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Trickster ❴Download❵ ➵ Trickster Author Jeff Somers – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk Praised by the Guardian for stories that are “exhilarating powerful and entertaining” Jeff Somers returns with a darkly original urban fantasy series featuring a cadre of mages operating just unde Praised by the Guardian for stories that are “exhilarating powerful and entertaining” Jeff Somers returns with a darkly original urban fantasy series featuring a cadre of mages operating just under the radar of human society Magic uses blood—a lot of it The that’s used the powerful the effect so mages find “volunteers” to fuel their spells Lem however is different Long ago he set up a rule that lets him sleep at night never use anyone’s blood but your own He’s grifting through life as a Trickster performing only small Glamours like turning one dollar bills into twenties He and his sidekick Mags aren’t doing well but they’re getting by That is until they find young Claire Mannice— bound and gagged imprisoned in a car’s trunk and covered with invisible rune tattoos Lem turns to his estranged mentor for help but what they’ve uncovered is terrifying than anybody could have imagined Mika Renar the most dangerous Archmage in the world is preparing to use an ocean of blood to cast her dreams into reality— and Lem just got in her way.

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  1. Anzu The Great Destroyer Anzu The Great Destroyer says:

    We were not good people Trickster should be turned into a movie and Tom Hiddleston should play LemI really liked this book At first I thought I will end up DNFing it because the start was rather strange and I thought it wouldn’t be my kind of book But after a while as I read on I started to care about the characters and the story didn’t bother me any On the contrary it became extremely interesting The characters are the strong point of Trickster Their complexity makes them feel genuine Oh and the MC is of an antihero I likes me some antiheroesIf you want to give Trickster a try then go ahead But I must warn you if you’re looking for pink clouds and mushy bears then this might not be the book for you They call it Noir for a reason35 starsReview also posted on

  2. All Things Urban Fantasy All Things Urban Fantasy says:

    Review courtesy of All Things Urban FantasyTRICKSTER is a book that has restored my faith in the urban fantasy genre as a whole Jeff Somers has created a wholly original world that even with magic feels incredibly realThe book centers around Lem – one of the world’s blood mages And yep blood mages are exactly what they sound like In this world there are two types of mages – those who use bleeders and those who supply their own blood for their magics Lem is one of the latterThe title comes from how the low ranking barely enough skill for a glamour mages refer to themselves They are – almost to a man – con artists thieves and grifters They survive using little spells like making a crumpled up one dollar bill appear as a twenty They’re scraping by and for the most part ignore and are ignored themselves by the powerful magic users of the world At least that’s how it was for Lem before he found Claire Mannice tied up in the trunk of a car Now Lem’s in the thick of it and fighting just to keep himself and his friends aliveI understand if right now you’re thinking I was a little hyperbolic in saying how this book restored my faith in urban fantasy You’re just going to have to trust me and give this book a try Seriously It has everything It has an incredibly well thought out magic system wonderful world building characters who not just break but shatter the cookie cutter stereotypes so common to the genre and a plot that moves along at breakneck speed Hell it even has a dash of kinda sorta romance in it for those who are in to that sort of thingTo put it another way I loved this book so much that even though I received an ARC I’ve already pre ordered four copies of it One copy to put on my shelf and I almost never buy anything but eBooks any and three copies to let friends borrow That’s how much I loved this bookDo yourself a favor and read what should rightfully be one of the biggest urban fantasy releases of the seasonSexual ContentNA

  3. Experiment BL626 Experiment BL626 says:

    For a book that has blood magic human sacrifices and explosion scenes it was not highly exciting as I had expected A book of master storytelling as blurbed it was notThe story largely consisted of the good guys running away from one place to another that made me think poorly of the characters and flashbacks that were so seamlessly written that it took me a few seconds to realize a few of them were flashbacks The book kept my attention but it was under a fog of boredom The Characters the protagonistI liked Lem in the beginning but his White Knight Complex uickly wore me down First it was annoying; the damsel in distress trope is overused in Urban Fantasy Second it was inconsistent with his occupation as a Trickster a grifter who uses blood magic I was having a hard time reconciling Lem having ethics with Lem being a grifterOverall the biggest issue I had with Lem was that he was yet another Urban Fantasy protagonist who had great power but didn’t use it because of “reasons” which in this case was Lem’s fear of succumbing to power hungriness His reason was valid but he and his companions were in a desperate situation that strongly called for desperate measures His reason no longer held waterIt frustrated me how Lem missed many opportunities to be clever or ruthless or showed he was capable than standing up foolishly to bad guys He should have done something other than running away or if he was going to be an outright coward he should have thrown away the White Knight Complex I hated his noncommittal attitude the sidekickMags as a dimwitted brawny sidekick was than stereotypical it was slightly offensive The character seemed to have special needs There was no doubt Lem love Mags like a true brother but that didn’t excuse Lem’s negligence Many times I was angry at Lem for involving Mags in dangerous matters the damsel in distressSurprisingly Claire wasn’t annoying I liked how she wasn’t going to let herself become a damsel in distress and took an active part of rescuing herself from her predicament with Lem and co I give points for the book making the main female character a strong capable character I would have given points if her character wasn’t someone with a bad past like everyone else in the story the bad guysWhile the good guys were found lacking the bad guys were great They were somewhat stereotypical but they weren’t flat Unlike the infamous Countess Bathory of history Renar has real and powerful magic and her ritual to immortality would work Her prodigy Amir is eually ruthless and ambitious though he could work harder at hiding his backstabby streakThe Writing the pacingThe pacing was too slow for a book full of supposedly exciting things It wasn’t slow in a mind numbingly way; it was slow in the “this can be edited further” way the magic lingoI didn’t like the magic lingo I found its usage a tad excessive for an Urban Fantasy and it was unevenly explained The vernacular would have been sufficient and made the story an easier read plot holeWhy did it never occur to Lem to take normal jobs like non magical people do? It was told many times that being a Trickster was hard and risky but it was never really explained why anyone would become one It was strongly suggested to me that being a burger flipper was lucrative than being a Trickster not to mention the lack of danger I can partially understand if an amoral person becomes a Trickster but Lem was someone with ethics and supposedly with common sense the worldbuildingIt was gritty as advertised The book sucked at maintaining a strong sense of suspense but it did at least maintain a strong sense of place Lem and his companions moved around a lot and never once did I get lost as to where they were and where they were goingIn ConclusionI rate Tricksters 2 stars for it was okay The good guys were meh the plot — disappointedly meh and there was a plot hole Book 1 was a subpar start of the Ustari Cycle series If you are up to date on all your favorite Urban Fantasy series and looking for another promising series try Tricksters

  4. Yair Ben-Zvi Yair Ben-Zvi says:

    Years ago I was working an awful job at a supermarket the summer before I went off to college While there and while working I read a lot Partly to distract from my less than stellar days and partly because I loved to read Two of those books which among others I dusted off during breaks and deli lunches I remember I was eating a lot of deli food at the time were the first two books in Jeff Somers' Avery Cates cycle The Electric Church and The Digital Plague While the plots were nothing spectacular Somers had a definite voice and a way with characters that carried and maintained one's interest through both stories Also he had a way of building up scale that was surprising especially in the case of the Digital Plague which I find reflected in his latest work 'Trickster' He conveys a real sense of the world being pulled first gradually then uickly into catastrophe Lem Vonnegan great name is the eponymous Trickster a low level magician using his powers to con people out of money and trinkets with his slow witted colossus sidekick Mags The magic in this world is powered by blood 'gas' as it's referred to here where most characters either cut themselves to power magic Lem for most of the novel or bring designated 'Bleeders' with them usually chubby or stocky people whose entire existence is to cut themselves to power the spells of the magic users There's an almost 'Highlander' vibe to the world Somers has created here Of super powered beings operating just under the radar of normal humans while still affecting the course of human history the later revelations about blood sacrifices really do ramp up the scale later in the story But unfortunately Somers suffers a few misstepsThe story is dirty It's not dirty due to illicit conduct but rather it's just at times an unpleasant read Everyone is covered in sweat dirt and grime Characters are starving desperate and no one seems contented Also the basic idea of the magic being powered by blood while interesting certainly is very cumbersome when described in text and comes off as trouble than it's worthAlso repetitious use of the word 'fuck' doesn't always a gritty realistic story make There were too many instances where it felt like Somers was writing this in his notebook between periods in high schoolAs the first in a projected series 'Trickster' is a decent opening installment But ideally even a novel in a series should be able to stand on its own merits especially the first entry Though 'Trickster' doesn't deliver on most of its ideas and some of the descriptions and imagery are less than graceful there's enough good here to warrant a read Especially towards the end Somers seems to wake up and bring his talents to bear in creating a rushed but sufficiently satisfying conclusion Though I'd be remiss if I didn't say the ending didn't feel like a massive stall for the next workSo all in all it's a decent read Not a revelation but there's definite potential for something greater here

  5. Cat Russell (Addicted2Heroines) Cat Russell (Addicted2Heroines) says:

    Somers' urban fantasy debut is dark gritty and suspenseful The world he has created is filled with dirty magic fueled by blood Those who can wield this magic whether they're lowly Tricksters or high Archmages all use it for their own selfish needs caring little about the lives that are affectedLem is a Trickster who uses his magic for simple cons He can make one dollar bills appear to be twenties or charm people into becoming agreeable But Lem refuses to use other people's blood to gas up his spells so he was left unable to continue his magical training As a result he never reached the full potential of his abilities Despite the talents that Lem possesses he is poor and filthy and drifting from one place to another with nowhere to call home But he isn't drifting alone With him is Pitr Mageshkumar better known as Mags Lem often describes him as if he's a pet He's loyal friendly and lacking in intelligence He's also easily amused easily distracted and often uick to forget things But he's all Lem has and he knows Mags would do anything for him without uestionSomers has taken these two very unlikely heroes with essentially nothing positive going for them and manages to write them in a way that has you rooting for them until the very end Not because defeating the bad guys is the right thing to do and not because they need to save the girl but because you genuinely like them and would be crushed if they didn't both make it through to the end Many of the details of the mystery are revealed fairly uickly and it isn't exactly shocking as much as it is disturbing But what made this story line so thrilling and intense wasn't the actual mystery of the girls covered in magical glyphs It was the uestion of how one lowly Trickster who couldn't even follow through with his training could possibly best one of the most feared Archmages aliveThe true bad guys not just the characters with sticky fingers and loose morals are as eually well crafted as our heroes One is suave cunning handsome and wears impeccable suits and a slick smile The other is ancient and decrepit practically a mummy but terrifying and deadly despite the frail appearance By the time the final showdown arrives and Lem's commitment and abilities are put to the test I was on the edge of my seat and flying through the pages as fast as I could I knew Lem would make it to the end but I was desperate to know how many casualties there would be and what magic trick Lem would have to pull off in order to save the daySomers has a real talent for world building and crafting uniue and colorful characters For fans of dark urban fantasy and unconventional heroes Trickster is a must read


    I remember I tried to read this when I first downloaded the ARC but the language really turned me awayIt wasn't bad but it just wasn't a Lyn BookNo RatingDNF

  7. Sean Sean says:

    The beginning of an amazing gritty noir with remarkably likable low lifes

  8. Deniz Deniz says:

    For a book that promises lots of action and is full of this much bloodshed the first half was surprisingly slow going I found it really hard to get into the book actually The second half once it was all set up and the action was unraveling was fun to read This is one of these books that left me totally divided some parts are awesome others just mehThe story line while definitely interesting was also uite predictable I didn't really mind that actually It's in many ways your classic urban fantasy As I said earlier I struggled to get into the book for the first half I think there were a coupe of reasons for thisFirst was the whole magic language while I think it is cool and a plus in the world building it came over as too complicated and was introduced awkwardly As a result I ended up highlighting the different words attaching notes with their meanings to it thus creating my own cheat sheet Armed with that it made my reading experience much pleasant Hence I would suggest that there would be a little dictionary added in the appendix or something The second reason It took me a while to get invested into the characters I still kinda can't care about Mags though I found his character way to much of a caricature A pet as Lem called him and that's about how much I cared for him The fact that Lem was so condescending was a real source annoyance especially in the first half of the book I guess in the second part I just couldn't be bothered any Claire was definitely my favorite character And while the whole book is written from Lem's POV so one only gets to see Claire through his eyes I was totally charmed by her She is the victim but she is brave and kickass And I loved how she handled everythingI want to know what happens to her I do hope very much that she is in the next book she would be one of the main reasons for me to read the next installmentLem the MC was interesting and irritating at first I found his flippant way he spoke about his friends annoying But as I read on he grew on me I love the way he took on the situation and stepped up his game The reluctant hero in many ways he is also aware of the fact that he as he says is not good people But there is a line he doesn't wanna cross While he has these principles he on the other side doesn't mind being a trickster which is kinda at odd with each other his excuse we not good people Amazingly enough he did explain it and I was cool with that The thing I appreciated most about Lem is that he realizes that he has to step up and make a mark as he says Take a stand And than anything that he does And afterwards he looks at others who didn't and isn't judgmental He doesn't know why he did just that in that moment he had to The scenes between Lem and Claire are really beautiful And honestly I am so rooting for them Not sure that it will actually happened But their relationship moved me It felt realAnd Somer's description of the bus ride evoke memories of me sitting up and talking connecting and spilling secrets in the middle of the night I married that dude Guess I am slightly biased still it has a realness and solidity to it that touched me In general Somer did subtly weave and build their relationship no big bang or anything But there was loads of chemistry there I think this shows great writing potentialThe language used in the book is rather crass I really didn't mind since I think a guy like Lem would talk and think like that The f word is used extremely liberallyBut if you have an aversion against it It might pose a problem The world building is great I love the idea of the different magical abilities The fact that it needs blood for casting it its own language all that set in a modern urban setting SuperbWould I read the next installment? During the first half I would have said no But after finishing it Yes I definitely will In fact I am wondering if many of the flaws couldn't been avoided by harsher editing I enjoyed the grittiness and the whole primeval fell to Trickster While it didn't deliver what it could have there is huge potential for this series

  9. Fangs for the Fantasy Fangs for the Fantasy says:

    Lem is a trickster which means that he uses his own blood to perform magic This usually amounts to conning the non magical around him He is always looking for the next big score but when he follows up on a tip Lem ends up on the magical radar of an archmage who is far powerful than him Suddenly Lem finds himself in way over his head The archmage is planning a massive spell for which much blood must be spilled but Lem's interference which led to the escape of Claire one of the intended victims has put everything in jeopardy Lem must now balance his need to stick to his magical morals and his desire to stay alive Will he turn Claire over to save his life?I am going to admit that I didn't get very far in this book After reading one hundred pages in which women essentially were either whores or dead victims and Lem's sidekick person of colour reduced to a simpleton I simply could not read another page Though it is obvious that Claire's character is meant to evolve into something the treatment of the women who had appeared thus far in Trickster simply didn't give me hope for a good portrayal It felt like Claire was being set up to be a heroine that Lem saved Lem said repeatedly that he is different from the other mages because he only uses his own blood It's clear that this a moral choice but at least as far as I had read in Trickster no explanation was offered We were told repeatedly that Lem's way of life is extremely difficult and it is clear that he is barely surviving and so I could not help but wonder why he remained involved at all? Would it really have been that bad to get a job? I think that uestion needs to be answered especially because Lem outright refused to go any further in his training despite being told he is capable of so much than the cheap tricks he engages in to surviveLem's side kick is Mags an indigenous person It's absolutely not original to have a person of colour reduced to a sidekick to a White protagonist From Somers description it's clear that Mags is meant to be viewed as neurologically atypical yet throughout the book he is described as a simpleton who seems to be lucky be able to walk and chew gum at the same time Throughout the novel Mags is only praised for his strength and is continually attacked for his lack of intelligence This is absolutely racist abelist and offensive In fact Mags is essentially led around by Lem and seems to do his bidding like a helpless puppyThis novel has been described as gritty but from my understanding all that makes it so are the dead women and the disgusting treatment of Mags Lem is drawn as a sort of anti hero but there is nothing that about him that is even remotely compelling His constant treatment of Mag made him unlikeable Read

  10. Melliane Melliane says:

    355 Mon avis en Français My English reviewI was curious to read this novel when I discovered the cover I did not really understand that Lem was a man so it took me a moment to realize that in my reading It was actually pretty funny to follow this wizard throughout the novel I mostly used to read stories featuring women or those where they always have a prominent place This is not the case here It is true that Claire is an important character in the story but she is still very much in the background compared to Lem and his apprentice Mags It was a book uite different and enjoyable to readMags and Lem are two persons well matched but they live in a fairly precarious way I must say it is uite difficult to grow as a Trickster especially when Lem refuses to cast any spells that are powerful than what he can do However they live pretty uietly until they meet Claire a young woman they save from a kidnapping But strangely enough she is tattooed all over her body with magic runes and they do not understand the meaning But saving this woman has a significant impact on both their lives Indeed the most powerful mage needs her and she will do anything she can to get her back Something that is not really to the taste of our heroes who decide to do their best to save her especially good Lem who has a soft spot for Claire I liked all the characters we discover as they are all very complex It is true that I may have loved to have information about Claire because we finally learn little about her She only makes a few appearances here Mags is cute and we see that he would for Lem and only waits for him to ask We understand that Lem has a concern without really knowing what it is but they thus form a perfect duo together The story and plot are uite interesting although we expect the purpose and there are several lengths Okay I admit it I skipped a few passages when the action did not move enough for me But then I think it’s something personal Everything is offset by the world and the original characters that the author was able to feature This novel is rather an introduction to something bigger for the next one allowing us to understand what is happening and why A beautiful opening is announced in the last chapter To be continued

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