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  1. Kat Kennedy Kat Kennedy says:

    Stunning book Was a little lengthy and the relationship tropes a little repetitive but over all I really loved it

  2. Jen Davis Jen Davis says:

    Maybe you aren’t familiar with steampunk Maybe you don’t love it Maybe you haven’t read the earlier installments in the Iron Seas series Maybe you’ve never even heard of Meljean Brook It Does Not Matter You need to buy this book now and read it You need to get swept up in the adventure You need to swoon over the romance And then you can join the rest of us who can do nothing but gush over just how wonderful this story isI read all 8 parts as one continuous story because I have read serials before and I know the format does not work for me But don’t let that discourage you if you want to check out Part 1 just to see if it’s right for you I think it will give you enough of a taste to decide whether to go forward Honestly I was hooked before I turned the page to start Part 2 and it only got better as I continued to read You don’t need to have read the previous books in the series although there are references to prior events This stands alone just fine –and it may even inspire you to go back and read the earlier installmentsThe story follows Zenobia Fox a woman who has spent her adult life writing stories based on her brother’s wild adventures She loves what she does and she adores her brother but his exploits have put her in danger countless times Usually she is kidnapped and held for ransom so bad men can exploit her brother’s success Now she travels with bodyguards to keep her safe Only not even they can stop a group of marauders from targeting their airship Fortunately Zenobia’s uick thinking and theirs allows them to survive and escape into the protection of a nearby shipThat ship belongs to the Kraken King or at least that is name that follows his reputation Members of the town that he founded call him Governor His friends and family call him Ari His number one priority is protecting Krakentown from the marauders who have been targeting airships all around his territory He has no plans for his attraction to the sharp and fascinating Zenobia to interfere with that But that doesn’t mean he can’t try to find a way to get her in bed and protect the town at the same timeI don’t want to spoil the particulars but I’ll tell you that the story is sweeping It takes the characters to new lands They face enemies on many fronts and there is danger in every leg of their journey The pacing is fantastic with each designed part of the serial like a tv show episode while the entire book is the euivalent of an entire season That means no part is boring Every page I read made me want to read the next page and then the nextThe world building is spectacular It’s not like anything I have ever read –and I read a lot But the true stars of the stories are the characters They are so rich and three dimensional I felt like I knew them I cared about them I understood what motivated them From our core couple to the secondary characters they all mattered From the very beginning I cared about both Ari and Zenobia and that only grew with each passing chapter Both evolve so much over the course of the story with all they must overcome –and even profoundly as they grow to love one anotherThe romance is utterly swoon worthy I loved how he loved her It was so pure and true I loved watching him break down her walls and earn a place in her heart And I loved the complete devotion she ends up showing him in return And the sex is sooo hot Basically perfectI can’t think of a single thing I didn’t love about this book It’s one of the best I have read this year Go buy it and find a comfortable chair You won’t want to put it downRating A ARC Provided by Berkley

  3. Mei Mei says:

    An interesting and action packed story in the Iron Seas universe I loved the relationship between Ari e Zenobia The issue of trust was explain in length Almost too much but I loved itWhat I didn't like so much was the communications problem they had If they took time to explain some of their action they would have solved many things that created some rather big problemsOtherwise very nice

  4. Jo Jo says:

    10 AMAZING STARS “Because you have a light in your face and a fire in your eyes and the first time I looked into them I knew it would be you The woman I would want forever The woman I need at my side The woman I would love” Zenobia Fox is the author of her brother Archimedes Fox’s famous adventures She dreams of having adventures of her own but the only ones she does experience other than her writing is the kidnapping attempts she has to endure because of the brother’s wealth But then while accompanying her friend on a trip to the Red City their ship is ambushed and during their escape she is saved by the Ari the governor of Krakentown And even though she is attracted to him right from the start she has learned to guard her heart well and to trust no one with her secrets Ari also known as the Kraken King and who was once one of the most powerful men in the Horde rebellion does not know what to make of the very interesting woman he rescued from an airship He is instantly attracted to her humor and her clever mind but knows that she is hiding secrets But seeing as he has no plan on letting her go he intends to find out everything about her and to set aflame the fire that burns between them But the recent sieges on airships by marauders have a sinister meaning than Ari believed and once they reach the Red City he will have to fight as only the Kraken King can to save the woman he has come to love and the people of his town Because Ari knows where the Skybreaker a war machine with terrifying power is hidden And there are those that would use any pawn any weakness of Ari to force him to reveal its location And Zenobia has come to mean everything to Ari she is his greatest weakness “Everything I do is to persuade you to stay Every time I touch you every time I look at you every time I kiss you Every time I get inside you I won’t stop until you’re crying my name I intend to brand myself so deep into you that you could write a thousand stories but still not picture life without me That is my purpose If you put obstacles between us I will use any strategy to tear them down” The romance in this book was absolutely FANTASTIC Zenobia and Ari are wonderful main characters and I loved watching these two fall for each other Because of Zenobia’s past at the hands of her father and the people who used her to gain money from her brother she has trouble believing that Ari really cared for her And I loved how Ari pursued Zenobia how he fought to breach the walls she had build around her heart convincing her how much he loved her and admired her He fought for her trust showing her again and again the lengths he would go to to keep her safe and that he would never let her go Their romance was intense with wonderful banter and very hot and sexy times I loved it The steampunk genre has become a favorite of mine I find it incredibly fascinating I loved the world building in this book The airships balloon flyers and steel walkers that looks like giant crabs were fantastic As were the krakens that use to be suids before being modified the sharks that became ard megaladons and the boilerworms that eats anything in its path The author did a fantastic job at describing everything in just enough detail that I could clearly picture it without overwhelming me with unnecessary descriptions and words The plot was so captivating Right from the first page I was hooked and I could not put this book down I loved the mystery surrounding their attacks and finding out who was targeting Ari and Zenobia and why And their journey of escaping captivity and of trying to put a stop those who want to use the Skybreaker for their own use was so well written There was never a dull moment in this book I savored each and every single page of this book Never before have I been so reluctant to see the end coming near I wanted it to last forever I absolutely adore this book and this series And I can’t recommend it enough A must read for all who loves a powerful romance with wonderful characters and fantastic world building

  5. MelissaB MelissaB says:

    The Kraken King was a great story it is by far my favorite in this steam punk series I liked both the hero and the heroine they were both likable people who I enjoyed reading about Ari was a pretty amazing hero he was head over heels for Zenobia and vowed to protect her and be her shield and he meant it and showed it by at one point breaking a man in half who was attacking her then making her other attacker tell everyone he meets that Zenobia is now under his protection and anyone who comes after her will have to come through him be still my heart Zenobia was a sensible woman who was finally able to find a man she could trust to want her for herself not for how much money her brother had I enjoyed how their relationship developed at a reasonable rate with them taking the time to get to know each other and work through issues and misunderstandings that came up because they grew up in different worlds and both of them were keeping justifiable secrets I don't give out many 5 star reviews these days but this story deserved it

  6. Ursula Ursula says:

    Where to begin with one of the most interesting and absorbing books I have read in a while?This is a long and complex book you can buy and read it in 8 separate parts but it rewards the reader who perseveres There is so much detail in the story so much complexity in the the historical political and military aspects of the book that you need to take your time to do it justice The characterisation is brilliant and with a longer book I guess an author has the time to layer the characters Our heroine Zenobia is just wonderful Her initial fears and the protective walls she has erected around herself are justified once we are made aware of her situation And Ari one of the most wonderful heroes I have come across is a complex and conflicted man Complex because of the circumstances surrounding his birth and family and conflicted because of his strong sense of duty to his people which has him having to choose between them and Zenobia at timesTheir adventures the dramas the battles the torture it was actually awful and I struggle with torture at the best of times but it's doubly hard when I am so invested in the characters and their incredibly passionate love is heartbreaking The military aspect was fascinating too and I could see so many parallels to today I have to say this author really impressed me with her researchI could uote so many things that Ari says to Zenobia where he declares his love again and again in the most poetic and emotional ways as he tries to break down her walls to earn her trust but I would run out of space There is a depth to their feelings that is usually missing from much of the Romance I read todayWhat a glorious surprise to discover this book

  7. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    The Kraken King is the fourth installment in Meljean Brook's adult romancesteampunk series titled Iron Seas I am a huge fan of this series and have been fortunate to have access to all the audiobooks at my local library The narration on these is incredible by the way I highly recommend the audio versions I am slowly but surely getting through all the novels and novellasand they are amazingWhile I enjoyed The Kraken King I didn't love it uite as much as some of the others It was VERY long and I definitely felt the length I think that alone is what prompted the three star rating from me However there was some fun action suspense and war related strategy going on that made the storyline feel incredibly engaging The steampunk world Ms Brook has created astounds me with every book I read The adult romance aspect is also such a treat in this series although I should note it feels pretty minimal in this one compared to the rest Readers still get some sexy scenes but the romance is of a trust me marry me love me type of scenario There's nothing unsexy about that thoughOverall I liked The Kraken King and would recommend it to followers of the series According to Ms Brook's website she appears to be writing just one installment before the series end I am soooooo sad but all good things must come to a close sometime I'm just happy I found this series at all It's been some serious fun Check it outMy favorite uote “I think the difference is not in the man but in how many stand behind him”Note This story was originally published as a serial novel a book published in episodes from April 15 2014 to June 3 2014 The order goes like this#41 The Kraken King and the Scribbling Spinster#42 The Kraken King and the Abominable Worm#43 The Kraken King and the Fox's Den#44 The Kraken King and the Inevitable Abduction#45 The Kraken King and the Iron Heart#46 The Kraken King and the Crumbling Walls#47 The Kraken King and the Empress's Eyes#48 The Kraken King and the Greatest AdventureThe novel was later published in a compiled form The Kraken King which is what I readand thank God for that I am so done with this serial business I understand there are both positives and negatives of publishing in this format but personally as a reader I tend to only focus on the negatives in terms of serials I just can't help it I guess I don't have the patience to wait for another tidbit of a captivating story which is why I wait and watch TV series all at once when they arrive on Netflixyeah I'm one of those people If I'm not on goodreads for a few days that's why lol When reading a serial novel I view the experience as if you're having a really amazing dream and get rudely woken up in the middle of it and you can't go back to sleep to see what happens next Actually you can't finish this cliffhanger ish dream for weeks or sometimes months In my opinion it SUCKS However I must acknowledge that some readers must enjoy reading in a serial format or else why would and authors choose to go this route? Based on Ms Brook's explanation she appeared to have her readers' best interests at heart and I can respect that You can read her explanation HEREThe Iron Seas series includes the following installments as of May 2015 The ratings are my personal opinion only#04 The Blushing Bounder#05 Here There Be Monsters ★★★★★#06 The Hook#1 The Iron Duke ★★★★★#15 Mina Wentworth and the Invisible City ★★★★☆#2 Heart of Steel ★★★☆☆#25 Tethered#3 Riveted ★★★★☆#34 Wrecked#35 Part of anthology Enthralled#4 The Kraken King ★★★☆☆

  8. Lisa - (Aussie Girl) Lisa - (Aussie Girl) says:

    Another imaginative instalment of the Iron Seas series which was originally released as a serial I enjoyed it especially the visual picture that Meljean Brook excels at floating cities mechanical monsters and a great array of vibrant characters not the least being Ari the Kraken King At 576 pages a little too long perhaps when it was published in its entirely a little editing wouldn't have gone astray but this didn't really detract from enjoying a swashbuckling tale well told

  9. Somia Somia says:

    This book is split into eight parts and gives us former smuggler thief and rebel the very delicious Ari – also known as the Kraken King and governor of Krakentown and writer Zenobia Fox the sister of infamous adventurer Archimedes Fox Book 2 Heart of Steel a woman of keen intelligence Fed up of being kidnapped and wanting to experience some of the adventures she writes about Zenobia under the alias of a widow with two mercenaries disguised as her maid and valet accompanies her childhood friend to the wilds of Australia What she doesn’t expect are the perilous adventures that would ensue and that she would draw the undivided attention of the dangerous Kraken KingBoth MCs were very enjoyable and the heat between them fab to see although a bit banter and sizzle and spark would have been great at the start Ari had me sighing in pleasure and smiling a fair bit and loved him for Zenobia his actions throughout leave the reader in no doubt he would put her first I like the fact Ari isn’t a manwhore later in the story it’s revealed he has been view spoilercelibate for uite some time hide spoiler

  10. Keertana Keertana says:

    Although I harbored my doubts when Brooks announced that The Kraken King would be written in a serialized format I found myself pleasantly surprised by how effectively it came together as a cohesive novel The latest in this vividly imaginative steampunk series follows Zenobia Fox the sister of adventurer Archimedes Fox and her experiences are no less enthralling than that of her sibling The Kraken King worked particularly effectively due to its length It feels longer than her other novels and rightly so due to the serial format but it also allows her to infuse detail and depth into the world and her characters The romantic tension is prolonged a slow burn that feels so good and the problems that rip these two apart are wholly mental and all the realistic for it Of course Brooks excels at political machinations and introducing new facets to the world she has created time and time again so these books are all round winners through and through If you haven't picked them up yet; do

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The Kraken King [PDF] ❤ The Kraken King By Meljean Brook – A former smuggler and thief Ari better known as the Kraken King doesn't know what to make of the clever mysterious woman he rescues from an airship besieged by marauders Unsure if she's a spy or a paw A former smuggler and thief Ari better known as The Kraken King doesn't know what to make of the clever mysterious woman he rescues from an airship besieged by marauders Unsure if she's a spy or a pawn in someone else's game Ari isn't about to let her out of his sight until he finds out After escaping her fourth kidnapping attempt in a year Zenobia Fox has learned to vigilantly guard her identity While her brother Archimedes is notorious for his exploits Zenobia has had no adventures to call her own besides the stories The Kraken PDF/EPUB or she writes But when she jumps at the chance to escape to the wilds of Australia and acuire research for her next story Zenobia uickly discovers that the voyage will be far adventurous than any fiction she could put to paper.