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  1. Ryan Ryan says:

    Sassinak is a name that's been stuck in my brain forever as code for badass female warrior so I thought I'd dig this old read out and revisit Mistake Avoid Lightweight cardboard fluff with lazy plotting an omniperfect protagonist and chronic bouts of WTF This book is really four semi connected novelettes possibly with alternating authorship The fourth and last section is particularly terrible baffling the reader with disorienting incomplete exposition and suddenly terminating the main plot with a meat cleaver of magic alien deus ex machina

  2. Dan Dan says:


  3. Louis Louis says:

    I originally picked up Sassinak when it was first published At the time I had no idea who Elizabeth Moon or Anne McCaffrey were but hey there's a woman in power armour on the cover and it talks abut pirates and space ships and stuff on the back cover What could go wrong? Nothing I thought it was brilliant Brilliant enough that I grabbed The Death of Sleep and devoured it I started reading the Paksenarrion books well you get the idea I loved itA couple of days ago I finished another book and Sassinak was still there on the shelf I had such fond memories of it I thought I'd pick it up again This was as they say one of the classic blunders akin to starting a land war in AsiaIn my memory Sassinak was Honor Harrington meets Ripley with a dash of Sarah Connor In this re read Sassinak and all her fellow characters were soggy cardboard In my memory the story was all tense ship combat cold strategic thinking and exciting moments of discovery In this re read the ship combat was nearly nonexistent and what was there was boring the strategic thinking was in the realm of incredible stupidity to be fair in between reads I spent a lot of time doing military communications; the situation as described would have been easily teased out with the information provided to say the least and the moments of discovery were all from a late act character who seemed to have been written into the story just to provide itShould I mention the conspiracy theorist nature of the antagonist? Every ship in the entire fleet is compromised There's always a conveniently placed saboteur on hand to make sure things go wrong Why the enemy must have an entire shadow Fleet ready to slip warm bodies into the proper Fleet Oh wait of course we do our late act exposition character provides an explanation I wish she could provide an explanation for some of the other failings of this storyOh and it was over practically before it began Maybe I'm spoiled by the likes of Jordan or Martin or Weber or Rowling I expect meat when I bite into a book and this one didn't have any There's an entire career between Sassinak on the escape pod and Sassinak in command Where is that life? What about the other characters? I'm going to summon up the Weber comparison again he would have cut the camera away from Sassinak for a bit to let us watch her Exec's mission against the pirates By letting important action take place off screen we're robbed of so much of the LIFE of the storyAll in all at 16 years of age this was a five star book Twenty two years later it reads as pretty bad fan fiction I'm tempted to blame McCaffrey no matter how hard I try to like them her books always rub me the wrong way On the other hand Elizabeth Moon is the exact opposite I've reread several of her books and come away liking them better on a re read than I did the first time Paksennarrion et al Whomever is to blame I cannot recommend this book to anyone except perhaps the die hard McCaffereyMoon fan

  4. CatBookMom CatBookMom says:

    Once again I am disappointed by the newly published audiobook of an old favorite sff book Maybe Audible Frontiers needs a bit in their budget for narrators Ax Norman did an OK job of reading the book He did not feature any differing voices for the different characters Toward the end of the book he began to waver in how he pronounced names maybe he was getting tired And Mr Norman's rhythm varied a lot sometimes fast when it should have been slow and vice versa It was perhaps only my many re readings of this book that made me hope for better and that I differed with how Mr Norman chose to pronounce names The title character in particular I've always thought of as SASS ih nak not Sah SIN ik Sadly we can't ask Ms McCaffrey I won't be buying any seuels as audiobooks and definitely not any of Mr Norman's other recordings In 2013 I've come to expect multiple voices consistent pronunciations and timing that suits the story

  5. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Amusingly enough the first time I read this I wasn't old enough to get the title reference Love McCaffrey's femme centric sf normally but this is a little dry as space epics go

  6. Debrac2014 Debrac2014 says:

    I loved the first half of the story But I felt at times that I missed some info during the last half

  7. Mkb Mkb says:

    This book is not very good It reads like several short stories about the same character stuck together It is very much a product of its time The authors like Heinlein imagine a world with alternative progressive? attitudes to food sex gender and race expressed here as alien races in a bit of a heavy handed way I think if I had read it as a young teen in the early 1980s I would have been stoked to see a girl space captain

  8. Jer Wilcoxen Jer Wilcoxen says:

    I can't believe I'm giving an Anne McCaffrey book two stars but I have to The last 50 or so pages left me baffled I felt like I was reading something written in code It just didn't make sense Too little was explained for me to understand what was happening The first two thirds to three uarters of the book was decent if not masterful The characters were a little flat It would have made for decent sci fi reading fodder except the ending was unintelligible Very disappointing since the messages it carries of euality among peoples strong women are good women etc we need to see of in our speculative fiction I will continue to read the others in the series in the hope that McCaffery Moon worked out the kinks in later books

  9. Carolyn F. Carolyn F. says:

    I don't think I've read Anne McCaffrey before From the cover of some of her books I've seen I thought she was all about fantasy not so much sci fi But her writing with Elizabeth Moon worked really well I've read Elizabeth's work before and loved the Vatta's War series This book reminded me of that series but with a lot sex Although the sex is all behind closed door it's just that it's practically a given when people work together I didn't see any of that in Elizabeth's previous books I read Enjoyable story I'm planning on reading the rest of the seris

  10. William Edmondson William Edmondson says:

    I read this one for rFantasy's Book Bingo I picked it because I am a big fan of McCaffrey's Pern books and Elizabeth Moon's Paksenarrion Both of them are fantastic authors check them out I'm afraid to report that this one didn't hold up as I had hoped There were some jarring time shifts and deus ex machina going on at the end There were plot issues that could have been solved with current technology; ie Apparently they don't have security cameras or DNA testing in the future

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Sassinak ❰Download❯ ➽ Sassinak Author Anne McCaffrey – Sassinak was 12 when the raiders came That made her just the right age old enough to be used young enough to be broken Or so the slavers thought But Sassy turned out to be a little different and bided Sassinak was when the raiders came That made her just the right age old enough to be used young enough to be broken Or so the slavers thought But Sassy turned out to be a little different and bided her time to become the fleet captain of a pirate chasing ship of her own.

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  • 25 July 2014
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