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The Best Of Us [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Best Of Us By Sarah Pekkanen – Paradise isn’t uite what it seems as four college friends meet for an island vacation in this captivating new novel from the acclaimed author of These GirlsFollowing a once in a lifetime invitation Paradise isn’t uite what it seems as four college friends meet for an island vacation in this captivating new novel from the acclaimed author of These GirlsFollowing a once in a lifetime invitation a group of old college friends leap at the chance to bring their husbands for a week’s vacation at a private villa in The Best PDF/EPUB ² Jamaica to celebrate a former classmates' thirty fifth birthdayAll four women are desperate for a break and this seems like a perfect opportunity Tina is drowning under the demands of mothering four young children Allie needs to escape from the shattering news about an illness that runs in her family Savannah is carrying the secret of her husband’s infidelity And finally there’s Pauline who spares no expense to throw her husband an unforgettable birthday celebration hoping it will gloss over the cracks that have already formed in their new marriageThe week begins idyllically filled with languorous days and late nights of drinking and laughter But as a hurricane approaches the island turmoil builds forcing each woman to re evaluate everything she’s known about the others—and herself.

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  1. Tamara Tamara says:

    This is my first Sarah Pekkanen novel and I really enjoyed it This is the exact type of beach read that I love and would shop for when I needed a good healthy dose of chick lit I immediately felt that I could relate to the characters and found myself drawing comparisons between myself and Sarah's characters I found her writing style to be fluid and I loved that throughout the story her characters became multifaceted They continued to evolve throughout the story and just when I thought I was ready to give up on one the character redeemed themselves I am thinking of Savannah and Gio specifically After finishing this book I immediately downloaded another Sarah Pekkanen novel as well as some of her short novellas I would definitely recommend this book to my girlfriends I feel rather lucky that the book I happened to win in a drawing is a book I would have been happy to purchase Sarah has gained a new fan Thanks GoodReads for making this reader so happy

  2. Leonel Leonel says:

    The premise of Sarah Pekkanen's The Best Of Us sounded so interesting that I couldn't wait to read it A group of college friends decide to vacation together in a villa in Jamaica to celebrate one of their birthdays My friends always schedule reunions during our birthdays so I can totally relate to the concept On a side note I wish Ms Pekannen didn't choose the homophobic country of Jamaica but that's neither here nor there I started this book a couple of times because found the first chapters a little slow It finally gets its groove about thirty percent in but I am thinking maybe the reason why I just can't get into the book is that the characters are unlikeable Almost halfway through I do not find myself rooting for any of the characters and then they all start behaving badly while they are on vacation I kind of understand that but it just made me care less about them and I even thought some of their actions were very reprehensible that they would be life changing in the way that I would never associate with them again But this is supposed to be a beach read and it gets the drama juices flowing I guess It was an effort to like this book in my opinion

  3. Christina (Confessions of a Book Addict) Christina (Confessions of a Book Addict) says:

    Pauline is married to Dwight a billionaire and what do you get your billionaire husband on his birthday when he has everything else? You invite his college friends to spend his birthday in a private villa in Jamaica Pauline does this very thing and pays attention to every single detail of the trip There's helicopter rides a private beach a chef waiters unlimited drinks hot tubs infinity pools and of course Jamaican sunshine All of Dwight's close friends attend and everything is going swimmingly until there's alcohol feud antics and drama made worse by an impending hurricane This trip forces each person to come to grips with their lives and many secrets unfold Sarah Pekkanen's The Best of Us is uintessential summer reading Read the rest of my review here

  4. Andrea Andrea says:

    This was one big belly flop Overdone drama unlikeable characters ugh Read Pekkanen’s refreshing “Catching Air” instead

  5. Joannah Keats Joannah Keats says:

    This review refers to the NetGalley edition Four couples each with secrets and undiscovered bonds A dream vacation in Jamaica that turns dangerous with the arrival of a hurricane Sounds exciting no?But this book is the REAL so called mommy porn two of our characters Allie and Tina are thirty something moms living out their days stressing over balancing households and the demands of children They are offered and accept a chance for an all expenses paid ultra glam vacation in Jamaica to celebrate their old college friend's birthday A beautiful villa relaxing spa treatments gourmet food prepared by an in house chef tropical adult beverages and even at one point some high grade pot shared in a hot tub Forget 50 Shades The Best of Us is mommy porn at its finest I'll take a luxurious tropical vacation with good friends over Christian Grey any day Even the hurricane was an exciting dramatic event the antithesis of the monotony of domesticity A good fast read celebrating the bonds of friendship the endurance of love under the demands of marriage and daily living and reminding us all that sometimes we really just need a BREAK from it all Fans of Jennifer Weiner Emily Giffin Patricia Pearson and Sophie Kinsella will likely enjoy this book

  6. Kelly Kofron Kelly Kofron says:

    I hate myself for reading this book

  7. Chrissy Chrissy says:

    But then again didn't all marriages carry thousands of hurts? THE REASONI chose to read The Best of Us when it was sent to me for the purposes of providing a completely honest review because I really tend to gravitate towards strong women's fiction I love reading about the development of personal relationships from a female perspective whether they be romantic or friendship and the description of THE BEST OF US promised something that was heartfelt beautiful and highly engagingTHE PLOTDwight was a hopeless dork in college unarguably thin and awkward but undeniably destined to greater things in the future After Dwight strikes it insanely rich after the creation of a magnificent dot com business he and his wife decide to invite a few of his old college friends on a spectacular all expense paid vacation to Jamaica complete with finely catered meals perfectly planned activities and the promise of a wonderful relaxing atmosphere of friendship and fun Who could possibly say no to that trip?Tina is especially excited since she was always close to Dwight in college she and even had an unforgettable little make out session with him once Tina is now married to the perfect man but she is overburdened with the chaos of juggling a house full of young children and is hence desperate for the time away from homeAllie and her devoted husband can't wait to make the trip either since they've both been abundantly blessed with good luck and great circumstances so why not celebrate it in this glorious vacation? But Allie has recently learned a family secret that has her intensely worried about her own future especially her health While she's ready to have fun in the sun will she really be able to steer her mind away from the panics of her current problems to enjoy herself?Savannah known for her beauty wealth and diva attitude will never pass up another opportunity to enjoy the lavish things in life of course but she too has a secret that she's not uite ready to share with her college friends Her own husband won't be coming to Jamaica but Savannah isn't sure that she regrets his absent in the least There won'to be any harm in flirting with her old college pal Dwight while she's here right?Dwight's wife Pauline feels particularly uneasy around these three women who have such an interesting history with her husband especially since she doesn't know them in the least and doesn't expect to have anything in common with any of them While she plans every instant of the perfect Jamaican vacation for her husband's vacation she must juggle the fear that one of these women may be having unexpected relations with her husband while all the while dealing with the terrible secret that she herself has been hiding from Dwight Can she really keep her focus for this week in paradise?And then by the time the group learns that a hurricane has veered from its original path heading straight towards their perfect party on the island it's really too late to escape And soon each of these couples is faced with tremendous decisions about their relationships and their futures if that is they can weather the horrific storm that looms aheadMY OPINIONI was absolutely positively in LOVE within this novel from start to finish I adored the author's skill in crafting an amazingly interesting story with characters that developed honestly and delicately throughout the course of the novel And although she alternated between several different couples each with their own serious struggles and secrets there was never a point where I felt uninterested in any segment of any particular character's story I was emotionally invested in each of the story lines which made for the kind of engaging reading experience that kept me flipping virtual pages until insane hours in the middle of the night just to learn what would happen nextI was pleased that the author didn't aim to sugarcoat over any of the weighty issues that the women dealt with in their own personal often secret struggles And although most of the predicaments worked out for the best by the end of the book it certainly was not without a realistic degree of pain and suffering from each of the women involved in the storyI was surprised by the fact that I found myself most interested in Pauline despite my first impression that led me to believe she might end up being the weakest character in the novel I could really identify with the way that she felt like an outsider in a group of close friends working so hard to meticulously create a perfect vacation for her beloved husband while ultimately uestioning her position in the relationship as well as her husband's feelings towards her as a woman and a partner Her reasons for hiding her secret from her husband were heartbreaking and realistic and I felt that she probably came in the furthest in really evolving in her relationship as well as her own perception of herself But thousands of kindnesses existed in marriages too The important thing was that the kindnesses triumphed over the hurts MY VERDICTFive glowing stars Give this one a try when it hits shelves on April 9 2013

  8. Estelle Estelle says:

    Review originally posted on Rather Be Reading Blog35 38 starsThere are many days where I sit around and pray for a very successful and kind friend to sweep me out of my routine 9 5 life and take me to a tropical island all expenses paid where I can frolic in the waves with friends sipping margaritas and chatting to all hours of the night Note Any of these friends can step forward at anytime really Sadly I don’t see this happening to me any time soon but I can be happy cough hate cough that it happened to this group of friends while I drool over their opportunity of a lifetime But in all seriousness this group of college pals needs this trip than anything Case in point Tina is feeling totally rundown as a mom; Savannah is reeling from her unfaithful soon to be ex husband; Allie receives some unfortunate news about her health; Pauline is tired of the persona she has built as Dwight’s wife You can see how escaping from real life couldn’t come at a better time Pekkanen does a great job of weaving the stories of these four women; I really liked seeing how differently each of their lives turned out and how their views on marriage and life after college were so vast There is such truth in how everyone’s relationship is so uniue How do you balance your own interests when you are a mother? Can you forgive someone who betrays you? Does your relationship have what it takes to go the distance? Is it ever too late to let your guard down? While this crowd is chumming it up like they are back in college tension builds in paradise when old feelings resurface flirting speeds into overdrive unwanted guests arrive and that hurricane they hoped they would miss is heading right for their house There’s nothing like being in close uarters to really confront your problems Despite the drama that ensues Jamaica proves to be a turning point of every single person in this house — whether that’s good or bad is up to you to find out The Best of Us is a book that is meant to be scorched in the sun stained with your sunscreened fingers and maybe even splashed with a little ocean water I was practically salivating over the luxuries these characters were offered and I literally could not wait to figure out how this little trip would change them all There’s a great balance to the sexy sweet tough and nostalgic moments that fill the pages I’m definitely looking forward to checking out of Pekkanen’s work Teuila shots anyone?

  9. Sandra Sandra says:

    Thank you to NetGalleyThe Best of Us by Sarah Pekkanen is simply in a word awesome Having just finished reading The Opposite of Me for our book club which we had the pleasure of having Ms Pekkanen join us via Skype to discuss with us it was a real treat to have been able to get her latest novel through NetGalley Thank youThis book is about 4 couples who go away for a week to an exclusive villa in Jamaica to celebrate a birthday During the time together we learn that these couples are not as happy as they appear or at least one of them isn't With a hurricane bearing down on the island emotions run high and soon the couples are facing their own emotional hurricanes As a woman I found myself sympathizing with almost all of the female characters we all have secrets of some kind or another and some we never share with others All of the women were dealing with emotional upheaval and had a story to tell and most always it was shared with the other women and not their own husbands The husbands were supportive and most were completely clueless about the struggles their wives were going through Most of the women were looking for something either in themselves or in their relationships and it took crises for them to figure out what they were looking for was right in front of them all the timeI am definitely a Sarah Pekkanen fan her writing flows easily and her characters are believable The description of the villa in Jamaica made me want to book a vacation immediately Loved it and I look forward to reading her other books One note I find the title of the book very interesting because in my opinion the vacation brought out the worst in the characters As with The Opposite of Me the title plays an important part of the storyWhat IS The Best ofUsReview can also be found at

  10. Cheryl Cheryl says:

    Pauline is throwing a huge spectacular party for her husband Dwight She has invited all of his friends for an exotic birthday party in Jamaica The guests include Tina and her husband Gio Tina needs this vacation She has not had a break from her children in a long time Then there is Allie and her husband Ryan Allie is keeping a secret from Ryan Finally there is Savannah She arrives alone This is due to her husband cheating on her Everyone’s secrets come out when hurricane Betty sweeps in I liked the girl friendship relationship between Tina Allie and Savannah However I don’t know if my friendship would be as strong as their’s if it involved infidelity Also I did not really feel like they were the best of friends The way that they treated each other was kind of mean In fact I felt that everyone in this book was self centered except for Pauline What Pauline was going through I felt sorry for her In addition that she did seem kind hearted and everyone just walked all over her Also I could not believe how uickly everyone just changed right away It was like since they were in another place they did not have to account for anything Sorry for say but Jamaica is not like Vegas where the saying goes “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” The ending was pretty predictable Overall though this was not a bad book It is a uick read

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