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  1. Melanie♥ Melanie♥ says:

    Twenty minutes of enjoyable reading? Well this serialized story is getting to be frustrating than enjoyable and yet another cliffhanger ending

  2. Chrissy Chrissy says:

    So in book 4 we pick up where things finally started getting interesting in book 3 Temp got poisionedIt really wasn't a surprise I mean it was bound to happen right? WHY would you drink something brought to you by a complete and utter stranger who isn't a waiter or a bar tender? But I guess if you let strangers sexually ravish you in public you probably let them poison you too right?Anyways Temp has been in a coma for like three or four days and we learn that she almost died When she wakes up she asks for CEO to ravish her again but he declines stating that she needs to gain her strength firstI'm thinking this is where we are supposed to start seeing CEO as noble partner rather than a predator?We learn only after Temp has been poisoned that CEO has many enemies who want to kill him I really can't imagine why besides the fact that oh yeah he manhandles strange women in elevators limos and generally anywhere else he can find themIn a strange turn of events that really didn't fit into the rest of groaning and moaning CEO whisks Temp away to Utah Beach which is only one of the numerous coastlines used for the World War II Normandy invasion Apparently Temp is a closet WW2 buff with a soft spot for history and warsTemp meet's CEO's mom who is tired of CEO bringing his assistantsprostitutes back home and Temp decides to finally grow a backbone and throw out a few snarky insults to Mom Except she doesn't even say them in English so nobody knows what she's saying FAILCEO hides Temp away in the Hamptons while he goes out to find the attempted murderer Here we learn that CEO used to be a sniper and his brother is an arms dealer Temp is horrified to learn that she talked and danced at the gala with an arms dealer because usually she doesn't associate with men who have no morals oh waitAt the end Temp gets snatched up by someone with strong arms and she struggles with him and tries to escape If only she'd done this at the BEGINNING of the book right?So the arm's dealer is holding Temp captive Cliff hanger ending The endI gave this one two stars because CEO and Temp DID finally do something besides groan and wag

  3. Jen Jen says:

    Well that was predictable but exciting still In this book Lucy wakes up in the hospital She is still a little out of it but anxious to get back to normalAfter a few days of getting back on her feet she is ushered off to Jeremiah's homeJeremiah is determined to keep her safe and find out who is responsible for the champagne And he wont let her outside of the house But taking off for a day or two at a time in order to follow a few leads but still coming back with nothing new Lucy is getting antsy and irritated by being cooped up for so long She missed Jeremiah and doesn't know what to do Cute story I'm anxious to find out I THINK there is one

  4. Spoiler Whore-Momoa Spoiler Whore-Momoa says:

    Story picks up where Lucy wakes up in hospital after what happened to her Her and Jeremiah fly back to the States and he takes her to his Hampton home He is pulling away from her for her safety but Lucy hates the rejection She's become a prisoner until the threat is taken care ofOf course Jeremiah can't stay away from her and they get back to the chemistry that burns between them There's handcuffs whips toys and ass play My kind of night LOLLeaves off where Lucy escapes but someone is waiting for herOn to the next

  5. Kristin Kristin says:

    Can't wait for the next one I hate that they are so short just when it got really good it was over

  6. Stacy Stacy says:

    Just too darn short glad I was able to get it for 99 well now we wait for the next 15 minutes of the book to come out Does anyone know when part 5 will be released?

  7. Aly is so frigging bored Aly is so frigging bored says:

    Buddy read with MaruI am feeling a 2nd miniseries or normal length novel coming up

  8. Dutch-ess Dutch-ess says:

    The book only has 32 pages Sara Fawkes cold have put effort inHow can Lucy love the guy already? She just spend a couple of days with him She practically comes as he gestures her waySexually vanilla with bits of powerplayWriting okay Originality bad

  9. Victoria Victoria says:

    Ok so the series is starting to get better We are learning a little bit about Jeremiah but for the most part he still remains a mystery at least to me I find myself getting frustrated with Lucy because she doesn't stick up for herself She made some smart ass comments about Jeremiah's mom which made you say Yaye Lucy but then you're disappointed because she said it in french and no one knew what she said except for her Lucy is holed up in Jeremiah's house and she can't leave Of course Jeremiah can't see what keeping her caged is doing to her At least let the girl go out with a bodyguard into the city or something like he's able to do But no he does no such thing so she rebels Now she's in trouble and we're left with another cliffhangerI shouldn't continue to read this short story but I find myself wanting to know how it will all end I feel invested in this

  10. Jasey Jasey says:

    uick and easy and great read again It turns out that Lucy has been poisoned from the wine and she is hospitalized The poison had been meant for Jeremiah When she is better Jeremiah moves her to his family home where he can give her the best protection possible After there a while Lucy starts to get bored and wants to go out but he says she must stay inside where she will be safe Meanwhile Lucy meets Jeremiah's mother who is plastic and uick to harshly judge her Lucy also learns about Jeremiah from evan mainly the fact that he was a sniper in the war Lucy decides to sneak out of the house for a bit when the opportunity arises and heads for the boathouse to explore Shortly after she ges out all the alarms go off and she runs to the boathouse to hide There she is confronted by Jeremiah's brother5 stars

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Anything He Wants 4 The Rescue ❮Epub❯ ➥ Anything He Wants 4 The Rescue ➤ Author Sara Fawkes – She never expected her new life would be so deadlyWhen Lucy Delacourt signed a contract with Jeremiah Hamilton she had no idea she'd be caught up in an assassination plot against the billionaire Barel Wants 4 ePUB ☆ She never expected her new life would be so deadlyWhen Lucy Delacourt signed a contract with Jeremiah Hamilton she had no idea she'd be caught up in an assassination plot Anything He Kindle - against the billionaire Barely surviving poisoned champagne she is whisked away to a beachfront estate in the Hamptons that is fortified like Fort Knox Safety comes at a price however even He Wants 4 PDF/EPUB ä as she learns about her enigmatic boss the billionaire's refusal to let her in on the investigation confuses the still recovering Lucy To compound matters family members seek to drive them apart straining their tenuous relationship to the breaking point All the while a deadly threat lurks in the backgroundwaitingAslo published as Collateral Damage.

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  • 09 September 2016

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