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Farewell Dorothy Parker ❰Epub❯ ❥ Farewell Dorothy Parker Author Ellen Meister – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk When it comes to movie reviews critic Violet Epps is a powerhouse voice But that’s only because she’s learned to channel her literary hero Dorothy Parker the most celebrated and scathing wit of th When it comes to movie reviews critic Violet Epps is a powerhouse voice But that’s only because she’s learned to channel her literary hero Dorothy Parker the most celebrated and scathing wit of the twentieth centuryIf only Violet could summon that kind of strength in her personal lifeGripped by paralyzing anxiety Violet visits the Algonuin Hotel in an attempt to pull strength from the hallowed dining room where Dorothy Parker and so many other famous writers of the s traded barbs But she gets than she bargained for and the Farewell Dorothy Epub / feisty spirit rematerializes hitching a ride onto Violet’s already troubled lifeAn irreverent ghost with problems of her own—including a refusal to cross over to the afterlife—Mrs Parker helps Violet face her fears becoming mentor tormentor and with any luck friendWickedly funny and surprisingly poignant Farewell Dorothy Parker perfectly re imagines one of America’s most iconic voices in a touching and unforgettable tale.

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  1. Sarah H Sarah H says:

    The premise is promising Bring back Dorothy Parker as a ghost and have her channel her wisdom into a timid writer But in order to make this work the writing needs to be as clever as Parker herself and that just doesn’t happen in this book When the mechanism for bringing the ghost into the story becomes one of the plausible things in the story you’ve got a problem on your hands Meister unfortunately seems not to have learned one of the most basic lessons of writing Show don’t tell She explains everything some of it in the first two or three chapters and some of it multiple times Her heroine Violet Epps writes “scathing” movie reviews although the bits we see don’t look all that scathing but is a simp in real life The explanation for this is absurd the writing is leaden and Violet Shrinking Violet get it? is an unsympathetic ninny And in between the wants to be whimsical narrative we get bits and pieces of Parker’s life some of which we discover in the Afterward aren’t even true Do yourself a favor and check out a book by Parker herself instead

  2. Allison Ketchell Allison Ketchell says:

    FAREWELL DOROTHY PARKER by Ellen Meister turns out to be chick lit I'm starting this review with a disclaimer that chick lit is not normally what I read It is possible that this is wonderful for chick lit I was drawn to this title by the promise of Dorothy Parker's influence on a modern movie critic Violet Epps who is witty and confident in print but a disaster in real life Doesn't that sound fun? The book promises that the spirit of Dorothy Parker will help Violet find her voice and blah blah blah At the same time Dorothy Parker will blah blah blah until she is finally ready to go toward the light and blah blah blahWhere do I start? I disliked Violet No 'dislike' is too strong a word I didn't particularly care about Violet because she's not a fully realized character She has a few defining moments in her past that are summarized for the reader which I believe are meant to evoke sympathy The explanation for her social anxiety is facile and frankly insulting and a genuine depiction of a character suffering from such would have been much sympathetic Instead we have a tacked on reason why the heroine has so much trouble asserting herself outside her movie reviews and naturally she must confront that reason before the end of the novel and blah blah blah At one point Violet is reviewing a sappy film and comments I said a little prayer I save for these moments Please surprise me In fact I wound up saying that prayer about a dozen times during this movie It was never answered I could not have said it better myself The premise of this novel had such promise but instead of being caught in a refreshing breeze I had to plod against the current of its predictability to finally thankfully reach the predictable endViolet has so much going on in her life Her only sister died a year before She is involved in a custody battle for Delaney her thirteen year old niece Her boyfriend is a jackass She has a lame backstory to explain her social anxiety A new intern at work is out to get her I can see why she needs Dorothy's help But even with Dorothy coaching her Violet is reluctant to stand up for herself long past the point of believability I'm surprised Dorothy didn't tell her to grow a pair or some 1920s ish idiom and stop wasting her time When Violet finally throws over the jackass boyfriend I was relieved rather than triumphant Check that box off the list of reuisite plot developments and move on to the next one Her plot with Dorothy to gain custody of Delaney is briefly a bright spot in the book 'You simply explain to him that if he and his darling long suffering wife don't drop the case you will have no choice but to tell her about the affair' 'That's almost blackmail' Violet said 'No my dear That is blackmail' Then we go back to the main point of the book Violet needs a better boyfriend Yes that's what I want to teach my daughter become a strong woman so you can dump the jerk and get a nice manIf you're drawn to this title as a Dorothy Parker fan as I was I suggest skipping it and rereading some of Parker's writings and Meade's biography WHAT FRESH HELL IS THIS? The Dorothy in this book along with every other character is sketched lightly with a number two pencil and colored strictly within the lines I was obviously disappointed in this novel's lack of depth but since I don't really read chick lit I'm not sure if that's a genre failure or particular to this novel Source disclosure I received a review copy from the publisher

  3. Saralee Rosenberg Saralee Rosenberg says:

    Whether you are already a devoted fan of Dorothy Parker or are just being introduced to her iconic wit and wisdom you will adore FAREWELL DOROTHY PARKER by Ellen Meister The story is as original and clever as Dorothy herself and the heart and humor as endearing It begins with Violett Epps a movie critic who wishes that she could be as daring in real life as she comes off in her reviews For inspiration she visits the famed Algonuin Hotel in New York the chic meeting place for the irreverent Dorothy Parker and other famous writers back in the 1920sBut she gets than lunch Seems that Dorothy has returned to her old haunt literally as an unsettled ghost with issues to resolve She latches on to Violet and takes them both for an unexpected rideIn this unpredictable and fast paced tale readers will find themselves under Ellen Meister's magical spell This is one of the most evocative and fun reads in a very long timeI had the privilege of reading an advanced copy but you can enjoy the novel when it is published in February 2013Mark your calendar

  4. Brie Brie says:

    I fell in love with Dorothy Parker when I was sixteen I was immediately enticed by her searing uick wit found a friend in her use of sarcasm and a kindred soulmate in deep cynicismI was delighted when I found Farewell Dorothy Parker And by 'delighted' I spazzed in a most unflattering fangirl fashion It kind of looked like thisAwkward I know That just goes to show my fierce love of Ms Parker despite the fact that such displays of over emotion would grant me a rather stinging verbal barb from her The premise reminded me a bit of Sophie Kinsella's Twenties Girl and while there were some similarities as whole they were very different Ellen Meister managed to do what I think few could; channel Dorothy Parker write her as a fictional character with her biting wit and her 'voice' making it believable and charming because without that this book would have fallen flat on it's face on it's way to the dumpsterIf you like Dorothy Parker unintentional humor sarcasm stories of self discovery and ghosts don't pass up

  5. Amy Amy says:

    Disclaimer Every time I saw or thought of this book Just One of those Things began running through my head And now it's in your head too Just one of those things I guessOn to my thoughts of this book I'm a Dorothy Parker fan I think we're a dying breed So when I read that Ellen Meister who is also a Dorothy Parker Fan upon seeing all the Jane Austen spin offs had written a book around one of her literary favorites I was in The premise of the story is clever Movie critic Violet Epps as fiery in her reviews as she is timid in her real life manages through a uirk of fates to unleash the ghost of Dorothy Parker Violet's personal life is a bit of a mess in just about every aspect love family work The uick witted Mrs Parker jumps in to help Violet strengthen her resolve grow a backbone get some courage which is both helpful and horrific In turn Violet works to get the ghost to resolve some issues The story itself is an interesting mix of Parkerisms historical facts and poignancy Violet's love life is a mess because of her timidity She also is involved in a nasty battle for the custody of her beloved niece orphaned the year before when Violet's sister and brother in law died Plus she has a cut throat assistant at the office to deal with But her relationships with the niece love interest and co worker ring true This reader was able to follow her emotional growth even though I did cringe each time Dorothy interfered as there were some disasters when she did so There were a few minor plot developments that irked me but overall I had fun reading this I even pulled a couple of books of Parker's writings off the shelf to add to my to be read pile My main problem with stories that revolve around a literary or historical figure being involved in a fiction book is that I often don't like how they are portrayed While this characterization did not always match up to mine it was fine And probably if I had met Mrs Parker in person she would have terrified me Many thanks to LibraryThing and the publisher for sending me this AR copy35 starsAs Dorothy Parker once said to her boyfriend Fare thee wellAs Columbus announced when he knew he was bounced It was swell Isabelle swell

  6. Judy D Collins Judy D Collins says:

    Farewell Dorothy Parker #1 by talented Ellen Meister brings back to life the ghost uick witted literary icon Dorothy Parker with movie critic Violet Epps setting the stage for tantalizing upcoming Dorothy Parker Drank Here #2 coming Feb 24 2015A fan of both the author and Dorothy Parker Meister creates a sassy fun book about Violet a movie critic with all sorts of issues; her boyfriend and battling for custody of her recently orphaned niece Delaney The girl’s grandparents want to raise her and have hired a lawyer to fight She needs some backbone Of course Dorothy Parker her literary icon enters when Violet sees the famous guestbook at the Algonuin Hotel The hotel’s owner collected signatures spirits when they passed and there is magic Dorothy’s spirit helps her by taking over to be the strong one and handle her challengesI listened to the audiobook narrated by Angela Brazil delivering a winning performance As I have mentioned in other reviews I have recently discovered the talented author Ellen Meister which writes across many genres encouraging you to want to read all her books Would highly recommend her upcoming Dorothy Parker Drank Here #2 to continue the mischief with Dorothy and you have to read The Other Book a mesmerizing and spellbinding novel an exploration of a young woman a mother of parallel universes past and present a crossroad a pivotal choice and a glimpse of the other life what could have been? Read them all Fans of Dorothy Parker literary fiction iconic spirits and wicked humor will appreciate the clever tribute Love the new glamorous cover JDCMustReadBooks

  7. Megan Megan says:

    I was super disappointed with this book I so loved the idea of Dorothy Parker's ghost helping a mousy woman find her voice But the writing let me down The characters were super one note the plot was predictable and there was just nothing new here The only good thing about it was that it was a super uick readI finished it in just two sittings So at least I didn't waste a bunch of my time reading it The whole time I was reading it I kept thinking about the scathing review the main character would give it even though she was a movie critic not a book one Oh well off to the next book

  8. Andy Andy says:

    Violet Epps is a lauded critic of the movie franchise While her reviews can be assertive and scathing her real life personality is far from it Violet suffers from extreme social anxiety and it's ruined some of her relationships especially her fight for custody over her niece Delaney Visiting the famous Algonuin Hotel helps soothe some of Violet's worries and to allow her to channel her hero Dorothy Parker When Violet accidentally takes their guest book she brings a ghostly Dorothy with her I really loved this story It's about finding your voice fighting for what you want and its about family Violet's relationship with her niece Delaney was so heartwarming and I hated seeing the custody battle strain it Delaney's grandmother Sandra really annoyed me with her out for Violet's blood attitude However Ms Dorothy Parker has a couple tricks up her sleeve and several important lessons for Violet to learn I don't know who Dorothy Parker is but now I really want to The atmosphere of this book brought back the 1920s in all its ghostly glory I loved the friendship that Violet and Ms Parker developed it was so touching and they didn't shy away from calling each other out of their behavior This book reminded me a lot of The Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo

  9. Wendy Wendy says:

    I was recently given the honor of receiving an advance copy of Ellen Meister's book Farewell Dorothy Parker I must confess that although the name Dorothy Parker was familiar to me I didn't know much of anything at all about the woman Therefore when it came time to read the book I waited for about a week During this week I vacillated trying to decide if I should read up on the late Mrs Parker before I read a fictional novel that included her In the end I decided that since this was supposed to be fiction it would be better to read it without any foreknowledge of the woman Farewell Dorothy Parker is not about Dorothy Parker though It is the tale of Violet Epps a movie critic who has no problem cutting down the movies that don't entertain her but cannot for the life of her manage to stand up to the people in her real life her boyfriend her niece's guardians her boss's assistant She lets these people do what they want and resigns herself to the conseuences of their actions Until the day the long dead Dorothy Parker enters her life While at the Algonuin Hotel Mrs Parker drops into Violet's lap and her life wreaking havoc with every part of Violet's life Her romantic relationships; the battle over her niece Delaney; her job – it's all fair game to Mrs Parker Dorothy Parker pulls no punches and doesn't worry about hurt feelings She pushes Violet to become the woman Mrs Parker knows she can be a woman who stands up for herself and others and doesn't put up with any crap from anyone But Violet isn't the only one we see changing Dorothy Parker's spirit has been hanging around the Algonuin Hotel since her death unwilling or maybe unable to let go and move into the next realm Initial impressions of Mrs Parker lead us to believe that she's a hardened cynical ghost – much as she appeared to be as a woman But as the story moves on as Mrs Parker encourages Violet out of her shell we begin to catch glimpses of another side to the ghost woman – a side that is kind and caring Farewell Dorothy Parker is largely a comedy It hits the mark with witty dialogue and hilarious circumstances Delaney's grandfather is particularly funny in many ways But it also has its touching moments where we learn about the painful pasts of each of the main characters In learning about their hurt it becomes even easier to empathize with them Even the characters that are obviously not supposed to be our favorites are written in such a way that you can see their human side You still may never be particularly fond of them but you can see where they're coming from There are no one dimensional characters in this book Every one of them is the kind of person I could easily expect to run into out on the street Mrs Meister did an excellent job of dropping in the necessary back story on each of the characters giving us the tidbits we needed at just the right moment There is always a clear distinction between present and past yet it is still smoothly woven together to make a seamless story And as for Dorothy Parker what can I say about the ghostly character that Meister created? She was great with a wisecrack astonishingly perceptive and almost brutally honest She also had no problem manipulating a situation to either fit her own desires or to achieve the effect that she knew Violet really wanted or needed For a sometimes transparent character Meister definitely made her very real Now I'll answer the uestion that some of you are surely asking Did Meister capture the essence of the real Dorothy Parker? First let me say that the author freely admits in the acknowledgments that she took certain liberties with the facts of Mrs Parker's life and states clearly that this is not intended as a factual account of her life However after I finished the book I did begin to do a little research into Mrs Parker's life Although I did not research her as thoroughly as Meister did I did research her enough to believe that the way Mrs Parker was depicted in the story was fairly true to life The image I formed of Dorothy Parker from reading the book and the image that I formed based on the factual details I found meshed very well I would say that Meister did an excellent job of bringing Dorothy Parker back to life on the pages of the book Dorothy Parker once said that she would never be famous because she never did anything Obviously she was wrong What's wonderful though is that thanks to Ellen Meister Dorothy Parker can now become famous to a new generation of people – people who will now read and learn about her after reading Meister's book Farewell Dorothy Parker is a wonderfully written novel that will make you laugh touch you gently and bring to life a woman who in many ways should be an inspiration to all women I would highly recommend it to all women and to readers in general

  10. Myfanwy Myfanwy says:

    If you’ve read Ellen Meister’s previous novels then you know she is an incredibly talented and thoughtful writer You know she is funny sincere and empathetic Most of all you know that she has a lot of heart As such my friends you will find everything you’ve loved about Ellen’s previous books within her new one humor intrigue family conflict love lust anger fear but Ellen has upped the ante this time because she’s also included one fascinating element and that element is Dorothy ParkerWhether you are a fan of Dorothy Parker or whether you have never heard of her before now FAREWELL DOROTHY PARKER will reach out and grab you and won’t let you go until you come to the end At the heart of this novel is Violet Epps an outwardly timid movie critic who uses her pen to speak the words she dare not say aloud At the book’s opening Violet has lost much in her life and is in danger of losing she is engaged in a custody battle over her nieceIt’s not until the spirit of Dorothy Parker enters her world that Violet begins to find her true voice at first through channeling Dorothy Parker but eventually by learning that the strength she has always sought so that she might express herself by speaking as well as writing has always existed within her And it is in using that voice that Violet is finally able to have everything she ever wanted but didn’t dare to believe she deservedThis book will make you laugh and cry by eual measures Parker fans will marvel at Meister’s ability to capture so deftly the beloved author Anyone who does not come to the book as a Parker fans will surely leave as one and leave as an Ellen Meister fan as wellRead it

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