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10 thoughts on “No Take Backs (Give & Take, #1.5)

  1. Kristy Mills Kristy Mills says:

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHSOOOO GOOD OMG I can't believe I have to wait until next year to find out what happens The cliffhanger was so crazy It made my chest hurtview spoilerSo Merrick's father What a douche I don't understand how taking everything his son worked so hard for was the solution to this particular problem A problem that Merrick knows nothing about It makes me so mad I was hoping when Rachael got in that limo and saw MJ that she would flip out on Merrick's dad Tell him that he shouldn't have kept this from Merrick and that taking everything from his son for MJ is SO the wrong way to fix it hide spoiler

  2. Melanie Melanie says:

    Kelli Maine has done it again I read this baby in one short sitting and was left craving among other things LOL The only thing I didn't like about it was that it freaking ended And where she ended itOMG if I ever meet this chick I might just strangle her because HOW COULD SHE DO THIS TO ME???? And now I have to wait until 2013 for the continuation???? KELLIE MAINE YOU MEAN MEAN WOMAN YOU And of course I mean this in the best of ways DIn all seriousness the writing once again is stellar and flawless The POV continues to be something I can't get enough of and the characters How much do I love these characters? I love that we got to see of her BFF and that we got to meet her mother and the aunt who is a total pisser of a character Loved her very much And Merrick's father and another character I won't reveal because it was an incredible twist The tension and the steaminess between Rachel and Merrick DID NOT DISAPPOINT Sooooooooo hot So intense But I will admit that it's the continuation of the plot I'm hungry for It was left at a place that had a ginormous gasp flying out of my gaping mouth HURRY UP KELLI MAINE AND WRITE THIS SHIZZ FASTERPlease?

  3. Dee Dee says:

    I liked this novella than I did Taken but I can't help but wonder why No Take Backs wasn't simply the ending to Taken? These 99 pages could have easily been a part of the 1st book I'm really bummed that I have to wait until next year to find out what happens with view spoiler Merrick's son and to see how long it takes Merrick to forgive Rachael for her betrayal Betrayal? After what Merrick did to Rachael in the 1st book he owes her at least 3 or 4 free screw up passes Not that I think Rachael screwed up She was just trying to help him Everyone that has known Merrick for awhile says he was pretty much a selfish jerk before he and Rachael hooked up I don't think the selfish jerk in him is too far from the surface hide spoiler

  4. Krista Ashe Krista Ashe says:

    If I were to sum this up in one word it would have to be SIZZLING The kind of read where you lean forward and grip your kindle tighter and tighter bc you really want to be gripping Merrick tighter and tighter It's tantalizing and teasing and it leaves you unfilled and desperate for the next book And talk about a cliff hanger of the non smexy kind at the end

  5. Willow ~ The Romance Cover Willow ~ The Romance Cover says:

    35 stars This was just way too short It took less than an hour to read and I kind of feel what's the point? Surely this could have either been at the end of taken or the beginning of the next book It's left me with uestions though and whilst I was content with how Taken finished this novella has left me wanting to read

  6. Lise *friends don& Lise *friends don& says:

    Holy hotness with a cliffhanger to send me over the edge at least twice This is a great series

  7. Sofia Lazaridou Sofia Lazaridou says:

    Turtle tear has it's grand opening and Merrick and Rachel their ups and downsEverything is good until Rachel speaks with Merrick's father and accepts his offer to go meet him and let him show her something importantI wasn't expecting that from a novellathe last part and I have to say it's the reason I gave 3 stars and not 2Maybe the threesome helped too ;I didn't liked Rachel much and left disgusted when she mentioned the thing with the almost threesome with Merrick's ex Private assistant

  8. Nikki Nikki says:

    I'm having a hard time trying to find the right word to describe this without using LOVE But the fact is I do love it It ties up something's from Taken and gives you a look into the next book without really revealing anything Does that make sense? It does to me lol Anyway if you have read Taken then you definitely have to read this one It gives you a look further into Rachael and Merricks relationship Go read it but read Taken first if you haven't already

  9. Kindle Crack Book Reviews Cheri Kindle Crack Book Reviews Cheri says:

    45 I have never finished two books in one day albeit this was a novella Holy hell what a page turner Taken 20 was definitely edgy than book one If you liked liked Rock Me by Cherie Lynn or 50 Shades Darker by EL James then you wont want to put this series down Given is the next book due out not soon enough I can't wait to see where this is goingread Taken first I see a spin off series based on Racheal's BFF wow is she's a trip Enjoy

  10. Jennifer Marcum Jennifer Marcum says:

    I loved it It had the hot sex scene but I just don't understand why it wasn't added on to taken It was so short

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No Take Backs (Give & Take, #1.5) [Reading] ➷ No Take Backs (Give & Take, #1.5) By Kelli Maine – HIS PAST MAY DESTROY THEIR FUTUREThe man Rachael DeSalvo loves than anything is suffering in silence The grand opening of Turtle Tear Resort should be a time of celebration for Merrick Rocha But he's HIS PAST MAY DESTROY THEIR FUTUREThe man Rachael DeSalvo loves than anything is suffering in silence The grand opening of Turtle Tear Resort should be a time of celebration for Merrick Rocha But he's suddenly intent on selling off the business he built from the ground up and Rachael's hell bent on finding out why Only one man can give her the answers she seeks No Take eBook Ü but meeting with him would be the ultimate betrayal to Merrick Merrick once asked Rachael to trust him against all odds can he do the same words.

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  • 27 December 2016

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