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The Selected Letters ❮Read❯ ➲ The Selected Letters ➵ Author Willa Cather – This first publication of the letters of one of America’s most consistently admired writers is both an exciting and a significant literary event Willa Cather wanting to be judged on her work alone c This first publication of the letters of one of America’s most consistently admired writers is both an exciting and a significant literary event Willa Cather wanting to be judged on her work alone clearly forbade the publication of her letters in her will But now than sixty five years after her death with her literary reputation as secure as a reputation can be the letters have become available for publication The letters collected here The Selected Epub / nearly percent of the total range from the funny and mostly misspelled reports of life in Red Cloud in the s that Cather wrote as a teenager through those from her college years at the University of Nebraska her time as a journalist in Pittsburgh and New York and during her growing eminence as a novelist Postcards and letters describe her many travels around the United States and abroad and they record her last years in the s when the loss of loved ones and the disasters of World War II brought her near to despair Written to family and close friends and to such luminaries as Sarah Orne Jewett Robert Frost Yehudi Menuhin Sinclair Lewis and the president of Czechoslovakia Thomas Masaryk they reveal her in her daily life as a woman and writer passionately interested in people literature and the arts in general The voice heard in these letters is one we already know from her fiction confident elegant detailed openhearted concerned with profound ideas but also at times funny sentimental and sarcastic Unfiltered as only intimate communication can be they are also full of small fibs emotional outbursts inconsistencies and the joys and sorrows of the moment The Selected Letters is a deep pleasure to read and to ponder sure to appeal to those with a special devotion to Cather as well as to those just making her acuaintance.

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  1. Kathy Kathy says:

    This is such a remarkable time capsule covering decades of life including publishers published authors important and unknown friends from America's West Southwest East Coast to London Paris and beyond This woman moved around a great deal While it is true that Willa Cather forbid publication of her letters in her will and much of her correspondence was destroyed to comply with her wishes enough of those letters were protected to give us a rare look into her feelings about family publishers the world and how she was portrayed both fairly and unfairly Her insistence to write longhand was a challenge in the 40's especially as she struggled with injury yet wrote with a metal cast

  2. Richard Jespers Richard Jespers says:

    Author Willa Cather was born in 1873 and died in 1947 Her family moved from Virginia to Red Cloud Nebraska when she was a child Throughout her life though she lived and worked in the Northeast she would travel back to the plains and later to California to visit the family to whom she was devoted Though she toiled as an editor and for a few years as a public school English teacher she supported herself primarily through the sales of her own workHer letters reveal a powerful person one in charge of her own life from beginning to end She and her longtime companion lived in various uarters in the Northeast and in Europe in order for Cather to research and write her considerable oeuvre Among her best selling works are My Ántonia O Pioneers and Song of the Lark In 1922 she won the Pulitzer Prize for One of Ours I believe the perusal of such letters can give the reader yet another look at an author’s life In this case Cather is addressing her publishers editors her parents who live long lives siblings and dear friends Much of what she writes is travelogue—as she spends much time on ships between the US and Europe trains spanning the country from coast to coast—yet her letters are serious works of art themselves The impression one walks away with is that she was an intelligent business savvy and caring person Yet she is no one’s fool In letters to Alfred Knopf she gingerly weaves her way through all the issues as to why she should have money for a certain book or why she needs an extension and because she is such a fine communicator and person she often wins the battle However if she doesn’t she gives in gracefully as part of the larger game She moves on without holding a grudge One of many nuggets“You can never get it through peoples heads that a story is made out of an emotion or an excitement and is not made out of the legs and arms and faces of one’s friends or acuaintances Two Friends for instance was not really made out of your father James L Miner and Mr William Newman Richardson; it was made out of an effect they produced on a little girl who used to hang about them The story as I told you is a picture; it is not the picture of two men but of a memory” 492Well worth the time if you love Cather and if you don't now you might after you savor each letter in this collection

  3. Ann Santori Ann Santori says:

    LONG read almost 800 pages but for the excessive length it is intensely readable infused with Cather's uniue voice which is at once acerbically critical as well as warm and unpretentiousAs for me I have cared too much about people and places cared too hard It made me as a writer But it will break me in the end

  4. Kaitlyn G. Smith Kaitlyn G. Smith says:

    I have no words to properly articulate how gorgeous this collection was I fell in love with Cather’s work after reading My Antonia last year and was so eager to hear of a collection of her letters I knew I had to get my hands on a copy and that I did Oh how beautiful this was It provides such insight to her life her woes her joy She was such a brilliant wonderful woman and I am so lucky to be able to read her work I am overcome with emotions for how dearly I adored this and will never stop thinking about it

  5. Rebekah Rebekah says:

    Here’s the thing This book is kinda boring Because it’s a bunch of letters So it’s basically like “the weather is atrocious” or “I visited so and so” or “sorry I haven’t written I’ve been super busy” BUT that’s why it’s brilliant because that’s what life is made up of After patiently moseying through this book I actually feel kind of like I know Willa Cather a little bit And that’s pretty darn cool

  6. Naomi Naomi says:

    As Willa Cather is my favorite writer period I knew I had to read this book On that note this is probably the slowest book I have ever read In order to grasp every nook and cranny of the book I read approximately 10 pages per day This woman's insight is extensive and made me love her even Although I must admit that there was something pretty skeezy about this book being released after the author clearly stated IN A WILL that she didn't want the letters reproduced it was such a pleasure to have further insight into what made Willa CatherWilla Cather I have to admit that I was really torn on the rating I was going to give this book due to the ethical concerns this placed but in the end I focused on the content and knowledge I gained to deeper understand this dynamic authorI wouldn't be shocked if this is a book that I would read numerous times and actually plan on purchasing it for my personal library so I can make notes in it Hopefully next time it won't take me 25 months

  7. The Book Grocer The Book Grocer says:

    Purchase The Selected Letters here for just 4 This first publication of the letters of one of America’s most consistently admired writers comes than half a century after her death Although detailing her life these letters have all the character and shine of her now classic fiction A great compilation Olly The Book Grocer

  8. Robert Gluck Robert Gluck says:

    An engrossing peak into an important author

  9. Gideon Gideon says:

    I'm sure if you're familiar with the works of Willa Cather this is an excellent collection But I'm not so it isn't Some parts are nice but a lot of this delves into personal feelings of people Miss Cather knew and to read a complete stranger's personal correspondence is surprisingly not voyeuristic but uninterestingMiss Cather does have uite a few thoughts of greatness How can I do anything here? I have'nt seen enough of the world or anything else The physical person of you the almost family tie between us the old wish for well being hold perfectly staunch The spirit of you eludes me Perhaps it is because our lives are so different Such a ravishing world and such a short life to see it in your vivid exciting companionship in the office must not be your audience you must find your own uiet center of life and write from that to the world that holds offices in all society all Bohemia the city the country—in short you must write to the human heart the great consciousness that all humanity goes to makeup Otherwise what might be strength in a writer and what might be insight is only observation; sentiment falls into sentimentality—you can write about life but never write life itself And to write and work on this level we must live on it–we must at least recognize it and defer to it every step We must be ourselves but our best selves I want to go right back into that canyon and be mauled about my its big brutality though all my bruises are not gone yet It's a country that drives you crazy with delight and that's all there is to it I can't say anything intelligent about it I suppose the test of one's decency is how much of a fight one can put up after one has stopped caring and after one has found that one can never please the people they wanted to please my first impulse is to think that my own way of seeing things is the right way But my second thought is always to admit that this is wrong and that I have been often mistaken Some of me was buried with him in France and some of him was left alive in me We are like that about the people we love best sometimes we have a kind of loving jealousy about them There is no God in California no real life It seems to me that the pleasure one feels in a work art is just one thing that one does not have to explain Our great enlightenments always come in flashes What can money buy that is so worth while as every as beautiful country and the pleasant things of every day life which so often go with beautiful country? There are few things in one's life so precious as to have been given that magical kind of perception and sympathy towards someone we love

  10. Lisa Lisa says:

    For the life of me I can not figure out what the hype surrounding this collection is about Never have I been so happy to complete a read and one which I might add took an inordinately long time to complete I look upon writing good literature as an art and for that I truly appreciate Willa Cather as an author I just find it hard to accept that by reading a collection of letters by this author that I am anywhere closer to understanding her as a person or as an artist To believe otherwise is a pretentious farce by the reader First and foremost though letters may give us insight into their author's mindset even Willa herself admitted when commenting upon some of her own that there is an inherent bias in letter writing The writer may freuently write in a style or provide content geared toward their expectations of the recipient's views and needs Further though Cather tries to provide insight into the writing process I offer what does it matter? Does it affect my appreciation of a Van Gogh or a Klimt to know whether the painter was close with his parents or siblings or hated them? Artists truly have a gift but to appreciate their art is it fair to suppose that by reading their letters I can crawl into their psyche and truly understand from where their gift springs I think not Further I really didn't like the woman whose letters I read which unfortunately may color my appreciate of her art Sure she doesn't mince any words and I respect that but she came across as petty self centered and a bit self righteous Perhaps there was a valid reason why she did not want these printed Perhaps she realized that by indulging in this supposed connection to her work we might minimize the art For me I will stick to reading the art and not the how to

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