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The Reluctant Bachelorette A Romantic Comedy [Reading] ➶ The Reluctant Bachelorette A Romantic Comedy Author Rachael Anderson – Luke Carney has no idea what possessed him to move back to Shelter Springs Colorado to set up his veterinarian practice His parents have long since left the small farming community is on the brink of Luke Carney has no Bachelorette A ePUB ↠ idea what possessed him to move back to Shelter Springs Colorado to set up his veterinarian practice His parents have long since left the small farming community is on the brink of extinction and only one close friend from his childhood remains Taycee Emerson his best friend’s little sister who isn’t so little any Then there’s the matter of Shelter’s Bachelorette an online reality dating show created to raise some much needed funds for the town Unwittingly cast The Reluctant MOBI :Ê as the bachelorette Taycee wants out especially when she discovers that Luke her childhood crush is back in town and will be one of the bachelors To make matters worse it's up to the viewers not her to decide which bachelors stay or go And they all seem to like LukeUnwilling to let him break her heart again Taycee launches a subtle attack on Luke’s good name with the hope of getting him voted off the show But she’d forgotten that Luke's an Reluctant Bachelorette A PDF ´ eye for an eye kind of guy and when he discovers what she's up to it means revenge.

  • Paperback
  • 306 pages
  • The Reluctant Bachelorette A Romantic Comedy
  • Rachael Anderson
  • English
  • 06 January 2015
  • 9781479269679

About the Author: Rachael Anderson

A USA Today bestselling Bachelorette A ePUB ↠ author of clean romance Rachael Anderson is the mother of four and is pretty good at breaking up fights or at least sending guilty parties to their rooms She can't sing doesn't dance and despises tragedies But she recently figured out how yeast works and can now make homemade bread which she is really good at eating.

10 thoughts on “The Reluctant Bachelorette A Romantic Comedy

  1. Kathy Kathy says:

    I LOVED THIS ONE Rachael's best yet Clean romance just how I love it Add this one to your to read shelf nowMade me smile and laugh Never gone wrong by picking up a book by Rachael Anderson

  2. Kathy Kathy says:

    I decided to read this one again since I was in the mood for a fun chick lit type book and Rachael's books never disappoint This is still one of my favorites the whole reality dating trope is just a fun one for me add in a bit of the lost love angle and this is a winnerTaycee and Luke grew up together then he up and moved and never looked back Even though she was young she never got over Luke and is stunned when he moved back to town Taycee doesn't do well with change and has stayed in Shelter Springs even though all her family has moved away When her best friend tricks her into starring in their own smalltown version of the Bachelor Taycee agree since she will do anything to help her town Taycee is a very likable character easy to relate to and fun to root for I thought their take on The Bachelorette was believable and uniue When Luke comes back to town he only has plans to open his own veterinary clinic not star in a dating show He does not expect Taycee to have changed so much or for her animosity Luke and Taycee had some great moments together lots of chemistry and fun banter This is filled with fun characters a charming setting and a swoony romance I have always hoped that Taycee's best friend Jessa would get her own book So I've been thinking of starting a petition to beg Rachael to write Jessa's storywho's with me????ContentRomance CleanLanguage NoneViolence NoneReligious None

  3. Aimee (Getting Your Read On) Aimee (Getting Your Read On) says:

    Honest to goodness Rachael Anderson is one of my favorite clean romantic writers and this book is my favorite It just made me feel well happy Happy happy happy Like sunshine and lollipops Well maybe not lollipops like sunshine and chocolateIt's no secret that this book falls into my favorite genre What I love about this book is that it is witty and fun It's easy to read and just feels real You know? I love the dynamics between Taycee and Luke Chemistry YumOkay so I want to share with you two of my favorite parts of the book The first has to be mentioned because I am in love with Captain America Avengers is out I have a hot date with my man and the couch to watch it tomorrow Anyway love Captain America This is Taycee's first view of Luke after 10 yearsSlowly Taycee twisted around and then clenched her jaw to keep it from dropping It was like watching the Captain America movie where the scrawny guy goes into the machine and come out looking well everything but scrawnyAnd my second favorite bit You look good tonight said Luke Thanks Okay so maybe that redeemed him a tad A millimeter at mostI still can't get over the fact that you're all grown up now It's so weirdAnd like Humpty Dumpty down he wentI picked this book up the day it was released and I've read it TWICE now I know sorta pathetic right? But I loved it Both times I'm so happy to be a part of this blog tour and I'm so happy that Rachael Anderson writes books for me

  4. Kathy Jo Kathy Jo says:

    Love love LOVE The Reluctant Bachelorette It's the second book by Rachael Anderson that I have read and I can tell you she is definitely becoming one of my favorite authors It's so easy to forget about life with all it's stress and just get lost in her books I absolutely loved Taycee and was right there with her feeling ALL the emotions that she was feeling I laughed out loud literally got frustrated and wanted to throw something across the room got sad and thought Ugh This is SO not fair was extremely happy when things were FINALLY going right for her and Luke And the epilogue? sigh You will just have to read the book to find out why I loved it so much ;o From the very beginning of this book I felt like I was right there in Shelter Springs watching all of this unfold and I loved every minute of it I would HIGHLY recommend reading this book I can't wait to read by Rachael Anderson o

  5. Jacob Proffitt Jacob Proffitt says:

    This was an okay read The setup was tough to swallow and a couple of times I nearly stopped reading altogether but I ended up enjoying it enough that I'm not disappointed that I picked it upTaycee Lynne has supposedly had a crush on a boy who left town ten years ago when she was fourteen And that's all it was really a crush The friend of her older brother they hung out and did stuff but all with the brother along and never as an actual couple or romantic in any way And then he left for college and never looked back The readers are meant to believe that her ten years past love for Luke has prevented her from settling for any of the guys she has dated since and I'm sorry that just doesn't workFortunately aside from that one conceit Taycee is a pretty good leading lady and it was fun to get to know her She's small town to the core and that's a good thing Whether through love for her community or fear of change though probably a bit of both she is attached to her small Colorado town and you can see how that attachment might lead her to some of her choices both admirable and uestionableLuke isn't bad either I didn't like him as much as Taycee but he's obviously a good guy and a very good fit for Taycee His path in the book is relatively straight forward though so I wonder if it was a good idea to spend so much time from his viewpoint Since switching viewpoints is a convention of the romance genre I won't hold that against the bookI had some trouble around the two thirds or three uarters mark though as the Bachelorette show continued By then Taycee had a definite moral uandary and it looked like she was being set up to take very morally uestionable action with the show not the romance without the full weight of that choice showing up view spoilerBy this point it was obvious even to Luke and Taycee that they were attached and continuing the show was and an outright fraud It doesn't help that Taycee's friend Jessa kept pushing for on screen heat in order to drive contributions Doing it for the town just doesn't justify the essential deception here hide spoiler

  6. Deborah Deborah says:

    Oh how I LOVE a good romantic comedy Kath this book did not disappoint You have to know it's good when you have a very handsome hubby sitting by you on the couchwho you are completly ignoring and this same hubby keeps asking What are you laughing at? I really enjoyed Taycee I wasn't sure about Luke during certain parts but ended up falling for him too I think Jessa needed to take some best friend lessons but also realize that Taycee allowed that dynamic to happen over and over The side characters of the story were fun too I would love to see what happens with Jake and Jessa I think that would make for a cute follow up bookIf you have a Kindle Nook or any other electronic reading device I think you should buy it read it and enjoyI'm so looking forward to reading from this author She has gained a fan

  7. Kathryn Cooper Kathryn Cooper says:

    Reviewed on Clean Adult Fiction Wow I loved this book It was the cutest sweetest romance If a clean romance is something you're interested in then this is the book for youLet's start with the uniue story line of the romance Taycee I love that name by the way was twenty four and an owner of a florist shop in the small Colorado town she grew up in Luke was her older brothers best friend and her friend too He left for college when she was 14 and she never seemed to get over her huge crush on the guy I loved that How many of us had huge crushes on guys 3 or 4 years older than us when we were 14? I know I did I didn't continue the crush after they left high school though but I wasn't best friends with the guys like Taycee was with Luke I just loved how I could really relate to the memories of her youth emotions So it's been 10 years since Luke left and now he's back in town Dun dun dun Hahaha I loved it I'm sorry if this review is full of giddy ness The story also revolved around the fact her town was trying to save their farmers The farmers in their town were losing profit and needed a way to raise money to change their farming methods The Bachelorette show was a way to earn money for the farmers so there are a lot of emotions Taycee deals with throughout the show She had a lot of pressure on her for different reasons which I think really added to the depth of the storyAll I can say is I loved this book I recommend The Reluctant Bachelorette to anyone who loves a uniue beautiful sueal worthy romanceContent Ratingssexual mildlanguage noneviolence none

  8. M R M R says:

    I love love loved this book The moment I picked it up I couldn't put it down until every word had been devoured The characters are well developed and multifaceted They make you laugh cry and sigh with them A must read for all lovers of fun clean romances like me When Taycee's best friend makes her the bachelorette for a charity reality show she is less than pleased By a cruel twist of fate the man who broke her heart ten years earlier Luke Carney just happens to be one of the bachelors competing for her Taycee knows she must protect her fragile heart at all costs But when her attempts to get him voted off the show backfire she must face the feelings that have been safely hidden for so long Rachael Anderson delivers a story that is sure to entertain as you root for Taycee's attempts to navigate the often treacherous and always hilarious path to happily ever after

  9. Ain Ain says:

    I guess the book is pretty okay for a fan of fluffy light chick lit books

  10. Valerie Waters Valerie Waters says:

    I LOVED THIS BOOK It was cheesy and romantic and so dang awesome Kathy and deb I'm so glad we are friends

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