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Myriad (Prentor, #1) ★ [PDF / Epub] ☄ Myriad (Prentor, #1) By Mona Hanna ✪ – After the tragic loss of his wife and child Myriad Markwin began tormenting the Royal family of Prentor For eighteen years he'd mercilessly killed people in the castle on the Princess' birthday But th After the tragic loss of his wife and child Myriad Markwin began tormenting the Royal family of Prentor For eighteen years he'd mercilessly killed people in the castle on the Princess' birthday But this year he wasn't settling for servants or guards He was going to kill the Royal family themselves A group of warlocks and witches was out to stop him but a young newcomer to them Kalin was proving the most troubleKalin has denied his magic for years but suddenly finds himself in a battle with one of the most powerful warlocks that has ever lived He has to face up to things about himself he never knew to try and save the Royal family from murder With his new friends helping him and a new love enchanting him can he stop the coming bloodshed Will he survive the fight of his lifeThis is a NOVELLA of approximately words.

About the Author: Mona Hanna

Mona Hanna is an author of fantasyromance books and Christian non fiction She is the author of the Prentor and High Witch fantasy series Her fantasy books do not contain Christian themes—she leaves that for the devotional writing Mona enjoys reading movies chocolate and adores catshttpsmonahannacomhttpsmonahannadevotionscom.

10 thoughts on “Myriad (Prentor, #1)

  1. NReads NReads says:

    3 GOOD STARS Myriad is a dark fantasy novelIt has it's moments but it was too shortThis book is nearly 100 pages and sometimes it felt to longsometimes the pages flewThe only reason I am giving this 3 stars is becausesince this is the first book in the seriesI think it should describe the background and the storyand it didthat's why it was kind of boring I am a huge fantasy fanand since warlocks are my favorite creaturesI wanted to love this bookbut to be honest it didn't really work outYet I blame the shortnessBeside that the story is solidand the characters are well build but still for the reason aboveI couldn't connect with them I liked the writing styleIt was challengingand super fun to readI see that the author has a great ability to twist words and create something beautifulSo well done on that I recommend this book to every reader out therethe beginning was a little slow for me but other than that it's a beautiful storySo pick it up

  2. Mia Darien Mia Darien says:

    Anyone who knows me or has read my reviews knows that I loathe writing not shiny happy reviews of fellow indie authors but I also have to be honest I can't say I really liked this one very much I think it had some good ideas but it fell flat for meIt was both too long and too short It was too long because I felt it was too short to achieve what it intended so I never connected with the characters and thus wasn't really into the book I felt that some of the background and characters were stock epic fantasy Never given much of their own lifeThere was little mystery or suspense The prologue and second chapter were unnecessary and the Edward sub line was not needed either It just seemed to be a way to draw out suspense but it just drew things out and everything was revealed pages later anywayThe Turning Point about halfway through was intriguing but given away later It was rather cliched too We were Told that Kalin got close to his group but were never really Shown WHY We're told they're good people but all we really see if them taking him in to train him to beat the Bad GuyI'm a fan of romance I write it but found the romance in this story way too fast We can kind of understand it from the Her given her abilities but in Him it looked like infatuation which I got the impression I wasn't meant to thinkMaybe it just wasn't the book for me Lord knows it happens a lot I'm always trying to swim upstream but alas it just wasn't for me

  3. Eli Adelholm Eli Adelholm says:

    Last week I reviewed another story by this author namely her paranormal romance High Witch It surprised me a lot sneaking its way up to a four star rating a than impressive feat for a story that belongs to a genre I don't really likeThis novella which is in the vein of High Fantasy had all the indicators of being much to my taste than the first one And yet it was not This story had much in it than the first one And yet my impression of it does not reflect that This story did not touch me at all; it left me cold and uncaring A sadly unimpressive feat for a story meant to be tragicI really like the idea of this story I just don't think that it was done well enough I loved the aspect of tragedy and yet I didn't feel it I have been thinking about this a lot trying to figure our what it is exactly that ruins it for me I think in the end it is simply the depth that is lacking I feel that everything about this story is only just brushing the surface of mattersWe get to know a bit about the sorrows of the main character and yet even that part seems a bit superficial We see him fall in love and start a relationship that seems way too sweet and good to be real The other characters we barely get to know safe perhaps from Myriad whom we practically only see through the eyes of other charactersThe most intriguing character in the story was Myriad's servant Edward who was shrouded in mystery through most of the story This is probably the one thing this story did have going for itThis is the second story I read of Mona Hanna's and I have to say that her writing style is not particularly winning me over I thought the plot here was good but that a generic writing style dragged it down I think a lot of the tragic things were told of rather than shown to usEven though I am lover of High Fantasy I do put a lot of value into stories that seem realistic I am not saying to cut away the magic or anything I just think it could have been done in a believable wayThis story has some of the elements that can make a great story If I simply brought those into the light and ignored the rest it would be uite easy for me to paint a picture of a much better story than this is That would be cheating the facts of course This story contains darkness and light truth and lies sorrow and love betrayal and loss and revenge It's got all of those things and yet it doesn't seem to work Reading this story felt a lot like using an electronic device that lacked a few of its screws causing it to only partially function It felt wrong and annoying As a writer myself I kept itching to change or add things to the story so that it might reach the potential it seems to haveIt is a real possibility that being a writer makes me a harsher critic as I recognise the cheap tricks writers use and get annoyed with them I notice the language and if it is something less than outstanding I grind my teeth in frustration But then a lot of people who read also write; any story wanting success has to be able to withstand the mercilessness of a fellow writer's critiueIn the end rating a book is something completely individual Others might see the good elements and relish them They might accept the standardised language without uestion I cannot do so I cannot ignore the deficiencies that I sense in stories like this Therefore this will be rated among the bland and the unfullfilling Two stars does not eual bad but rather boring and insignificant; this story adds nothing whatsoever to the genre and could as well never have been writtenMore from Hypervorean at Numinous Publications

  4. Rachel Rachel says:

    I just finished a book by Mona Hanna called Myriad This was this first time I had read one of her books and I have to say this book was really good A lot different than I figured it would be Myriad is about witches and warlock that can do all sorts of different thing that you normally only think of other in the supernatural world doing Such as sharp shifting and being about the call thinking to them just my thinking about the item and having it appear I like the fact that she gives her witches and warlocks this ability because they with all the magic that can do why can’t they do sharp shifting We first met Kalin and he is out trying to find out why he must save the Royals He has some information from the stories he has been told since he has been out on his own He keep to himself so as to not cause attraction to anything he does or his movement The Royals don’t like anyone who use magic and this is part of why he has to be careful They send people out to check people to make sure that they don’t have any magical powers While he is walking he grow very tired and decides he can stop at this tavern get a room to sleep and be up and gone first thing in the morning He asks the bar keep is there is a room without even looking up he tells him the price gives him the key and tells him that a meal comes with the room Kalin doesn’t like being in crowds so he makes his way to a far table in hopes as to not draw any stares as he sits to eat A man from the other side of the bar walk up and sit and his table and tell him to take this stone and keep it on his person at all time Kalin is confused but takes the stone as the man suggests and as he gets ready to thank him he is gone He buts the stone in his pocket and didn’t think about it Then three tall men walk in the tavern with wooden staff that have silver orbs and tell everyone to stand in an area so they check them Kalin knows the staff will point him out a person with magic but the orb did nothing when it was by him They tried again and nothing so the uniformed men told them all to go on with what they were doing The problem with the Royals and the witches and warlock goes back to when Myriad was married to Machayla They were happily married and she had changed Myriad from his fathers murdering ways but his wife got very sick and the ueen got sick at the same time and they were both sick with the same thing There was something that both the ueen and Machayla could take to live So Myriad agreed to help the king find what was needed When it was brought to the king he was told he only need to use a small amount so that it could be shared with Machayla but the king gave all the medication to him wife and when Myriad found out he had to go home and tell his wife that he was not going to be able to safe her Upon her death Myriad told the king that from that day on until his daughters 18th birthday he would kill people until it was time to finish off the Royal family As you read of the story you learn that Kalin is a very strong warlock and he also find out some learns who his real father is I don’t want to give any away about this story it’s really good so I would suggest picking it up if you like reading about witches warlock magic love and happy ending There is a second book its called Tanner I have not had a chance to pick this one up yet As soon as I do I’ll read and write a review and post

  5. Simona Simona says:

    Rating 45Another series by Mona Hanna the Prentor series opens with the first novella MyriadThe book presents us the story of Myriad a warlock whose pregnant wife Machayla gets very ill The same illness is being carried by the ueen also pregnant The King finds the medicine for his ueen but due to his selfisness he uses it all making Machayla die with her unborn baby Myriad promises the death of those from the palace The murders begin and happen on the Princess' birthday for eighteen years The next whom were planned to die were those from the Royal Prentor familyEighteen years later the story brings us Kalin a young man who is uncertain of his path But little does he know what power he has and what a battle he will go through alongside with some new friends and the beautiful Regina who he is head over heels I liked this series that Hanna wrote not only being a short and interesting one but also having many elements magic romance fantasy combined in a lovely manner I must admit that I had higher expectations about this series but I guess that the continuation of the Prentor series should be readI liked the story that the author put into scene but I was a little not too convinced by Kalin's personality maybe because he is still young He falls in love extremly uickly but I was really happy to see that the book had a happy ending for himThrouoghout the book we find out info about Myriad and his father alsoI really liked that the author had an almost flawless style since I have not seen mistakes in her exprimation like in most of the books that I have dealed with in 2013I can say that I had enjoyed High Witch than Myriad but that might not be happening to all of you ;DI highly recommend this book to all of those who love high fantasy This can be a relaxing fast read since it is almost 100 pages long I am sure that most readers would finish it just in one day when they start reading itPS Doesn't the cover look really awesome? I really like it

  6. Jonel Jonel says:

    This story is uite well put together There is a logical progression from one point to the next The author also doesn’t try to cram too much into a short page count The author does flip back and forth between the past and the present however keeps them clearly separate via formatting and word use This kept the story clear while helping it progress without having any long narratives to fill the reader in The story was also very captivating It was a uniue story line that kept your attention throughout The major characters are adeuately developed for a short story You did get to know who they were Appearances weren’t overly developed that said this is a short story and physical descriptions are not nearly as important and developing the characters as people At the end of the story I did still have a few uestions about some of the characters It was almost as if the author began to tell something about a character and then went back to the story line without completely finishing the thought I did enjoy the time that I spent reading this novella I must also say that I definitely didn’t expect that ending It was a much unexpected twist I also appreciate the fact that the author managed to work an overarching message of ‘believe in yourself and you can succeed against the odds’ into this intriguing story Please note that I received this book from the author in exchange for an honest review

  7. Zarah Zarah says:

    My review will have to be a collection of status updates since I couldn't force myself to get through this Not for lack of trying I assure you The book I use the term loosely just made my brain feel as if someone had taken a sandpaper to it so I had go give upHere we goPage 5 HeHe He He Nope Not laughing Just uoting the beginning of almost every sentence on this page Page 9 She thought that when she was TEN? Wow Exceptionally psychologically insightful kid Page 24 Not sure I will continue reading this I really think it's not very good To use a diplomatic term Page 25 My eyes hurt The writing makes me think a 10 year old wrote this book If that's actually so I might even be a LITTLE bit impressed If not I think I'll just give up I can not concentrate on a book where 8 sentences in a row start with he Page 27 I can't stand this I give up moves book to pile of discarded reads and immediately feels a lot better I'm sorry Mona Hanna You're probably a wonderful person but your writing and I just don't get along Best of luck in the future though and now I'm freeeeeeeee

  8. Yna Paez Yna Paez says:

    Won and received this book for free from Goodreads First ReadsOkay I seriously wished this book which has a really good plot by the way was longer than a 92 page novella For one the story was practically rushed it's timeline being only a week or two Second I guess Kalin wasn't err manly enough as I would've expected from someone who was to be some sort of chosen one But who is he to blame? He's only eighteen after allAlso I find the Kalin Regina parts really cheesy Twice I read he bit his lip uhmmm I thought only Bella does that in that movie And there was this part which was predictable through the end You'll understand when you read this bookOn the good side I can't remember the last time I read a book that hadn't severely annoyed me Maybe Harry Potter Also this book is about witches warlocks which for me is a bonus I can truly consider myself lucky for winning this giveaway this time4 of 5 stars Tall score for a novella

  9. Simon Simon says:

    This story is starts off with a little backstory The once evil Warlock Myriad is desperately trying to save his wife and unborn child from a disease The King has the cure which he is giving to his daughter Princess Carmel Unfortunately the King selfishly use up the entire cure for his daughter and thus sets off Myriad seeking to avenge his family's death Myriad promises to kill three people in the Castle on the anniversary of this event until the eighteenth year of Princess Carmel's birth Then he will kill the Royal Family in his final act of vengeanceEighteen years later we meet Kalin who is trying to start a new life However he meets a small group of Warlocks and Witches who have been looking for him to help stop Myriad's revenge To learn you must read this book I did enjoy this book and would recommend it to anybody who likes their fantasy with a little bit of romance

  10. Martha Martha says:

    Reading Myriad is like skipping sentences and paragraphs to get to the good parts Except you're not really skipping anything The story just took the term fast paced seriously I didn't see short story in the list of genres so I didn't realize this is one It's 95 pages though Long enough for print I guess I'm a book nearer my goal this year so I'm not complaining LolI liked that it's a stand alone I also liked that it's free Check it out on it might still be If you're looking for a uick fantasy read wait that didn't sound right heh this might be something you'd like I think if the author worked on the plot it could be a whole novel As it is it was just okay

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