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In a Blink [Read] ➲ In a Blink Author Kiki Thorpe – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk The Disney Fairies star in a magical all new early chapter book series for kids ages 6 to 10—The Never GirlsThe smell of salt water a gust of seabreeze and the bell like ringing of a fairy's laugh a The Disney Fairies star in a magical all new early chapter book series for kids ages to —The Never GirlsThe smell of salt water a gust of seabreeze and the bell like ringing of a fairy's laugh are the only In a PDF/EPUB or hints that something magical is happening to Kate Mia Lainey and Gabby In a Blink of an eye the four friends are whisked out of their ordinary lives to the most wonderful place of all—Never Land home to fairies mermaids and now four lost girls The girls don't want to leave right away but ueen Clarion and Tinker Bell have figured out a way for them to get home Will Kate Mia Lainey and Gabby's fantastic adventure end before it's barely begun .

  • Hardcover
  • 128 pages
  • In a Blink
  • Kiki Thorpe
  • English
  • 10 July 2015
  • 9780736481373

About the Author: Kiki Thorpe

KIKI THORPE has written or adapted over fifty books for children A former children's book editor she now writes full time from San Francisco.

10 thoughts on “In a Blink

  1. Rebecca McNutt Rebecca McNutt says:

    Not bad; I'm not much of a Disney person but at least In A Blink had a decent use of vocabulary and some interesting characters I hate when writers feel the need to dumb down middle grade fiction by removing larger words and phrases as if anyone under the age of 13 must have an I in the negative range I'm glad that this book didn't stoop to that kind of style

  2. Patricia Patricia says:

    So where is Peter Pan in all this? My daughter cutely suggested that perhaps Peter Pan is on vacation and that maybe Pixie Hollow has different rules than the rest of Neverland What I mean is why are the fairies and Clumsies so worried about being able to leave Neverland? Peter Pan took the Darlings back and should theoretically be able to take the Clumsies back Peter Pan can fly back and forth between worlds after all Perhaps I missed the part in the book where we learn that there a Neverland rule that wouldn't allow that there isn't Since the girls seem knowledgeable of Neverland they know about Skull Rock and the Mermaids why don't they ask about Peter Pan and if he can help them? Also why did Tink suddenly get all misty eyed about the girls when she found out about the stolen fairy dust and Kate's secret meeting with Vidia Personally I think that a mad and spunky Tink should have added it to her list of reasons the Clumsies were pests Something other than Kate stuck in a tree should have happened to change Tink's mind about the Clumsies It seemed forced at the enda let me hurry up and tidy up the end of this book type of writing but I doubt that would bother a child reading this book The ending is happy and leaves the reader wanting which is fantastic Overall is a cute story line I just hope the next book doesn't suffer from the same things this one does Either way I'm sure most little girls would enjoy this series I've very rarely met a little girl who doesn't love fairies

  3. Kaley Kaley says:

    We are HUGE Peter Pan fans in our house and could not be thrilled with the many ways his legacy continues This most recent nod to the boy who never grew up is every bit as much fun as we could have hoped for This first book in a brand new series will delight parents who love Peter as much as the girls who will read it and want to be Never Girls themselves My daughter is hooked already Well done Disney

  4. Becky Becky says:

    What a fun book In a Blink is a uick read but perfect for those 6 10 years old I think this would be a great book for one of the book clubs I runThree friends Mia Kate and Lainey are playing soccer when the start to notice odd things happening Then Mia's little sister Gabby begins talking to a fairy and since she is known for her playing make believe this does not strike them odd until they all end up in Neverland This caused uite a bit of chaos since Clumsies as the humans are called do not often come to Neverland They are taken to ueen Clarion and they decide the best way to send them home It is said that you can never retrun to Neverland once you go home I thought Wendy traveled back and forth but I could be confusing the book with the movie The girls are in no hurry to return home and they have some fun while in Neverland The girls learn how to fly All except Kate that is who has a little trouble but she meets Vidia who promises to teach her Anyone who follows the fairies knows Vidia is always up to somethingThe book was a lot of fun to read and it brings in characters like Tinkerbell Prilla ueen Clarion and Vidia Tink's personality was perfect a bit of a pouty brat with a spunky side I never read the Disney Fariies series but I think I may and use them also for book club

  5. Linda Lou Linda Lou says:

    I picked this book and the next one The Space Bewteen at Sams club The titles intrigued me; but I was unable to open the books up since they ere wrapped in plastic I did manage to get a peek though and decided that my six year old granddaughter would be able to read these I gave in to my impulse to read In a Blink before sending it off to my granddaughter and I am glad I did I found the story to be enjoyable and full of adventure The development of the characters flowed well and they were believable I didn't intend to read the second book; but of course I did I also preordered the next one A Dandelion Wish I sent both books to my granddaughter who has started the series We talk on the phone about the books what was our favorite part what will happen next why did Katie do what she didwe started our own little book clutch What a wonderful way for a grandma and granddaughter to stay in touch long distance

  6. Giselle Bradley Giselle Bradley says:

    I wish that children's authors would please realize that children for the most part are very smart I wouldn't give this book to my future children because it's full of stupid characters being stupid It also has no continuity with the Pixie Hollow books which are a million times better than this Even though they don't make much sense either I'm just sick of reading children's books where the author is so obviously writing for unintelligent people The story didn't make sense the characters were obnoxious and the art left much to be desired

  7. Hadley Hatch Hadley Hatch says:

    It was very fun to read

  8. Mehsi Mehsi says:

    This looked like an interesting book however I was mostly annoyed at the changing POVs at every moment Tinkerbell is still a stupid fairy and should explode in a pile of fairy dustSo since I am not really in the mood for a normal review I will do my goodbad reviewGood Yay We are finally back at Neverland So happy that someone decided to write books about it again And this time not about Peter oh no about the fairies that live there I love the fairies and their abilities Each one had a certain ability so you would have one that took care of the mice one that did the harvest and one so on Yay Evil fairies I love those gives the story a bit of a spark and a much needed hint of evilness Nice illustrations however see bad points Cover is niceBad Tinkerbell or should I say Tinkerhell or Tinkerkill is just as bitchy as she was in Peter Pan and various other adaptations Dear Lord she is stuck up totally mean and rude to people who aren't her kind Oh wait unless it is Peterweter Panniwannie because she LUBS him too bad for her he doesn't LUB her Insert Tinkerbell annoyances The illustrations They were nice but I felt they were really lacking Like they were meant to be in colour but due to some magical reasons are now in black and white which totally don't fit them and make them lacklustre and boring The changing POVs at times I just didn't know who was talking and in the end I totally just went with the flow and just didn't care any This is a bad thing Don't just change your characters at every moment Bad very bad thing The ending was so predictable It was a bit bland It started off pretty awesome but turned out to blandness I wish they would have visited Peter or had some adventures but no all they do is chat chat chat and do some stuff but nothing really specialWill I be reading the rest of this series? Nope Sorry my hatred for Tinkerbell is only growing and makes me want to throw with this book not that I would ever but well you all know the feeling Review first posted at

  9. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    My 3 daughters loved it and we are on the search for the next one

  10. Jennifer Girard Jennifer Girard says:

    It was very a cute and short story I will read the next ones for sure I love how this is inspired by the Tinker Bell movies

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