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Who is Audrey Wickersham? [Reading] ➸ Who is Audrey Wickersham? By Sara Shrieves – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk I know everything that's happened is my fault I try to tell myself that it's okay I never wanted a normal life to begin with But then I think about who's been hurt and I wish that I could go back to t I know everything that's happened is my fault I try to tell myself that it's okay I never wanted a normal life to begin with But then I think about who's been hurt and I Who is PDF \ wish that I could go back to the beginning Back to when I was just a nobody wandering the halls of my high school alone and unnoticed Back to when I was completely oblivious to what killing somebody felt likeYou have to understand though I had no choice.

  • Paperback
  • 238 pages
  • Who is Audrey Wickersham?
  • Sara Shrieves
  • English
  • 03 March 2016
  • 9781479112357

About the Author: Sara Shrieves

I currently live in Orange County CA with my husband and our dog Artie I spend a majority of my time binging on movies books shows and traveling as much as possibleI am a huge Who is PDF \ Dark Tower fan Long days and pleasant nights to all of you fellow tower junkies out there.

10 thoughts on “Who is Audrey Wickersham?

  1. Rebecca Charlesworth Rebecca Charlesworth says:

    I received this book for free in exchange for my honest opinion and reviewI gave this book 45 stars and here is why'Who is Audrey Wickhersham?'is well written and extremely funny it is perfect for those of us who love a little black comedy I don't want to write to much and spoil it for other people but I liked the SupernaturalParanormal side to it you can't beat ZombiesVampiresMagiciansGypsy's especially when they're in the same bookAll in all a brilliant readI didn't know what to expect but when I started reading it it was impossible to put downHere is the link to my review

  2. Kitkat Kitkat says:

    This was terrible and I dislike it

  3. Scott Mantooth Scott Mantooth says:

    First off I am not an avid reader I don't read very often but I am working on that That's why I joined this site This is one of my first reads in my newly discovered world of books The last book I read was Stephen King's The Green Mile and I thought it was greatI received this book for free like some of the others here I thought it was amazingly great It had everything I love in most of the movies I watch It had a little gore mystery supernatural beings and great comedic relief It even ventured off into territory that I have not seen in the movies or read with my limited experienceThis book seems to appeal to all age groups from the reviews I have seen I find that to be a rarity as some Young Adult books come off very childish As an adult I never really felt like I was reading a Young Adult just that I was reading a really cool storyI really enjoyed the character Bruce and Audrey's father The relationship between them is an interesting one and I guess you would call it a lovehate relationshipha ha I really hope there is a follow up to this book as it left me wanting and that is a good thing While reading this story I totally envisioned this as a movie I would definitely recommend this book to everyone from teen to adult

  4. Reading Reindeer Cobwebbed Reading Reindeer Cobwebbed says:

    A truly enjoyable and original perspective on the paranormal with an utterly empathetic heroine a delightful sense of humour and a cast of characters both mundane and magical that will keep the reader racing through those pages “Who is Audrey Wickersham?” is a lively novel for YA and older readers Free of explicit sensuality and only one instance of profanity the only reason for the rating of 18 would be well violence lots of it Audrey is fifteen and has a devoted Dad nicknamed “Hulk” a neighbor former babysitter Bruce who is an RN and joyfully Gay and a best guy friend Kirk who is two years older She is also a prude and sensually an innocent Life turns very funky when on a repeated visit to Magic Edge witchcraft supply store she discovers an annex to the regular store and while waiting for a custom spell to be crafted inadvertently knocks over a jar and begins the process of turning zombie As the days pass all too uickly Audrey discovers a propensity for blood and body parts learns her friend Kirk’s real secret and is hunted by the magical Council She wants desperately to preserve her Dad and friend Bruce but doesn’t know if she can overcome her hunger until Kirk steps in and either makes things worse or betterI received this review via Goodreads Lovers of Paranormal Group in exchange for a fair and honest review

  5. Adrienne Adrienne says:

    This is definitely different from all the other stories I've read that fall under the 'supernatural' category I mean who has ever heard of a teenage girl almost turning into a zombie and then turning into some sort of zombie vampire hybrid that has an urge to go around eating people? It's a uniue story line I like the creativity of the authorThe characters of the story were also cool I liked Bruce because he was pretty funny I liked Agnes because she was sooo intriguing And I also liked the relationship between Audrey and her dad how they were so close from the beginning and how Audrey was able to talk about everything with him including her first kiss with a super hot swoon worthy vampire I yeah loved KirkThe ending was a cliffhanger though which I wasn't all too happy about I wish the author hadn't cut Kirk and Audrey's romance short I wish they figured out which spell to use in the end to cure the zombies too And told us what happened to Phantom the cat But overall I liked the story and would definitely recommend it to all those who love fictional and supernatural stories

  6. Lisa Vazquezanzua Lisa Vazquezanzua says:

    WOW This is a great read and very well written The characters are well developed and relatable It was very different to what I usually read but I loved it Definitely a page turner If you like the TV show “The Walking Dead” and like vampires then you will absolutely love this book This story had a little of everything romance parts that made you laugh OMG I can’t believe that happened parts and the gore Wow Those parts are very descriptive I have to say that the author really did a great job on describing the parts when the MC attacked her victims and the detail of when the MC was eating or biting them Awesome I would love for this to become a series I would certainly recommend this book to everyone Note This book was given to me from the author through goodreadscom in exchange for my honest review There was no monetary compensation for my review

  7. Jackie Bessford Jackie Bessford says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book finding it funny unpredictable and gory in places The characters were believable and built up beautifully as the story progressed So much so that i can 'see' what they look like I especially liked Bruce The language was easy to read and the story totally hooked me in I would so love to be in that shop It evoked lovely images of magical potions stored in jars Sure lots of people will love this amusing book I did and I have left my teenage years far behind Thank you for my free viewing

  8. April Alvey April Alvey says:

    Wow I Have To Say At First I really Wasnt Into It But As I Kept Reading This Book I Was Amazed On How Really Wonderful This Book Is Audrey Wickersham Is My Favorite In The Whole Book She Blamed Herself For Something That Was Clearly Not Her Fault Things Happen For A Reason ANd She Put Way To Much Blame On Her Self It Is Really A Wonderful Read I Am So Glad I Read It Another Great Read

  9. Amber Amber says:


  10. Katie (Kitkatscanread) Katie (Kitkatscanread) says:

    Audrey is really interested in witchcraft and spells and always has been Upon entering a shop she begins searching for ingredients for a possible spell Agnes who works there takes her to a special part of the shop called the annex Audrey is drawn to a particular jar and when surprised by a shout telling her not to touch it she knocks the jar flying and finds the contents are being thrown all over her and even inside her She is then told that the contents of the jar was in fact an infectious worm called the Zomorwai and is forced to take a shower go home and rest Audrey wakes up feeling strange the next day She is unsure of what's happening to her and is losing herself to the curse within Returning to the shop for answers she is informed that she is slowly turning into a zombie With a council wanting to eliminate her can Audrey her father a vampire friend and Agnes help save her from what she is becoming? And importantly can she really stay true to herself or will she lose to the desire of eating who's most important to her?I received this book from the author Sara Shrieves from a discussion thread on Goodreads This is the first book I have read from herThere are uite a few characters in this You have the main character Audrey Audrey's father Agnes who works in the shop and their gay neighbour Bruce who all go on a journey with Audrey to help find a cure There's also Kirk who is a good friend of Audrey's and they develop a relationship throughout the story Finally you have a few members of a council who intends to eliminate Audrey because of what she is becomingAudrey is uite a fun character She has occasional sarcastic remarks is uite hilarious at times and is a typical spunky young adultThe storyline I found uite interesting as there are uite a few supernatural beings involved like zombies vampires and witches So it's nice to have them all suished into one novelThe structure of the book is nice The chapters aren't too long nor too shortThe ending of the book is good as there is a lot of action involved so it keeps you interestedI really like the cover design of the book It is very well designed and looks amazing I love how you have half a human face and half a zombie face It really draws you inOverall I'm going to give this book four stars because I enjoyed the story I liked the characters and I liked the general structure of the book Whether it is worth buying it is up to you If you really like stories involving zombies and other supernatural creatures then go for it Especially as zombies seem to be a thing at the moment what with the TV series The Walking Dead I'm not entirely sure if I would read this again but in general it was a really good book and I do recommend it with two thumbs up Happy reading

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