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  1. Phoenix2 Phoenix2 says:

    The story progresses so smoothly it's hard not to fall in love with the leading lady She's so cute though Ren kind of confuses me Plus that cute boy with the restaurant owner cousin is adorable The love triangle is getting stronger and stronger and I can't wait to see what will happen next

  2. Mary Mary says:

    I'm in love with you NinakoWhy must I feel so conflicted and always always like someone else that isn't the love interest???? FFFFFFFFFFFFF the ending is giving Ninako a chance to hurt Ando like he had been in the past I couldNotEven at that moment He spills his story to her and then because he loves her so much and can't stand the way she looks at Ren he decides that despite how much it will kill him he's going to offer himself to her to use so she can forget Ren Just like with his first relationshipAnd Ninako should say no She already said that it was wrong to do that in volume onebut I WANT her to say yeseven though it's wrong And I'm so conflicted right now you guys? Why is this not an anime? Ao Haru Ride gets one sure it's good but THIS THIS is what should have been adapted MY FEELS would be even greaterAnd that beginning was flipping hilarious Ninako understandably mistakes what Ren says about Ando to mean that Ando is dying Just perfect stuff Ren's girlfriendI like her a lot and I feel terrible She's seeing Ren starting to drift away from her and she was already super insecure The worst thing is that there's no bad guy in this It's just realistic Everything's a blur of gray a smudge of right and wrong And I don't know how I can contain all these swirling feelings inside me right nowAndo deserves a good ending

  3. Douglas Cootey Douglas Cootey says:

    Most romance manga have a cooling off period after the first major obstacle douses the romance It's like a feint The mangaka tricks the reader into thinking the romance is going to climax before rudely ripping away the happy ending Obviously this story ends the moment Ren dumps Mayuka and confesses his love to Ninako so obstacles must arise that prevent that from happening In this volume we meet some of the obstacles Andou Mayuka and Ren himself In many manga this period feels belabored and drawn out We know the mangaka is artificially preventing the happy ending because the obstacles are usually contrived This is the time for a new love interest to enter the scene or for one of the lovers to move away or as is usually the case for both events to happen at the same time Mangaka often insert stupid storylines that distract away from the main action It might be a visit to the beach or an amusement park or school activity week Sometimes side characters get sudden prominence The main character now drifts along the story with the reader awaiting the time when the mangaka decides to tease the romance again or comes to an endingSakisaka uses many of these distractions as well In this volume we have Andou—a new love interest for Ninako Miyaku—Ren's old love interest and school activities But what sets her romance apart from the others is that the side characters never steal the spotlight for long nor do the obstacles Always underneath it all the main romance smolders and gives the reader hope It's a subtle touch that adds a great deal of depth to the storyNinako couldn't just capture Ren's heart by being cute That's only enough to capture his attention But Sakisaka lets Ninako get involved deeper and deeper into the normal minutia of Ren's life Their school and work lives are intertwined so that neither can ever forget about the other It all feels organic like when Ninako tries to get the cat out of the tree Instead of a contrived situation where she falls into Ren's arms she kids with him while classmates look on capturing his heart along with his smile far effectively than with guile Sakisaka takes time to build their relationship but doesn't bore I am finding myself very impressed with her storytelling skills

  4. Sprinkled Pages Sprinkled Pages says:

    Super cute and enjoyable Can't wait to read the rest of the volumes

  5. Amanda Setasha Hall Amanda Setasha Hall says:

    Really good plot but the jealousy is off the freaking charts with these charactersI don't 100% support the idea of a girl having a crush on a taken man but she told him and asked to just be friendsAndo surprised me in the last couple of pages though He's a super pretty boy but I have a feeling he's gonna be a huge train wreck

  6. Theresa ♫ Theresa ♫ says:

    And here my children is the next Strobe EdgeOh how I love rereading Well It's rereading until Volume 6 Because I have never touched Volume 7 before but ANYWAYAlright I have to say one thing To all those romantics out there that don't know what it's like to actually BE in love To have a guy to think about every single day it will seriously drive you crazyCRAZYCRAY CRAY CRAYZEE I tell youNinako This super brave very in love girl she just she just seems so so So so so so so so so so so so so wiggles fingers in frustration because I can't find the right word to say It's just HOW OFTEN DO YOU FIND A GIRL LIKE THIS?1 Ren doesn't love her back She thinks That's okay I don't mind let's just be friendsLet me just tell you somethingIf you walk about and you see the person that you love that has another girl to love walking about you're going to feel this feeling deep inside your heartAND IT HURTSIt hurts like crazyWhy?Because he doesn't love you back Because he has somebody else because he won't look at you the same way you look at him GAAAAHIt hurts It doesIT SERIOUSLY SETS YOUR SOUL ON FIREThe way Ninako thinks the I don't need him to love me back I am okay just loving him THAT is real love That is When you don't care about yourself and you just care about the other person that's exactly what love isBut that is REALLY REALLY REALLY hard to come by She's hurt and she knows it It's hard to genuinely feel that you don't need this person to love you back you imagine that happiness and luckiness and it just stabs you right in the chest2 It doesn't matter that Ren has a girlfriend I will still love himOkay most girls will TRY and move on Say Okay this person's taken I can't put my hope on something that might not ever happen LET'S AWAYBut Ninako's willing to stay She does not care about this super hot guy that has 1000 girls already floating over him and that he is dating a super sexy model girl She will freaking love this guyAnd that takes some guts LOTS of guts And super thick non breakable heartstrings3 I HAVE TWO OTHER GUYS LIKING ME but that's a okay I will STILL stay with Ren Who is already takenGutsGutsStrong un explodable non flammable non destructable GUTSDid you know that when a girl is in love she becomes way stupider?It's AMAZING how this girl can love a first love like this Absolutely selfless No regrets No thoughts about stopping Tears but she wipes them awayBut think about thisStaying in love with a guy even though she already has a girlfriend?Ignoring any other guy that likes youBecause you like this ONE GUY so so soooo much?That IS true love That's loyal and trustworthy and TRUE ALL THE WAYBut it also burdens you a little tooOf course love makes you so stupid that you don't even think it's a burdenAndou is like Niiiiinako He doesn't even LOVE YOU does dramatic pose because he looks like a K Pop star Be with ME I will make you happy I will make you forget about himBut Ninako is a strong super womanNO Andou places back of hand dramatically onto her forehead for extra drama I love Ren even if I wanted to stop I can'tURGHWhy does love make you do that?I'm in love I amAnd you know what that makes me do? DO YOU KNOW ALL THE STUPID THINGS THIS ONE PERSON CAN MAKE ME DO?1 I think about him so much I CAN'T EVEN SLEEP AT NIGHT2 When we fight I CAN'T SLEEP3 When I have a nightmare about him I CAN'T SLEEP4 When we talk to each other late at night I CAN'T SLEEP5 When he tells me something lovey dovey that makes my heart go cray cray I CAN'T SLEEPAnd I LOVE SLEEPAND SLEEP IS IMPORTANTBut I can't sleep Because this dingleberry is just all over my mindNot only that but sometimes I DON'T DO MY FREAKING HOMEWORK when I think about him Which results to even LESS sleep because I need to stay up late or wake up super early to FINISH MY HOMEWORKI never had this problem before this guy NEVERBut why not?Because I hadn't met himBut now I met himNow I love himNOW HE'S THE FREAKING LOVE OF MY LIFE and I can't forget him even if I wanted toAnd part of me thinks Theresa YOU ARE SO STUPID for falling this hardA bigger part of me says I don't mind loving him he's my entire world All these romantic mangas and movies and books I've been reading and watching and crying overTHIS IS ALL HIS FAULTSo Ninako is a STRONG WOMAN Who is in love Who's become stupid because love has brainwashed her head like an incurable diseaseJust Like Me sighOnto the next volume my dears VOLUME 4 IS SITTING ON MY SHELF WOOT WOOT WOOTWouldn't it be funny if I said WOOF WOOF WOOF? bah dup PAH goes the slapstick comedy drums 4 starsNot five? WHY NOT THERESA?Well because because THIS BOOK WASN'T AS SPARKLY AS THE FIRST TWO But 4 stars is still a lotTHERESA every Strobe Edge book deserves a 5 starryOKAY FINE 4646 NOOOOOOOOstubbornly folds armsThis volume didn't get my heart racing like the first twoOf course you should still read this one OKAY???MY TUMBLRTUMTUM You know you wanna click thisAS OF NOVEMBER 6 2011 rated 5 starsJEEZ I JUST LOVE THE LOVE LESSONS THAT THIS SERIES TEACHES IN EVERY VOLUMEAnyways I just noticed that my reviews for each individual manga like how I'm reviewing the volumes for Strobe Edge seem to reveal the entire plotI do this because1 I want to state my opinions to the actions in each volume2 I want to be able to read over my reviews and remember what happened because I don't actually have these books on hand so I can't flip through them3 I feel like spoilingAnyway how I review my Strobe Edge reviews reveals LOTS AND LOTS OF SPOILERS So reallyif you're trying to avoid spoilers IT'S DANGEROUS IF YOU READ MY REVIEWS UNTIL YOU'VE READ THE STORY YOURSELFAnd why wouldn't you want to read it yourself??? It's AMAZING TERRIFICAL NINJETICI love this seriesSo anyway this is just a warning from here on out MY STROBE EDGE REVIEWS CONTAIN LOADS OF SPOILERS Stay away if you really don't want to be spoiledBut if you do so wish to be spoiled you may read ahead But remember I warned youMwah Ha HaAnyway this volume receives 5 SPARKLY SPARKLY STARS They are so sparkly you need SUNGLASSESIo san definitely DOES NOT disappoint with her creations So here are those spoilers I told you guys about And I can't remember every single detail so I'll tell you guys the ones that made the hugest impact on my attentionThrough the volume Andou asks Ninako what she wants to be to Ren What made me happy was that she said she didn't really want to be anything to Ren She just wanted to love him But in the last chapter when Ren and Ninako both notice the scent of winter which is amazing because I don't usually smell winterI only feel it when it freezes me half to death Ren's girlfriend Mayuka clings onto RenI kind of realized that Mayuka was saying both I love you Ren Don't leave me and Back off girlfriend He's MIIIINENinako smiles at Ren and tells them to have fun being boyfriend and girlfriend and she dashes away with AndouI'm really glad that Ninako isn't the kind of girl that would angrily stomp her foot against Mayuka clinging onto her boyfriend The way Ninako gets a bit jealous is reallycute There's no violent thoughts or regret or hatred or anythingI seriously wish I could be like Ninako When I was younger 9 or 10 I would get so incredibly jealous when this one second grader would cling over my crush I would start a whole warBut that was a childhood crush I don't remember being that jealous but now that I look back I seriously wish that I calmed down a little I probably looked like a huge scary evil dinosaur stomping around the way I didBUT ANYWAY I think that Ninako as the main characterheroine is my favorite kind of main character in a romance manga SHE TEACHES THE READERS A THING OR TWOAnd what adds to the fact that this volume got 5 stars is that the cliffhanger made me gasp so loudly that I probably sounded like I was choking or taking a deep breath before diving into the ocean and preparing to hold my breath for the next six hoursWARNING BIGGEST SPOILER YETI think that it was really cute what Andou said to Ninako after they dashed awayIf you're okay with just liking him don't make a face like thatWhen you love someone and you say you're okay with just liking him without reuiring anything in return it's really tempting to lean away from that when you see the guy being clung onto by his girlfriendThis was one of the important lessons of this book It's harder to see the person you like like someone else It gets your stomach all ueasy and sometimes you want to cryI'm so glad I finally found a book that revealed this fact into the worldAnd Andou brought up that his first love had gone out with him but she never liked him She only used him to get over someone elseBeing led on by someone by thinking that they like you is one of the most hurtful things someone can do to you I've experienced this myself and it does hurt someoneSo near the end of the book Andou tells Ninako that she could use someone else to get over someoneAnd he offers Ninako the opportunity to use himThis is the newest kind of love confession I've ever seenSo I'm really looking forward to reading Volume 4 THAT CLIFFHANGER TUGGED ON MY HEARTSTRINGSOh plus in this volume when Ninako was heading for the train but she tripped and the train doors were about to close and Ren stepped off the train towards Ninako and Andou was left behind on the train it really made me laugh when the train hurried away with him in itBut anyway overall this volume of Strobe Edge was awesomeI love this manga It's highly recommendedTHIS IS ZE TRUE ROMANCE MANGA

  7. Delirious Disquisitions Delirious Disquisitions says:

    This volume takes a introspective look into Ren's feelings but spend too much time rehashing the same patterns from the last volume I like how Ando's feelings and character is developing so far but he still comes off as invasive at times that puts me off his character At this point I want Ren to make a decision already but with the number of volumes left it doesn't seem to be happening anytime soon

  8. Kristine Hansen Kristine Hansen says:

    Talk about the pain of first love Not only is Ninako suffering for it so are those around her The I get to know the other characters the I like them Ren seems too good to be true at times which actually gets a little annoying I'm loving the minor characters so much and really hope to see of them Ando seems to be coming out as a major player in this little drama

  9. Sesana Sesana says:

    Halfway through the story takes a brief unwelcome detour into what Roger Ebert called an Idiot Plot a series of not terribly comic misunderstandings that would be immediately solved if only characters would actually speak to each other Imagine my surprise when the Idiot Plot is brought to a close almost immediately when the characters involved actually speak to each other Huh

  10. Harriet Harriet says:

    This volume is just as cute as the others I love the scenarios the books end on The series is so sweet although it may have a few too many love triangles but it was cool to see the characters outside of a school setting I'm not sure if I liked this one as much as the first but it is still a solid four stars

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ストロボ・エッジ 3 ❴PDF / Epub❵ ☀ ストロボ・エッジ 3 Author Io Sakisaka – Natus-physiotherapy.co.uk What is love anyway Ninako Kinoshita’s friends tell her it’s one thing but Ninako wonders what this mysterious feeling really is When she meets Ren Ichinose the handsome enigmatic guy that all the What is love anyway Ninako Kinoshita’s friends tell her it’s one thing but Ninako wonders what this mysterious feeling really is When she meets Ren Ichinose the handsome enigmatic guy that all the girls worship her life takes an unexpected turn With just a few words and a smile he changes her world Releases R to L Japanese Style for teen audiences.

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  • ストロボ・エッジ 3
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  • 23 November 2016
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About the Author: Io Sakisaka

咲坂伊緒 is a Japanese manga artist She also designed the characters for the anime movie HAL Her works are Call My Name Watashi no Koibito Bye Bye Little Blue Mascara Blues Strobe Edge Ao Haru Ride Sono Omokage o Shitteru .