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Finding the Mark (The Somnibus, #1) ✅ Finding the Mark (The Somnibus, #1) PDF / Epub ⚣ Author Craig McGray – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A mysterious stone Twenty year old Michael Black's parents are dead; killed in a horrifying car crash that may not have been an accident They leave him a rather simple looking stone a trace that unlea A mysterious stone Twenty year old Michael Black's parents are dead; killed in a horrifying car crash that may not have been an accident They leave him a rather simple looking stone a trace that unleashes a previously unknown ability in himAn unknown power The power enables him to bridge into another's mind and control not only their thoughts but also their actions THE SOMNIBUS When Michael unwittingly bridges to his dead mother he is attacked by the Somnibus; guardian wraiths from a shadowy world filled with stench and decayBut the Somnibus aren't Michael's only Finding the PDF \ concern The ability to bridge also reveals an even greater power trapped within the trace An ability coveted by the people responsible for the death of his parents They want the trace and will stop at nothing to get itWith the Somnibus and his parents' killers closing in Michael must keep the stone from falling into the wrong hands Michael must distinguish fact from fiction forcing him to make deadly decisions; choices that may cost him his lifeand maybe his soul Praise for the work of Craig McGraythe writer did such a good job of description that I just kept reading until I was done The writer just pulled me in and like I said before I just kept reading until I was done I am looking forward to reading 'The Somnibus Book I' when it is released Michael Edward Review for This Little PiggyThe description of events was wickedly vivid I could see the blood and smell the stench I had to read the story a second time because I could not believe I wanted to recommend itIt is horror in the tradition of Edgar Allan Poe As readers we must confront our own perceptions of victims and villains Gayle Hayes Review for This Little PiggyOne uniue spin though was the main character's attitude through the whole thing I would mention it here but that would ruin the surprise ; I look forward to from this Author Trace Review for This Little Piggy I really enjoyed McGray's short story This Little Piggy and I like The Somnibus even I hate recapping the story so let's just say there are moments in here that will creep you out of your skin Craig does a great job of keeping the story flowing nicely with a finale that will leave you at once well satisfied and begging for Griffin Hayes Review for The Somnibus Book IMr McGray has crafted a chilling paranormal thriller that will keep you awake at night because it is sometimes terrifying but also because you won't want to put it down This is the beginning of a series that I look forward to continuing with but the author has done an excellent job of making sure this first book is self contained and satisfying enough that you won't leave off feeling cheated of a proper conclusion That being said there are uestions and enticing hints left at the end of the book that will make you look forward to the next installment Michael K Rose Review for The Somnibus Book I.

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  1. Dylan Dylan says:

    Michael Black’s parents die in a car crash and Michael watches them perish Before she succumbs to the flames Michael’s mother drops a small object from the car This is a ‘trace’ and now passed to Michael it gives him the ability to bridge into other people’s bodies and not only control their minds but their actions as well But this power also opens the door into a shadowy world filled with Somnibus’; wretched creatures waiting to claim his soul His parents were murdered and Michael must use his new ability to find their killer—but the Somnibus are waitingAt novella length The Somnibus Book I – Finding the Mark by Craig McGray is a fast paced action filled read that will leave the reader anxious for the release of the second volume in this world of death deceit and wraith like entities It’s well written for the most part and the plot pulls the reader along with characters that are easy to get along with and a mystery that unravels at an ideal pace There are uestions early on and for a while I was concerned they wouldn’t get answered but all is revealed before the book’s climactic conclusionIt is my understanding that a new edition of this book is forthcoming which will tighten the prose and make this book a enjoyable read than it already is which is good to know because the potential of a truly gripping tale was clearly visible in the edition I readMichael Black’s traumas and fight isn’t over with the last turn of the page in The Somnibus Book I – Finding the Mark and I for one am looking forward to reading the second installment

  2. Angie ~aka Reading Machine~ Angie ~aka Reading Machine~ says:

    Michael Black thought everything in his life was going well All Michael had to worry about was going to college then everything changed Michael witnessed his parent's death in a fiery car crash Michael can't afford to keep his parent's home by himself and has the bank auction it off The house is sold but memories remain Michael doesn't recall his dreams being so vivid yet they're so startling realistic Michael kept emerald green stone that belonged to his mother The new owner of the house asks to speak with Michael Mort Bell is an unusual man with many secrets Mort shares with Michael that the stone is called a trace and dreaming is called bridging Michael isn't sure what to believe yet finds that he trusts Mort When Michael is attacked by the somnibus Mort steps into rescue him Will Michael seek out the truth? What are Mort's intentions? What do the somnibus want? Your answers await you in The SomnibusA very uniue and complex world Mr McGray has created here I honestly didn't know who to really trust or believe in I was convinced I knew the truth but was happily proven wrong at the end of the story I found the characters to be realistic and relatable I loved the uses of dreams as a key component of this book The hints of mystery and suspense were perfectly timed

  3. Grammar*Kitten Grammar*Kitten says:

    The Somnibus I Finding the Mark by Craig McGray is an enjoyable horror outing for fans of the genreAn intriguing concept is interwoven with mystery and McGray's customary spattering of gore and the macabre making this a delight to read The prose is easy on the eye the characters multi dimensional and well written and the mystery takes the story along a dark path that keeps the reader guessing as to who the good guys and bad guys actually areI would definitely recommend this to those who like their books veilled in mystery chained by the supernatural and liberally splattered with shock and gore

  4. Michael Edward Michael Edward says:

    Mr McGray crafts a horror story that is a real page turner I read the book in one sitting The story was both creepy and chilling It kept pushing me toward a satisfying ending to book one And in the end the author delivers Somnibus is what the horror genre needs This story proves that in the horror field one does not need to have the usual gore to make the story work The Somnibus wraith like creatures reminded me of the shadows from the movie Ghost and Mort reminded me of The Tall Man from the Phantasm movies Both images for me are creepy Great Job

  5. Sharon Sharon says:

    an amazing book well written Could not put it down

  6. Trixy Lemell Trixy Lemell says:

    Somnibus Book 1 Finding the Mark was a free book I snagged during a membership giveaway I was really excited to read this novella from this up and coming author but it took less than two paragraphs to have all forms of excitement erased By the end of the first chapter which is all of about 1 page or so my shoulders were already hanging low and the highlighter was already at work The novella was a uick read but I credit it to the very simple child like writing style Harsh words yes but to be honest there was nothing at all challenging in this book not even the plot line The plot is so thin and it shows through all the white space on the page The characters are one dimensional all the way through and though the twist was not predictable it fell flat I think that most of that has to do with the fact that you just really don't care about the characters at all At times the story did pick up with a tad bit of suspense but for the most part it dragged on trivial bits of information and filler The whole book is littered with common errors spelling and words out of place I honestly thought that there was something wrong with me but after have an English major read a section and send it back with the same highlights and comments that I had I realized that I was unfortunately right the book needs a major rewriteTruth is that I'm the last person to correct English spelling grammar and punctuationI suck at all of the above So I won't even get into it I'll just give an example of some of the issues I had with this story that apparently every other review seemed to misswhich only makes me wonder how they are related to the authorFirst page He watches his parents car roll and flip My first uestion ishow He is apparently driving because he pulls over They apparently have been driving for a while because he sends them a text and later on we find out about how the accident happens One is left wondering why he's on the road with his parents in separate carswhen he lives with them In the end I came to the conclusion of How convenientand forced On that same page he manages to get the stone from his mother who sueezes her hand through a crack in the window and drops it This also seems convenient and forced when the paragraph before talks about how he can't even get near the car because of the flames shooting out But some how he's now able to get close enough to pick up this stone next to his mother but not actually help her? Mind you the stone doesn't even burn him when he grabs it and he doesn't manage to catch on fire even though he's that close to the flames but whatever This of course is the first chapter the first 1 or 2 pages just imagine how it went after that So much done out of convenience that left me rolling my eyes at times and confused at others Another issue is that the author has trouble describing things I remember at one point he went on and on to describe that one character was overweight and oh the cliches used Ballooned hand I believe was used twice at two different times but on the same page At times characters are standing but then suddenly one is getting up off the sofa The lack of actuate description confuses the reader One issue the main character is an idiot It seems that he can't grasp anything the first time and so everything is a surprise to him Truth is this is all supposed to be some sort of suspense or mystery for the reader Who is that man with his eyes black snorting and smelling of metal? Our character is clueless and so opens the door Later he finds the man without the signs of the Somnibus and gets angry wanting to know why he broke in All of this makes no sense since another character gave him and the readers a demonstration on how this whole thing works and he's seen it at least twice and it's happened to him already twice So instead of action or suspense or mystery is comes off as a character who is dumber than bricksBut not all is lost the dialogue is pretty decent and the whole premise is good If only the author could pull it off and do so well

  7. Daniel Daniel says:

    After the violent passing of his parents Michael Black inherits a simple stone that hides a remarkable power The use of this stone gives the user the ability to bridge into peoples minds controlling their thoughts and actions Bridging takes the user through a hidden world inhabited by malicious entities know as the Somnibus who enter our world to feedMr McGray has crafted a chilling paranormal thriller that draws you in and never lets go It is well written and twists keep you off guard making it hard to see what's coming next McGray's characters are strong and help progress the storyI was particularly interested in the entities known as the Somnibus that enter our wold to feed on the weak and helpless Very creepy stuff and an excellent read Included in this was Craig McGary's short story This Little Piggy which I'll post a review of soon

  8. Scott Whitmore Scott Whitmore says:

    An interesting paranormal novella that I enjoyed reading finishing it in just a few hoursIt opens with Michael watching his parents die in a fiery car crash; in her final moments his mother manages to pass him a small stone which obviously meant something to her Later on when a grieving Michael falls asleep while holding the stone he experiences a terrifying and terrifyingly vivid dream filed with dark and evil creatures the Somnibus Butwas it a dream? Or was it a glimpse at another realm of existence a realm in which the Somnibus rule? There are uestions than answers for much of this novella which moves at a satisfyingly uick pace The twists and turns along the way throw much of what is learned in doubt which makes reading the second novella in this series a must for meI'm not complaining

  9. Chrissie Chrissie says:

    I loved this story This story is one those that you can imagine the story in your mind as you read I enjoyed the supernatural element to the story You think you know what is happening but then it takes a turnI couldn't put it down read it in one night I am dying to read part 2 to see what happens

  10. Leanne Keenoo Leanne Keenoo says:

    Very strange paranormal read Not really my kind of book although the extra short story at the end was fabulous Disgusting gory violent and sickening but fabulous

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