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Time Witches [PDF / Epub] ☉ Time Witches Author Michael Molloy – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk A hilarious seuel to THE WITCH TRADE featuring memorable characters of almost Dickensian proportions and an action filled fantastical plot that literally defies the imaginationIn this rollicking new a A hilarious seuel to THE WITCH TRADE featuring memorable characters of almost Dickensian proportions and an action filled fantastical plot that literally defies the imaginationIn this rollicking new adventure we are reintroduced to Wolfbane the escaped leader of the evil Night Witches Wolfbane and his dreadful mother Lucia Cheeseman plot revenge on the heroes of THE WITCH TRADE Between them they conspire to summon up a long dead witch who knows the secret of time travel allowing them to go back in time to change the course of events that led to their downfall This seuel offers a hilarious second glimpse into the world of THE WITCH TRADE but for children who haven't read the first book it can easily stand on its own as a brand new adventure.

10 thoughts on “Time Witches

  1. Abbie Abbie says:

    Abby Clover travels back in time with Sir Chadwick to stop Wolfbane and his mother Lucia Chesseman from committing unspeakable evil and rescue Hilda Bluebell With the help of Mandini Spike Starlight Paddy the Pooka Jack Elvin and the elves; Abby and Sir Chadwick foil Wolfbane's scheme and return Torgate to its seaside town splendorSo basically this was a kids' read I found an old copy lying around and thought the title was interesting I haven't read the preuel so I was a bit confused at first The plot was a mix of magic and adventure but it wasn't as action packed and intriguing as I would've liked In some parts I felt like there was a bit of a lull and I couldn't finish the tale uickly But overall I enjoyed the story Lucia Cheeseman was a funny character but Wolfbane wasn't really that dastardly of a villain I loved Abby's character of coursebecause she had the makings of a powerful witch The ending was good but a bit too abrupt I mean after all they went through the bad guys were defeated just like that? Oh well It was still pretty good overall

  2. Mollie Mollie says:

    Certainly a childhood favourite that I keep on returning to at least once year I would recommend this book to anyone yes it is for children but that doesn't stop it from being enjoyable for adults Also I remember that it is pretty fantastic for reading aloud perfect for story telling

  3. Ria Ria says:

    A wildly inventive seuel to The witch tradeWe meet old characters and new as Sir Chadwick and Hilda Bluebell are about to get married but the evil Wolfbane and his eually devious mother are set to spoil things by going back in time and causing chaosIt's another round of good witches vs bad witches with some evil sidekicks in the shape of an octopus and a giant spider named BaalExciting and fast paced it's another brilliant instalment to the series

  4. Kaine Palmer Kaine Palmer says:

    I read the first book many years ago which I throughly enjoyed albeit unbeknownst to me that it was the first in a trilogy Having reread 'The Witch Trade' recently moving on toward this The story picked up where it left off and moved into another devious direction to be foiled by the motley crew of do gooders

  5. Shanice Mu Shanice Mu says:

    An easy book to delve into with its chatty storyline The second in a series of Molloy's witch series

  6. Kathy Hale Kathy Hale says:

    A continuation of a series You really had to read the firdt one to read this A good book for a young reader who might not be ready for Harry Potter A good Hallowwen book

  7. Hannah Hannah says:

    Like the first one The Time Witches is great fun Abby and Spike are back with a new adventure this time around the city instead of at the North Pole but facing the Night Witches yet again My only complaint is that it seems to have lost a bit of the magic that was in the first book as well as seeming slower paced but this is nonetheless a very amusing read Wolfbane's mother is an absolute riot

  8. Sian Kerr Sian Kerr says:

    The Time Witches by Michael MolloyI read this when I was younger and although I don't remember much about it I remember I enjoyed it It's one to read again now that I'm a little bit older

  9. Emily Emily says:

    Wonderful Science fiction fantasy thrills all crammed into one book

  10. Saurabh Modi Saurabh Modi says:

    Read this one as a childLiked it uite a lotReread it just for a revisit to the childhoodSuch simple times

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