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  • Hardcover
  • 512 pages
  • Peter Raven Under Fire
  • Michael Molloy
  • English
  • 10 May 2015
  • 9780439724548

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  1. In(vested in sleeping) In(vested in sleeping) says:

    I remember really loving this book as a kid It probably wouldn't live up to my memories if I reread it but I believe my child self's opinion holds weight when judging a children's book than my current self's

  2. Rachel Rachel says:

    A story of a boy adventurer at sea in the Napoleonic period The writer has a brilliant way of making the reader feel as if they aren't even reading a history book There are good points and bad points to this book though I enjoyed the plot and the storyline greatly It was a thrilling tale that I was half through in one day's good reading As a historical book I'm not uite certain it's 100% accurate and I think the author took some creative license with it perhaps a bit I don't know I've not studied this era a great deal But I enjoyed what was brought to the tale with the use of the new machinery of the age the historical content of the controversies between the United States France and Britain just before the Louisiana Purchase was made and all the political excitement surrounding it These ships of the British blockade were maddening talons in Napoleon's flesh As master of Europe he might march his victorious armies wherever he desired crushing all who opposed him But on the high sees he was humbled like a wolf kept in it's place by an ever watchful flock of eaglesThe spy stuff was a little less interesting than the Goodreads content makes it sound though in my opinion And I didn't really love any of the characters other than a couple secondary ones The rest aren't bad but I would have liked to see the Peter as the main character taking charge instead of leaving all the details to his commander and friend I think they skipped too uickly over parts where he was put in charge and could have gotten to know him as a character see him grow and lead others; that kind of thingI was rather surprised this is ranked for ages 12 and up with the amount of violence included in the story There was a good deal of torturing and murder than I liked though it did suit the few characters in a necessary evilness of the villains I suppose and for the time period and for the occupation of sailors at said time period Thankfully it wasn't too overly gruesome in description in these cases for the most part at least for an older reader Also there was very little if any bad languageotherwise it would be rated lower and I may have not finished this Only a few uses of the Lord's name in vain which though I didn't care for of course at least they were few and there was no other cursing pretty mild for a secular book I think;And I thought falling in love was supposed to make people happy said Lucy ruefully Sometimes it does said Jack philosophically Other times it's about as much fun as a raging toothache'I was a little annoyed by a bit of misinformation I thought from the inside cover when I had borrowed this from the library The main character does not get the girl and yet on the inside cover it does imply that the love triangle is between the MC and another man when in fact the young man doesn't ever have an attachment with the female lead character whatsoever leaving me confused for some of the book This could just be my own mistake of course The other is it says this is a series which I did not notice until I'd started reading it and yet I cannot find anywhere that the author continued to write another book? Thankfully the book ends in a way that doesn't leave you hanging at all So just be aware of thisEven with all my misgivings and complaints the story began well and it ended uite well with a very climatic finish So I did enjoy it for the most part But I think I'd prefer to not take this book as truth in any part of it's historical content until I read further on this time period ;

  3. Rhys Rhys says:

    The book Peter Raven Under Fire by Michael Molloy is about this kid named Peter Raven He joined the Navy at a young age He got the title Midshipman He got the privilege to join the ship the Torren which is uncle was the captain He was with the ship for little under 5 months when it was attacked by this mad man named Count Vallon Only 5 people survived the attack one of them was Peter Also some of his friends from the Torren survived their names are Beaumont Connors Batt and Matthew Peter swore that he would kill Vallon for killing his shipmates and his uncle Peter and the rest of the people that survived the attack made a group of spies to assassinate Count Vallon They hired a pirate crew called the Wasp they went out to Paris to find Count Vallon While there Beaumont falls in love with this girl named Lucy Cosgrove Lucy later fell in love with Beaumont and they got married Count Vallon also fell in love with Lucy and kidnaped her and was going to make her marry him But Beaumont Connors Batt Matthew Peter and the Wasp crew followed them They went to Count Vallon's home They made a plan to rescue every one free the slaves and get out alive Connors and Matthew went out to find Lucy while the Wasp crew Beaumont and Peter fought the guards Peter and Beaumont made 2 bombs but only one of them went off so Peter went to set the other one off He set it off and hid in this staircase and that is were he met Count Vallon He fought him and killed him Lucy was saved by Connors and Matthew They then took all of Counts Vallon's gold and distributed it between the five of them They then found out that Peter was getting married to a girl named Nancy Text To Self Text To Text connection In the end of the book they talked about the Louisiana Purchase I can connect to this because I learned about this They said that is was the best deal in the Worlds history It connected also back to the book because it said that because Napoleon didn't get his gold from Count Vallon he couldn't sent tropes in to Santo Domingo so he had to sell Louisiana and the rest of the french territory in AmericaI would recommend this book to people that like pirate stories and for people that like a happy ending I think this because the whole book is about pirates and Marinas also because it has a happy ending I would give this book 5 stars because it was a fantastic book that kept me at the edge of my seat every time I read the book

  4. Rachel Rachel says:

    Peter Raven Under Fire is an epic historical fiction story that is full of adventure and gruesome battles Peter Raven is a thirteen year old boy who joins the Royal British Navy during the war with Napoleon Bonaparte While working on his assigned ship the HMS Torren Peter becomes friends with an African Clerk named Matthew Book The ship is soon taken over by the horrible pirate Count Vallon and everyone on board but Peter and Matthew are killed Peter decides to seek revenge on Count Vallon and joins forces with a network of spies to help bring him down While spying on Count Vallon Peter discovers a plot by Napoleon Bonaparte to take over America With this information Peter and the British spies must fight to stop both Count Vallon and Napoleon from taking over America and the Caribbean The story is exciting and full of action but the overall plot is hard to follow There are too many shipping and boat references that get confusing if you don’t know anything about boats and several different subplots make it hard to remember characters The author attempts to make the book appealing for girls by including Lucy American girl who loves to hunt and read instead of wearing dresses and going to balls Although her character is interesting and dimensional in the beginning by the end she falls prey to stereotypes and begins to wear dresses and flirt with boys The story is also very gruesome and had some disturbing aspects including torture bodily mutilation and bloody deaths The book is not for the skittish or faint of heart I would not recommend this book to any child under the age of thirteen

  5. Jennifer Wardrip Jennifer Wardrip says:

    Reviewed by Grandma Bev for TeensReadToocomThirteen year old midshipman Peter Raven is assigned to active duty aboard the HMS Torren Boys became men early in England in 1800 and Great Britain is in her seventh year of struggle with France The French Revolution is over and Napoleon Bonaparte is in power He needs money to defeat the English and exploit the Louisiana territory where he plans to install a King of New Orleans under French rule and has chosen one of the privateers that are active in the Caribbean; a vile and uite mad pirate that has promised him the money he needs These pirates attack any ships that cross their paths murdering the crews and stealing the cargoes When the HMS Torren falls prey to the pirates Peter and the charismatic Matthew Book manage to separately escape but everyone else is murdered Peter becomes apprenticed to a British Spy and is reunited with Matthew The three of them strive to outwit the pirates and French government and keep America out of their hands This lively book has a multi level plot and exciting characters I thought the size of the book might be a bit intimidating for reluctant readers but it left me wanting The action goes from the English Channel to Paris to the Caribbean and back again It's a seafaring adventure on a grand scale that is impossible to put down Molloy promises a seuel and I can't waitPeter Raven is one of my favorite characters There is even a bit of romance with the beautiful rich young American girl Lucy Cosgrove

  6. Meredith Meredith says:

    First a disclaimer I actually found this in the children's dept at the library but it feels teen book to meSome parts of this book were so great I have an intense love for stories of the British navy thanks to Horatio Hornblower and the 1st half of this book delivers a lot of awesome seafaring adventure The second half introduces some truly bloodthirsty pirates which I also enjoy while at the same time being totally suicked out by I liked the history too although I don't know enough about the Napoleon era to know what was real and what was invented I need notes about this sort of thing authorsBut really the weak link in this book is Lucy I have no affection or empathy for our leading lady I think I was supposed to like her because she's all spunky or whatever but she felt very hollow to me When two of the main characters and about a thousand minor characters fell madly in love with her I was perplexed When she was in mortal danger I was unmoved When she was rescued I really wished we could get back to Peter and his heroics Honestly even Nancy the spy who's only in the book for a couple of pages was interesting than Lucy Luckily she's not in the book that much So all in all I liked the book Very exciting couldn't put it down But in the future Michael Molloy if you're going to write a rip roaring naval adventure either create a truly compelling female lead or leave the ladies out of it

  7. Mary Mary says:

    School Library Journal October 1 2005Gr 5 8 This is a thoroughly researched and exciting tale of war piracy and intrigue In 1800 continuous war has depleted France's treasury but Napoleon still wants to expand his empire To this end he needs money to defeat the superior British Navy and to exploit Louisiana for the greatest gain In England midshipman Peter Raven 13 is assigned to HMS Torren When powerful sadistic pirates murder everyone on the ship except Peter and jack of all trades Matthew Book the protagonist finds himself apprenticed to a British spy Commodore Beaumont Together these three outwit politicians and outfight pirates Fast paced with multiple plot twists the story sails from the English Channel to Paris to the Caribbean and back Molloy's writing is intelligent and engaging allowing readers to experience one part of the struggle for political and economic control of the Americas This long book which promises to be the first in a series is indeed an epic It would be best for deeper collections or where high seas adventure and historical fiction are popular Christina Stenson Carey Albany Public Library NY

  8. Krista Krista says:

    I about choked on dinner when I read Peter boards the HMS Dolphin Jacky Faber is on the HMS Dolphin Bloody Jack What But Peter is only on the beloved Dolphin for 3 days until he is picked up at sea by the British man o' war the Torren This book has all the adventure you could want with spies nobility pirates sailing the high seas The only problem I had was the main charater didn't have a personality Half way through the 500 page book Peter starts to pick up one or maybe I just gave him one for the lack there of And every sailor but one on the Torren was kind Is that believable? Some sailors signed up willingly but most were pressed or sentanced That dosn't leave many nice folks to be happy about living off of rationed weavly bread and salt meat

  9. Heather Heather says:

    I really enjoyed the plot High seas adventures set in the 1800s are some of my favorite stories Had I been a young adult reading this book I would have completely enjoyed it However being a mature reader now I unfortunately found some things that really bothered me Peter the main character really had no personality He was brave and loyal and true but almost too perfect The romantic story was tucked in at the end and was not satisfying at all And there were many details that seemed to be skimmed overAll in all a satisfying fun and uick read Not a classic to be cherished but I would recommend it all the same

  10. Michael Michael says:

    A fun story Worth mentioning if only because I found this it in the 25 cent overstock bin at the NY library source of a bunch of cool books over the past few years Any writer or publisher with a new book sends them a bunch of copies than they can keep Historical fiction a naval adventure that I came to realize was written not for kids exactly but young adults 1800 or so the world's powers are fighting and scheming over who will get the Louisiana Territory but doing so from everywhere else

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Peter Raven Under Fire[EPUB] ✴ Peter Raven Under Fire By Michael Molloy – A rich riveting historical adventure with pirates spies and high seas intrigue Think MASTER AND COMMANDER meets PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEANIt is the time of the Napoleonic Wars Peter Raven is a bright yo A rich riveting historical adventure with pirates spies and high seas intrigue Think MASTER AND COMMANDER meets PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEANIt is the time of the Napoleonic Wars Peter Raven is a bright young midshipman in the Royal Navy of Great Britain Raven along with the swashbuckling secret agent Commodore Beaumont uncovers a reckless scheme devised by none other than Napoleon Bonaparte Eager to add America to his empire Napoleon has made a wicked pact with a murderous pirate known as Peter Raven MOBI :Ê Count Vallon In exchange for the pirate's gold Napoleon will name Vallon King of America Raven Beaumont and a beautiful young American heiress Lucy must do whatever it takes to put a stop to one of history's most audacious plots.

About the Author: Michael Molloy

As a counterpart to his career as a writer of children's books Michael Molloy is a regular contributor to the Guardian newspaper He lives in London England with his wife Sandy their three daughters Jane Kate and Alexandra and their two dogs Fred and Daisy.