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Home Fires ✰ Home Fires Epub ✶ Author Kathleen Irene Paterka – When fire strikes too close to home Attorney Rose Gallagher left her home and heart behind in James Bay years ago dreaming of big city success When a family health crisis draws her back to the small r When fire strikes too close to home Attorney Rose Gallagher left her home and heart behind in James Bay years ago dreaming of big city success When a family health crisis draws her back to the small resort community where she was born and raised Rose settles in for a six week stay only to find herself musing over two unexpected job offers and other things too such as the string of arson fires threatening James Bay and a handsome fireman named Mike Gallagher who sparks an unexpected fire in her heartWhen the arson investigation blazes a trail which seems to lead directly to an old family friend Rose sets out to prove her fireman wrong Mike is determined to keep this pretty litigator from snooping around in his ongoing investigation and Rose is eually determined not to give up on her uest to prove her friend’s innocence—even if it means giving up a possible future with Mike Will these two find a way to resolve their differences or will their dreams of romance go up in smoke.

  • Paperback
  • 340 pages
  • Home Fires
  • Kathleen Irene Paterka
  • English
  • 19 October 2014
  • 9780985512149

About the Author: Kathleen Irene Paterka

Kathleen Irene Paterka is an author of Women's Fiction Her newest release SATURDAY NIGHT SISTERS will be available to readers in November Her bestselling novel THE OTHER WIFE was released February of while her novel SECRETS OF THE ROYAL WEDDING CHAPEL provides a fascinating glimpse into the world of Las Vegas wedding chapels royalty romance and brides Readers of women's fiction.

10 thoughts on “Home Fires

  1. Meg - A Bookish Affair Meg - A Bookish Affair says:

    Home Fires is the second book in Paterka's James Bay series of novels I really liked this one Rose Gallagher comes back to James Bay to take care of her ailing mother She's sort of having a personal crisis of sorts which is one that will probably sound familiar to other people in their late 20s I know it certainly sounds familiar to me I think all of us sort of go through a uarter life crisis where we are not uite sure whether or not we are taking the right path Are we doing the right thing? Have we chosen the right career path? Are we meeting the right people? Are we living in the right place? There are so many uestions and Rose is in the middle of trying to answer them all but sometimes as we all know there are no good answers She could go to Washington to become a big shot lawyer but it might mean compromising her personal ethics She could stay in James Bay but then what would she be doing with her life if she just stayed in her small hometown Shouldn't she see the world? All of those conflicts seemed very real to me and Paterka does a great job of bringing them to lifeThis story is also a romance of sorts Rose very uickly meets Mike Gallagher no relation to her who is a brave firefighter fighting an arsonist who is plaguing James Bay during the long hot summer in which the story takes place Oh and the arsonist might just be someone that Rose knows and cares about just to add to everything else I loved the love story between Rose and Mike Both of them are fighting their own personal demons and both are trying to figure out what they should be doing with their lives I was rooting for them throughout the bookI also really liked the mystery of the James Bay fires I love when I can be surprised by a book and the way that the mystery in the book turned out really surprised meBottom line This book has a little bit of everything for everyone

  2. Jen_C Jen_C says:

    Wanted to love this book but Rose just drove me crazy First half of the book she was okay but eventually all I could think was that she needed some anti anxiety medication an anger management group She would become a shrill immature stubborn witch and then refuse to apologize to Mike most of the time She was supposed to be a cool calm attorney though I saw no evidence of that And what was up with all the men wanting her when she acts like that? Mike was 95% great There were just a few times he developed a Jekyl and Hyde response with no real explanation stops kissing her when she mentions his brother is outside not unusual but he totally goes cold distant which is and it did not have anything to do with the later mentioned tragedyMy other complaint was that you could easily take out 20 pages of over description about unnecessary things yet a few details I would have liked were not really addressed or the few kisses we got that were mentioned but not described I did not need paragraph after paragraph describing scenery houses smells etc yet no explanations for some things I wanted to know Also a little too much info on background characters and repetitive thoughts in the Rose's head I just wanted to slap her say just make a decision it is NOT life or death it is a freakin jobI am not sure what Mike was getting out of this relationship She runs hot cold works long hours supposedly she never practiced law although she is a lawyer in the book cannot make up her mind is stubborn cannot cook doesn't like to clean not maternal not sure if she wants kids all fine if that is what he is looking for but you get the feeling he is a romantic who would love kids but will have to do most of the cooking cleaning so I hope she is great in bedBook is sueaky clean and some people will find it charming I found it frustrating

  3. Raeann Blake Raeann Blake says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this story I love a sexy guy who is wounded with a heart ready to be healed Mike fits that bill just fine This is a thoroughly enjoyable journey beginning with the spark of first interest We're given a front row seat that allows us to watch that spark grow into a flame And you have to wonder a few times if they are going to be left sifting through the ashes You expect the HEA but Ms Paterka makes you guess a few times whether or not it's going to turn out that way I admit I did have the arsonist pegged early on but that did not detract from the story at all In fact she made me uestion my belief than once This is the first of Ms Paterka's book that I have read I highly recommend this book and author

  4. Erin Erin says:

    Great book for light reading Based in the in a fictional town in the area of my hometown by a local author so it was fun to read a story basically set in my home Also my husband is a firefighter and Paramedic and I am an EMT and firefighter in training and the story is very accurate as to our lifestyle and job description I remember getting my first tour around the fire and EMS garage from my boyfriendnow husband when he joined the department before I did much like Mike shows Rosie A fun summer read

  5. Trisha Trisha says:

    I decided to buy this book because of how much I enjoyed the first book in the James Bay series Fatty Patty I can't say I liked this book uite as much as the first but it's still a well written and enjoyable read that stands on its own even if you don't read the previous book Our main character Rose sometimes referred to as Cecilia or Cecilia Rose has come back to James Bay for the summer so she can take care of her mother who's having knee surgery Along the way she meets Mike in a less than ideal situation then meets him again in another less than ideal situation She has an instant attraction to Mike but fights it at first As their relationship grows Rose has many big decisions to make regarding not only her former home and her love life but her career as well She feels guilty about being three hours from her mother practicing law and finds herself with three nice looking offers on the table but she must decide what is best for her and whether she's willing make her decision based on her mother as well as her new relationship with Mike Add into the mix an arsonist who is terrorizing the small town and secrets about someone she's cared since she was a child and you've got plenty to keep you as the reader interested in what's happening next There is a little mystery but the focus of the story is the MikeRose relationship So if you like a little mystery thrown into your romance I would certainly recommend this book

  6. Janine Janine says:

    The thing you can be guaranteed about when reading one of Kathleen's books is that you get a good story with believable characters I read this book while being in hospital supporting my sick daughter and it was the perfect distraction Rose returns home to James Bay to care for her mother who is having a knee replacement It's a far slower pace than her big city lawyer role where all she does is work and sleep She didn't count on meeting the local assistant fire chief who is busy investigating a spate of fires in the town and reconnecting with the local retired Judge who helped her get through law school all those years before She has many decisions to make about returning to her old life taking up a new job opportunity or staying in James Bay What will it be? You will have to read this to find out

  7. Don Lazarus Don Lazarus says:

    unexpected LoveThe author does a fantastic job with this story Cecilia Rose and Mike seem as real as a glass of Ice Tea and I find it difficult to put this book down All of the characters are developed perfectly and the story has an easy flow My 5 star rating came easy

  8. Julie Julie says:

    I really enjoyed this love story with a mystery Both intertwining story lines kept my interest throughout

  9. Lindsay Lindsay says:

    Freebie 11242012

  10. Mary Cain Mary Cain says:

    Entertaining Nice story about a small town

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