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Peter Pan [KINDLE] ❃ Peter Pan By J.M. Barrie – Includes a character guide a which Neverland inhabitant are you uiz how to make Peter's costume how to build a Wendy House glossary and extra Peter Pan info Come Away Come AwayThe Darling children are Includes a character guide a which Neverland inhabitant are you uiz how to make Peter's costume how to build a Wendy House glossary and extra Peter Pan info Come Away Come AwayThe Darling children are tucked up in bed when Peter Pan bursts in to their nursery Peter and his mischievous fairy Tinker Bell entice Wendy and her brothers to fly away with them to a magical world called Neverland There you can swim with mermaids and play all day with the Lost Boys But you must watch out for pirates especially Captain Hook And how do you find Neverland Second to the right and straight on till morning of course.

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  1. K.D. Absolutely K.D. Absolutely says:

    A story of a dead child and a mother who is missing himSir James Matthew Barrie 1860 1937 a Scottish wrote this book in 1902 for an older brother David his mother's favorite who died in an ice skating accident the day before he turned 14 Thus in his mother's mind David always stayed as a young boy who would not grow up J M Barrie a middle child and then only 6 years old tried to assume David's place in his mother's heart by wearing the latter's clothes and speaking and sounding like him Barrie was 42 when Peter Pan the character first appeared in his other novel The Little White Bird but the emotion of longing the child missing his mother and the mother missing his son can be felt by the readers as if the death only happened recently For me this attests to Barrie's brilliance as a novelistThey say that losing one's child is the most painful grief that a parent can have A parent burying his child is in contradiction to the natural cycle of life Thus it is a lifelong journey of grief for the parents The very young Barrie saw this pain in his mother's heart and so he tried his best to act speak and sound like his brother A mother missing her child In the story this is symbolized by the open bedroom window waiting for Wendy John and Michael to return When they finally do Peter tries closing it but when he sees the tears in Mrs Darling's eyes he says we don't want any silly mothers'; and he flew away making it a triumph of a mother's unconditional heart A child longing for his mother's love This is symbolized by Peter asking for Wendy to be his mother and probably Tink and probably even Mrs Darling This is the moral of the story we all need mothers especially those whose windows are and will always be open for usA beautiful book Mesmerizing prose A fantasy adventure children's book on the surface But a sad emotion filled story of a mother and her son somewhere inside It has the ethereal beauty of Antoine de Saint Exupery's Le Petite Prince and the subtle meaningful cycle of life lesson in E B White's Charlotte's Web two of favorite children's books My only regret is that fathers like me are sidelined We fathers have hearts too and we would like to be part of that love Why did Barrie depict Mr Darling as crazy feeding Nana his medicine and has to sleep in the kernel?You see my windows are also open

  2. Luca Ambrosino Luca Ambrosino says:

    ENGLISH Peter Pan ITALIANO«All children except one grow up»The incipit of Peter Pan of JM Barrie is the perfect synthesis of the book I will try to make the point using as inspiration the words of a child namely three phrases from my daughter Arianna while in the evening she was listening in her bed my reading of Peter Pan seventeen chapters read on as many nights with the emphasis of a talented narrator1 Peter Pan is a bad guy Yes my daughter did not like to the protagonist of the novel I did not investigate the reason for her grudge Probably she didn't like the fact that Peter doesn't want to grow Not strange when you are a child usually you want to grow because several tings are forbidden etc It is only when you realize that those years are forever lost that you regret for the lost childhood Everything normal2 But why Hook have to die? My daughter almost burst into tears in the solemn moment of the pirate's death The bad guy of the novel is not that bad after all? I like James Uncino too it is obvious that the uestion was asked by the blood of my blood Actually it is the death of a central character that shakes the mind of children a character they started to know and whose presence they are used to And punctually the tremendous uestion arrives Why do we have to die? dear Arianna if I exactely explain it to you maybe you also become like Peter Pan a child who refuses to grow I buy time and go further3 NOOOOOOOOOOOO The scream is thrown by my daughter when Peter Pan closes the window of the children's room to prevent their home return I think that one of the things that terrorizes a child is to stay without their loved ones The strenght and especially the desire to break away from the family is perhaps the best indicator of the lost childhoodI instinctively associate Peter Pan with the The Little Prince of Antoine de Saint Exupéry However although speaking the same language that of children and dealing with common themes I enjoyed Peter Pan and its sad and sweet conclusion Imagination is a powerful ability but it is consumed by time You just have to use it as long as you can Thereby children fly with their minds and their hearts«It is only the gay and innocent and heartless who can fly» Surely being all three things at the same time when you are an adult is impossibleVote 8«Tutti i bambini crescono meno uno»L'incipit di Peter Pan di JM Barrie è la perfetta sintesi di tutto il libro Vista la tematica cercherò di fare il punto della situazione utilizzando come spunti di pensiero le parole di una bambina vale a dire due frasi pronunciate da mia figlia Arianna mentre la sera ascoltava nel suo letto la mia lettura di Peter Pan diciassette capitoli letti in altrettante serate con un'enfasi da narratore rodato1 Peter Pan è un cattivone Ebbene si mia figlia non ha preso in simpatia il protagonista del romanzo Non ho indagato a fondo il motivo del suo rancore Probabilmente è stato il voler rimanere bambino a tutti i costi che a mia figlia proprio non è andato giù Non c'è nulla di strano in uesto uando si è bambini si vuole crescere parecchie cose ti sono proibite etc E' solo uando ci si rende conto che uegli anni sono persi per sempre che si rimpiange la propria fanciullezza Tutto nella norma2 Ma perché Uncino è dovuto morire? Mia figlia è uasi scoppiata in lacrime nel solenne momento della morte del pirata Il cattivo del romanzo dopotutto non è poi così cattivo A me James Uncino è sempre stato simpatico difatti è evidente che a formulare la domanda è stato il sangue del mio sangue tesoro di papà In realtà è la morte di un personaggio centrale che scuote l'animo di un bambino un personaggio che hai cominciato a conoscere e alla cui presenza ti sei abituato E puntuale arriva il tremendo uesito La Domanda con la D maiuscola Perchè dobbiamo morire? Cara Arianna se te lo spiego per bene magari diventi anche tu come Peter Pan una bambina che si rifiuta di crescere Tergiverso e vado oltre3 NOOOOOOOOOOOO L'urlo di disappunto viene lanciato da mia figlia uando Peter Pan chiude la finestra della camera dei bambini per impedire il loro ritorno a casa Credo che una delle cose che terrorizza di più un bambino sia il rimanere senza i propri cari La capacità e soprattutto la voglia di staccarsi dalla propria famiglia è forse il principale indicatore per la perduta fanciullezzaIstintivamente mi viene da associare Peter Pan al Il piccolo principe di Antoine de Saint Exupéry Tuttavia pur parlando la stessa lingua uella dei bambini e trattando tematiche comuni ho apprezzato di più Peter Pan e il suo finale triste e dolce L'immaginazione è una capacità potente che però va affievolendosi col tempo Non resta che sfruttarla appieno fin uando si può E allora volano con la mente e con il cuore i bambini«Solo chi è allegro innocente e senza cuore può volare»Una cosa è certa da adulti essere contemporaneamente tutte e tre le cose è impossibileVoto 8

  3. Mark Lawrence Mark Lawrence says:

    I read this to Celyn It's a short book Google tells me 47000 words but it felt shorter than thatMany of us know the story second hand through cartoons Hollywood adaptations and picture books The original item is not that dissimilar though it's a fair bit brutal that the cartoons and having been published in 1911 it's 100 years out of date when it comes to Native AmericansThe first thing to note is that it's not just the Never Land that has a surreal imaginary feel to it The Darlings's home life is rather odd with a dog acting as nursemaid to the three little Darlings performing such tasks as getting them dressed bathing them and giving them medicineI liked the imagination on display where Peter Pan's shadow is torn off as he leaves in a hurry and the children's mother rolls it up and stores it in a drawer Later Wendy sews it back onThe main difference is in how callous Peter Pan is and how he stays true to this self absorbed character the whole time with no softening He doesn't give a damn about the Lost Boys or Wendy's brothers Tinkerbell is likewise remorseless repeatedly attempting to get Wendy not just sent home but actively killedIn the battles the boys have knives and use them to kill people It's all in the bang bang you're dead vibe of children's games but the fact remains that pretty much every person on the Never Land island is killed with violence by the end of the book This includes most of the Redskins whose portrayal in the manner given here would fall south of the racist border in any of the last 4 decades and pretty much all of the pirates Even Wendy gets shot with an arrow at Tinkerbell's behest though she turns out to be alright due to some rather hard to visualize complication with an acornOne surprise for me was that Captain Jas Hook appears to be our pirate captain's real and longstanding name The fact he now has a hook for a hand being pure coincidenceAnyway the book is full of good things from the ticking crocodile to the invention of the Wendy HouseAnd Peter Pan true to his word never grows up True to his character he soon forgets about Wendy returning many years later and fixing his attentions to her daughter and later granddaughterI'm withholding the 5th star simply because much of the description is rather vague summary implausible or all three together so it can be hard to visualizebelieve in the scenes Join my 3 emails a year newsletter #prizes

  4. Chelsea Humphrey Chelsea Humphrey says:

    Oh boy I'm not sure what to say other than I cannot think of one aspect I enjoyed about this book I tend to gravitate toward dark disturbing and twisted stories what does that say about me??? but this was just sad with no pay off Each page felt like a chore to get through and I didn't even find the illustrations redeeming I'm clearly in the minority but I may have possibly been bit by the old heard the story so many times that the original feels like a rip off bug Definitely not my cup of tea and I shall choose to bury my head in the sand and pretend this version does not exist ; The only reason I didn't DNF this was A I'm trying my hardest to finish all my popsugar books if possible and B I try not to DNF books under 200 pages if possible Rant is over and now I'll move on to the next read

  5. jessica jessica says:

    ‘all children except one grow up’ perhaps i could call it a uarter life crisis but i am definitely experiencing a little bit of peter pan syndrome lately and this story is that wonderful adventure through childhood nostalgia that i am desperately needing a bit old fashioned for sure but this so perfectly captures what it means to be a child to long for grand adventures comprehending how belief alone can allow you fly and how wishing on dreams will always be the greatest pastime so when i get in those deep moments of adulthood where i forget what it means to be a child i know i can always head to the second star to the right and straight on ’til morning and there peter pan and the lost boys will be waiting for me↠ 4 stars

  6. Melissa Melissa says:

    My children wanted to do our read aloud outside this evening So we went on the patio and I began reading Peter Pan I read about how the mermaids would play with the bubbles but when the children would come they would all disappear but they would secretly watch Pretty soon I hear over the fence our 11 year old neighbor boy say Is that Peter Pan? Yes I say Would you like to come listen? I've been listening from here he says So I go on and read about Wendy's rule that all the boys must take a nap after they eat and they are all settled on marooners rock when an eery darkness begins to spread of the lagoon Oh it must be Hook and the neighbor is now perched on top of the fence We go on to the fight and Peter is wounded and can't fly nor swim and is left with Wendy on the rock and the tide is coming in Ohbut they can't really drown They don't drown Do they? And the boy is now over the fence There is a kite Peter fastens Wendy to it and it carries her away Peter looks out bravely and says 'to die will be an awfully big adventure' The chapter ends and the neighbor boy is beside us I smile and ask Do you guys want another chapter? Well if you want to says the boy and so there is a devoted neverbird a mother sitting on her nest that has fallen out of the tree and is now bobbing up and down in the gentley lapping waters of the lagoon

  7. Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) Hailey (Hailey in Bookland) says:

    Read for schoolReally enjoyed this

  8. Ahmad Sharabiani Ahmad Sharabiani says:

    ‎Peter Pan JM Barrie Peter Pan is a fictional character created by Scottish novelist and playwright J M Barrie A young boy who can fly and never grows up Peter Pan spends his never ending childhood having adventures on the mythical island of Neverland as the leader of the Lost Boys interacting with fairies pirates mermaids Native Americans and occasionally ordinary children from the world outside Neverlandعنوانها پیتر پن؛ سفر به سرزمین خیالی؛ نویسنده جیمز متیو بری؛ تاریخ نخستین خوانش روز بیستم ماه اکتبر سال 2003 میلادیعنوان پیتر پن خلاصه شده؛ نویسنده جیمز متیو بری؛ تلخیص جان کالینز؛ مترجم امین اظهری؛ تهران، حنانه، 1380، در 39 ص؛ شابک ایکس 964596130؛ عنوان پیتر پن؛ نویسنده جیمز متیو بری؛ مترجم مهدی غبرائی؛ تهران، نشر مرکز، کتاب مریم، 1381، در 208 ص؛ شابک 9643056686؛ موضوع داستانهای کودکان و نوجوانان از نویسندگان انگلیسی سده 20 معنوان سفر به سرزمین خیالی؛ نویسنده جیمز متیو بری؛ مترجم زهرا حصارپرور؛ بازنویسی جواد داعی؛ مشهد، جام آپادانا، 1381، در 12 ص؛ داستانهای تخیلی برای کودکان سنی الف و ب؛ شابک 9647728069؛ عنوان پیتر پن؛ نویسنده جیمز متیو بری؛ مترجم رامک نیک طلب؛ تهران، قدیانی، 1389، در 240 ص؛ شابک 9789645365231؛ ماجرای سفر سحرآمیز کودکان، به جزایر خیالی است جزایری که به گفته‌ ی «بری»، نویسنده‌ ی همین کتاب، هر کسی ممکن است آنجا را ببیند، «پيتر» پسری ست، که هرگزی بزرگ نمی‌شود شبی که خانم و آقای «دارلینگ»، از خانه بیرون رفته بودند، «پیتر پن»، به خانه آنها فرود آمد چیزی نگذشت، که به «وندی»، «جان» و «مایکل»، کودکان خانم و آقای «دارلینگ»، پرواز کردن را یاد داد، و آنها، در هیجان انگیزترین ماجرای عمرشان، به پرواز درآمدند، و به «هیچستان» رفتند بچه ها در «هیچستان»، به «پریان دریایی»، «دزدهای دریایی»، «سرخ پوستها»، «خانه ی زیر زمینی»، «تالاب پری دریایی» و «کاپیتان هوک» برخوردند «هوک» که فرمانده «دزدان دریایی» است، در یک حادثه یک دستش، توسط یک «تمساح» بلعیده شده است «هوک»، «پیتر» را دوست ندارد، و همین، ماجراهای عجیب و غریبی، برای «پیتر» و بچه ها میآفریند، که تنها، با خوانش داستان برای شما گشوده میشود داستان زبان ویژه ای دارد نویسنده، هماره در داستان حضور دارد، و راجع به شخصیت، و کنشهای آنها، اظهار نظر میکند، و همین، به شیرینی داستان میافزاید در پایان، این پرسش پیش مبآید، که آیا همگان میتوانند به دنیای خیال «پیتر»، و به «هیچستان» پرواز کنند؟ پاسخ این است «تنها آدمهای شاد، معصوم، و خیالپرداز، میتوانند آنجا بروند تنها آنهایی که، دلشان میخواهد کودک باقی بمانند آنهایی که، اندیشه های خوب و قشنگ دارند، و با آنها به هوا بلند میشوند خوب گوش کنید، آیا صدای جرینگ جرینگ را میشنوید؟ این صدای زنگوله ی یک «پری» است میتوانید خودتان را، به زنگوله ی او آویزان کنید، و به دنیای خیال بروید یا نه، همینجا بمانید گزینش با شماست «پیتر پن»، اثر «جیمز ماتیو بری»، از آثار کلاسیک، و محبوب کودکان است، که نخستین بار، در سال 1901 میلادی، نگاشته شده است «بری» در سال 1904 میلادی، نمایشنامه ای از آنرا، بر روی صحنه نیز بردند از آن هنگام، همین نمایشنامه، بارها و بارها اجرا شده است ا شربیانی

  9. Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ Val ⚓️ Shameless Non-Snowflake ⚓️ says:

    Not gonna lie I had to push myself to get through thisI just didn’t find it enjoyable in the slightest which makes me feel like a loser since it’s such a beloved children’s classicBut at least I’m an honest loser?I didn’t really like PeterWendy annoyed meAnd the humor and tone just fell flat for meBut on the plus side at least I can count this as my first completed classic for the year This was supposed to be my January read and it’s now Februarybut who’s countingMe that’s who One out of 12 complete

  10. Ariel Ariel says:

    INCREDIBLE SO WEIRD AND GOODThings that are great1 All of these tiny details that Barrie added in that just make everything feel really intricate2 Peter Pan is the most bizarre and interesting characters ever3 The whole concept of Neverland being fact of fiction? Fascinating4 The parents WOAH SO INTERESTING5 I listened to an audiobook version while reading along which was read by Jim Dale and OMGSOGOOD6 The magic7 The pirates8 Understanding why Tinker Bell is called Tinker Bell9 It was really sad The ending man was technically happy and cheerful but MAN WAS IT SAD10 PiratesYou should check it out

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