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The Night Has Teeth The Magdeburg Trilogy #1 [Download] ➽ The Night Has Teeth The Magdeburg Trilogy #1 By Kat Kruger – There’s a darkness that lurks in the City of Light Seventeen year old Connor Lewis is chased by a memory On his first day of kindergarten he bit a boy hard enough to scar the kid for life Since then Has Teeth Epub á There’s a darkness that lurks in the City of Light Seventeen year old Connor Lewis is chased by a memory On his first day of kindergarten he bit a boy hard enough to scar the kid for life Night Has Teeth The Magdeburg PDF \ Since then he’s been a social outcast at a New York private schoolThrough an unexpected turn of good fortune he lands a scholarship to study in Paris where everything starts to look up On the first The Night Kindle - day he befriends two military brats and he may finally get a taste of what it’s like to be a normal teenagerIt doesn’t lastHis host family — an alluring young tattoo artist and her moody handsome boyfriend — inadvertently introduce him to the underworld of werewolves where there are two types the born and the bitten Those born to it take the form of elegant wolves while the latter are cursed to transform into the Night Has Teeth PDF È half man half beast creatures of horror movies The bitten rarely survive Unfortunately Connor is on the wanted list of a four hundred year old bitten human who’s searching for both a cure and a means of wiping out werewolves for goodConnor’s loyalties are tested as he becomes embroiled in a conflict where werewolves mad science and teen angst collideRATED T Teen and up May contain violence crude humour suggestive themes andor strong languageAlcohol Night Has Teeth The Magdeburg PDF \ Reference to alcohol use Blood Depiction of bloodViolence Includes scenes of violence.

  • Paperback
  • 290 pages
  • The Night Has Teeth The Magdeburg Trilogy #1
  • Kat Kruger
  • English
  • 10 August 2016
  • 9780988106710

About the Author: Kat Kruger

Has Teeth Epub á Kat Kruger is a freelance writer with over ten years' experience in the entertainment and gaming industries She has been a guest author at Hal Con Sci Fi Fantasy Comic Convention Animaritime The Word on the Street Night Has Teeth The Magdeburg PDF \ Toronto and Halifax and Eden Mills Writers’ Festival and has held writing workshops at numerous libraries and schools In her spare time she enjoys playing online dungeon cra.

10 thoughts on “The Night Has Teeth The Magdeburg Trilogy #1

  1. Anna (Enchanted by YA) Anna (Enchanted by YA) says:

    I received the eBook free as a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest reviewThe Night has Teeth doesn’t sound much like a light and funny read but it had a fun atmosphere that kept you turning the pages I’ll admit the mysteries and suspense helped too This book managed to have it all the teen angst funny banter intriguing secrets malicious agendas as well as paranormal beastsThe characters however easily stole the show They were all so uniue; straying from the stereotypes I’ve had my fair share of in the YA genre In particular is Arden who I have to admit is not the main protagonist although you can’t consider him a sidekick either If Connor called him that well I don’t think he’d live long enough to see the reaction on his face The dynamic Connor has with Arden is great to read because of Arden’s sullen character which clashes with Connor’s wit It’s one of the reasons I’m looking forward to the seuel where I can expect the events in this book will have a drastic effectThe different relationships Connor has with the others made this a much character driven story than anything else I liked the direction of the plot and there were plenty of twists along the way but the synopsis revealed a bit too much for my tasteThis however didn’t decrease from my enjoyment reading the book so I can see why it won the 34th Atlantic Writing Competition and I’d definitely recommend to YA readers who want a very uick read

  2. R.J. Gonzales R.J. Gonzales says:

    Posted RJ Does BooksRating 455Ah Paris In THE NIGHT HAS TEETH Connor gets than he bargains for while away at school overseas He finds himself the object of a greater force's attention that threatens everything he knows and is and the ones he's grown to care aboutKat Kruger has crafted a fun and exciting novel in THE NIGHT HAS TEETH No wonder it was the winner of the Atlantic Writing Competition Due to some problematic health issues with a family pet I couldn't finish this book as fast as I wanted to but had these issues not surfaced I could have easily breezed through it It's written in a way that flows nicely without stumbling or veering off track I was enthralled from the prologue which sets the tone of the novel perfectly and knew I just had to read the rest While werewolves in Paris has been done before ie An American Werewolf in Paris it was still an interesting take on the subject and has its own uniue flairOf all the characters my favorites had to be Amara and Arden There was a whole fascinating story going on between them that while brushed on briefly in dialogue exchange left me craving of I feel like these two characters could easily have their own preuel novel or short story that I would LOVE to read D fingers crossedAs a male it may sound weird to say that I am not particularly fond of male point of views in literature Many of them have failed or been carbon copies stereotypical forms of 'Sup I'm a douche or Grr I'm a bad boy that you love even though I will cheat on you and everything will go wrong even though you think you can change me or my personal favorite the sentimental best friend that stays just that Therefore it's very hard for me to like a character male or female in YA literature Let's not forget the ladies with the I'm a meek girl until I meet the handsome bad boy that changes that or I suddenly become popular by some event attitude Connor however was definitely likeable enough for me to want to continue on with his story While there was still something missing to make him memorable to me he had to be one of the good male characters I've read of so far He's neither too cocky nor that much of a bad boy but still has an heir of confidence that is just right and not overbearingNevertheless I love a good book that doesn't just stick to one genre A great YA novel or any novel for that matter should merge elements of everything Romance Action MysterySuspense Comedy The Night Has Teeth has it all This was truly a fantastic first book in a promising trilogy I would like to thank Fierce Ink Press for allowing me to read an eARC in exchange for an honest reviewFinal Thought The Night Has Teeth Once bitten you'll be howling for

  3. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    Connor is chased by a memory On his first day of kindergarten he bit a boy hard enough to scar him for life Since then he's been a social outcast Through an unexpected turn of events he receives a scholarship to study in Paris and on the first day he befriends two military brats finally getting a glimpse of what it's like to be a normal teenager But it doesn't last His host family an alluring tattoo artist and her moody boyfriend introduce Connor to a dark underground world filled with werewolves those born and those bitten and unfortunately for him he's on the wanted list of a human bitten over 400 years ago who's desperately searching for a cure As well as a way to wipe out werewolves for good Connor's loyalties will be tested as werewolves mad science and teen angst collide The Night Has Teeth is dark and dangerous what you'd expect from a book set in Paris exploring the mysterious underground population of werewolves Connor has nowhere to go but wrapped up in a centuries old battle between the born and the bitten and what he'll discover will certainly change how he sees the worldI liked Connor in the beginning because he was such a geek He didn't have friends he played video games and read manga It's refreshing to come across teen guys that are outcasts but also outcasts who fit into a specific niche that isn't just above average intelligence After he learns the secrets he's desperate and floundering and it's interesting to see how he tries to climb his way back to a semblance of normalcyWhen using already established paranormal mythology and creatures like werewolves it has to be tweaked and twisted enough to make it stand out and not be boring and overused Also it can't be altered too much or else it'll feel gimmicky and implausible Here there are enough tweaks to the original story of the werewolf to keep it interesting stretching back into old world Europe before coming back to the 21st centuryFrom the first chapter not knowing what was to come the book felt tense Something was always happening out of the range of Connor's comprehension and the reader can only wait until he figures it all out until the bomb drops and blows the world he thought he knew to pieces

  4. Krista (CubicleBlindness Reviews) Krista (CubicleBlindness Reviews) says:

    Urban fantasy novel about werewolves in Paris? Yes PleaseConnor Lewis has not found it easy in life to make friends After experiencing some less than pleasant things at his American schools his parents decide it may be best to send him to boarding school abroad But who knew that this particular school was crawling with werewolvesUpon arriving to his new school Connor does not find it hard to find new friends He is welcomed into a group with open arms but soon discovers that this seemingly normal group of kids is than he bargained for But he builds relationships with each of them forming strong bonds before finding out their secretHe soon finds out that it's not your conventional werewolf that he's dealing with There is a mad scientist causing problems and an ongoing battle between the werewolf groups as wellThis is not your typical werewolf story A coming of age story? Sure A urban fantasy with rival werewolf groups? Check A creepy alter ego'd scientist with a villainous plan? Yep and so much The city of Paris plays than just a setting in the story The travels through the city and underground play a huge role in the storyline As well as the fact that the group of people that Connor comes into contact with throughout the story are all in their own each a valuable addition to the plot My favorite being Madison and her very real emotions that any reader will drawn toA fast paced story with twists that will shock and grip you until the last page

  5. Peter Peter says:

    What a delightfully pleasant surpriseI cannot remember when I've read a first novel this engaging and this well written and published by a micro press publisher What's so good about it? It's about werewolves for one I'm a sucker for them And although this is an urban fantasy novel the rationale for the existence of lycanthropes is given a plausible enough science fictional explanation Most genre books are heavily plot driven; this one is eually character driven and the locale Paris is a welcome change from New York LondonSo I'm looking forward to the next one in the trilogy

  6. Ricky Ricky says:

    A beautiful little tale of werewolves the wonders of Paris and weird weird science Funny at times feels making at others if you'll excuse my use of Uglies speak and downright freakish the rest of the timeUnfortunately right now I don't know when I'll be able to read the seuels since Kruger's said she won't be able to post the full text on Wattpad and right now I've got no copies at my local library or any of the other Bay AreaNorCal libraries I can special order from But I shall keep on trying Just keep trying just keep tryingnot really what Dory says but whatever

  7. Jill Jill says:

    It is obvious some good research went into this and I LOVE that because although yes it's ficton it has rules and when you follow them throughout it makes even a werewolf story believable I was really able to get into the story without once getting jerked out of it with an oh come ON moment It creates uestion after uestion but answers enough that you don't feel frustrated but leaves enough unanswered that I am eagerly awaiting the next installment

  8. Tracy Tracy says:

    Absolutely awesome I'm normally not a fan of first person stories but I was almost instantly hooked with this book It's fabulously written and immerses you in a detailed world with a bit of a different take on the werewolf myth I can't wait to read the rest in the series

  9. Fierce Ink Fierce Ink says:

    I registered a book at BookCrossingcom

  10. Corley Elizabeth Corley Elizabeth says:

    25 starsReading The Night Has Teeth was another example of me clearing off some of the older books on my TBR; it had been on there since I was eighteen and I think I would have liked it better had I read it then As it is I'm now twenty three and have spent the last couple of years learning how to close read and critiue literature and my tastes have changed I didn't hate this book by any means—I actually had a good time reading it—but it did fall pretty flatThere were some things I liked though which goes back to my enjoyment of working through the book and seeing the directions Kruger took the story in Her interpretation of werewolves was engaging than I'd thought it would be especially when it came to the differences in those born or bitten I didn't think their society was completely developed however as I never got a sense of how pack dynamics worked The explanation for their existence waskind of confusing and I had a little trouble keeping up with it due to how far fetched it seemed but I liked the way gene research and genetic modification played into the plot I also enjoyed how Kruger handled the setting because rather than show readers Paris as a tourist city she gave us a much grittier much uieter much real version that felt distinctly familiar and yet completely foreign Connor wasn't the most compelling narrator but I appreciated his humor and sarcasm when faced with the supernatural especially when it came to some of the dialogue he shared with various characters He was also an anime and manga fan so kudos from CorleyThe main thing that influenced the book negatively for me was that it was extremely young this definitely felt like a debut novel which isn't necessarily a bad thing but I do think it was lacking in both world and character development The prose was dated as well with there being mentions of characters instant messaging each other and the way certain songs or phrases were forced into the plot didn't feel organic Kruger initially did a lot of telling as she tried to set up the story but it felt clunky and made it difficult for me to connect with Connor and the situations he found himself in There weren't many characters I honestly liked—Boudicea was fascinating though and Arden ended up taking me by surprise I initially disliked him because of his stereotypical alpha male characteristics but what made this work was that Kruger crafted him as being firmly rooted in his wolf and not enjoying life as a man Those two aside though no one really stood out and characters like Josh and Madison annoyed me I also felt like things were happening too uickly so the story might have been better paced had Kruger spent time fleshing out her world and those in itAt this point I'm not sure if I'll be continuing with the trilogy; while I did have a good time reading this the end result was less than satisfying and since I'm not overly invested in the story or characters I'm not sure if there would be any value in going forward with the next book That being said I may yet decide to check out The Night Has Claws if only to see Arden and Connor's relationship turned on its head

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