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Esche vive ❤ Esche vive pdf ⚣ Author Fabio Genovesi – Fiorenzo Mirko en Tiziana drie levens die elkaar kruisen op een onwaarschijnlijke desolate plek in de wereld Muglione in het Toscaanse binnenland een streek van werkeloosheid en stilstaande wateren He Fiorenzo Mirko en Tiziana drie levens die elkaar kruisen op een onwaarschijnlijke desolate plek in de wereld Muglione in het Toscaanse binnenland een streek van werkeloosheid en stilstaande wateren Het is de plek waar Fiorenzo al jong zijn moeder verloor waar Tiziana naar terugkeert vanuit Berlijn en waar Mirko voorbestemd lijkt voor een grote fietstoekomst.

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  1. Stephen C. Stephen C. says:

    Wow I started out not liking this book and not wanting to like it It was surface writing not deep but was about cycling and italy and gifted to me by my wife so felt a moral imperative to read through I am grateful i did This flashes with moments of brilliant construction and i am forced to wonder if the italian version is truer to brilliance no knock on the translator but we know how translations can sometimes lose thingsi would have given this 2 or 3 stars but elevated to 4 the i read and became engrossed in what was going to happen next in the lives of these characters Real emotion vivid real time sensations and pretty damn good read from a writer that i think has a crazy brave future ahead of him Will follow him to see what he manifests next

  2. Floyd Schneider Floyd Schneider says:

    Hope in hope itselfDesperate to find overall meaning in this life but has to settle for the day to day events that bring suffering and happiness disconnected from any hope in a future world Well written as an authentic Italian biography Subtexts were brilliantly placed throughout Highly recommended

  3. Gian Luca Gian Luca says:

    In Italian it’s a little confusing to follow the story but slowly moves into the boredom of a small Italian town where nothing spectacular happen

  4. Monica Monica says:

    In the backwater Tuscan town of Muglione there isn't much to do beyond fishing for carp in the local drainage dishes and watching the people come and go at the local diner Fiorenzo a 19 year old metal head has dreams of shredding with his band Metal Devastation at an upcoming concert Tiziana the 32 year old over ualified director of the local youth center blogs about her tiny life She has three readers Mirko the aspiring cycling champion just wants to fit in so he has become an expert on self sabotage dumbing down his abilitiesFiorenzo is angry and alienated yet a really lovable kid he lost his right hand in a fireworks trick when he was 14 and his mother died a few years later His father owns a bait shop and trains young cyclists Fiorenzo was a racer before he lost his hand and Mirko is his hope for a championship The town's old men for a little excitement have formed a vigilante group to fight off imaginary thugsThe story is told in alternating narratives by Fiorenzo and Tiziana and in homework essays by Mirko The three distinct voices add richness and texture to a wonderfully detailed and telling portrait of alienated youth in a tiny world There is a touching and hilarious romance between Fiorenzo and Tiziana and sibling rivalry followed by affection between Fiorenzo and Mirko The book is sweet and funny and wonderfully written

  5. M M says:

    I read this in an Epub ARC from the publisherCan the coming of age by a one handed kid in a by passed Tuscan village that permanently smells of mildew be funny? It can be told that way Even if you have to move out your house to give up your room to a cycling phenom and live in the back room of a bait shop where you can actually hear the worms as you fall asleep And what about your girlfriend who is thirteen years your senior and works in a youth center that caters to senior citizens? Or your heavy metal band that is booed off the stage before playing a note?I had a little trouble getting into this It seemed a bit disjointed at first Epub is not my favorite way to read an ARC but then it all seemed to come together and make some sort of sense Or maybe nonsense Anyway it was a lot of funFor some reason the Goodreads description fails to credit the translator Surprising because Other Press is usually good about naming the translator So here it is neatly translated from the Italian by Michael Moore

  6. Alison Alison says:

    I'll be honest in that I didn't read this all the way through I read 13 of it and I hated it From the very first page until I finally stopped I just couldn't get into it The writing didn't work for me and the plot just continued round and round and it was taking too long to get anywhere It felt like boring angsty teen lit So I stopped Even in reading the synopsis again I think the book sounds good but it just isn't like the synopsis I wouldn't recommend it and I wouldn't pick it up again

  7. Tracy Dorsett Tracy Dorsett says:

    I enjoyed this book and will read others by the author It reminded me a little of A Prayer for Owen Meany but it didn't leave me sobbing at the end like Owen Meany did I expected there to be a tragedy in the book but was happy there wasn't one I think liked the author's writing style and enjoyed getting to know the characters

  8. Shannon Rochester Shannon Rochester says:

    The book itself was interesting but I sometimes had an issue trying to figure out whose point of view I was now readingmost books that do that post it at the top so you knowit got kind of distracting after awhile

  9. Flaviana Flaviana says:

    Hilarious in parts it's very easy to read but I found the main character the least interesting of all

  10. Arik Shoham Arik Shoham says:

    Light young vivid funny

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