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  1. Vincent Wood Vincent Wood says:

    I like to think that I have a strong knowledge of history But in reality the I learn the I realize just how little history I know One gap to my knowledge was the Persian Empire I did know a few things about it I had heard of names such as Cyrus Darius and Xerxes I also knew they were a behemoth of an empire and often played the Goliath to Greece's David But that was about itI thought this was a great series of lectures to help learn about this historical empire It showed many of the stories in which the Persians played the villains in Greek history and showed them from a Persian perspective It also showed just how little we know about this great empire Much of the history we know about the Persians seems to come from the Greek or the Jewish people Because of this there seems to be a lot information about the western side of the empire than there is about the eastern side of the empireI would recommend this to anybody interested in the history of the ancient world

  2. Jim Jim says:

    Audio download 24 30 minute lectures heavily supplemented with online materialThis interesting lecture series provides a different point of view of the history of the Achaemenid Empire roughly 550 to 330 BCE often attempting to draw from sources other than the usual suspects eg Herodotus Plutarch Characteristically ? these sources appear to be much kinder to the 'Great Kings' down playing the traditional? brutality and emphasizing the kinder gentler side gardeners? Really?Dr Lee presents in a clear and measured fashion obviously integrating visuals into his presentation since I was listening to the audio version I had to improviseto those of you on a treadmill or driving this might create a challenge Apparently other reviewers' compliments about the visuals suggest that the video versions might be better By following online I was not only able to visit those cities Lee noted on his travelogue but I was able to get a bit dialogue about the characters who built them and lived there It took a bit longer but it made the 'compare and contrast' aspect of the course that much interestingGood course I intend to follow it up with 'Greek and Persian Wars' and just for grins 'Peloponnesian War'and it's a great bargain when you can get it for less than 1lecture

  3. Loren Shultz Loren Shultz says:

    Nice recounting of history from a non Greek perspective

  4. Patrick Patrick says:

    This is a fascinating and highly informative overview of the history and impact of the Persian empire

  5. Flash Sheridan Flash Sheridan says:

    I pretty much agree with the other favorable reviews on the company’s web site and also with the complaint about the shifts between traditional chronological lectures and trendy thematic ones But the thematic lectures actually were pretty information dense and avoided the vacuity of for instance “Between the Rivers” The two lectures on a hypothetical journey around the empire worked uite well except that it was inexcusable that the course guide lacked a map of the journey or even of the empire Overall I agree that this is a valuable lecture course for understanding an important neglected and sometimes unfairly denigrated source of our civilization I would particularly recommend it to politicians currently making a mess of foreign policy

  6. Kai Tinley Kai Tinley says:

    Yay Finally a course that tries to present the Persian Empire from the Persian perspective not primarily through the Greek lens Also a great balance of event history and cultural history Exactly what I was looking for

  7. Jonathan Jonathan says:

    I would really recommend this course as an antidote to the fiction of movies such as 300

  8. Aaron Kimpton Aaron Kimpton says:

    A solid bit of work on the history of the Persian empire and people Fantastic listen

  9. Steve Sanders Steve Sanders says:

    Dry and informative

  10. Daniel Daniel says:

    A course on the Persian empire that doesn't just use Herodotus and Xenophone but instead tells the history from the Persian perspective This series adds uite a bit of context to the one sided version you get from westernGreek sources Probably one of the better of the great courses series Highly recommend

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The Persian Empire [Reading] ➾ The Persian Empire By John W.I. Lee – What do we know about the Persian Empire For most of the past 2500 years we've heard about it from the ancient Greek perspective a decadent civilization run by despots the villains who lost the Battle What do we know about The Persian Empire For most of the past years we've heard about it from the ancient Greek perspective a decadent civilization run by despots the villains who lost the Battle of Marathon and supplied the fodder for bad guys in literature and The Persian PDF/EPUB or film But is this image really accurateRecent scholarship examining The Persian Empire from the Persian perspective has discovered a major force that has had a lasting influence on the world in terms of administration economics religion architecture and In fact The Persian Empire was arguably the world's first global power—a diverse multicultural empire with flourishing businesses and people on the move It was an empire of information made possible by a highly advanced infrastructure that included roads canals bridges and a courier system And the kings of Persia's Achaemenid dynasty —Cyrus Darius Xerxes and others—presided over an empire that created a tremendous legacy for subseuent history The Persian Empire is your opportunity to see one of the greatest empires in the ancient world from a fresh new perspective its own Over the span of fascinating lectures Professor John W I Lee of the University of California Santa Barbara—a distinguished teacher and an expert on the long buried secrets of the ancient world—takes the role of a history detective and examines Persian sources to reveal what we now know about this grand civilization Tapping into the latest scholarship on The Persian Empire this course is sure to fill in some critical gaps in your understanding and appreciation of the sweep of ancient history and its undeniable effect on later civilizations—including our own.