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Dragon's Legacy [Reading] ➺ Dragon's Legacy By Jude Johnson – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Looking like his Mexican mother Jamie Jones struggles to find his place in an increasingly Anglo Tucson Arizona Territory in 1904 But his stubborn Welsh half is determined to be accepted so he sets hi Looking like his Mexican mother Jamie Jones struggles to find his place in an increasingly Anglo Tucson Arizona Territory in But his stubborn Welsh half is determined to be accepted so he sets his sights on winning the affection of Miss Iris Crawford an aloof beauty with motives of her ownPercy Kindall lives the life of a privileged rogue in San Diego—until the day of his father’s suicide Percy’s only clue to motive is a letter sent to a mysterious Mrs Reyna Jones in Tucson When he arrives there he recognizes a kindred spirit in Iris Crawford and makes clandestine arrangements for their mutual satisfactionUnaware of the avaricious manipulations of Miss Crawford Jamie and Percy’s lives collide and intertwine in a web of secrets and destiny—a Dragon’s Legacy.

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  1. Joanne Renaud Joanne Renaud says:

    This was a fun story At first I didn't think I'd care for it since I generally can't stand any setting that might be remotely considered 'old west' but I've been impressed by Jude Johnson's writing before and she didn't disappoint meDragon's Legacy is an unusual romantic historical that takes a look at the lives of two young men Jamie and Percy in 1904 Arizona and California who have a mysterious family connection It's a uirky cross genre story that splendidly evokes Edwardian society in the American southwest; indeed at times I was reminded of an earthier Hispanic Downton Abbey I liked how the story determinedly wended its own way to its own conclusion It wasn't predictable and it didn't rely on the usual done to death Old West romance tropes that usually affect stories set in this period Jamie a teenage half Welsh half Mexican Tucson college boy who is trying to find his way in the world falls in love with a snobbish but hedonistic Eastern girl named Iris Crawford; meanwhile Iris is involved with a guy named Percy or is he named Paul? a gallant but sketchy newspaper reporter who isn't what he seems to be The writing is assured and vivid the plot is consistently entertaining and the characters feel solid and well drawn I sat down to read the day before yesterday and I ended up finishing it in a couple of sittings Legacy isn't perfect though While the setting feels for the most part pitch perfect there were a couple of moments where my eyebrow rose I think the one thing I really noticed was the appearance of a tight fitting leg baring modern cheongsam or properly ipao ipaos in 1904 were uite modest; the modern ipao wasn't developed until the 1920s Another problem was that the story felt a bit rushed to me towards the end and the conclusion of PercyPaul's storyline left a somewhat odd taste in my mouth Basically I kind of wish the novel had been longer I could have easily read another 50 75 pages about these characters I especially liked Paul For all his scoundrelly actions he was uite endearing as well as sexyAnyway nitpicking asides I really enjoyed this story and I was sad to see it end I would recommend it anyone who likes offbeat historical novels with a nice dollop of romance

  2. Raelene Raelene says:

    I read this trilogy when it first came out I loved it then If you had told me that it was going to be retooled and made better I would not believe you But Jude Johnson has done exactly that She has made these books better but without destroying the soul of the books that captivated me so muchEach book in the series has improved and I think this is the pinnacle The characters are wonderful I even felt myself sympathizing with Percy which really shows how well drawn his character is And to watch Jamie's transformation is like watching a beloved nephew turn into a manThis could be a stand alone book That is how well it stands but I highly recommend that the entire series be read because you miss out on the wonderful development of the characters but also of the settings I have lived in Tucson my entire life and to have such a detailed account of my hometown and region is such a treatThe only thing that needs to be done now to this series is to have it made into movies or a TV series I would prefer TV because it would allow so much details and this story needs the details The interactions of the Jones family alone make for some humor that is truly memorable

  3. Carol Costa Carol Costa says:

    In this third book in the series the author has moved on to focus on the children of Evan and Reyna and Dylan and Sarah All the characters in this book are so skillfully developed I felt like I was a part of thisfamily and worried right along with the parents at the twists and turns of the children's lives This book is full of romantic tension and unexpected encounters The author's ability to increase the conflicts one chapter at a time is brilliant and will make any reader anxious to turn each page to find out what is going to happen next In my opinion all great books must have a satisfying ending and although this one has some surprises it was very well done It left me wanting to read the next book in the series I highly recommend this book

  4. January Bain January Bain says:

    Dragon’s Legacy by Jude JohnsonHave you had the pleasure of reading a novel that makes you feel so darn good about being human that you bask in the glow of revelations Well that is what Jude Johnson has managed in her intergeneration novel Dragon’s Legacy It houses a treasure trove of twists an unexpected turns that lead the unsuspecting reader on a whale of an adventureAnd then you find that don’t want it to end and leave behind such vividly drawn characters that they could be your own dear family Well maybe your family without all the dramaticsI highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys a master storyteller at the height of her gameBest January Bain

  5. Ashleen O& Ashleen O& says:

    I love being able to follow these characters and their families from their arrival here in Arizona through their adventures and generations Jude has a way of making history come alive and reminds readers that the past wasn't all dry and dusty even though Arizona kind of is The Welsh made a huge impact in our desert even though most people don't know it and Jude pays tribute to that in this wonderful series

  6. B.J. Kurtz B.J. Kurtz says:

    Jude's book is a love triangle with twists and turns throughout I love her desert descriptions I might as well be in a time machine viewing my home state as it was in the 1900's It was a wonderful journey I only wish I can write prose as well as she does one day

  7. Veronica Hart Veronica Hart says:

    Eually as enthralling as the first in the series Want

  8. Jude Johnson Jude Johnson says:

    This is an intriguing look into Tucson Arizona's past circa 1904 through the eyes of sixteen year old Jamie Jones son of Welsh immigrant Evan Jones and his beloved Mexican curandera wife Reyna Jamie must deal with prejudice and his own attraction to Iris Crawford an Anglo woman who has a hidden past and a secret agenda Jamie's life is complicated when Percy Kindall a rake with his own shady past arrives in town

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