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The Leaders Code ➵ The Leaders Code Download ➾ Author Donovan Campbell – What does it take to be a great leader In a word character This uniue book by decorated US Marine Corps veteran Donovan Campbell the New York Times bestselling author of Joker One draws on his years o What does it take to be a great leader In a word character This uniue book by decorated US Marine Corps veteran The Leaders PDF/EPUB ² Donovan Campbell the New York Times bestselling author of Joker One draws on his years of training and combat experience to reveal the specific virtues that underpin effective leadership—and how anyone can stand up serve others and make a difference in the world by bringing out the best in a team   The Leader’s Code is a practical action plan that can be applied to any situation in which exemplary leadership is reuired whether that be at home or in the workplace Moreover The Leader’s Code unpacks the military servant leader model—a leader must take care of his mission first his team second and himself a distant third—and explains why this concept of self sacrifice is so needed in today’s world Focusing on the development of character as the foundation of servant leadership Campbell identifies character’s six key attributes humility excellence kindness discipline courage and wisdom Then drawing on lessons from his time in the Corps and stories from history Scripture and American business he shows us how to develop those virtues in order to take the helm with confidence conviction and a passion to bring out the best in others   Being a leader is about being worthy of being followed True leaders Campbell argues foster compassion for others and they pursue excellence in all that they do They are humble and know how to self correct Campbell’s exploration of these vital ualities is wide ranging as he takes us from the boardrooms of the world’s most successful companies to the Infantry Officer Course the intense twelve week training gauntlet that Marines use to prepare their leaders to sacrifice themselves for the welfare of others   With faith in our political and business leaders at an all time low America is in the midst of a crisis of trust Yet public opinion polls show that there is one institution that still commands widespread respect because of its commitment to character and sacrifice the United States military The Leader’s Code shows that this same servant leader model can help us all become our best selves—and provide a way forward for our nationAdvance praise for The Leader’s Code  “A refreshing model for leadership offering convincing principles and motivating examples that are sure to make a difference in a leader’s personal and professional life I can’t remember a leadership book that has had influence on my thinking”—Steve Reinemund dean of business Wake Forest University and retired chairman and CEO PepsiCo  “Donovan Campbell has written a superb thoughtful all encompassing examination of leadership and leaders His key lessons easily understood and well articulated are applicable at home within the community and to professionals in all walks of life The Leader’s Code is an important book for anyone concerned about today’s leadership crisis in our country and in our communities”—General Mike Hagee USMC Ret rd Commandant of the US Marine Corps   “Donovan Campbell nails it as he speaks to our country’s need for leadership at every level at home in the marketplace in education in government and in the military The Leader’s Code is a clear call to be focused on the right mission in the right way and at the right time This is a thoughtful book that will keep you awake at night and challenge you to dream in the daytime” —Dennis Rainey president and CEO FamilyLife.

  • Hardcover
  • 256 pages
  • The Leaders Code
  • Donovan Campbell
  • English
  • 25 September 2016
  • 9780812992939

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  1. Wayne McCoy Wayne McCoy says:

    'The Leader's Code' by Donovan Campbell lays out a system of servant leadership based on the United States Marine Corps It's definitely one of the better business books I've read recentlyThere are anecdotes from Campbell based on his time in the military but these are used to illustrate the building blocks of the code We start with mission but along the way we also find humility courage and discipline among other thingsIn a time when we've seen corruption among our leaders in some of the worst business scandal the book serves as a kind of wake up call It made me appreciate the way our military trains leaders and made me evaluate my own leadership style Every chapter ends with a summary and reflection uestions based on the material and the book includes an appendix with a practical application of the principles learnedClear direction and clear action are missing in a lot of the business literature I read Often I finish one of those books and wonder what the take away is Not so in this book Campbell's message and call to action are loud and clear Well executedI received a review copy of this ebook from Random House and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you for allowing me to review this ebook

  2. Brian Stout Brian Stout says:

    I started this book expecting to be underwhelmed by another book with trite formulas for leadership I came away thinking this is one of the most insightful and clear minded contributions to the literature in a long time Campbell presents his approach through an appealing combination of data anecdote and philosophy that leave the reader nodding along at each premise until reaching the conclusion troubling but unassailable you mean I have to act ethically in ALL areas of my life? But can't I still be a good leader if I just forget to include something on my tax return? The book also has the single best mini essay on Humility that I've even seen and I've been looking for over a decade Unsparing comprehensive and deeply resonant In short this book should be mandatory reading for anyone seriously concerned about the global leadership crisis today and anyone interested in pursuing authentic moral leadership His prescriptions aren't easy discipline excellence not for the faint of heart but they are presented on a solid foundation as part of a coherent and battle tested in his case literally theory Kudos to Mr Campbell

  3. Betsy Hover Betsy Hover says:

    I was delighted to receive this book from Goodreads Giveaway I was totally impressed and surprised with the direction of this book of getting back to the basics of what the character our forefathers stood for as menThe Leader’s Code introduces as a military servant leader model—a leader must take care of his mission first his team second and himself third—and explains why this concept of self sacrifice is so needed in today’s world The author identifies character’s six key attributes humility excellence kindness discipline courage and wisdomI appreciate all six Key Attributes but the one that has been lost the most in the last few generations is Discipline I like how the author describes Discipline Defined I have two young sons 22yrs21yrs discipline was instilled to share them into the fine young men that they have become I have always indicated to them from a very young age to be a Man of their Word and that it will define them as Men of Integrity Which our society seems to be missing

  4. Adrienne Adrienne says:

    Excellent leadership read The book provides reflection uestion throughout and would be great in a classroom or small group setting

  5. Zack Zack says:

    A bit redundant at times but stereotypical personal leadership theory style of book A few high points but a lot of slogging to get there

  6. Alain Burrese Alain Burrese says:

    I really liked “The Leader's Code Mission Character Service and Getting The Job Done” by Donovan Campbell former Captain in the United States Marine Corps It's a leadership book based on practical military training and experience not untried theory Besides his own training and experiences Campbell includes many examples from both history and modern day events The information in this book will help anyone become a better leader regardless if that is running a military operation a large corporation small business or just leading yourself and your family The principles here will not only help you lead they will help you be a better personThere are eight chapters and each tackles an element of leadership that when combined make the whole These are mission humility excellence kindness discipline courage wisdom and finally virtue and the servant leader Campbell not only does an excellent job of describing each of these leadership characteristics but also how they work together Again having one of these is not enough you must incorporate all of them to be the most effective leader you can be and Campbell shows you how to do just thatBesides the examples and showing how the principles work together each chapter contains reflection and summary sections near the end These help to reinforce the important concepts of each chapter and get the reader thinking about how to incorporate the lessons into actual practice Because make no mistake about it this book aims to help you put these ideas concepts and principles into practice I'm sure that is from Campbell's military training Being a veteran myself I know that theory is one thing but what mattered most was what worked when things were going down Maybe this is why I also use military leadership training and other things learned from my time in the service as a civilian now as well“The Leader's Code” is a book I highly recommend to anyone desiring to be a better leader and wanting to know what it takes to be a successful servant leader The six key attributes of humility excellence kindness discipline courage and wisdom will again not just make you a better leader but a better person And that will undoubtedly lead to greater success in all areasRead this book learn from Campbell's military experience and the other illustrations he provides and develop those attributes and harness them in order to take the helm of any organization or group with confidence conviction and passion Do this to bring out the best in yourself and to bring out the best in others

  7. Spin Scholar Spin Scholar says:

    I was pleasantly surprised by the leadership advice from this book I must say the reader should be willing to divulge himself of seeing it merely as anecdotal advice I grew up with both a cultural and generational gap between my parents and myself Oftentimes the wisdom of my parents seemed obsolete to what I believed was reality especially as a teenager But now I see the truths behind an old school unwavering standard that defines leadership as compared to the changing atmosphere of our fickle environment that tries to set the standard for leadership This is a very deep book but only if the reader is willing to look deep within himself to actually reflect on the items that Campbell draws attention to This is a book I would read every year to keep at the forefront of my mind The practical application in the appendix is a bit overwhelming since it reuires change on many fronts to put these ideals into action However choosing one or two aspects of it at a time seems achievable

  8. Michael Griswold Michael Griswold says:

    Donovan Campbell is a former Captain in the United States Marine Corps But the Leaders Code extends far beyond a military book on leadershipCampbell mixes his military experience with examples from history politics and business to illustrate the concepts of leadership he illustrates Each chapter talks about a virtue of leadership from mission humility excellence kindness discipline courage and wisdom Much of the material echoes the literature on leadership and the servant leader idealThis book may be useful for leadership courses because its written in a fairly clear straightforward manner Each chapter contains reflection uestions that allow students to reflect on the central ideas of each chapter based on their own lives The chapters also contain bullet pointed summaries which make it fairly easy to internalize the lessons from each chapter without much effort Would love to see what a seasoned leadership professor could do with this book

  9. Danny Danny says:

    Drawing on his experience as a Marine Captain Campbell presents practical advice for ethical leadership and management This is not cut throat advice for the corporate ladder climber but rather a novel style of leadership in the civilian world that emphasizes service to your team and goal oriented commitment to the success of the group as a whole I plan to take this strategy back to my own workplace as I believe it will help my department become successful in general and a cohesive group specifically This in turn will improve my own performance because my success is based on that of my team I am not sure the business world is ready for the sort of reform Campbell suggests but I am glad he's promoting the idea of ethical leadership as a support rather than impediment to productivity

  10. Jared Jared says:

    I received an advanced copy of this book and was excited to read it As a leadership educator I have read lots of leadership books and this fits in nicely to any library The difference though is that this book is really less about LEADERSHIP and is about the how to be a person of character A lot of Campbell's book very closely describes Level 5 leaders from Collins' book Good to Great One of the points that I think Campbell really did a nice job with was the chapter on humility So often when people talk about humility they describe it as being self depricating Instead Campbell defines humility as the skill of knowing what you are good at and admitting those things that you are not great at so you can rely on the strengths of others I had the opportunity to have dinner with Donovan and he was uite an impressive guy; very down to earth and enjoyable to talk with

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