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Deeply Odd ❰Read❯ ➮ Deeply Odd Author Dean Koontz – Following the explosive success of Odd Apocalypse here is the gripping new adventure of Odd Thomas Dean Koontz's most celebrated characterIn a sinister encounter with a rogue truck driver tricked up l Following the explosive success of Odd Apocalypse here is the gripping new adventure of Odd Thomas Dean Koontz's most celebrated characterIn a sinister encounter with a rogue truck driver tricked up like a rhinestone cowboy Odd has a disturbing vision of a shocking multiple homicide that has not yet been committed Across California into Nevada and back again Odd embarks on a riveting road chase to prevent the tragedy Along the way he meets and charms a collection of eccentrics who become his allies in a terrifying battle against a sociopath of singular boldness and cleverness and a shadowy network of mysterious like minded murderers whose chilling resources seem almost supernatural.

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  1. Mary MacKintosh Mary MacKintosh says:

    I used to like Koontz's Odd Thomas novels but they are losing their charm Part of the problem is the amount of filler Koontz stuffs the book with dismal thoughts about how the world is devolving into a horrible place and in this one he actually predicts that it might be America's time to produce a Hitler Pol Pot Idi Amin type of leader one that will wreak havoc on innocent citizens and export horror to the world There is a good story in here but a reader has to struggle to stay engaged and slog through all the extraneous material Strangely Koontz cannot stay dark and the end of the book cycles into an almost fairy tale happy situation full of gentle big dogs cookies cocoa and good people

  2. Michelle Michelle says:

    Book six in the Odd Thomas series and after having a bit of a moan about the last few books I'm happy to report that I enjoyed this one much This book definitely has less fillers and action and I feel like we are building up to something in book seven the final installment I really love how this series has featured Elvis Sinatra and now Hitchcock as characters its definitely uirky but I'm ready for the end Saint Odd let's do this

  3. Debbie Debbie says:

    Have you ever been in a relationship which starts out with the other person continually telling you about how well heshe is going to treat you but time goes by heshe gets comfortable lazy never really delivers on all of those empty words? All build up no follow through Sure heshe isn't really a bad person but you feel so underwhelmed that you grow to resent even the things about himher that attracted you in the first place That is how this series is beginning to feel to me There is simply so much foreshadowing promises of things to come but it doesn't feel like it's going anywhere I'm sorry Odd Thomas it's not me it's you Don't get me wrong I'm very interested in reading the end of this series but I may hold off on any of the other books until it's over I don't think its ever taken me nearly 2 weeks to read a Dean Koontz book before I hope it never will again view spoiler Even the action within the entries in the series themselves feel as if it's stalling This book felt like 13 long drawn out descriptions of odd weather patterns the strange 'otherworld;' 13 flashbacks to the other books; and 13 Odd's simpering about the possible fates that could befall him mixed with passive aggressive rants about current usually pop culture hide spoiler

  4. David David says:

    I don't expect much from Dean Koontz as a writer other than his ability to create some compelling characters and to weave a good tale In the first Odd Thomas book that's what I got But now Koontz has gotten really tiresome with his preachy tone and his homophobic anti government paranoia 'Year by yearthe government ever aggressively militarizes state and local police forces and even its most seemingly benign agencies In August of last year the Social Security Administration purchased one hundred seventy four thousand rounds of hollow point ammunition for distribution to forty one of its offices around the country' and he puts into the mouth of poor Oddy some of the worst right wing BS I already know you're a right winger Mr Koontz and that's your right but if I wanted to be exposed to a steady diet of it I'd turn on Fox News In addition to that this story is predictable and poorly plotted and the denouement is a let downThis is the last Koontz book I will read

  5. Abbey Abbey says:

    I hope we'll see a lot of the limo racing pistol packin' elderly Mrs Fischer call me Edie dear Yes ma'am and her vast network of do gooders I've felt sorry for Oddie being so alone against theummmodds At the end she and the perpetually pregnant Annamaria seemed to already know each other It would be a great plot development if this invisible support system had been with him through several books and we the readers hadn't noticed until Mrs Fischer points out a few little things that have occurred in previous books things that Odd had attributed to luck or to his uncanny abilities but had actually been the work of this heretofor invisible network That'd be coolOnce again the writing had much repetition and many reminders It's almost as if Mr Koontz expects the reader to put down the book at some point and therefore will need reminders to get back up to speed when resuming the book later How absurd Putting down the book is not an option We are uite willing to be groggy at work in order to finish the book The pace dragged a bit with long philosophical asides usually at the apex of the action when one has the least patience for solilouy As a story telling strategy suspending the action for expository observations could be effective in prolonging the suspense to nearly unbearable lengths but in practice all it did was make me skim the long paragraphs to get back to the short ones Admit it we all know that the action takes place in the short paragraphsThe bad guys are just the right amount of evil until the Annual Convention of Big Evil Incorporated That is a worn out cliché Then there's the Boss fight like every other cranked out summer movie and every story plotted X Box game Please I'd like to read a story in which the big bad dies but the action continues and the hero has to figure out a better way to deal with systemic evil Creighton could do that and Koontz should try Here's a great example in the last two seasons of Angel the gang of evil busters discovers how hard it can be to decide what the right thing might be when the situations get and complicated It's possible to have great storytelling without catering to every expectation of the genre reading public My favorite element was the superimposition of an alternative reality on this reality especially when he describes the alt reality as seeming a bit plastic and unconvincing because it doesn't have enough trash and smelliness It reminded me of the reality depicted in large map free roaming computer games They can have impressive textures graphics and physics but no computing power anywhere can be as truly immersive as the most ordinary room in which we sit to play the game This is how evil compares to good as Odd observes Odd concludes that evil can imitate good but in the final analysis the actions of evil are boring predictable and repetitive They are only a facsimile of the boundless creativity inherent in goodness especially in the creative battle tactics of a simple fry cook Oh my I think I've just gotten discursive the very thing I'd criticized about Mr Koontz I guess it's easy to fall from fantasy into a long paragraph of philosophyBack to the action I recommend this for enthralling escapist reading but not for sensitive souls who could find elements of horror involving children too disturbing Mild spoiler but if you're wondering about whether to read a novel in which kidnapped children are the focus read onHonestly without the fluffy bunny redemptive ending I wouldn't have been able to recommend this book at all This isn't to say that the ending is in any way believable but after all that horror the reader may be just as willing as the children to be rid of the PTSD that would follow such an ordeal

  6. Jordan Anderson Jordan Anderson says:

    Let’s be honest ok? Did anyone out there really expect this one to be good? If so you’re delusional Admit it Koontz’s track record has been just ghastly as of late The guy has let me down so many times that I would be flat out surprised if anything decent came out of this newest Odd novel Well clearly as you can see my prediction proved true “Deeply Odd” was awfulReally though should this even come as a shock? Before we delve into the waste of paper or hard drive space since mine was on the Kindle that “Deeply Odd” was let’s go back and answer that uestion with a brief trip down memory lane and into Koontz’s biography for the last 7 or 8 years In that time are there any books that bare any sort of praise? I honestly can’t think of a single one I really liked There were a few ok ones sure like “What the Night Knows” and even the previous “Odd Apocalypse” did show some promise but within that time frame he somehow managed to write the god awful “Breathless” the horrendous “Darkest Evening of the Year” the boring conclusion to the at time promising “Frankenstein” series and his worst one up to this “77 Shadow Street” Koontz has really been on a downward slump these last few years If he were a professional athlete he’s have had his walking papers many seasons ago Like an aging pitcher that throws nothing but HR’s Koontz is aging and not doing it wellThat being said “Deeply Odd” is no better I don’t know where to start with it it was that bad The plot was bad The characters were bad The dialogue was bad The attempted uses at humor were bad Koontz’s never ending right wing paranoia was bad The action was bad Even the rushed and boring conclusion was bad Any single one of those things would be enough to write a scathing review on but I am going to keep it to a minimum for time’s sake and to keep me from looking to much like a babbling idiotI will start at the plot It wasn’t the worst in recent memory but its been done before By Koontz 3 TIMES IN A ROW Yes “Shadow Street” dealt with an alternative sort of reality “Apocalypse” did as well Now we are subjected to this kind of idea for the 3rd time in as many books Either Koontz has run out of ideas and is getting senile in his old age or he has come to the conclusion that his readers are stupid and have forgotten that this has been told to us thriceSpeaking of forgetting it sure seems that Koontz has forgotten how to write his own creations In the first 3 “Odd” books Odd Thomas was a lovable character dealing with this talent or curse depending on how you saw fit to feel about him He accepted this lot in life with little complaint and while he sometimes moped and went introspective he was generally a happy go lucky guy afraid of violence and hurting people Now Odd is a gun loving emo kid with an all too apparent chip on his shoulder about losing his beloved Stormy He whines constantly and cries continuously about his life He says he still abhors violence and still hates guns but for someone who feels that way he sure knows how to describe his dual wielding Glocks his kevlar vest and his top secret government issued sleeping spraypowder He seems to be extremely talents with said weapons as well as he’s seen killing at least 5 people in this installmentThat works out to be than dead bodies than in all the other books combined Oh and now he is totally ok with stealing things too justifying his actions with some horribly lame excuses Don’t misunderstand me here If Odd would have started out this way it wouldnt be so bad but now that he’s done a complete 180 so fast shows that Koontz is losing his faith in his characterMaybe you can blame that all on Mrs Fischer the gun totting limo driving confusing as hell 86 year old woman who miraculously shows up to save Odd after he somehow manages to survive crashing an SUV that he has stollen She randomly appears makes Odd her driver and proceeds to talk away for the next 140 pages about things that make no sense and have no bearing whatsoever in the story I’m serious people This is the depths that Koontz has fallen I’ve read better dues ex machinas in children’s storiesI’ve also read better dialogue in them too The back and forth discussions conversations and inner monologues are laughably bad No wait I take that back They are cringe worthy and headache inducing One such example goes accordingly“It’s a thing a ma bob” Mrs Fischer said“A thing a ma bob?” I asked“A dohickey”“Dohickey?”“A thing a ma bob dohickey They implanted it in my right buttock Or maybe it was my left”“Why would they plant a thing a ma bob dohickey in your butt cheek?”Mrs Fischer leaned forward and pinched my cheek “You’re a cute one Mr Odd”That’s it If I’m lying I’m dying Throughout this entire novel the readers have to crawl through these kind of inane and pointless fillers with no reason other than they are there to take up space Take out these conversations and you’re left with a story that would probably be only 14 as longAnd that 25% would only come at the last part of the story because it isn’t until you’ve slogged through the previous 75% of “Deeply Odd” that you finally come to any action and any kind of plot worth mentioning What is that plot you ask? Well let’s just say Koontz relies on age old demon mythology and some naturally evil people to explain why things happen Like that alternate reality thing we previously mentioned this has been done numerous times before too I wouldn’t have had a problem with this after all I read countless zombie stories that are basically the same plot over and over again but only if had been done well Obviously this time it wasn’tDean Koontz has frustrated disappointed pissed me off and let me down for the very last time I in good conscious can no longer support an author with no motivation to write anything good any To continue to waste time money and even electricity recharging my kindle while reading his stuff is just a constant never ending circle of depression and anger So with all that being said and these facts laid bare and open before you Mr Koontz I bid you farewell Should we ever have the possibility to cross paths I do hope it will be in the company of your older stories and creations

  7. Brian Brian says:

    It almost pains me to do so but I have to rate an Odd Thomas novel below four starsHere's the reason Dean Koontz is lousing up one of my favorite creations of his with long rambling paragraphs and inner monologues that never seem to end True Odd has always been a very self reflective character; after all it's from his perspective that Koontz has told all of the Odd Thomas stories so far The problem is that Odd's musings are starting to get in the way of the storylineNowhere is this true than in Deeply Odd In between sometimes thin plot lines Koontz lards this novel with diatribes about how horrible the world is how terrible government is and how dogs are innocent beings that only ever turn mean because of the failings of their human caretakers The unfortunate result is a book largely without a story Yes we're treated to an intriguing new character and the action filling the last 75 pages or so almost brings the reader back to classic Koontz but because there's so much needless filler masuerading as some ridiculous philosophizing the reader is left with a maddeningly vague plot and the feeling that he or she doesn't know much about where Odd Thomas is going at the end of the book than at the beginningI love Odd Thomas' character; I have since Book #1 But Koontz has got to get his act together and recapture that old spirit of his or he's going to alienate Odd's fans for good

  8. Lynn Lynn says:

    I love the Odd Thomas series Where else can you find such a great hero genuine good vs evil stuff wonderful side characters and HUMOR in a horror book? Koontz intersperses scary seuences with Odd's random musings which help make him a believable hero albeit a hero in pretty unusual situations and with some unusual skills For instance in the midst of chasing down the villain he proposes that although it isn't profound there are worse mottoes to live by than 'we might as well eat' Few other supernatural suspense writers can do this successfully in my book John Connolly in the Charlie Parker mystery series and Joe Hill both can do itStephen King tries but he gets hammy with his humor IMHO much like he does in cameos in his movies Heresy to some I know sorry

  9. Tucker Elliot Tucker Elliot says:

    Dean Koontz wrote some great horror books early in his career In recent years he’s evolved into a writer who not only tells a great story but who can also be relied on to create a deeper “layer” or “current” beneath the surface of the book that serves to inspire or exalt morality and virtuous behavior Koontz did this masterfully in Odd Thomas the first book in this series – creating a great protagonist that was heroic witty loyal but also a bit flawed I enjoyed the subseuent books in the series but I also felt in the most recent ones that Odd Thomas lacked direction and growth in terms of his character Well Deeply Odd cures that and then some This is easily the best book in the series since the original and I’ll give two reasons why I feel that way1 Odd Thomas gives voice to his most overwhelming need – redemption It’s been a constant theme of course that he saved lives in the original book but lost Stormy – however it’s never been this in depth or articulated so well In Deeply Odd you can literally feel how pained Odd is and how much he craves redemption even though he doesn’t believe it is possible2 Odd Thomas’ journey in the last few books was so random at times that I was frustrated at the lack of growth in his character but now we find out how all of his adventures have been building up to one great purpose – his journey has a destination and everything to this point and including the storyline in Deeply Odd has been preparing him for the final book in the series Without including a spoiler suffice it to say that Odd Thomas’ journey is set to come full circle It took me 175 pages or so before I began to appreciate these two points in Deeply Odd – but from that moment forward the pace was relentless and everything that had seemed random began to take shape and gain meaning A couple other notes without spoiling anything for readers already immersed in the world of Odd Thomas – it’s pretty subtle but if you read closely between the lines then I think there’s a big reveal about Annamaria near the end of the book that could play a major role in Odd’s future; and Alfred Hitchcock does something pretty cool as well For readers who are new to the world of Odd Thomas I noticed other reviewers suggested that if you’ve never read an Odd Thomas book then you should probably read the others first – however I’d put it this way if you’re willing to suspend your disbelief at the randomness of the universe then you’ll be just fine reading this book Two examples one if it bothers you that when Odd is running from a bad guy he just happens to cross paths with a gang of bank robbers who leave keys in the getaway car then you might be distracted from the finer points of the book; and two if the first randomly convenient car bugs you but doesn’t keep you from plowing forward then the elderly woman who shows up in a limousine and asks Odd to be her chauffer at the next instance in which he is in desperate need of wheels might Just suspend your disbelief – his name is Odd for a reason – and you’ll enjoy this book

  10. Knom Knom says:

    It is a tragedy when a character with as much potential as Odd Thomas get treated like this It's like when the kid you went to high school with who everyone expected to go to Harvard instead decides to do meth and shows up on World's Dumbest with all his teeth rotted out What a waste The original Odd Thomas is probably my favorite book by Dean Koontz I adored it I found the characters refreshing and charming and it was a novel take on the psychic detective genre But alas it couldn't last The next two novels weren't great but they weren't terrible Then came Odd Hours and the beginning of the end What I loved about Odd in the beginning was that he was a small town hero In 20 years he never left his hometown He was a fry cook He helped individuals ghosts move on Sure he stopped a shooting but it was in his hometown It wasn't 911 it wasn't Armageddon it was sorry to say something that happens in America a few times a year Then the next thing you know Odd is fighting nuclear armed terrorists like he's Jack Bauer or a member of Seal Team 6 That isn't Odd's job That's nonsense And it only got worse from there After saving the US from nuclear annihilation Odd begins collecting increasingly nonsensical friends A chick who like Bonny on Family Guy stays pregnant longer than elephants or blue whales Some kid who was trapped in an evil mansion something something Tesla alternate dimensions Oh and dogs Because it isn't Dean Koontz unless there's dogs In Deeply Odd see we got here eventually the random uirky friends get even random and uirky There's a lady with a magic limo that never runs out of gas There's a family of arms dealers that only sell their guns to good people Yeah And there's a group that runs a super therapeutic safe house populated with you guessed it dogsOh and there's satanists They're not Odd's friends they're the villains But really Dean? Satanists? I'm fine with ghosts and a single psychic fry cook but satanists? It's like a bad 80's horror film or a Syfy original And here's something else that really makes this novel over the top silly The constant preaching Every other sentence is Odd or one of his friends bitching about how sorry the world is how corrupt how people don't care about their neighbors any how it's all Obama's fault okay not the last one but you get me It's like a Glenn Beck book with ghosts thrown in and it's nonsense The heart has gone from the Odd Thomas series It's been replaced with cheap sentiments and even cheaper characters Considering what the series could have been and was at the beginning it's all the sadder

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