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  1. Rachel DeVaughn Rachel DeVaughn says:

    This is book 3 of the Newport Ladies Book club There are currently 4 books to this series with 4 different authorsWhat I like about these books is that they can be read as a series or stand alone individually as books So far the 3 books Olivia Daisy and now Paige have taken place during the same time period Its really cool to read about some of the same events from the different womens views I like that these books are Christian based but not preachy just great clean fictionPaige is a Mormon which none of the other ladies are not so this particular book has religious specifically LDS Mormon references I love that this character seems realistic and has real problems that alot of women experience and face I love that these group of women in the book all have trials but are able to help each other and use the spirit of sisterhood and service to develop their friendships in and outside the book club meetings This book flowed and was very easy to read I read it it one night because I couldn't put it downI can't wait to read book 4 Athena

  2. Andrea Andrea says:

    This third book in the Newport Ladies Book Club series is my favorite so far The writing in all of the books has been excellent but I related to Paige in many ways and could definitely see myself being friends with someone like her Thankfully many of our similarities were the good parts of Paige's life The hardships she was facing made me count my blessingsPaige's husband was unfaithful which lead to a divorce She's raising her two young boys on her own in a new state There are so many changes in her life that she's learning to adjust to while being bogged down by bitterness toward her ex and his new wifeAlthough this book has its share of downers I really enjoyed how Paige finds so much happiness through new friendships her boys and even some romance I liked how she was able to look at what was making her happy and realize what was most important in her life even if that meant some temporary unhappiness for a better long term result

  3. Heather Heather says:

    I have been eagerly anticipating this book for the last two months I have to say that it was a decent read but that I didn't find that it measured up to my favorite book in the series Olivia I found that the main character Paige seemed to be stuck in the same place during most of the book Oliva I felt grew a lot during the process of the book instead of staying fairly static in her personal outlook So good but not great book in my humble opinion Grade B

  4. Wendy Wendy says:

    I completely enjoyed reading this addition to the Newport Ladies Book Club series Annette Lyon wrote with just enough humor to keep things light along the way even though the leading character Paige is struggling with the challenges in her life I especially loved her silent thoughts in italics throughout the story As a mother I could relate to her tender feelings for her children and laughed outloud at times Thank you for another wonderful read

  5. Jennie Jennie says:

    If I hadn't already read this story twice before I would have ranked it much higher I can't say that I particularly like reading the same story over and over just told from a different point of view Nothing new happens; we just get some of the events from the other books fleshed out I think some women who are really fond of women's fiction will enjoy thisafterall Annette Lyon is an excellent writer and her skill shows in this book I just found the repetition not to my taste

  6. Jessica Van Tassell Jessica Van Tassell says:

    I stayed up late in the hopes this would be a good cheesy romance to distract me from the nutso world we know live inand no happy ending? Now I am tired and disappointed

  7. Laura McLain Laura McLain says:

    The Newport Ladies Book Club series is written by four authors each illuminating the point of view of one of the members of the book club PAIGE is the third of the first four books Olivia and Daisy came out earlier this year and ATHENA will be released later in 2012 There will be four books featuring the four other women in the book clubThe first four books occur simultaneously so there is some repetition certain conversations and meetings but the reader sees each event from different points of view We can never know what is in another person’s head and that person’s perceptions of an event may differ significantly from our ownPaige is a young mother recently divorced and relocated with her two small boys who joins the ladies’ book club to meet friends She is a devoted member of the Mormon Church a very family oriented faith and feels guilt over her failed marriage She has moved from Utah to California to escape the feeling that she was being judged by her marital status not by her personal ualities Even in a new state she feels judged; she muses that she should marry the first single Mormon man she meets so that she will be “normal” and accepted Instead she meets Derryl a kind handsome generous man The only problem is that he doesn’t share her religion She must decide what is best for her and her sons She is also struggling to make ends meet; coming to grips with her ex husband’s betrayal; trying to nurture her boys as a single mom; and figuring out who the “real” Paige is She develops deep friendships with the other women from the book club helping them through marital difficulties “Denial? I’d been there I’d set up a summer cottage there” she writes of Olivia and being helped by them After she sends her boys off for a court ordered visit with their father she and Daisy commiserate with each otherI’ve been through divorce like Paige dumped for another woman and Annette Lyon accurately captures the feelings of guilt anger and jealousy Paige realizes that her anger is only hurting herself She writes “I hadn’t forgiven Doug or Carol not even almost I’d justified my anger and resentment because they were the ones who had committed the sins broken covenants torn apart my family Some days I walked around mad as anything while the two of them lived it up in Honeymoon Land three states away My refusal to forgive had no impact on them” She realizes she needs to forgive her ex—not for his benefit but for her ownThe Newport Ladies series is co published by two LDS Mormon publishers Covenant and Deseret Book but is intended for a general audience Paige’s religion is central to her story but you don’t have to be Mormon to understand her frustrations and desires

  8. Kaye Hanson Kaye Hanson says:

    Paige book #3 in The Newport Ladies Book Club Series is another winner Each book in this series is by a different author so not a seuel or preuel They are really a shift in point of view that lets us not only see events from the characters observation but lets us know their understanding and thoughts and interpretations—which are not always correct by the way Just like real life The premise—looking at the same four months in the book club from four different points of view—is increasingly intriguing to me It’s like when I learned that even though my sister and I were in the same place at the same time we certainly did not have the same experience I realize these women are looking not just from different angles but from very different eyes Author Annette Lyon a much published writer and editor treats her subject with her usual clarity and thoroughness Since Paige is the only Mormon in the group Lyon gets to explore her reactions to her life experiences as well as the books they read with the mantle of faith and understanding I find Paige’s journey most interesting in relationship to her Mormon faith and in life’s experiencesLyon’s writing itself is delightful Her cleverness with language sometimes makes me laugh out loud I like her “koala hug” and her “blood supply to my head” I like her description of a “hooded look” and I like seeing the 3 dimensional aspects of the characters because we are so closely aware of Paige’s great pain After all she can do her marriage has ended in divorce and left her with two little boys to raise alone Certainly not the ideal Mormon marriage is it? Again Lyon’s language “Who broke the covenants? Hmmm?” Oh how human of us to wonderWhat I like best about Paige’s struggles to adjust to life without a husband is her ability to teach her book club friends about gospel principles—like life after death for example when Athena’s mother dies—but finds it impossible to talk about what she believes with Derryl the new man from work in her life Derryl is fascinating handsome considerate funny charming thoughtful and not Mormon And there lies the storyPaige’s experiences at book club again make me pull the first two books from the shelf to remember how Olivia and Daisy learned from the discussions Again each book club book has personal messages for each character but we get an ever increasing understanding of the books discussed as the characters absorb them That’s a bonus for me In fact as Paige finds the notice on the bookstore window of the first book club meeting I can hardly wait to return to the friends I have met in the first two booksAt some point when all the books are on my shelf I intend to read them one after another and enjoy them all over again But for now I can hardly wait for Athena the fourth installment of The Newport Ladies Book Club

  9. T.J. T.J. says:

    After having read Olivia I wasn't sure how I felt about the character of Paige I saw her as this mousy little girl who was a stereotypical late 20s Mormon mom But then I read Daisy and saw her stand up for herself against a very pissed off Daisy and thought This chick just got a lot cooler So I was much excited to read Paige looking forward to her viewpoint of that face offPaige is the story of a recently divorced mom who doesn't trust men The I read Paige the I kept thinking Hey lady get it through your thick skull that not all men are jerks Then I hoped she'd realize that it was trusting herself that she needed My wife really connected with Paige's character because she fears some tragic accident where I die and she's left to be a single mom raising our kids And when she mentioned that I realized how I've had those fears No there's no way I'd ever be a single mom But it isn't impossible for me to be a single dad And I just gotta say that'd suckFor me there are a few themes in Paige The first is priorities She reminds me of Rachel's mom from FRIENDS who said I went from my parents' house to the sorority house to my husband's house Paige has only had her one boyfriend who she married and divorced She doesn't know anything else about relationships it seems And I feel that it is uite interesting as there are a lot of people out there who only have one relationship and don't know what it's like to breakup with someone or even be without a companion The other theme I saw was placing value on friendship Paige gives the air of having no real friends prior to this story I don't mean to say that cruelly but rather she just never placed an importance on friendship My opinion is she had casual friends She's not an unlikable person she just never put much effort to her friends The thing that kind of bugged me was that she recently moved back to California And by the way it sounds she was there less than three years previously Why did she not have any friends from before? She was active LDS and had no one in her old ward to whom she could turn? There aren't married student wards in Southern California like there are in Utah In her defense of course she was doing her best to avoid her old life and anything that reminded her of her ex But again she wasn't unlikable Just a plot point I had an issue with but didn't really detract from the storyAll in all I did like Paige I felt like she had a good story about gaining personal strength And I definitely enjoyed the she's got young kids comments made toward Nick Jr PBS and chicken nuggets

  10. Sheila Sheila says:

    I knew a lot about Paige from reading the first two books Olivia and Daisy I knew the facts but had to prepare myself for the emotions that would come from reading this book You see Paige is the story of a single LDS working Mom That also describes my life right now Author Annette Lyon captures all of the ups and downs of being a single Mom I have to admit that I cried a lot as I read this book The most gut wrenching scene in the book takes place at Christmas time Paige has to send her two young sonsby court order back to Colorado with their father and his snooty wife for two weeksAs her boys drive off for two weeks she breaks down in That feeling of utter helplessness is so heartrendingly portrayed in Annette's writingLetting them drive away was the single hardest thing I'd ever done in my life I stood there next to my car watching I couldn't leave with Doug's truck still in the parking lot; I waited until he pulled outCarol in the passenger seat the boys crying Nate's eyes had a look of pure terror in them; he reached his arms out to me tears streaking his face Shawn cried too only softer His lower lip uivered a few tears plopped onto his cheeks and through the window he mouthed Don't go If a judge hadn't ordered me to do it I never could have I tried hard to smile and wave but there was no way I could keep the tears back any I sobbed but I smiled through my tears worried the boys would see them Doug tossed a wave my way direction while Carol fiddled with the stereo likely to drown out the sounds of the boys crying Heartless woman You'd better not hurt my boysThere are so many scenes where the heartache of divorce is portrayed For those of us that have lived through this it hurts to read But at the same time I like to read books that truly show how it is to be a single Mom trying to raise their kids Bravo Annette for writing this so well I know that she did good research to get this so right Every Newport Ladies Book Club book I read I love these fictional women even Every book has given us new insight into their personalities and reasons for their actionsThere is a lot talk about Latter Day Saint Values since Paige is the only member of her church in the book club But you will see that this is a beacon of light in her life as she has to make important choices for her and her sons Paige is another great addition to this series Go to my blog to read an interview with the author Annette Lyonhttpwhynotbecauseisaidsoblogspot

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Paige [PDF] ❤ Paige Author Annette Lyon – After a bitter divorce from her unfaithful husband Paige moves from Utah to California with her two little boys and vows to make a fresh start She finds a job at a dental practice that helps her get b After a bitter divorce from her unfaithful husband Paige moves from Utah to California with her two little boys and vows to make a fresh start She finds a job at a dental practice that helps her get back on her feet but it's the friends she makes at her new book club who help her realize how strong she is and who give her support to carry on as she faces the challenges of being a single mom She also meets Derryl a wonderful kind attentive man who treats her right something her ex never did Yet Paige struggles to figure out who she is as a woman rather than a wife how to help her boys adjust to a broken home and whether she can ever trust a man or love again As Paige leans on the book club ladies and Derryl's ever present care one thing becomes clear healing from the past reuires than a change of address.

  • Paperback
  • 243 pages
  • Paige
  • Annette Lyon
  • English
  • 27 March 2016
  • 9781608619467

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Annette Lyon is a USA Today bestselling author an time recipient of Utah’s Best in State medal for fiction three times for novel length works and five times for short fiction and a Whitney Award winner for BAND OF SISTERS She's the author of over a dozen novels at least that many novellas a cookbook a popular grammar guide and over a hundred magazine articles She’s a founder and regula.