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The Space Between ❮BOOKS❯ ✯ The Space Between Author Kiki Thorpe – It's not fair Just as they were settling in at Pixie Hollow Kate Mia Lainey and Gabby have to go home Tinker Bell says no kids have ever come back to Never Land but Lainey refuses to believe it Will s It's not fair Just as they were settling in at Pixie Hollow Kate Mia Lainey and Gabby have to go home Tinker Bell says no kids have ever come back to Never Land but Lainey refuses to believe it Will she never get to ride a deer through the woods again And how can she learn the languages of animals away from the fairiesEven when the girls leave Never Land its magic seems to follow them That mouse in Lainey's kitchen she's The Space PDF or sure it was one of the fairies' dairy mice Is there some king of splinter between the worlds.

10 thoughts on “The Space Between

  1. Kaija Bullock Kaija Bullock says:

    Finished this in one night

  2. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    These cute little girls and these cute little fairies Love

  3. Rose Rose says:

    it was good

  4. Breanna Breanna says:

    The Never Girls the space betweenSummary Continuing from the first book in a blink Kate Lainey Mia and Gabby have made it home Before the girls left Never Land Lainey was spending a lot of time with an animal talent fairy named Fawn Fawn believed Lainey could be an animal talent Clumsy so she was teaching Lainey how to talk to animals Once Lainey was back home she tried talking to the neighbor dog with no luck Just as she arrived at her house she spotted Milkweed a dairy mouse from Fawn’s farm But how did he get to the mainland? Was is possible that she Kate Mia and Gabby could find a way back to Pixie Hollow? Activity What would your fairy talent be and why? Draw a picture of your talent This activity highlights a student’s ranging from 6 10 years of age strengths and encourages them to use some creativity Citation Thorpe K Christy J 2014 The space between Gosford NSW Scholastic Australia

  5. Ellen Ellen says:

    Another tiny discrepancy between this and Peter Pan's world The Space Between is all about another unusual way to get into Neverland This time it's a small crack or whole between the two worlds Even so the stories remain charming and have some solid messages for the reader about developing talentsLainey fears she has no talent but has a deep connection to animals In Neverland she's learning how to speak to them like a real animal talent fairy or at the very least an animal talent clumsy Clumsies are the name given to humans by the fairies themselves When animals from each world find their way through the space between the worlds will Lainey discover her talent at last?

  6. Sheila Sheila says:

    The girls go back home but Milkweed a mouse seems to come through with them Mia's cat seems to be missing now Then Lainey discovers a breach in a fence near their homes Lainey goes back and finds Mia's cat who is reeking havoc in Never Land among the fairies What is going on?I enjoyed the girls finding a breach in the area between earth and Never Land I also liked them fixing what the cat has done to the fairies I like that there will be stories between the girls and Never Land This is perfect for an young elementary school reader All with Tinkerbell and the other fairies

  7. AMY AMY says:

    120 pgs Another great book in the series when the fairies send the girls home They are not happy about leaving Neverland but go nonetheless One day while in the kitchen Lainey sees a mouse with a bell around its neck She figures out it is Milkweed a mouse from Neverland She cannot figure out what he is doing in her world In the meantime Fawn a lively fairy accidentally lets Mia's cat Bingo into the Fairy realm There is a lot of drama as you can imagine Lots of action and great fantasy scenes Girls will really enjoy this series Highly recommended for Grades 3 5

  8. Courtney Umlauf Courtney Umlauf says:

    This is a sweet series especially good for very advanced young readers The writing is great and features a varied vocabulary but the content is light and appropriate for little onesSeries Review | TpT Store | Pinterest

  9. Jessica Hartley Jessica Hartley says:

    My daughter enjoyed it but not as much as the first one

  10. Jennifer Girard Jennifer Girard says:

    It was a cute story but it was kinda repetitive I'm not too sure if I'll continue the series

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