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A Secret Fire [Ebook] ➢ A Secret Fire Author Deborah M. Hathaway – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk In the small western town of Thunder Creek Emma Marchant leads a simple life her days spent by picking wildflowers dodging the unwanted advances of the town drunk and running her family owned inn with In the small western town of Thunder Creek Emma Marchant leads a simple life her days spent by picking wildflowers dodging the unwanted advances of the town drunk and running her family owned inn with her brother and his wife Though ever A Secret MOBI :Ê cheerful on the outside Emma can’t help but long for something Finally a promise of change comes when cowboy Thatcher Deakon rides into town in search of a room at the Marchant Inn After an awkward first encounter with the handsome man teasing a blushing Emma their lives become intertwined with horse rides barn raisings and peach cobbler When others threaten their budding relationship including a banker’s daughter with golden hair the two must come together for their love to survive Will Emma fall prey to her timid nature or will Thatcher manage to surmount his own fears in order for them both to overcome the uncertainty surrounding their love.

10 thoughts on “A Secret Fire

  1. Kathy Kathy says:

    Feb 2013 Re read for book group Such a cute storyAug 2012 I really enjoyed this one I was uickly sucked into the story by Emma’s endearing character I thought Emma was really likable a bit shy at times but a sweetheart Thatcher was a doll I fell for him right off the bat just like Emma I thought they had good chemistry and some really nice moments together Mmmm kissing in the rain It really is a sweet story and full of that good old western charm I even got a kick out of snobbish Nancy Jane she was uite mean spirited but added a fun element to the story I thought the story was well written and moved along nicely I also liked Eliza Seth and James who were all fun characters and added a lot to the story I’ll definitely be rereading this one Oh and not that its bad but I'm not a big fan of the cover Maybe something with wildflowers would be nice but it's okay Overall a very enjoyable read at times it reminded me of Marcia McClure which is a good thing so if you enjoy her books you’ll enjoy this one just as much Thanks so much to the author for a review copy I loved the story and look forward to reading from Deborah McBride HathawayContent Clean

  2. Aimee (Getting Your Read On) Aimee (Getting Your Read On) says:

    35 stars It's so interesting to me to see the growth of this author from this book to her latest book To Warm a Wintered Heart which I LOVED This book is sweet but not her best work I love that she has progressed and is refining her art While this book wasn't my favorite I did enjoy it and I'm going to read the next book in line from this author This book was full on Texas twang Thatcher is strong and fills the pages with his essence I loved his character Emma was sweet but I wanted to shake her so many times She was such a doormat Her character definitely has the most growth in the book By the end she found her confidence and her moxie which was a reliefThis book reminded me a little bit of Marcia McClure's western books

  3. Katie W Katie W says:

    Wow It's been awhile since I've read a kindle book that I absolutely love I thought the dialogue was very real and flowed well; the interactions between characters was realistic as well I felt like I could see inside the characters and understand them and what made them tick yet I got a great story in the processI don't believe we're given a time period but I believe it's probably 1800s western telegraphs horses words used etc Emma's parents have passed away and she is living with her best friend and sister in law Eliza and her brother Seth They run an inn in town and when two handsome cowboy brothers show up looking for a room Emma is thrown into a world of confusion and loveEmma and Thatcher both have insecurities that threaten their relationship It was nice to see even a manly man feel those kinds of feelings instead of being all tough and almost feelingless Emma had a lot going for her yet she refused to see and believe that someone like Thatcher could possibly be interested in her Sometimes those types of heroines are annoying but Emma wasn'tI loved it from beginning to end and look forward to of this author's worksContent clean

  4. Deborah Deborah says:

    This was such a cute book and I could not put it down I really enjoyed the characters For some reason I enjoyed the simpleness of the life I enjoyed that what they wanted most was to be married and have childrenat least that was our main characters Emma's dream and it was a simple dream and I liked it I liked the fact that this in and of itself was a dream to aspire to As a friend just recently reminded me I get to live my simple dream everyday and it brings me so much JOY Maybe this is a weird thing to take from this book and you might read it and think I'm crazy but that is what touched me I might read it in a year from now and think I was nuts OH well for now I am enjoying the bubble that it created or me Thanks Kath

  5. Cheri Cheri says:

    What a fun uick read a western romance I was hooked from the first sentence I can't wait to read books by this author A clean historical romance

  6. Heidi Heidi says:

    A sweet clean western romanceA sweet clean western romance A bit predictable and repetitive but still a lot of fun Full of endearing characters and a bit of adventure The author gives beautiful descriptions that pull you into the story I fell in love with the town of Thundercreek I'm definitely impressed that this is the authors first published book and I look forward to reading from her

  7. Chrissy Chrissy says:

    Cute Wish I had read it a few months ago for our book club but better late than never I hope she keeps writing I love supporting writers who are bringing good things into the world

  8. Deborah Deborah says:

    Excerpt The door to the Marchant Inn swung open behind them causing the bell to ring above it and Emma turned around to welcome their unexpected guest A broad shouldered figure appeared in the doorway and stole her attention entirely His spurs clanged against the wooden floor as he walked into the room and Emma couldn’t help but notice his long thick legs matching his barreled chest The thin white shirt he wore clung to his biceps that bulged with each movement he made and his shoulders stretched the fabric to what looked like ripping point The handsome man’s deep brown eyes met with Emma’s light blue as she looked back at him her heart flipping The solid suare jaw that framed his face was shadowed with scruff having no doubt grown during one afternoon and his mouth though not in as friendly a grin as the first man’s was turned up in a slight smile Never had she seen a man attractive

  9. Sandy Sandy says:

    35 but I'm rounding upLet me just say I love Marcia McClure I love her cheesy dialogue and swoony kisses and exclamation points This felt very Marcia esue I would be surprised if the author hadn't read Marcia's books because all those moisture flooding the mouth kisses were very Marcia but reading A Secret Fire was a pleasant way to spend an afternoon I love a good clean western romance and hope this author writes

  10. Christina Christina says:

    Simple and sweetThis was a simple yet delightfully sweet romance I enjoyed it and thought the writers style was very similar to that of Marcia M McClure

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