for her as a character Nothing about her really captivated me as much as Lou's sass Charlie's old fashioned manners Danny's patriotism and ruthlessness Melody's liveliness Teddy's depression or even Ed the doorman That and her devotion to her brother bordered on somewhat incestuous levels It's the way she constantly looks out for him and calls him her hero and guardian that seems just a little on the romantic side than sisterly Isn't it sad that the one thing that stands out for me for Jo is her description of her brother?As for Teddy's clues to the lost journal pages I was uite happy to see that he didn't put them in immediately obvious places and heaven forbid public places where they could be found but that Jo actually had to think a second time about their hiding places What I didn't get was how Danny knew where the final journal entries were keptUnfortunately the great mystery we were hoping for didn't turn out to be that great of a mystery in the end By the midpoint of the book I could already guess what had happened and the only real twist was in Melody's secret and the person responsible for it Everything else unfortunately became rather predictable including the 101 times Jo thought Charlie did it when he didn't Spoilers here onwardsDanny became most interesting when he showed other sides than the cool and calm gangster such as with his museum and orchirds although it did seem like a stereotypical villain has a hobby that becomes an analogy for his principles kind of thing I did enjoy his motivations and how deep down he really is just an insecure man craving the respect of his own people even though he ironically changed his last name from O'Connor to Connor to sound less Irish The highlight was watching him during the climax when he was at his rawest and the mansion full of his riches and prized possessions burnt to the grown along with the respect and wealth associated with them that made him the Danny Connor the Irish looked up toNext WHAT WAS GOING ON WITH TEDDY CAN SOMEONE PLEASE EXPLAIN? Suddenly he is revealed to have been dead for a while so have Jo and Danny been hallucinating all along? Who fought Neil at the stairs? Who grabbed Danny after he stabbed Lou? Who was Danny fighting on the boat? Why did he say he was the only one on the water? Why was he on the water? Who salvaged the scarf medals and put the final journal entry in the greenhouse for Jo??? Am I suppose to believe the ghost of Teddy did all this? That Danny saw him out of guilt or certainty he was still alive and that Jo saw him becasue of her desperation to believe he was alive? But in the climax Danny said he killed whoever he saw with his own hands so perhaps he didn't see Teddy But then who? This was VERY confusingOh wait I just remembered was there any real point in Chester having set the house on fire as a kid besides giving Jo a reason to hate him laud Teddy as saviour and have a scar that tingles whenever she's around fire? Probably not Seemed like trauma for the sake of trauma though it might have been better solved if Fox had linked this to the fire at Danny's mansion and how Jo overcame that traumaThe last time it was brought up Jo was trying not to scream as she escapedthe burning mansion Uhm girl you are allowed to scream under such circumstances it's okayFinally my last complaint for now os the shoddy wrapping up of loose ends with John Rushton Really now Jo just straight up told a man who wouldn't believe the mother of his adopted son would make a responsible mother and hence refuse to return the child that said mother had a crush on him and that as good as convinced him and make him happy because woohoo he had a crush on her too And apparently all the angst he suffered was for nothing because the soldier who rescued him and that he employed and owed a debt too turned out to not be his brother's indirect murderer I'm not even kidding Rushton's issues were tied up in a grand total of three pages Guess that's why Fox named him Rushton This book has potential HAD It's a pity the main character and plot just didn't live up to the setting and side characters That and the plotholes which just killed the mood

  8. YA Novelties YA Novelties says:

    Check our review out at our blogSet on the Roarin' '20s Sirens is a tale of a girl thrown into the upper class New York City social scene going from speakeasy to speakeasy while acuiring the company of a notorious gangster and his moll Everything however isn't as fine as it seems and Jo Winters is hiding some dark secrets about her brother Teddy who committed suicide one year ago How are her her brother and the gangsters all connected? That is the uestion posed to you and this book is a journey to discover the truthJo Winters is an aspiring write not uite out of high school when she is sent packing to NYC to visit her rich relatives by her father Her father is involved in the bootlegging business with the notorious gang leader Danny Conner and something is happening between them that her father wants Jo out of the way saying she is going to find a husband Nonetheless Jo sees through this and while in NYC she tries to discern the truth and how it involves Teddy After discovering his journal Jo tries to figure it out and understand what occurred all the while beset by Danny who wants something Teddy left behind She is also sucked into the night life of the 1920's partying with her cousin Melody who harbors some dark secrets of her own Women have just gotten the vote and are trying out their new freedoms donning the flapper attire and attitudes and going to speakeasies and running the risk of getting caught it's prohibition after all Louise “Lou” O’Keefe is Danny Conner's moll whom previously lived on the streets and was given a whole new life by Danny She is supplied with as many dresses and jewels a girl could desire and a mansion to boot all thanks to him the love of her life She would do anything to keep him including getting rid of any threats When Jo and Lou meet their lives uickly become entangled with some unpredictable twistsSirens is written from the view point of both Jo and Lou while Lou retells the events to a cop Jo is living it which may seem confusing but it makes it intriguing while you try to guess what really happened My favorite part of this novel was the background It is so rich and vibrant I could just picture myself there not to mention the 20's was an exceptional era the turning over of a new leaf All of the glitz and glamor of the wealthy upper crust is portrayed splendidly and so is the darkness and shadows of the underground bootlegging business and all of the mobsters that are encountered there My only annoyance with this was that I had a few uestions at the end and this book is meant to stand alone so that bugs me The ending is also a tad bit crazy and a little confusing Other than that I would definitely recommend this book even for people who don't necessarily like historical fiction this is a great book to start where you will be swept awayM YA Novelties

  9. Chelsey Wolford Chelsey Wolford says:

    If I only I could have been a flapperI would have rocked it But in all seriousness in the past year I have become fascinated with historical fiction based in the 1920’s There is just something about this era that amazes me beyond belief This book did not disappoint Janet Fox captivated me with talk of gangster bootleggers and molls I wanted to be in the book with Jo Winter and her gang of “bandits” this is only my chosen term for them because I love the mischief that they always seem to land in This story follows Jo Winter as I mentioned and a story that I cannot even begin to put into words Her life is full of flappers gangster romance and a whole lot of dangerThis book is written in alternating chapters from the perspectives of Jo and her flapper friend Louise “Lou” O’ Keefe long time girlfriend of big time gangster Danny Conner I really enjoyed reading the varying chapters from the perspectives of these two women I have to say that I enjoyed both the same because even though I really liked Jo I REALLY enjoyed Lou’s chapters Lou’s chapters usually left on cliffhangers and they usually alluded to some type of danger that was lurking around the next bend I did feel sorry for Lou because of her situation with Danny Conner who I absolutely despised I think that was the point though because he was the most powerful gangster in all of New York City so yeah I think I should hate him But Lou was just so caught up in the life of being a moll that she didn’t realize how ridiculous she sounded at times The chapters slowly unfold and secrets the deeper you get into the book I love that I love books that keep me hanging onManhattan in the roaring 20’s felt so realistic to me while reading this book I felt like I could just reach out and touch it and I definitely wanted to be a part of it Along with the characters and the mystery behind Teddy’s Jo’s brother disappearance I felt like a regular sightseer I suinted my eyes when Danny Conner was around however and the tension just flew right off the pages I have read a lot about flappers but not really a lot about gangster and I do have to admit that their lives and the lives of their girlfriends intrigue me I must say that I used to love the bad boys I thought that Janet Fox did a superb job of capturing this time period and the lifestyles of the flappers and the gangster And if you are ready for a walk on the wild side then please do go and pick up a copy of this bookA copy of this book was provided to me by Janet’s wonderful publicist in exchange for my honest review

  10. Emily Benoit Emily Benoit says:

    ConceptIdeas 455StorylinePlot 455Characters 45Writing Style 455 A murder mystery and the 20s all wrapped up into oneSirens was a fantastic read filled with suspense love mystery and an amazing feel for the Roaring 20's Wow All I can say is wow I was blown away at how much I loved this book Typically I have tried to read so so many books that revolve around the 20s 30s and flapper life style and I have never been able to get into one I've tried the Vixen series and I've probably tried to read Bright Young Things five times I was convinced it was the subject matter that turned me away I guessed wrongRight off the bat this book through me into an alien world filled with history and different times I loved seeing the differences that was the past and comparing it to today's world It's pretty amazing when you get down to it just how much society and things have changed since the 20s This book leaves you begging for throughout the whole book AND during the end The storyline was extremely fast paced and interesting The mystery in this book was amazing and it was so suspensful at times I just couldn't put it down The characters were likeable and I found them relatable and deep The secrets that are revealed about each one is surprisingFor anybody who usually doesn't feel drawn to historical YA I would defnitely reccommend you give this book a shot Especially if you like mystery and suspense this will be a favorite It's not a typical flapper type of novel with drama drama drama Instead this book is much deeper and full on packed with action

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Sirens[Download] ➵ Sirens Author Janet Fox – When Jo Winter’s parents send her off to live with her rich cousin on the glittering island of Manhattan it’s to find a husband and forget about her brother Teddy’s death But all that glitters i When Jo Winter’s parents send her off to live with her rich cousin on the glittering island of Manhattan it’s to find a husband and forget about her brother Teddy’s death But all that glitters is not gold Caught up in the swirl of her cousin’s bobbed hair set—and the men that court them— Jo soon realizes that the talk of marriage never stops and behind the seemingly boundless gains are illicit business endeavors gangsters and their molls Jo would much rather spend time the handsome but uiet Charles a waiter at the Algonuin Hotel than drape herself over a bootlegger But when she befriends a moll to one of the most powerful men in town Jo begins to uncover secrets—secrets that threaten an empire and could secure Jo’s freedom from her family Can her newfound power buy her love Or will it to ruin Jo and everyone around her.

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