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When Minds Collide (Phoenician #0.1) ❰Read❯ ➪ When Minds Collide (Phoenician #0.1) Author Marjorie F. Baldwin – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Can two men co exist inside one mind Andrew Caine and Joshua Scherrer can barely co exist outside on the same planet After they're involved in a fatal car accident the enigmatic native Phoenicians hav Can two men co exist inside one mind Andrew Caine and Joshua Scherrer can barely co exist outside on the same planet After they're involved in a fatal car accident the enigmatic When Minds Epub / native Phoenicians have sent someone to help them blend together into a new man Can they accept the new existence together or will their minds collide as fatally as the car crash that killed themWhen two brilliant scientists die together in a careless traffic accident the Community a fledgling human colony on an alien world suffers a devastating blow Joshua Scherrer and Andrew Caine might have loathed each other personally but their collective knowledge was vital to humanity’s survival on this Phoenician world Without them and their contributions Administrator Stafar Baghendi fears for the very survival of humanity’s last standIn a desperate attempt to salvage both men Stafar Baghendi uses an untried theoretical gene therapy process infusing the genetically encoded memory of Andrew Caine into the DNA of Joshua Scherrer The two men awaken to find themselves living together inside one mind but their clashing personalities might prove a fatal collision than the one that killed them the first timeWhat none of the humans realize is that here on the Phoenician home world the Seven Chiefs have a Plan for everything—and this time the Plan will change the course of human history foreverThe end of this short eBook contains an word excerpt of a Phoenician Series novel; actual length of this story is words.

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  1. Jonathan Terrington Jonathan Terrington says:

    When Minds Collide is a free short story from the author of Conditioned Response which is set in a future where mankind has left Earth for an alien planet I mentioned in my review of Conditioned Response that I am no major fan of any gritty style of writing but I very much appreciated this short story I found it provided the extra detail and information I personally found lacking in Conditioned Response and the tone and characters appealed to me on a personal level I particularly liked the irony of one character calling another an 'intolerant ass' Little touches like that provided the sense that these characters were not air headed caricatures but flesh and blood symbols They were realistically grounded in terms of their personalities This is a fast paced and short story but when combined with Conditioned Response a reader can see the bigger picture of the grand setting This is one thing I did find lacking in Conditioned Response despite it being perhaps the better story in terms of depth and plot I am uite intrigued to say the least to see how Marjorie Baldwin is gradually drawing her world together through the various books and short stories centred around this world In fact I think that it is great On its own Conditioned Response provides a decent story and some interesting sci fi ideas but when combined with When Minds Collide a greater sense of the vastness of Marjorie Baldwin's sci fi universe is createdIn terms of the plot this short story follows human settlers and their reactions to the new Phoenician world It introduces the reader to the alien people and animals while also revealing the background of certain characters in Conditioned Response The one reason I did not give this a five star rating is merely personal preference and due to the fact that I would have liked for it to be slightly longer However as a result of the developments shown in this short story I am certainly interested in reading the next book that comes out to see whether the style of this short story can be adopted to make a great full length sci fi novel In summary I would recommend that anyone interested in checking out a new e book sci fi series go check this short story out for free It will provide you with a taste of the tone and style of the longer Conditioned Response I also think that anyone who likes this story will want to go on and read Conditioned Response and that they will find it a very well written and gritty sci fi novel indeed

  2. Byron & Byron & says:

    A very solid novella introducing The Phoenician Series although without having read Conditioned Response I can say this works well as a standalone work A fast paced read that will keep your attention It has an interesting appeal as Baldwin seamlessly blends space operaspace colonization style with some romance and with bio engineering along with age old uestions like What does it mean to be human addressed with both a sci fi way and reminiscent of a literary fiction way as wellMy only complaint is there was enough here that could have been expanded upon to make a full novel and it leaves the reader wanting which is part of the point to get you into the Phoenician Series which you will likely gain interest in after reading this

  3. Trevor Veale Trevor Veale says:

    Shorn From The DeadWhen William Harrington Director of Security for the Community on an arid planetary colony shows up at the research lab of his husband Andrew Caine he's not a happy cowboy He's come with a cease and desist order to shut down Drew's lab Drew has been making Ronningers Artificial Lifeforms ALs by fusing human bodies with nonhuman brains and the means by which the cadavers are harvested has created a rift between the spouses Drew's delight at reuniting with Will after a long chaste absence plus the fact that they've known each other for over two hundred yearscuts no ice with William The man he once loved has become in his eyes a murderer a killer in vitroDrew whose freckled face and copper colored hair contrasts with William's tanned features long dark hair and dapper clothing and who is excited to tell Will about his Ronninger design is thrown by his husband's stern accusation Drew claims his corpses are defective humans who as Ronningers will labor usefully for the colony their unthinking unfeeling bodies performing basic tasksWilliam wants to replace the Ronningers with Proctors living brainwashed people of his and Drew's design and the conflict between Drew and himself is not mitigated by Drew claiming Stafar Baghendi the Colony Administrator approves of his Ronninger projectThe story develops through moments of tenderness bigotry crisis danger and agonizing hope culminating in an amazing combination of the best of all the main characters in a dazzling finaleFriday Baldwin's story of life death and resurrection under the auspices of science will spark in you the desire to continue exploring the Phoenician world and learn of its terrors and wonders A truly mind blowing experience

  4. Brandon Shire Brandon Shire says:

    Above all genres sci fi is the one for me I was raised and weaned on it along with horror so when I find something I can dig my teeth into I really enjoy it Though a short intro into a larger series this was one such book Some grit some uestionable ethics and two gay MCs and I'm definitely looking forward to seeing how this develops

  5. Darlene Darlene says:

    First of all I was fortunate to be offered this ebook by the author for review Thank you Friday Second I need to apologize for any confusion as I was tracking my reading with the wrong book selected I was tracking on Conditioned Response also by Marjorie F Baldwin I do plan to read this as soon as possible The excerpt at the end of When Minds Collide really piued my interestThis review is actually for the one I read When Minds Collide I got it through Smashwords My critiues are that the short story doesn't answer the uestions presented in the blurb It got close but left me hanging and wanting to know I wanted to know what happened next To me the story had just finished setting up for the real deal Even so I did love the story and the writing was excellentI have been on a uest for the last few years to find books mostly sci fi or fantasy that aren't male dominant So I eased into this story knowing it would be The refreshing part was that women weren't sex objects In fact the few women in the story were or less witnesses of what was happening and maybe not needed as the story is about three main characters who happen to be male That is all the spoiler I am giving Needless to say I loved the characters the world the author's mission I think a lot of people would like this story Most would be able to read it in an evening Unfortunately I had to take a few sick days and ease into it My eyes and brain just not able to focus But once I felt better the read was uite pleasant and left me uestioning Those are the kinds of stories I like the best those that make me think

  6. Julie Julie says:

    When Minds Collide is a wonderful very descriptive well written short story with no grammatical or spelling errors for an eBook and the preuel to Conditioned Response which is set in the future on an alien planetThe author describes beautifully two of the main characters Andrew Caine and Joshua Scherrer who dislike each other intensely; so much so that Andrew would have left Joshua behind on Earth but his resourceful mind is needed if the human race is to continue to survive on this horrid planet with creatures that will fry you with their eyes So it's no surprise when Joshua grabs a ride with Andrew that sparks will fly Sadly they both perish in a horrid car accident and their ingenious minds are gone forever or maybe not?A third character William is devastated with the news and can't accept that the love of his life may be gone forever The author describes William with such emotion that you can't help but feel his sorrowFourth character named Stafar in my opinion he's borders on being a little bit of a mad scientist and gives you that creepy feeling when you realize what he's about to do I don't want to say anything because you really should read this book for yourself I will say that Friday does a fabulous job bringing her characters to life; she describes beautifully the feelings of love sorrow and regret and she had me in tears the entire last chapter On a final note you should also read Conditioned Response to really get the bigger picture here I suspect there is still lots of material and story still left to be told and I'm looking forward for the next book in this seriesConditioned Response

  7. Cassie McCown Cassie McCown says:

    When Minds Collide A Phoenician Series Short Storyby Marjorie F BaldwinPublished August 1 2012ISBN 9781476235936Available Format ebookMy Rating ★★★★★When Minds Collide is a bit of a short story preview into the world of the Phoenician Series and Conditioned Response Not only do we get a little intro to the planet where Earth's inhabitants are now living we get a peek at the Phoenicians and their creatures and a major look into the lives of William Harrington and Andrew Caine right when their lives truly changed forever Having already read Conditioned Response find my review and an interview with Friday HERE I really enjoyed getting to go back and get the in depth story of Will and Drew and Joshua Scherrer—basically where it all began It really makes me curious how things play out between this story and the beginning of book two Of course I would love for the story to be longer though Friday admits it is really a short novella instead of a short story ☺ but it is a great little taste of the series for anyone who might not be sure if this will be their cup of teaAs always Friday's writing style is easy and she is fantastic with the details that really make a story shine Readers are immediately drawn in and find themselves fully invested in the lives of the characters The pacing is perfect and the sci fifantasy aspect is completely believable from start to finishYou can snag this story FREE on Smashwords right now so you have no excuse not to give this series a try you're there go ahead and purchase Conditioned Response because if you haven't read it already you will definitely want to when you finish When Minds Collide

  8. Marjorie Friday Baldwin Marjorie Friday Baldwin says:

    Officially releases on Wed Aug 1 2012Available for download at Smashwords all formats 99 cents free at Bibliotastic ePub Kindle PDF ObookO ePub Kindle PDF and perhaps other sites worldwide where free eBooks are available without restrictions or DRMAs a member of RABMAD Read a Book Make a Difference I'll donate 10% of all proceeds from sales to Team X TREMEThanks for your interest in The Phoenician Series

  9. Kami Kami says:

    This book was gifted to me by the author for an honest review Thank YouWilliam's husband Andrew is creating a new life by killing another one He is creating Ronningers from Proctors and William has to stop him Humanity has left Earth and gone to the Phoenician planet Scherrer is a brilliant homophobic scientist designing Artificial Intelligence while Andrew creates Artificial Lifeforms The two men die in a crash but their consciousnesses are brought back in one body making a Joshua Scherrer Andrew Caine hybrid This is a very well written science fiction story I am interested to read about this world

  10. Chris Chris says:

    Ok now we have a real start here This gave me lots of answers to help understand Conditioned Response Not all the answers those will come when the author fills in the gap Loved this reads just as well as CR and moved very well Maybe just to short? ; Seriously I hope Friday gets with it or has and writes the seuels can't wait to learn I've got to say one thing though When William was getting ready to make his run maybe a little to much time spent getting ready? Just a thought

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