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Cry Baby Hollow ❴Reading❵ ➿ Cry Baby Hollow Author Aimee Love – There are things we all know about werewolves The only way to become a werewolf is to be bitten by one They only come out on the full moon They can only be killed with a silver bullet They are not rea There are things we all know about werewolves The only way to become a werewolf is to be Cry Baby PDF/EPUB or bitten by one They only come out on the full moon They can only be killed with a silver bullet They are not realBut when Aubrey Guinn comes to Eastern Tennessee to help Vina an aging family friend werewolves are the furthest things from her mind She is preoccupied with mundane concerns like keeping Vina's ingrate step children from putting her in a nursing home avoiding the advances of her handsome but dim witted neighbor and keeping her mailbox away from the good old boys baseball bats It isn't until Aubrey finds the body of a local boy gruseomely murdered that she begins to see that life in the country is anything but slow and werewolves are far from what Hollywood had led her to expect.

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  1. BK Blue BK Blue says:

    If there were any glaring grammar or spelling errors I didn't notice them so muchos gracias for that Now on to the important stuffI used to live in East Tennessee I went joyriding up and down back roads through the mountains My grandma was born and raised in one of the hollows No idea if it is still there but we used to go to the drive in movies this in early 90s all the time on the weekends What I am saying is the author has the Tennessee backwoods country culture down PAT I was having flashbacks and missing my grandma who the character Vina reminded me of You don't mess around with an old country girl No joke LolThe MC was one tough lady and I loved it Loved it I loved what she did with her mailbox in retaliation and how she handled the situation and I loved how she took care of her own shit I was maybe slightly disappointed with how she wasn't a bit suspicious of a couple things and though the romance wasn't bad it wasn't what kept me reading the storyI will tell you this Barring the werewolves the whole craziness happening in the hollows she describes? Not an exaggeration That's how it is In places like that everyone pretty much knows everyone if not also being related to everyone Yes sometimes in ways than one Ew I know It's a place of guns good old boys family feuds and a different idea of law You mess with one person you've messed with the whole family It's crazy But this book made me miss it a bit Okay maybe than just a bitAlso werewolves Yay Although the build up is slow and they aren't even confirmed as such until towards the end It's okay though because it's a mostly good build upPS If you're from 'round those parts you pronounce it holler not hollow P

  2. Heller Heller says:

    This was like reading a Sookie Stackhouse book except one where Sookie was smart and tough It has a very clever take on werewolves here one I've never read before I really liked that a lot I enjoyed the characters in Cry Baby Hollow and how it came to get that name is very clever and all due the character of Vina who really makes this a uirky interesting read I also desperately want to go to any one of her Halloween bashes There's a sweet sexy romance here between Aubery and her neighbour Joe Nice progression with a slow burn it's all cut to black but that works well here I found some of the dialogue and situations a bit choppy which lead to a bit of confusion because the story seemed to jump a bit but it didn't take away from my enjoyment at allThis is tight little shifter read with an original storyline with both a uirky setting and characters I'd recommend this to any paranormal fan who may be experiencing a bit of shifter fatigue This will definitely get you back in the swing of the genre again It is a standalone story but there is definitely the possibility of revisiting Cry Baby Hollow again I hope to see another book set here I'd defintely read it

  3. Cheryl M-M Cheryl M-M says:

    Excellent read Yes it's yet another shifter novel and I agree there are a vast amount of those on the market right now but this one managed to stay interesting from start till finishThe author has a wicked dark sense of humour which I found appealing and as I was reading the odd chuckle could be heard or a grin would appearAbout halfway through the author takes the heroine down a route that was unconventional and I grumbled a tad Why would she do that I wondered that makes no sense because she can't write a seuel I asked myself Of course my internal impatience was rewarded with the solution the author presented and I omitted a sigh of reliefI hope this is to be the first in a series I was impressed by the way the notion of were was approached from a gender specific and DNA point of viewThe only flaw and reason for 4 instead of 5 stars was uite a few typos andor spelling errors Other than that this was a cracking read

  4. Leanne Leanne says:

    I hope this book is the start of a new series The characters were brought to life and believable as far as any fantasy character can be I enjoyed the twists and turns as well as the tiny bit of romance that did not blow up into super descriptive sex scenes that add nothing but titillation to the storyThe Characters and story line have room to grow without tromping over the same ground again and againGreat Job Aimee Love

  5. April April says:

    Excellent UF even though the setting isn't terribly urban and the world building hides the fantasy until late in the story I read this book without having read the blurb based upon the recommendation of a friend and I had no idea what was going on just that SOMETHING was and that it was interesting and fun and actually full of laughter despite the seriousness of the situation

  6. Tanya Tanya says:

    OMG I loved this story Terrific twist on a paranormal theme Fantastic characters I am hoping this will be a series If you like Charlaine Harris Janet Evanovich or Patricia Briggs then this is a book you must read

  7. Cynjin Cynjin says:

    Freakin' fabulous A different take on werewolves a TCB h an irrascible oldie olster HILLBILLIES from a hollow The author has written a book that made me LOL throughout the book smile upon finishing and hope hope hope we'll get to see Audrey Joe and Vina again

  8. Sadie Forsythe Sadie Forsythe says:

    Cry Baby Hollow was a surprisingly good read I say surprisingly because there are so many werewolf books on the market these days and almost all of them seem to be small variations of the same story This one is not one of those For one it isn't about some dimwitted heroine falling hard for another testosterone crazed alpha wolf Thank you sweet baby HeyZeus for variety I would hesitate to even call this paranormal romance except that it does have paranormal creatures in it and there is some romance Either way it's a lot of fun if a little slow at times Ms Love has created an interesting story with engaging characters and some true regional humour I can say that too I happen to be from Tennessee There was a lot of genuine southern culture depicted here but there were a few inevitable stereotypes too Sadly there's often a grain of truth in even them so I can't fault the book for that I did have a few gripes though While I loved Aubrey's sharp tongue and uick wit it didn't always feel realistic Old women like Vina can get away with being so acerbic younger ones haven't earned the social right yet On than one occasion I laughed at some cut down or defiant act of Aubrey's 'cause they are funny and fist pumpingly right on then thought 'what a bitch' She was just too uick to jump onto the offence Plus since you are given so little of Aubrey's history upfront it felt a little like all of her considerable skill came unearned Of course she's supposed to have spent 10 years in the Navy No doubt she worked hard for them but you don't feel it I loved loved loved Joe but there's a fairly drastic change in his personality about halfway through the book and I was a little disappointed in that It was predictable really but I still much preferred his Good 'Ol Boy self to his cleaned up self I also wondered why he knew the area so much better than Aubrey if he'd been vacationing there for 10 years but she'd been visiting her whole life Seemed a little backwards Lastly some important events were strangely glossed over almost anything bedroom related Aubrey's days in the hospital which marked a sharp change in the tone of the book her first training with Vina and pals that allowed her to fight on an even playing field with the baddy All of them are game changers to the plot but none of them are given to the reader Their absence tended to make the events following them feel like abrupt shifts even when they really weren't These are all fairly minor complaints in the grand scheme of things though I have no hesitation about recommending Cry Baby Hollow book It's well worth reading

  9. Lauren Lauren says:

    I suppose it's not a spoiler if I tell you this is a werewolf book but the build up is so slow no confirmed werewolf until somewhere around the 85 90% mark that it really does seem like I'm giving something away Aubrey moves into rural Tennessee to take care of an old family friend and somehow distant relative Vina If you've ever watched deliverance you know the Appalachians are no place to let your guard down On her first night in her new home she nearly hits a strange creature that she mistakes as canine one moment and human the next A Navy alum Aubrey doesn't scare easy She settles in to rural life with ease hating and flirting with her neighbor running through the woods where she might or might not be followed by a red wolf and getting pulled into Vina's shenanigans Small pranks and tricks become scarier and scarier as it goes from her mailbox being bashed in to strange possible wolf creatures showing up on the cameras she installs She gets pulled into a murder and than some serious family drama The build as I said is extremely slow but I found the character so interesting why oh why did you dress her like a babe with no brains on the cover? That looks like what I would think of as Katie of Lilli versus our own fierce protagonist The plot line itself meanders but it's fun to follow and I found myself looking forward to picking the book back up every time I had to put it down If you are looking for a cherpy overly sarcastic sexed up sex kitten this is not the book for you If you are looking for something a little real and a story that slowly winds itself up for the strike I highly recommend this book I've been having a terrible time with terrible books later so this one was such an enjoyable relief

  10. Has Has says:

    Full review to be posted soonI really really enjoyed this book which features werewolves in a southern rural town in America Aubrey the heroine is an ex Navy officer who is relocating back to Cry Baby Hollow after a divorce and to help out her surrogate grandmother Vina But the slow pace of life and uiet is uickly surpassed when events in her small town is much dangerous than it seems Oh I really loved Aubrey's character she wasn't kick ass in the traditional sense but she definitely stood her ground when she faced danger and I loved how resourceful and intelligent to protect the people she loved And you got to love a heroine who knows how to blow things up to help track and hunt mail box vandals But the best thing in the book is the characters the plot which concerns the werewolves slowly evolves but it is the characterisations and the little details and developments that affect them is in the fore front Usually this wouldn't be affective especially in an UF but Aimee Lane really makes them alive through their dialogue and personalites I adored the cranky Vina who had some of the best one liners in the book There was also a fun and sweet romance with Aubrey's neighbour Joe that slowly plays out and while it was subtle I wasn't left wantingI highly highly recommend this book because it was a pure gem to read The slow pace may not appeal to some who would like action and plot but I loved the focus on the characters and I hope there is MOAR because I am firmly hooked

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