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  1. Arlene Arlene says:

    What a great debut novel by Samantha Durante Stitch was nothing what I expected I purposely stayed away from the reviews and blurbs because I wanted to experience this novel from a fresh perspective So color me impressed when I thought I was jumping into a paranormal ghost story then later to discover there was a dystopic twist to the world building and ultimately deciding it was probably scifi because of certain uniue elements Durante weaved into her story telling So ultimately I'll leave it to the author to give me her take on how she'd categorize this intriguing tale of mystery intrigue and sinister plots and twistsIn Stitch we get to meet Alessa who is trying to get accustomed to her new life as a freshmen in college In the aftermath of her parent's death she is faced with another challenge when a ghost begins to appear in her sorority house As she starts to investigate the history of her house and who that apparition could possibly be she begins to uncover a sinister element to her world that ultimately leaves her wondering what is truly happening around herI have to give props to Durante for being able to incorporate metaphysics into her plot without making it overwhelming and contrived as I've seen happen in other novels The author gives us just enough information to create her environment and not make you feel like you need a degree in physics to understand why and how certain things can happen in her story So I have to say I enjoyed that aspect of her bookAlso the author does a great job of creating an extremely likeable cast which is mainly made up of Alessa Isaac and Janie They have a bond and strength about them that really made me root for their cause and I hope we get to see these characters continue to develop in the subseuent installments I have to admit now I really don't believe Joe is completely out of the picture something feels off about that piece of the storyline so I'm wondering if there's to come where he's concerned Overall I have to say that Durante delivered an intriguing story that incorporates some interesting elements which ultimately makes Stitch uniuely her own I can't wait to see what happens in the world of ParagonOh and guess what??? I got to interview Samantha Durante so be sure to check out my Author Spotlight scheduled for September 9th on

  2. David Estes David Estes says:

    I was REALLY surprised by this book in a really good way I was so confused early on because I had a certain idea of what genre the book was meant to be in and what it would be about and it was completely different to what I expected Always a good thing And then the plot was flipped upside down once twice three times until it morphed into the genre I expected The twists were pretty brilliant well thought out and well executed I was constantly poking holes in the plot and they were filled The writing was uite strong for a debut novel and the concept pretty cool if not entirely uniue view spoiler I kept thinking of the movie The Truman Show as I was reading hide spoiler

  3. Erica (Reading Kitten) Erica (Reading Kitten) says:

    Well that was strange The summary made this book sound so interesting but as you can see by my rating I'm incredibly disappointedI read the first 11 chapters of this book and I felt like nothing really happened There was a lot of telling going on in the chapters that I read and also a serious lack of dialogue The main character goes on and on about stuff that happened before but whatever she tells us it's not interesting at all The first few chapters of a book are supposed to suck me into the story They should make me want to read and make me want to know what'll happen next They should not be boringIt takes like 5 chapters of nonsense before we even meet this ghost the main character is so fascinated with but he disappears almost immediately without saying or doing anything at all Then the main character tries to find out who this ghost was when he was still alive and I felt like Why should I care about this ghost? I don't know anything about him Show me why I should be interested in this ghost before boring me with research on who he used to be or what his name isSo yeah I guess this book wasn't for me

  4. Brooke Banks Brooke Banks says:

    Stitch Disappointing Ghost Story With Dystopian Promise I wanted to be apart of this tour because I love dystopians Honestly one of my favorite preferred genres I haven’t read ghost love stories before because they don’t appeal to me not my cup of tea However I figured since the blurb guarantees that it’s not what it seems the best way to find out about ghost loves stories is if it’s actually wrapped up in my favorite genre As far as Stitch is concerned I was wrong   ProsConsLiked the charactersFelt like nothing happened during the first halfDystopian end was a step in the right directionDidn't care for the ghost storyBack story is the best part interestingPredictable and formulaic  World isn't fleshed out or build solidlyThe first majority deals with the whole straightforward ghost love story which I wasn’t really moved by I got to know Alessa her best friend Janie and the perfectly bubbly movie star beautiful sorority head sister Lizzie And the ghost of course but again can’t say much there otherwise I would ruin everything I did like the characters I just found it all very standard fare and bland The whole first half is under this fog with minor irritations that bloomed to full on frustration as it took soooo long to get to the twist I was waiting on The twist certainly was mind boggling and completely out of left field that finally moved the book into the science fiction dystopian genre I did continue reading to figure out how this was all going to work After 40 or 50 pages of flashbacks I still can’t give a good picture of how this world works It is rather typical dystopian set up and doesn’t include details needed to flesh it out at all I kept asking basic uestions about how it was all set up and wasn’t satisfied with the world buildingThen there’s this whole action seuence with pauses for dramatic effect How were you no caught taking so long to get away? and uestionable logic like what tool can put a hole in a pipe? There’s mini reveals that didn’t land for me because it all felt really formulaic at this point The whole ending devastation for Alessa? I’m snorting and saying well duhThere’s other issues like just how stupid some people came off because they kept saying “We don’t know” or “We know this but talk about several incidents that contradict this and be oblivious about it all” The worst of it being they didn't follow through on some things that just seemed so common sense and basic It felt like giant gaps I couldn’t move around or make sense of The whole world is painted in broad general strokes as is so I can’t even begin to try to parse this all out myself It’s not even all big important keep it as a surprise in the next book it’s stuff like how big is said place? One building or lots of buildings? What’s the division like? How many people are we talking about here?As far as what I was looking for the second half ish is definitely a step in the right direction nonetheless The back story was really the best parts of the book After the fog of first half lifted I really starting liking the characters because they made sense and were far interesting and compelling to me I love how it’s not including the typical love triangle as well but considering the holes in place I’m worried it’s not going to stay this way dun dun dunnnnn love triangle predication No seriously I’ll be surprised if it doesn’t happenIn the end I’m wondering if the very reason I picked up the book may have been the downfall for me The clash between the first part in an unloved genre vs the high standards of one of my favorite genre second part was just too much Does this mean I hated Stitch and don’t recommend it? No I just recommend it specifically and say it wasn’t personally up to par While I had my issues I’m actually open and interested on how the next book turns out The end is what I wanted in the first place and with where the storyline is going I think it’s uite possible to like the next book I mean without the problems of the beginning just not being my preference and I think I’ll get the facts I want just by the nature of where the character are going so Stitch #2 isn’t necessarily ruled outFirst books in trilogy are usually susceptible to issues like not having it’s own storyline not an issue here having to open the door to a new world started the foundation but not really framed well and leaving readers wanting to continue true hereConflicted lots of different pros cons   Recommended for those who like ghost love stories science fiction dystopias and won’t pick at the little things I’d say definitely give it a shot You’re likely to love it then hate it There’s certainly promise and hope but I didn’t find it executed to my likingNote All my reviews are honest opinions Obviously subjective and I was not compensated for this review I simply received a free e copy of Stitch in order to review it as part of this tour

  5. Alana ~ The Book Pimp Alana ~ The Book Pimp says:

    My oh my First of all I would like to thank Samantha for providing a copy of this book in exchange for a review The initial blurb drew me in although by the time I read it I had completely forgotten everything except that there was a ghost angle going on Where it ends up took me by complete surprise and makes me want to beg Samantha for book 2I will admit the beginning of the book drags some I was sucked in and kept trudging along but my enthusiasm was waning at one point There were pages about mundane tasks primping and preening I was starting to get apprehensive at that point But then there is just this 'click' where everything feel into place and the wool was removed from my eyes It all seemed to makes sense; I understood the 'why' of the dragging parts and how they add depth to the story There is method to the madness and by the end of the book I was nearly beating myself up Why didn't I see that before? Now I totally get itAs you begin it seems an almost basic paranormal premise Alessa has lost her family the year before goes to college joins a sorority yadda yadda yadda sees a ghost gets sucked into the mystery of 'who is the ghost'? Been there done that have the blog post BAM That's me all of the sudden getting hit over the head and putting on the special 'They Live' glasses From ho hum paranormal it suddenly gets launched into this dytopian conspiracy My brain needed a cigarette after that reach aroundIt's like this book got rolled around in a pile of different genres it's a little bit YA or rather 'New Adult' a little paranormal a hefty spoonful of vanilla romance add a dash of conspiracy theory suspensethriller and then douse it in dystopian It surprised me how much I enjoyed this book; had anyone told me You're going to be head over heels by the end and be begging for book 2 I would have totally rolled my eyes Yeah right We'll see sounding a bit optimistic But they would have been right Apparently I need to be reading dystopian because it seems almost every one I pick up I've enjoyed Give it a chance and power past the slower sections the ride is totally worth it

  6. Caro [The Book Rogue] Caro [The Book Rogue] says:

    I'll sum that up with two short words rollercoaster ride I'm perfectly serious this book was emotional and factual a mess pretty much unparalleled and it was awesome I'm sure I wasn't the only one led by the nose through the first half of this bookI really thought this would be about time travel Although ususally not a fan of the subject I was perfectly fine with the idea that female lead Alessa was seeing a ghost named Isaac and was supposed to travel back in time to safe him since this didn't sound totally absurd and the emotional level was startling Everything was so perfectly in place I was totally forgetting that the blurb already mentioned she wasn't really a university student and Isaac wasn't really a ghost so there wouldn't be any travelling through time Go ahead and laugh if you must but it's making me give a lot of credit to the style if any reader might get so lost in the story like I was especially since this turns out to be a dystopian story where deception and control plays such a mayor roleSpeaking of dystopian Although it was kinda nothing new since it was about a virus breaking out and people herding together in uarantine where a new government is established thought to be temporary and then they misuse their power to create a totalitarian society which exploits its working force and of course there is a rebel movement I have no problem with the commonness of that maybe because I don't read dystopian all that often but even regulars on that setting are hopefully rattled by the new aspects tossed into the mix control through drugs and being imprisoned in another personaI mean ususally you find a small group of people who hold the power using fear to keep their workers in line which inhibits the oppressed population to make a move although everyone knows they should meaning they all want to rebel but only a few dare to do so In Stitch the working force is drugged through their food and then kept occupied with work and social media meaning they are to watch reality shows very night What they don't know the actors in those shows aren't playing They are prisoners who are made to believe they live exactly the life on set which has come to get called stitched because this is how the memory re wiring process feels like It reminds me a bit of what was done to Peeta in The Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins and I still find only one word within me to describe it cruel I mean can you imagine being stitched into a totally different person living a life as far from your own as possible having forgotten all that makes you yourself and being watched for entertainment of others nonetheless? The whole idea creeps me out so I'm shocked every time I stumble across it and of course that's getting bonus points from meWhich brings me to our stitched main characters Alessa and Isaac Starting only with the names I like them Can't say exactly why but I feel like they aren't too common and sound uite well together The second plus is that Alessa is acutally two years older than Issac a combination you really don't find that often in YA lit so I'm giving credits there Now the book is written mainly from Alessa's PoV but Isaac has a few chapter which give intel into his feelings as well and it makes me like them both very much ecven so after it was revealed they were stitched and then when their memories returned in a few flashes for the reader Their relationship definitively is one of the unusual ones since Alessa was originally the love interest of Isaac's older brother Joe but then they naturally find together after his death However I think this might remain a point of conflict in the future which sould prove very interesting Anyway they both get lots of bonus points for feeling so authentic so human which is made clear through all the little things presented in the flashbacks but also in the beginning when they only see glimpses of one another without knowing the truth about the stitchOf course the supporting characters get credit as well I kinda liked Nikhil and was shocked over his short cut appearance Janie was awesome a perfect complement to Alessa Isaac and Joe; as was Lizzie and Regina I'm curious to find out about them and the other rebels that were only briefly introduced; because there are some many awesome stories to be found behind their involvement I'm sure of it Lizzie's story was already omg I can't even pinpoint it with a word that'd give enough credit to herAll in all as you might see on the lenghty review I loved this Granted there was only a brief touching of the romantic surface there but I still liked what I found and I am very very sure we'll get of that in the future But of course I don't want to read on just because of that but for about a thousand other reasons as well I'm still thrilled and entrapped in this and I can't wait for Shudder to come out which is the title of the second installment of the Stitch trilogyArea Scan Style 55 Plot 55 Characters 55 Suspense 55 Romance 355 Drama 55 Humor 35 Fantasy 55

  7. Abby Abby says:

    Stitch has to be the most interesting well written and deeply thoughtful book that has ever had the pleasure of existing It reached into the deeper recesses of my mind and brought out feelings that I'd never felt before while reading a book The way things were described was so realistic and rich that I can picture Alessa’s world as easily as my own This novel blurred the edges of my reality with its own fantastic world of lies intrigue and deceit Stitch is true an amazing novel a kick off to an amazing new teen series The theme for this novel is a very genius one indeed A perfect blend of paranormal and dystopian Durante takes the reader to these places and makes us believe that both worlds exist next to each other the realm of ghosts and futuristic oppressive governments Durante’s twist on the now common place dystopian idea has blown most all of them out of the water making me think that there is hope for the genre yetFor me this novel’s setting was perfect and I was uickly immersed into the college life style very uickly I just love that the college campus played a huge part in Alessa’s world in the beginning Alessa just seems like a normal girl living out a normal life but the uestion is is she really? There doesn't seem to be one thing I hated about this book Alessa is easily one of the most fearful heroines I know but for some reason I cannot help but to love this character because of how she find courage among it all She is indeed strong loving yet after her parents died she seems to be stuck in a depression of sorts But a mindboggling confession has her world soon spinning out of control Stitch’s writing is so proper and beautiful that all I could do is gape at the amazing gift Durante has at writing prose Words drifted beautifully into the next like a painting that had been recently finished The characters were flawless and were so lifelike I can picture them standing before me or when I’m in line at the grocery store The story awoke a part of me I didn’t know existed and taught me to never only look on the surface for there is always soot in the cracks of the perfect lies we’ve been toldGifted beyond any comprehension Samantha Durante’s debut novel Stitch will have wondering if this life isn’t as perfect and coincidental as it seems

  8. Lottie Eve Lottie Eve says:

    I was really surprised with Stitch At first I really couldn’t get into it I found it to be slow But at some point something clicked Reading Stitch started to get enjoyable The book started to get exciting There was suspense I was getting pulled in and after a while I was glued to my seat I couldn’t stop turning the pagesimage error

  9. Neyra ♦ Neyra ♦ says:

    FREE on right now Ends June 11thhttpwwwdpB008RC3NAMrefcmswrtwaskDIsgF18M8HTFWith a whole new outtake on Dystopia Stitch by Samantha Durante delivers a refreshing new world where all is not what it seems In the beginning we are introduced to Alessa Khole a freshman at Eastern State University After the death of her parents Alessa struggles to keep herself focused and moving forward; and the last thing Alessa expected upon arriving at ESU was to be seeing ghosts What I loved from the beginning of the story was that there was no going around the matter We’re diving straight into the heart of the bookbut who is this mysterious ghost with the alluring blue eyes? And why is Alessa the only one in a house full of women Sorority that can see him?What I was expecting from the character and what we got was totally different I was thinking Alessa would be interacting w the ghost here and there that it’d be THAT kinda ghost love story but once again Samantha surprised me Cause and I hope this doesn’t spoil it; there was NO interaction what so ever And it was frustrating but at the same time kept me on edge thinking “Shit will they and how or when will they finally communicate??”The the story progresses the the characters develop and you begin to sense that there's something sinister lurking about the University And what's amazing about this book is that the writing captivates you and transports you into the story The world building as with any dystopian novel is necessary but the story flows beautifully that you hardly notice it making for a very easy light and fun read Once things begin to pick up it gets really interesting I was glued to the pages once the action started There are plot twists you can't see coming and things finally begin to click into place by about halfway through the book And the secondary characters are than cardboard cut outs just to fill space you get a sense of who they are even w little interaction This book is engaging though it was a slow start for me at first it was still very appealing and I loved every minute of it 5 awesomely naughty bunnies for Stitch Thank God it’s not over Expect a seuel to come out soon ;

  10. Jill Swanson-Diaz Jill Swanson-Diaz says:

    I have an exclusive interview with the author on my blog Stop by and check it out LOVED this book It has one of the best dystopian settings I have read Samantha Durante is an extremely talented writer who has written an impressive debut novel Stitch keeps you on your toes The premise is original and thoroughly immerses you in it's structure I would have loved this book even if it had remained strictly a paranormal love story Of course the transition into a society under the oppression of a ruling class makes this story one of a kind There are many dystopian books out there right now but Stitch was definitely not what I was expecting It was full of twists and turns I was hooked from page one The character and world building throughout this story are impeccable Everything unravels at exactly the right time and the story progresses flawlessly I was swept up in Alessa's story and her love for Issac I'm a sucker for a story line that acknowledges that soul mates do exist Alessa is a strong female lead I enjoyed her determination and heart She is thrown so many curve balls yet seems to continue on without loosing sight of what she needs to achieve The idea of a 'ruling class' drugging my food or 'stitching' my brain gives me the willies Samantha Durante has really created an intriguing and horrific society I liked the concept of the TV dramas and how they paralleled Issac's story with Alessa's I could gush about this book all day but i'll keep it to a minimum The ending to Stitch is full of tension and leaves you with that WOW feeling If you are a fan of dystopian science fiction and romance you will LOVE this book I highly recommend it I am going to be counting down until the seuel comes out I can not wait to see where Alessa and Issac's journey takes them next

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Stitch (Stitch Trilogy, #1) ❰Read❯ ➳ Stitch (Stitch Trilogy, #1) Author Samantha Durante – Her heart races her muscles coil and every impulse in Alessa's body screams at her to run but yet she's powerless to moveStill struggling to find her footing after the sudden death of her parents the Her heart races her muscles coil and every impulse in Alessa's body screams at her to run but yet she's powerless to moveStill struggling to find her footing after the sudden death of her parents the last thing college freshman Alessa has the strength to deal with is the inexplicable visceral pull drawing her to a handsome ghostly presence In between grappling with exams and sorority soirees and disturbing recurring dreams of being captive in a futuristic prison hell Alessa is determined to unravel the mystery of the apparition who leaves her breathless But the terrifying secret she uncovers will find her groping desperately through her nightmares for answersBecause what Alessa hasn't figured out yet is that she's not really a student the object of her obsession is no ghost and her sneaking suspicions that something sinister is lurking behind the walls of her university's idyllic campus are only just scratching the surfaceThe opening installment in a twist laden trilogy Stitch spans the genres of paranormal romance and dystopian sci fi to explore the challenges of a society in transition where morality vision and pragmatism collide leaving the average citizen to suffer the results.

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