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The Secrets Within (Saranormal, #7) ❮Reading❯ ➼ The Secrets Within (Saranormal, #7) ➵ Author Phoebe Rivers – Sara discovers a new psychic power—and a world of secrets at her fingertipsSara’s abilities have been growing ever since she moved to Stellamar First she was able to communicate with the ghosts Ne Sara discovers a new psychic power—and a world of secrets at her fingertipsSara’s abilities have been growing ever since she moved to Stellamar First she was able to communicate with the ghosts Next came the visions And then the mind reading startedIt seems like things have settled down and returned to normal—or as close to normal as things ever are for Sara—when Lady Azura informs her that a shift has occurred and change is coming At first Sara isn’t sure what The Secrets PDF/EPUB or that means but before long she finds outA new ability allows Sara to know impossible things like secrets kept by long dead people and answers to decades old mysteries But having such an awesome power comes with great responsibility Can Sara shoulder the burden of her newest ability Is “normal” completely out of reach.

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  1. Katie Fitzgerald Katie Fitzgerald says:

    This is a review of both Giving Up the Ghost and The Secrets WithinThe Saranormal series follows twelve year old Sara Collins on a journey of discovery as she begins to develop supernatural powers Guided by her great grandmother Lady Azura who possesses powers of her own Sara slowly learns how to identify harness and control her various abilities In book six Giving up the Ghost Sara begins to read minds while a negative force seems to descend upon her household In book seven The Secrets Within Sara finds that she can read the memories associated with an object which helps her to know things about the object’s significance to the people who have owned itI have only read two books in this series but it’s not hard to tell from those that each story follows a certain formula In every book it seems Sara discovers a new power tries to figure it out on her own uses the power to either help or hinder a personal relationship and ultimately calls on Lady Azura for help figuring things out This repetition from book to book isn’t a problem as I think it provides the comfort readers often appreciate about series books but I did find myself wondering a few thingsIf I’d read the earlier books would I know why Sara is developing powers? In the books I read it seems as though she takes the fact that she has these abilities somewhat for granted and it bothered me that I didn’t know the greater context of her situation If such a context isn’t provided at all in the series I’m not sure what the motivation is to keep reading Personally I would like a bit suspense surrounding the overall meaning of Sara’s powers I know I would be freaked out if I were seeing dead people and hearing my best friend’s thoughtsI also wondered a lot about Sara’s personality aside from her supernatural side I feel like I know her powers better than I know her It might be easier for the reader to step into her shoes if Sara seems like just an average middle schooler but I think I would prefer a well rounded character with a defined personalitySaranormal is a solid series to recommend to girls who like magic and ghost stories but who also enjoy reading about real girls in real life situations not in imaginary kingdoms It is a nice read alike for Scholastic’s Poison Apple books and might even appeal strongly to readers because it is a continuous series following one main character Girls who have liked the Worst Witch series as younger chapter book readers will easily grow into this one as they approach middle school

  2. Ms. Yingling Ms. Yingling says:

    Lily's mom is doing a fund raiser for the school a huge flea market along the boardwalk but Lady Azura refuses to donate any of her possessions although she's willing to write a check Lily soon finds out why she can get vibes from things she touches and they give her visions of the person who had them before This makes wearing vintage jewelry impossible This would make my thrift store wardrobe VERY complicated A lost dog shows up at Lily's and Lily really wants to keep him but Sara knows she could find the owners one of whom may be a super cute boy One of Lady Azura's former clients comes back to haunt Lily and wants her to help find out who stole her jewelry using her new found power of psychometry Due to a convoluted series of events Sara manages to find the pearls and the owners of the dog AND meet the cute boy so everything works out perfectly

  3. Jan Jan says:

    Now that Sara has turned 13 her powers are changing Suddenly when she touches things she has visions of the past Can this new power help solve an old robbery case and help find the owners of a lost dog?You got to love Sara Her life sucks on so many levels Yet she manages to go to school and attempt to be a normal girl I still love the town she lives in and her family and friends rock The addition of a dog did not hurt either In this book Sara has to decide between siding with her best friend or doing the right thing Good stuff for kids to considerThe resolution to some of the problems in these books sometimes are pretty pat But hey they are kid's books My problems should be solved so easily

  4. Mandy Mandy says:

    After the last time she had to cope with new gift Sara is wary of this latest development view spoilerShe finds that touching things gives her visions hide spoiler

  5. Mattea Smith- Beachy Mattea Smith- Beachy says:

    Like i said I only read a couple books from this author but really enjoyed this book and hope you enjoy it to

  6. Lilian Lilian says:

    It was very mysterious and it makes my heart jump when something happens

  7. hannah :) hannah :) says:

    I just have to say that this cover is absolutely gorgeous ♡

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