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Fire Caste ➚ [KINDLE] ❄ Fire Caste By Peter Fehervari ➤ – An Astra Militarum novelIn the jungles of the Dolorosa Coil a coalition of alien tau and human deserters have waged war upon the Imperium for countless yearsREAD IT BECAUSEIt's a typically weird and t An Astra Militarum novelIn the jungles of the Dolorosa Coil a coalition of alien tau and human deserters have waged war upon the Imperium for countless yearsREAD IT BECAUSEIt's a typically weird and twisted tale from Peter Fehervari with intriguing characters a plot that will keep you guessing and mystery than you can shake a pulse rifle atTHE STORYIn the jungles of the Dolorosa Coil a coalition of alien tau and human deserters have waged war upon the Imperium for countless years Fresh Imperial Guard forces from the Arkhan Confederates are sent in to break the stalemate and annihilate the xenos But greater forces are at work and the Confederates soon find themselves broken and scattered As they fight a desperate guerrilla war their only hope may lie in the hands of a disgraced commissar hell bent on revenge.

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  1. Rostislav Markelov Rostislav Markelov says:

    Fire CastBefore you start reading this book you should know – it wouldn’t be easy Fire Caste reuires uiet a lot from its readers they should be attentive to the details sensitive to speech and language nuances and most of all – they should be ready to embrace the madness despair and bitterness of this story If you want a book about brave Defenders of Humanity defeating horrific enemies this book is not for you because there is no frightening enemy for a man here than his own sins If you look for a book about Tau Empire and its noble warriors this is not the book you are looking for because tau have a little screen time scenes with tau are rare but priceless and they are not even main antagonists And this is not a full list of obstacles which the reader will encounter So is there any reward for those who doesn’t afraid For those who agree to plunge into madness of twisted beauty of the Dark Coil Hell yes First of all it is the taste of real Warhammer 40k The first book from this universe that I read was Lord of the Night by Simon Spurrier And this book made a very strong impression on me – it was really Grim Dark Future I rushed to read the other books in the series and found nothing like this I went through one book after another and if I found horrors they were lacking in psychological component if I found darkness it was impossible to feel it But there was great excess of heroism and meaningless action By the time I picked up Fire Caste I already forgot why I read books about Warhammer 40k I had no hope when I started to read this book and then Then Dark Coil consumed me entirely I read all night long When I turned the last page it was already morning It was what I looking for all this years That very Grim Dark Future Moreover it is important to mention amount of work that had been invested into this book In the perception of the literature there are three layers emotional intellectual and esthetic I can say with confidence that Fire Caste was well elaborated on every one of themThe main source of emotion is of course the characters and their interaction They are all different all alive and every one of them has a lot of secrets doubts and sins You can’t use the word “bright” while describing them but they definitely will be memorable for those who still can empathize with lost and broken souls Templeton who is seemingly innocent “good guy” Roach Iverson consumed by his doubts and his guilt or mysterious Sky Marshal – all of them are moving inexorably to their Thunderground which will determine their essence and purpose in the Dark Coil But other than that the reader will be able to experience all depth of pain and despair together with characters There is also a lot of place for games of intellect And despite the fact that the main intrigue can be a bit predictable for the attentive reader Dark Coil hides enough of secrets and mysteries which will make readers want to find out the answers on their own Just make a step aside from the straight path Who was the tau that was met by confessor Was he a ghost doomed to wander around the Coil Did Reve tell the truth Ascension was it ending of the book or was it beginning In addition there is a whole stratum of literary and historical allusions Your mind would be busyAnd last but not least – esthetic of the book It is composed of plurality of elements language the nuances of which are changed when narration switches the point of view from one character to another reflecting their mentality; structure of the book which like classical ancient tragedy leads us from exposition to catastrophe; invisible link between the characters when sins and madness of one affect others and just tightening the spiral of despair In conjunctions thousand of little details create Phaedra The Dark Coil – beautiful symphony of madness corruption and decay Separately it is necessary to mention «foreshadowing» – the art of innuendo There are subtle hints on many developments from the beginning and attentive reader should spot them Some of them are wrapped in images symbols and metaphors others reuire attention to details I still remember the feeling when I read casual routine record in Iverson's diary When nine sentinels came to his rescue But there were only eight sentinels ready to action The moment when I realize exactly who was seen by Iverson It was the strongest Fridge Horror And there are a lot of moments like this Moreover all stories written by Fehervari are connected to each other through symbols ideas and characters They create a Dark Coil – uite literally One story enhances perception of the others It is very beautiful puzzle But I should warn you It is very dark book Not everyone can accept it It may uiet easy cause Darkness Induced Audience Apathy However if you are tired from heroic space marines who can endure just everything if you are ready to feel real Grim Darkness of the Far Future if you like the real book instead of entertainment literature – you should read it

  2. Skaragrimson Skaragrimson says:

    If you're into bolter porn then this book is not for you However If you're after an intelligent and highly original take on the 40K universe then this book is very refreshing indeed Brilliantly drawn characters several of them female which is sadly a bit of a rarity in the 40k universe some intense action and an interesting story arc This is just the kind of a shot in the arm Black Library needs Word of caution however don't be misled by the title this is really an Imperial Guard novel though the tau are an important and well handled presence

  3. Stuart Stuart says:

    Blood for the God Emperor now there's irony Fire Caste by Peter Fehervari is a rather uniue novel about a Imperial Guard regiment known as the 19th Arkan Confederates They are sent to Phaedra a jolly holiday venue known as a almost death world it as bad as it sounds The planet isn't the most friendly of places tropical climates plant life that kills a man fungal diseases that infect a man on a biological level insects bigger than a man renegade Imperial Guard units a Imperial command structure who ineffective did I mention the Tau Oh there on Phaedra as well Both sides have fought to a standstill over a conflict which has been raging for fifty years Hell that was a lot to cover Everyone has a past including Colonel Ensor Culter and Commissar Holt Iverson We're introduced to Holt at the beginning of the novel who is busy hunting down deserters Unfortunately for him things don't go as planned especially given he is haunted by 'ghosts' from his past This is rather refreshing these 'ghosts' act as his angel and devil watching over his shoulder influencing his every decision Not really what you would call a sane man Ensor Culter is the commanding officer of the 19th The entire regiment is deployed Within moments of reaching the surface men are dying and not from the enemy or planet either It took me by surpriseand him One of the greatest strengths of Peter's novel is his characterisation of the planet itself It's bleak even by Warhammer 40K standards It's hell Iverson in one of his diary entries suggests the planet is tainted not by Chaos but from the biological life itself The very air he breathes is infecting him Ironically he isn't wrong There are those who bodies cannot handle the change Some become twisted and start to grow fungus for skin their bones becoming infused with growths warping them and eventually reaching death A lovely place It's not just a physical war for those on the surface but psychological as well This isn't helped by the regiments past which unravels throughout a rather interesting backstory Running concurrently with this is Iverson's past which is well handled and integrates well into the overall story arch There's no real heroes or villains here everyone has a flaw; broken angry cursed exhausted deranged paranoid take your pick They aren't all 'bad' flaws to have given where they are What Peter Fehevari handles really well is the action Unlike many Heresy and 40K novels there aren't any massive engagements no galactic battles just small scale skirmishes and ambushes which are vicious men die a lot of them Personally I found this to be a lot 'believable' than some of epic battles I've read Why It read on a personal level I was actually beginning to want to read about the individual charactersThere are some really pleasant 'inventions' in Fire Caste also The men of the 19th are from Providence a planet based on a cast of nobles they thrive by designing and building new machinery Take for instance Captain Machen's Zouaves They wear a type of clockwork battlesuit there great Steampunk eat your heart out Then there is Captain Vendrakes' Silverstorm Sentinel Cavalry A mesh of sentinel walkers and clockwork components How cool is that Very I'd sayI haven't even mentioned the Tau have I Well here is the thing When I brought Fire Caste I was under the impression it was a story from the Tau's perspective This wasn't so Other than Shas'ui a Tau pathfinder there is hardly one of the 'blueskin bastards' to uote Iverson to be found This story is primarily about a Imperial Guard regiment so I wanted to be clear for those who was thinking otherwiseWrapping this up Fire Caste is a twenty four carat gold nugget amongst a lot of fools gold in Black Library's collection The only let down was the ending left on a cliffhanger There must be a follow on novel For a first full BL novel this is a really strong beginning for the writer If you stick with all the different stories and amount of characters dancing over the pages hopefully you will be rewarded like I was

  4. Cameron Cameron says:

    Look It's a tie in novel with a line of small plastic army men I get that But it's sharply written by turns horrifying and thrilling and genuinely has some depth of character and theme and some very honest emotional interactions between human beings It's really god damned good

  5. GRAAK GRAAK says:

    Take the title fire castThrow it away it's a bait for fanboys of Tau faction in the 40k settingRename it Thunderground the author himself said it was the possible title in an interview What is a Thunderground Well start reading one of the best books ever written for 40kForget bolter porn forget clean heroism forget space marines and prepare for a journey in hell into an alien planet a meat grinder war a journey into the darkness of war of human psyche of despair of dark revelations

  6. Gary Laporte Gary Laporte says:

    uick warning I'm writing this review while I'm tired and English is not my mother language so please take it into account when reading itI've read this book two times now it was my first contact with Peter Fehervari's Dark Coil his books and short stories have various links between each other which makes it very fun to read as you the reader try and connect the dots between the various characters places and events and Fire Caste still remains my favoriteA simple way to describe Fire Caste is to say Apocalypse Now meets the Warhammer 40k universe and it works but fortunately it doesn't stop there Peter Fehervari's style is enriching as in it made me learn new English words and it always sticks to what it is about For instance when he describes the planet Phaedra where the action takes place he chooses visceral words to give the reader the feeling he is confronted to a living organism as the planet is kind of the main antagonist of the various charactersAbout the characters this is another very strong point of the novel as they are kind of all treated eually Each character has dreams beliefs and reasons to do what he does And the author doesn't telegraph at all who is going to live and who is going to die so you're sometimes caught off guard when a major character is killed sometimes offscreen or when a minor character suddenly gains weight and turns out to be a major playerAnother thing I enjoy is that his characters are not simply bad or good It's not because a character is depicted in a negative light that he will be painted in one stroke For instance one of the officers of the story is depicted as being detached from his men not remembering their names and so on With a classic author this would automatically mean that the officer is incompetent and will get his men killed Not in Fire Caste it's complicated than thatI've also enjoyed the fact that at the end after seeing all the reasons of the various characters the author does not tell us this one is right and the others were wrong It is up to the reader to determine who heshe felt was right and who was probably wrongAnother strong point are the action scenes they are very well written tense and sometimes very stressful And I had always pictured sentinels as kind of ridiculous and clunky After reading action scenes with them in this novel not anyAnyway reading the novel a second time after having read the other novelsshort stories of Peter Fehervari made Fire Caste even enjoyable The first time I read it I felt kind of let down by the end because I still had so many uestions and the end is pretty nihilistic By reading it again I find the end very fitting and enjoyed the novel even Also when reading keep an eye out for references as the author loves to hide easter eggs to the things he love here and there As a big John Carpenter's The Thing fan I was delighted to find references to it for instance I don't think everybody will enjoy this novel though It's a very dark take on an already dark universe But if you're tired of heroic stories in this universe you should definitely give it a try

  7. Mark Mark says:

    “Better our evil empire than theirs”This book is surreal horror excellence It’s a story about the conflicts that take place at the intersection of the Tau Empire Imperium of Man the Warp and Mother Nature The prose is excellent and so is the world building You can read this book standalone as better than average sci fi military fiction or you can us it as the launch pad into the interconnected series of all Fehervari’s workA few words of warning before purchasing this book First this absolutely should not be your starting point if you’re new to the Warhammer 40k That’s not a criticism of the author there are just better places to begin to get your arms around the universeSecond this is NOT a story about the Fire Caste or even the Tau really If anything it’s an Imperial Guard story Maybe the author’s intent was to draw comparisons between the ground forces of the Tau Empire and the Imperium but I feel like he was handed the title first and told to go wild with it A better title would have been “Providence” but that will only make sense after reading the bookEDIT After posting this review on Reddit I was told by a commenter that Fehervari’s proposed title for this book was “Thunderground” and that Games Workshop forced the final title on him Thunderground makes WAY sensewhich again will only make sense after readingThird the volume of characters and narrative style of the book can be a bit disorienting at first The Dramatis Personae helps with the former but some editing was needed with the latter I would have preferred chapters to be organized around a single character’s perspective as found in A Song of Fire and Ice series The main character’s journal conceit could have been eliminated entirely and used as inner monologue in that character’s chapters All that said I think this is the best piece from the Black Library I’ve read to date If you’re anything like me then after reading Fire Caste you’ll enjoy going down the rabbit hole and discovering all the connections between this book and the rest of Fehervari’s stories Highly recommend

  8. Christopher Christopher says:

    Strip away all the 40K branded sci fi elements and the underlying Dark Coil meta plot and you’d have a classic of Vietnam literature The plight of the Arkan 19 in the jungles of the Dolorosa Coil and Comissar Iverson’s voyage upriver to find them are as Apocalypse Now as it gets just with Tau instead of Vietcong Again riveting and bizarre Powerfully rendered and written I normally devour a 40K novel in a day or two This took me a solid week to read as I wrestled over each chapter in my mind the links between the author’s other Dark Coil writings the Möbius strip composition of which for certain key players is laid bare here; as well as for the actual TauHuman interactions the dynamics of these races and the way in which Peter Fehervari can take the most standardstock archetypes and refresh them never writing above the 40K audience and yet echoes resonate deeper than your standard Space Marine sales pitch fluffThis was a large chunk of the Phaedra cycle in one book Afterward I was exhausted but I have an eerie feeling about the fate of certain characters so I’m gonna move right along into the next story Vanguard

  9. Danny Montgomery Danny Montgomery says:

    First off like many have mentioned this book is not what it looks like its better Although this book has some truly awesome action scenes it is a psychological horror novel I read this after reading another book by Fehervari called Reuiem Infernal Which also was a much weirder and interesting ride then you may know going in It was so good I wanted to check out other work and found out that this author has an unofficial link between many of his 40k novels called the Dark Coil A google search told me I should start hereMuch like the other book a 40k fan will fit right in with this setting and a non 40k fan with an open mind toward sci fi will likely in my guess enjoy this as wellI could see someone excited for a story about Tau being let down that they are not always a large presence in the book They are there though I wasn't here for them anyway so it doesnt bother me

  10. Bodicainking Bodicainking says:

    Amazing book I was not particularly prepared for what a uniue and strong work of fiction this story is It combines elements of lovecraftian horror heart of darknessapocalypse now and related Vietnam war fiction American civil war era stylings and insular psychological thrillers with a deft hand and surely stands as one of the Black Library offerings most worthy of being called literature alongside the Gaunt's Ghosts series Betrayer and Pawns of Chaos

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