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  1. Albert Albert says:

    Overall Feedback From the first stage you want to punch Cooper in the nose but something tells you to just keep your fist to the side for now You end up taking this Faith journey with him and somewhere along the way he becomes your friend and you are trying to defend him and make others forgive Throughout the story I found myself wrapped up tight with the humor wit and sicerity of Cheryl's writing This is truly a story for the massesPoint of View You experience several characters point of view throughout the book as this is told from the author looking in point of view but for the most part you see things through Cooper Again Cheryl is masterful in her writing and she was able to trolly me from character to character The only issue I found was that sometimes I wanted to skip ahead because I did not like the character and therefore did not care what they had to say That tells me that Cheryl has outstanding talent seeing that she was able to cause a reader to not care what a fictional character thoughtVoice If I was a gambling man I would say that either the author or someone close to the author has mad a Faith journey as well and this is the written versionCharacter Development As stated in point of view Cheryl has outstanding capabilties in character development She was able to get me from unwanting and even closed off toward Cooper to defending him She had me wanting to skip parts of the book only because I did not like the character and therefore did not care what they had to sayPlot Everyday someone falls into a journey of faith and is reborn Dialogue I felt right at home with the characters dialogue I am from a small town in the midwest and these characters could have been neighborsPacing Cheryl is able to get the point across stamped your emotions but still compel the reader throughout the storySetting You will want to visit this town whether for good deeds or bad would be up to you I really want to go to a bar named Bass TurdsContinuity I did not find one iota of a issue and Cheryl lets the reader go with just enough to make them want to continue the series I know I do Preach on Cooper

  2. Vicky Boackle Vicky Boackle says:

    You will fall in love with this cast of characters and you will care what happens to themThis book is about an unlikely fellow that decides to go the straight and narrowHe finds out that road has many curves and pot holes along the wayThe cast of characters are a hoot and you really get wrapped up in their livesI say read it

  3. Wendy O& Wendy O& says:

    This story attracted me because it parallels with a short story I adore Flannery O’Connor’s short story “Parker’s Back” Parker like Cooper undergoes unusual spiritual changes Both are womanizers and unlikely candidates who transform into God like men It turns out that although Shireman was direct than O’Connor in her story telling approach path to God she did not disappoint me with CooperCooper is introduced to the reader the first time by his wife While the story leaps toward you it lets Cooper stumble awkwardly behind because he’s meant to find something much larger than the life he’s been living Cooper Moon has found God and has to build a church rather than chase women He starts to shuffle around figuring how to do things different It’s the figuring that keeps a reader in stitches and makes Cooper a worthwhile character “Some people are gifted with musical talent or artistic skill When one possesses such a skill it is often easy to take it for granted So it was with Cooper He never reflected upon why women seemed to be drawn to him He charmed women easily and with almost no effort on his partAnd when sex became part of the mix that didn’t seem like that big of deal either But that was before he believed in GodHe felt as if he had just been dropped in a foreign country”I deliberately didn’t include all of the text here it gets much funnier The rest of the cast in this book work brilliantly not just because either I hated or loved them but because Shireman found a way for each one of them to connect to Cooper in a huge saving grace way For example my favorite character was Beaulah Potts There were others but she was my favorite Beaulah was the wife of ‘the’ pastor who was over ‘the’ biggest church in town – she also considered herself the independent sort of woman in some ways She worked as a full time real estate agent in town This is Beaulah after having a bad day “Beaulah dropped her head back against the headrest She just threw away her best shoes lost two possible sales her back was killing her and she had dog slobber all over her skirt and she could still smell dog shit which meant it was probably on her hands Could things get much worse?”Beaulah Potts was a stubborn determined unswerving woman something that reminded me of Mrs Freeman a Flannery O’Connor character from the short story “Good Country People” This is Mrs Freeman“Besides the neutral expression that she wore when she was alone Mrs Freeman had two others forward and reverse that she used for all her human dealings Her forward expression was steady and driving like the advance of a heavy truck Her eyes never swerved to left or right but turned as the story turned as if they followed a yellow line down the center of it She seldom used the other expression because it was not often necessary for her to retract a statement but when she did her face came to a complete stop there was an almost imperceptible movement of her black eyes during which they seemed to be receding and then the observer would see that Mrs Freeman though she might stand there as real as several grain sacks thrown on top of each other was no longer there in spirit As for getting anything across to her when this was the case Mrs Hopewell had given it up”I know I’ve digressed a little but “Cooper Moon” was filled with great characters and for me good stories begin with just that Everything else fell in place because of the characters The plot worked because all of the players connected back to the main character Cooper In the end everything came back to the church he so desperately wanted to build housing everyone’s hopes and dreams under the huge umbrella of God’s destiny This was a beautifully woven story tied up with a heart warming ending but some frayed edges leaving the reader to want to read a second book And there is a second book “The Temptation” I know I’m tempted I’d also like to say something about the pacing of this book It wasn’t a fast paced book but well paced I found myself wanting to slow down and read it and really enjoy it It was that good I read it four days

  4. Grace Grace says:

    Author Cheryl Shireman—publish nextTitle Cooper Moon The CallingDescription Cooper Moon is a philandering drunk who gets into a barroom argument with a friend who claims that a person can just say some words and God will enter that person In order to prove him wrong Cooper says the words and finds himself not only converted but obsessed with having his own church Review source I was sent the book in exchange for a review Plot The book follows Cooper and his wife and their friends and acuaintances in their small Michigan town Cooper’s uest to build the church is central but there is also TJ’s uest to win a television reality show Frank Violet’s disintegrating marriage and every woman in town’s burning desire to take Cooper away from SallyCharacters On the positive side the characters are a little uirky and pretty memorable Cooper is a problem though I think that the author was trying to show how radically faith can change someone so she imagined the most disgusting character possible when we meet him he is dead drunk and has wet himself She has to put temptation in his way though so she makes him irresistible to women That was hard for me to wrap my head around; I found him disgusting He does put his whole heart into changing his life though and it’s engaging to watch him blunder around as he learns what it means to be a believer One note the villain is way over the top and the book would have been better without himWriting style I’d call it character driven and uirky I enjoyed reading the book Audience This is Christian fiction but I think even non Christians who wonder about the life changing conseuences of a decision that wasn’t even really intended would enjoy this bookWrap up The author promises that this is the first book of a four book series and to drive the point home this book ends with a cliffhanger I would have preferred the ending without the cliffhanger If someone gave me the next book in the series I would probably read it but I don’t know that I’ll go looking for it It was a cute enjoyable read though 355

  5. Tia Bach Tia Bach says:

    Rating 45 starsCharacter driven fiction is always a favorite of mine and Cheryl Shireman does an amazing job creating an entire town of memorable characters ones that are etched in my brainCooper Moon known womanizer and often found in the local bar has an epiphany not only does he find God he feels compelled to build a church No one in town believes him at first including his own wife and many paramours Many in town are struggling Everything from faith commitment love sadness and health issues In addition to Cooper and his wife a local cop faces an ethical dilemma and a mother with declining health His brother TJ is pursuing his dream but decides to also help Cooper with his Several marriages are teetering on the edge and not all of them because of CooperEvery character is affected by the other in an intriguing tale of small town life The amount of mistrust and despair is heartbreaking but it's real life Many of the characters are at a crossroads and can't move forward without causing someone pain whether it's intentional or notThere are so many characters to love but Cooper and his wife are at the forefront What I appreciated most Cooper is a real man He doesn't decide to build a church and never look back He uestions and doubts His wife too often healing a broken heart can't bring herself to trust Cooper just because he spouts the words There is no uick resolution I highly recommend this book to readers who want to invest in characters and don't need a fairy tale Instead they want to understand what makes the characters tick even if what they find out isn't always pretty Kudos to the author for showcasing the reality of so many lives But don't despair There is a message of hope and I suspect that continues through the series Note I received a complimentary copy for review purposes A positive review was not reuested or guaranteed; the opinions expressed are my own

  6. C.M. Truxler C.M. Truxler says:

    Cooper Moon The Calling Shines a Light on Small Town LifeLife in a small town leaves no anonymity to be found Secrets never stay secret and once the close knit occupants form an opinion that stance is rarely changed Death by association is easily gained and there is little hope of life after such a demise In all fairness since some readers have an aversion to religious based works it must be said that the novel carries a large religious base with it However this element does not color the entire tale but it does exist The characters emanate a life force all their own and readers familiar with the small town atmosphere will recognize every character although perhaps by another name The main character Cooper Moon is a ne’er do well blindly feeling his way through changes he must make Life elements are carried by word of mouth through the community and there is no escape Inhabitants range from arrogant to desperate and passed those traits on to vengeful These are characters readers will love hate or love to hate but all are almost uncomfortably realistic The plot is well thought out and straightforward The language is simple daily speech Readers will find the work an easy read but not so much so that one flounders on the surface of the tale without delving deeper All things said it was a good read with much potential It will be interesting to see where Cheryl Shireman takes the inhabitants of Timberlake next

  7. Kathy Roling Kathy Roling says:

    This was a pleasant surprise for me since it was a free Kindle book from Cooper is a poorly educated man who attracts women young and old He feels God has called him to build a church despite the fact that he has little or no money and knows nothing about religion All the characters in the book are interesting and it's easy to care about most of them The ending was a bit disappointing but only until I found this was simply Book One of Four I'm ready to read the next one Fun

  8. teresa pogue teresa pogue says:

    I have to get the next book I cannot wait to see how this story will end It was so good I laughed got angry at the characters and mentally wondered how I would react if I was a character in the story All the characters were so vivid that I could actually see them as I read about them This is a beautifully written story that makes one think about the strength of one's own faith in God Thank you Cheryl Shireman and Good Reads for the great read

  9. Deliasue Deliasue says:

    A small town where everyone knows everyone's business Cooper Moon is a ladies man until one day GOD got a hold of him and from then on his life was changed The town disbelieved but finally saw it was true He had no money but felt he needed to build a church he used barter Read the book to see how it turns out

  10. Walt Walt says:

    RECEIVED FREE FROM GOODThis was the first book I had read by the author and I will definately be looking up by her It was well written; held my interest the whole time and I look forward to reading the next book in the series READS FIRST READS

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The Calling (Cooper Moon #1) ➵ The Calling (Cooper Moon #1) Read ➼ Author Cheryl Shireman – This is the story of Cooper Moon a handsome womanizer who has found God under some unusual circumstances Cooper is the last person one might expect to experience such a conversion and no one is skepti This is the story of Cooper Moon a handsome womanizer who has found God under some unusual circumstances Cooper is the last person one might expect to experience such a conversion and no one is skeptical of this sudden turn of events than Cooper’s wife SallyCooper has not only found God he has also decided to build a church He faces a few obstacles He has never read the Bible he has no money and he has a well deserved reputation as a slacker Throw in a couple of scheming women who aren’t ready to give up sleeping with Cooper a jealous husband with a grudge and things begin to get complicatedFilled with a cast of characters you are sure to love and hate Cooper Moon The Calling is a story of love faith determination dreams sin lust hope revenge and despair – just like real life The novel is the first of the four book Cooper Moon seriesRead the book that Kirkus Review describes as At its core this is a story about class karma and ordinary people trying to accomplish difficult goals that reuire extraordinary strength of body mind and spirita strong engaging voice A satisfying feel good novel about human shortcomings perseverance and serendipity.

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  • The Calling (Cooper Moon #1)
  • Cheryl Shireman
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  • 15 August 2014
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