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Views from the Tower [PDF / Epub] ☆ Views from the Tower Author Jessica Grey – Eleven enchanting fairy tale short storiesAfter spending her whole life isolated in a tower Rapunzel’s salvation is finally at hand but she may have merely traded one form of captivity for anotherSp Eleven enchanting fairy tale short storiesAfter spending her whole life isolated in a tower Rapunzel’s salvation is finally at hand but she may have merely traded one form of captivity for anotherSpecial Agent Alice Harrison of the Office of Narrative Order should know better than anyone not to follow a suspicious and suspiciously good looking man in a white rabbit Views from MOBI :Ê suit down a holeMiss Lucinda Beacham is bored The endless balls and dances she must endure as a debutante hold no enjoyment for her—that is until she finds a frog sitting on the edge of a fountain a frog who just so happens to know her nameBeing a fairy godmother isn’t all it’s cracked up to be especially when you’re a junior in high school and your next assignment is your former crushViews from the Tower is a collection of short stories that offers new perspectives on some of your favorite fairy tales including a trio of different takes on Rapunzel Each story offers a uniue foray into the exciting world of fantasy as well as a golden opportunity to see some well known legends in a whole new light.

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  1. RivkaBelle RivkaBelle says:

    eARC provided by author for reviewReview originally published on my blog AWordsWorthblogspotcomViews from the Tower is a selection of fairy tales re imagined Some are flash fiction which is new to me but totally fun and others are longer along the lines of a traditional short story All are delightful impressive and uite honestly far too short Maybe I'm a fairy tale junkie I just can't get enough A few of my favorites to whet your appetite for a bit of fun fairy tale reading to offer a bit of post holiday sparkle as winter settles in for a long stay In Her Service Okay so maybe I'm a sucker for frog prince type stories And I'm definitely a sucker for snark And we all know about the RegencyAustenesue fascination Combine all three and you get an amazing story that had me chuckling and wishing for much Red Fractured fairy tale on a new level and with just enough creepy to make you shiver Jessica has taken Red Riding Hood to a new place without making it freaky creepy Mountain Rose You've heard of Snow White and Rose Red? This is that story And it ranks among my favorites because it features an enchanted hero in the form of a bear I have a thing for bear princes And this one is beautifully written Chasing Storms Not a fairy tale I recognize but it's a beautiful story The dragon the flight the storm This one just snuck into my psyche and stole my imagination Trust me this whole collection of stories is amazing and as short stories they're easy reads I can't wait to see what other fairy tale goodness Jessica has up her sleeve

  2. Christine Christine says:

    I'm torn about this book The writing is pretty typo free but the style is a little lacking It is technically correct but it needs detail and tone It's almost as if Grey were frightened to try in some places and worried about the technical aspect as oppose to the style aspect Both are important Because of the style problems some of the stories fall a bit flatHowever the lack of style is made up for by the twists in the tales The first three stories which are mediations onby Rapnuzel are very intersting The retelling of Rumpstilken is great The combining of Alice in Wonderland and Prince Charming is funny and inventive The retelling of Little Red Riding Hood is one of the best I've seenGrey is worth keeping an eye on

  3. Nancy Kelley Nancy Kelley says:

    Views From the Tower offers eleven new perspectives on fairy tales we all know It starts with three flash fiction tales based on Rapunzel where we get an idea of what it might have been like for her to be trapped to have a way out and finally to take charge of her own destinyFrom there Grey moves on to other tales such as Rumplestiltskin Alice in Wonderland The Princess and the Frog see my review of this story here and Snow White and Rose Red Think you know these stories? Think again Grey takes the beloved tales takes them apart and puts them back together in a way that turns your view of them on its headIn one of my favorite tales “Oh My Fairy Godmother” she takes the mythos of the fairy godmother and makes it completely her own Her fairy godmother is a modern high school student about to finish her fairy godmother credentialing The last step is to fairy godmother someone you know and as you can imagine convincing your longtime best friend that you can do magic proves to be a bit of a challengeAs with all her books Grey’s voice and uirky sense of humor make Views From the Tower a delight to read The real ness of her characters makes it easy to root for them and their love interests even in the limited space of a short storyI was lucky enough to read an advance copy of Views From the Tower and I still bought a copy as soon as she published If you like fairy tales that sparkle with wit and romance you will love this bookI also encourage you to check out Jessica’s novel if you haven’t already Awake is a brilliant modern reworking of Sleeping Beauty Set in LA two girls stumble upon a sleeping guy in a bejeweled bed and find a 13th century princess ready to chastise him for trying to wake her when he was not in fact a prince

  4. Veronica Ibarra Veronica Ibarra says:

    I am a fan of short stories in general Throw in a fairy tale twist and I'm hooked Grey's collection is full of intriguing ideas I would love to see expanded and explored further I really like how her mind works and was even pleasantly surprised in a few places It isn't often I read anything in which something happens I didn't see coming but there were a few moments of sheer brilliance that will now plague me intensely The over all effect was 4 out of 5 but I can say that one of my favorite short stories of all time now comes from this collection

  5. Joanna Peterson Joanna Peterson says:

    Views from the tower is a collection of short storiesWhile all the stories are clever retellings of familiar fairy tales I absolutely adored oh my fairy godmother and Grey's take on the frog prince

  6. Richelle Richelle says:

    They weren't finished fairy tales they gave you a hint about the end and then you'd have to figure it out yourself It's a great prompt book or it can give you idea's for how fairy tales can be re written

  7. MLL MLL says:

    This book has some good stories in it But the truth is it is even shorter than it pretends to be Over 40% of the book is really an excerpt from another book for sale by that author That seems a high percentage of the book I thought I was getting to be taken up as advertising

  8. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    My only complaint They were too short I wanted to know

  9. Alyssa Greatbanks Alyssa Greatbanks says:

    The stories weren't too bad but they were very short too short to really tell you anything Not to mention a little over half of the book was just excerpts from another book

  10. Danica Lamphere Danica Lamphere says:

    Short anthology of different perspectives from various fairy tales imaginative and uniue and I only wish a few of them had become full books in themselves

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