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The Chocolate Kiss Amour et Chocolat #2 [Read] ➮ The Chocolate Kiss Amour et Chocolat #2 Author Laura Florand – The Heart of ParisWelcome to La Maison des Sorcieres Where the window display is an enchanted forest of sweets a collection of conical hats delights the eye and the habitues nibble chocolate witches f The Heart of ParisWelcome to Kiss Amour Kindle Ó La Maison des Sorcieres Where the window display is an enchanted forest of sweets a collection of conical hats delights the eye and the habitues nibble chocolate witches from fanciful mismatched china While in their tiny blue kitchen The Chocolate eBook Ó Magalie Chaudron and her two aunts stir wishes into bubbling pots of heavenly chocolat chaudBut no amount of wishing will rid them of interloper Philippe Lyonnais who has the gall to open one of his world famous pastry shops right down the street Philippe’s Chocolate Kiss Amour eBook ✓ creations seem to hold a magic of their own drawing crowds of beautiful women to their little isle amidst the Seine and tempting even Magalie to venture out of her ivory tower and take a chance a tastea kissParisian princesses chocolate witches patissier princes Chocolate Kiss Amour et Chocolat MOBI :Ê and sweet wishes—an enchanting tale of amour et chocolat.

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  1. Wendy Darling Wendy Darling says:

    This book is basically a big macaron orgasm heart eyes

  2. Stacia (the 2010 club) Stacia (the 2010 club) says:

    Sometimes lowering your expectations is a good thing You might end up getting than you thought you would He knew their bad start was getting even worse and he loved it A few people warned me that The Chocolate Kiss didn't have the same magic as its predecessor The Chocolate Thief and this is trueBut that doesn't mean this book isn't magical in its own right It's just a different kind of magic Where book 1 was sparkles rainbows and unicorns book 2 was like a rabbit being pulled out of a hat I don't even say that as a bad thing It's just a different type of magic one less grandiose and in your face The setting itself counts as part of this magic Picture a chocolate shoptea house filled with hats and witches and references to sorcery I'd want to hang out there Anyone remember the movie You've Got Mail? If not I'll refresh your memory The lead female had this adorable magical little book shop The lead male moved into town with a big box book store Their rivalry ended up sparking something This is sort of the premise for Chocolate Kiss Magalie has the charming little shop Philippe has the notoriety of being one of Paris' most famous pastry chefs So of course when Philippe moves in on Magalie's block there's going to be some tension and rivalry Magalie Do you want me to be a beast? Rivalry as a rule can make for some entertaining fights and encounters This book doesn't disappointI love reading neighbor from hell stories It's much fun to watch enemies become friends than it is to see people who instantly like each other I may not be tripping all over myself the way I was with reviewing the previous book but I still thought this was cute sweet and had the perfect amount of rivalry tension to make the story delectable

  3. ♥Rachel♥ ♥Rachel♥ says:

    45 Stars It’s no secret by now that I’m in love with Laura Florand’s Amour et Chocolat series The Chocolate Kiss was another lovely installment full delicious desserts decadent chocolate and a passionate romanceMagalie Chaudron works at her aunt’s magical tea and treats shop La Maison des Sorcieres conjuring up chocolat chaud or hot chocolate to die for Magalie loves her life working for her aunts and living above the shop in her tiny but glorious Parisian apartment I want to live there sigh The aunts provide security and roots she never had growing up Something that is so deeply important to Magalie after a childhood being yanked back and forth from the US to France by her parents until Magalie was old enough to live on her own This is until Philippe Lyonnais comes along and threatens all she holds dear Philippe is a world famous pastry chef coming from a long line of famous pastry chefs and he decides to set up a new shop right down the street from La Maison des Sorcieres The nervePhilippe is bewitched the moment he sets eyes on Magalie but instead of being entranced by him this little sorcerer is all fire and indignation at his decision to set up a new store in her territory He can’t imagine why she’s so upset because there should be enough business for the both of them but Magalie doesn’t see it that way at all I just love an antagonistic romance and Magalie and Philippe’s was perfect Not too much hatred and pushing to make it frustrating just enough to make it entertaining and build up exciting heat and tension Because let’s face it we all want them to cave and give into what’s really going on a simmering intense attraction Laura Florand excels in writing scenes full of sensual buildup and her prose is gorgeous He brought his mouth to her exposed throat Not a gazelle not a gazelle she reminded herself as he ripped not her throat but her heart out with a hungry little growl All her will dissolved under the feel of his mouth his barest graze of teeth the touch of his tongue the burr of his jaw against her skin To be honest there is depth to this story than that especially in regards to Magalie She has major insecurity issues when it comes to relationships Every time Magalie was yanked between continents people moved on without holding a spot in their heart for her I have to say I was so angry with her mother’s selfishness You could easily see why Magalie had a hard time believing someone would care for her long term It took patience and determination on Philippe’s part but also willingness from Magalie to let the past go I appreciated that when she knew the past was unfairly coloring her view of Philippe Magalie would do some logical thinking and shake off the doubts The aunts were also instrumental in her healing patiently giving Magalie the stability and love she so desperately needed To me they were her true parents As in all the other books desserts and chocolate play a huge part in the story The descriptions are always tantalizing and sure to make you crave a macaroon or some chocolat chaud with a spell whispered and cast by Magalie of course The desserts or chocolate created were like a personal extension of Philippe and Magalie with consuming euating to accepting submitting and taking in the other Here’s an internal wishcommand from Philippe to Magalie about his macaroonsTaste them You’ll never recover Put one into your mouth and you’ll melt for me every time I look at you Very sensualThe descriptions of Philippe’s macaroons sounded utterly divine with each being a uniue masterpiece I actually went to a patissier while visiting Paris last year and the shop was beautiful see picture below The desserts really do seem like art and the macaroons were like little jewel toned wonders I just can’t get enough of this enchanting series The audio version was just amazing Teri Clark Linden exudes charm and flair and her pronunciation of the French phrases were wonderful The next in the series switches narrators and I don't know why I listened to a sample and didn't care for the change Come visit The Readers Den for a chance to win a Paperback copy or Audio copy of The Chocolate Kiss

  4. Keertana Keertana says:

    I sat up till 1 AM with The Chocolate Kiss waiting for the moment when the magic of The Chocolate Thief would be re captured but to no avail I fell asleep with my lights on dreaming of witches and chocolates and pastries and Sylvain Maruisnot Philippe Lyonnais Needless to say that would make him rather upset I imagine but he had tough competition As a companion novel to The Chocolate Thief this installment of cute chick lit romance is adorable and charming but it failed to make me swoon and sigh the way its predecessor did And yet these few hours spent delightfully in Paris in the safe alcove of Île Saint Louis is worth it The Chocolate Kiss reminds me a little bit of my favorite movie You've Got Mail only not uite as good Magalie and her two aunts are the owners of La Maison des Sorcieres a chocolate store known for its vivid decorations warm atmosphere and magic hot chocolate that can grant wishes and change people When Philippe Lyonnais undoubtedly the best pastry chef in Paris decides to move in close by Magalie refuses to stand for it While her encounter with Philippe fails to get him to move elsewhere it does make him insta charmed by her and begins a feud between the two with Philippe enticing Magalie to try his pastries and vice versa And yet Magalie's seemingly childish insistence to stay away from Philippe when he so obviously is smitten by her hides a darker truth of her past one that only the most faithful chocolate kiss can help heal Like its predecessor The Chocolate Kiss starts out promising enough introducing us to Magalie and Philippe both strong and independent characters in their own right Although their initial feud begins when Philippe takes great offense that Magalie could possibly refuse one of his famous pastries it soon develops into a war neither of them want to be the first to succumb to And yet as their sexual tension builds they so badly do Increasingly entertaining though it may have been this war between Magalie and Philippe is carried on for too long until eventually the reader is simply yelling at these two to give in already because how many times has this same scene of offer and refusal occurred? Once this aspect of the novel is finally complete though well over half way through the book the story takes on a much serious note exploring Magalie's insecurities and past troubles It was this part of the story that captured me the gentle and caring way that Philippe convinced Magalie that he was there to stay the understanding gestures that signified he loved her despite her flaws and especially the depth given to Magalie and Philippe's romance While The Chocolate Thief dealt with an issue of Cade and what she wanted from life lending to a slightly lighter dilemma this novel goes on a darker path but finishes out just as strong And yet The Chocolate Kiss was missing a few vital ingredients For one the dialogue at times could be rather head ache inducing Although all the talk of princesses in towers and beasts and princes and witches and paupers was charming it grated on me after awhile and frankly I didn't need those metaphors beat over my head paragraph after paragraph Additionally Philippe is a much dominating male figure than Sylvain is which may please some readers but it made me wince and suirm not in a good way With The Chocolate Thief Florand was able to create an important balance showing us how flummoxed Sylvain could be when an idea backfired on him making him come across as a jerk when really he had well meaning intentions In this manner through his eyes we fell in love with him and actively wanted him for Cade The Chocolate Kiss doesn't give us nearly as many moments into Philippe's head and it should From Magalie's perspective he comes across as a complete arrogant jerk at times which makes it difficult to like him Even though we do eventually learn that his actions were well meant they were too dominating for me to fall for him in the swoon worthy manner chick lit novels like this one promise Nevertheless The Chocolate Kiss was worth the stress free hours I spent with it despite my growling stomach by the end

  5. Alaina Alaina says:

    Uh let's see if I remember what happened in this book since it has been 5 days since I last listened to this audio? lmaoo The Chocolate Kiss was okay Nothing really happened for me but that's probably because I was listening to this book on one of my shittier days Ugh work is the worst sometimes In this you will meet Philippe and Magalie and they were kind of cute They had some obvious chemistry and they are in the city of love wait that is paris right? looking for well love I kind of enjoyed their journey towards a happy ending but honestly I don't remember muchThe one thing I do remember is how hungry I was while listening to this Heck any book that describes delicious food to me makes me hungry However just like the first book this one did have some scenes that I didn't really like No there was no stealing chocolate recipes but the whole being in her apartment was just a side of weird to my ears I feel like I have a fear of someone doing that to my own condo and it freaks me out Overall I'm surprised with how many books this series has and I have no intention to dive into any at this time Maybe later but no idea

  6. willaful willaful says:

    I was a little nervous starting this Florand had two five star books in a row for me could she possibly pull off a hat trick? Yes Yes she couldMagalie the daughter of a trans continental marriage spent her youth being shuttled between France and America As an adult she made the most secure permanent home possible for herself in the whimsical witch themed chocolate shop of her aunts cooking chocolat chaud that she infuses with appropriate wishes for its drinkers One of these fortunate drinkers was Cade Corey heroine of The Chocolate Thief and it worked out very well for her When world famous patissier Phillipe Lyonnais decides to open a new shop on her street Magalie feels threatened enough to move out of her comfort zone and beard the lion in his den Phillipe tries to soothe her with one of his exuisite handmade creations she defiantly refuses and the battle is on The Chocolate Kiss is very like Florand's previous amour et chocolat books in many ways but has a few key differences In this story both characters put their heart and soul into their delicious sweets and their increasingly desperate efforts to make the other have a taste makes for one of the most delicious wars in the history of romance Phillipe continually outdoes himself in dreaming up symbolically meaningful pastry to woo Magalie The defiant Magalie tries to infuse humility for him into her chocolate yet keep unconsciously stirring her own unadmitted longing for Phillipe into it causing him to be constantly pursued by random chocolate drinkersThe story also differs from the previous books in being unexpectedly sad at least for me Magalie is so wounded underneath the desperate armor of her Parisian chic I couldn't help crying for her For awhile I was even aghast about Phillipe's seeming indifference to how much his shop threatened Magalie because I identified so strongly with her that despite her aunts' unconcern I didn't realize it was never a genuine threatFlorand makes art and magic with words as she describes how Phillipe and Magalie make art and magic with food Every word had meaning; I had to keep slowing down and going back to savor phrases that had rushed by too fast to be appreciated She fills her books with rich metaphor like all of her food magicians Phillipe is his creations but he is also a lion and a prince and he's wary that a witch might turn him into a beast or a frog Magalie is a witch trying to stifle her longing to be a princess but she's also Rapunzel trapped in her tower and a dessert that melts into goo from Phillipe's attention It sounds overly complicated and mishmash but it all swirls together into a perfect mix of flavorsThis phrase struck me as being representative of Florand's uniue styleHis laughter expanded into the whole room his energy embracing everyone and everything in it And that bell in her shop rang again pure and clear piercing her through the heart which hurt like hell and holding her there impaled for somebody else's pleasureI love how her characters embrace metaphor so thoroughly they make it almost literal They also invariably think along the same lines while Magalie tries to make sure no chocolate skulls are left off the fence that guards her Baba Yaga display Phillipe immediately notices the one that's fallen which means the fence can no longer keep a prince out This completely works with the gentle magic realism that's especially strong in this storyI read this with gusto making gleeful noises and awwws and sobs as I went I adored Phillipe so large and competent and sure of himself yet so vulnerable as he falls hopelessly in love with a walled off princess who thinks she can't have a prince I was amused when I looked up Magalie and discovered it means pearl the guarded treasure she could not be aptly named He truly needs the patience of someone who takes the utmost delicate care with his work And I cheered as Magalie starts letting her armor drop enough to enjoy a run impossible in the high heels she unusually insists on and even begins to believe in the power of her own magic It's yet another 5 stars or maybe that should be 3 Michelin stars

  7. Mandi Schreiner Mandi Schreiner says:

    Adorable charming whimsical These are the words that first came to mind when I finished this book I read it in one sitting and was completely immersed in the world I felt like I was in Paris in a tiny chocolate shop That I could almost smell the hot chocolate and see the adorable chocolate window displays the author so meticulously and wonderfully details in this book And the let’s not forget the sexy romance that develops between Philippe Lyonnais world famous pastry chef and Magalie Chaudron who along with her two aunts own La Maison des SorcieresMagalie and her aunts and her aunts are wonderful supporting characters in this book are fondly known as the witches as they like to put spells on the customers who drink their chocolate and tea Magalie has spent her youth traveling numerous times from America to France with her parents and has finally found a home above her beloved shop She never wants to move again so when the famous pastry chef Philippe Lyonnais announces he is opening one of his stores just a few doors down from hers she is devastated he will steal all her customers forcing her out of business When she sees just how grand his shop is she feels at a loss She didn’t feel like Magalie Chaudron a witch of the Ile Saint Louis who held the magic of chocolate brews in her hands She felt like Cinderella at the ball conscious that her fine dress was really ash covered rags and intense make believe and wanting nothing so much as to slink out before the prince saw herShe hated that feelingPhillippe fell in love with Magalie’s uaint street and her uaint little store He doesn’t want to drive her out of business but he doesn’t lack confidence or pride in his work and shop He knows he is the best and he expects to do very well at his new location After these two meet a war of sorts develops He is famous for his macarons and sends one to her as a peace offering She refuses to eat it which he absolutely cannot comprehend He couldn’t believe she had rejected one of his macarons He had offered it to her fresh from his own hand Not just his recipe but made personally by him And she had refused it His Desir Apricot kissed by pistachio with the secret little suare of of pistachio praline hidden inside like a G spot Well he didn’t call it le point Gin his marketing brochures but whenever he created he knew what he was doing every pastry had to have its orgasm its culmination of bliss that hit like a complete surprise That made the eyes of those who bit into it shiver closed with delightThroughout the book he pushes all of his anger lust and desire into his macarons as Magalie does the same with her chocolate She stirs in a “spell” into his hot chocolate and in retaliation he refuses to drink it They go back and forth as each other’s nemesis until their anger finally evolves into a very sexy romance I can’t say enough good things about this book The author brings to life this world The charming displays the aunts and Magalie make for their windows make me almost lust to see it in real life The chocolate and pastry creations will make you want to get on a plane and fly to Paris so you can taste them She develops this really rich world and then gives us two adorable characters who fall in love They butt heads they have very cute yet enemy filled banter and they eventually give into their desires I really like that this book has that very adorable charming feel yet once these two start their romance it becomes very very wicked ”Philippe” She put all the menace a naked involuntary clutching and writhing woman could into the word“Allez Magalie” His chin was rough against her neck “Say it” he breathed “I’m begging you to say it It excites the hell out of me when you say it”He was begging her to beg himOne of my complaints about her first book was that she gave us a very sexy chocolatier but we never fully saw all his sexiness But here she lets Magalie and Philippe slowly explore their romance She doesn’t rush through the very hot sex scenes which of course I was happy aboutThere is not really magic in this book at least that is how I understood it I think if you want to believe Magalie and her aunts bewitch their chocolate then that would be okay too I think the act of putting wishes into their creation adds to the whimsical feel of this book An adorable chocolate shop and heroine a sexy pastry chef and a hot romance set in Paris I highly recommend this oneRating A

  8. Susana Susana says:

    35 Stars Have it ever happened to you guys start reading a book immediately having issues with it consider DNF it and in the end finding yourself in love with it? Well that's what happened with meI found the beginning than awkward being currently reading the following volume I have to say that that seems to be the rule with this series for me it was borderline idiotic Magalie's reactions were a little over the top considering which century we are in and I wasn't crazy with the instant attraction Not when you consider what happens when they first meetHowever and this is were things started becoming hazy Magalie actions end up having a reason to exist Who Knew?? Well besides the author that is oOFor someone who just recently found a semblance of home Magalie is determined to hold her own against Philipe Lyonnais a world renowned chocolatier who decided that Magalie's street was just the street for his store suffice to say that Magalie and her aunts are less than pleased with the situationAlthough for completely different reasons coughWhat happens next is a battle of sugar Macaroons versus hot chocolate between Philipe and Magalie amid numerous metaphors of princes princesses witches peasants and other fairy tale elements With two stubborn main characters the battle is definitely on to see which of them resists longer to sweet temptationsWith a touch of magical realism Philipe and Magalie's receipts gain a life of their own fans of the book Garden Spells will be right at home with it influencing all of those who eat or drink their concoctionsOne of the funnier parts in the book is Philipe's fear that Magalie's hot chaude will turn him into a frog LOLMagalie's aunts were also priceless with their advices and their utter admiration that their niece would actually want something to do with a man She didn't learn that with them I think they compare it to finding out that their niece is actually an unicorn D The Chocolate Kiss has a bit of a Rapunzel retelling to it but in a realistic way this story deals with its effects So accordingly one might say that this Rapunzel suffers a bit of social anxietyBehind her polished exterior Magalie hides her heart way up in her tower and hopes for things that will never changeAs for the so called Prince he suffers from a severe case of sticking his nose where it doesn't belong just because the door to the tower is open that doesn't give him the right to walk all over the place luckily for him his heart was in the right placeIn the end this was another charming novel by the author who once again makes me want to pack my bags and get lost in FranceWell not lost I hate getting losta map would be goodOr a GPS Also my French is really rusty

  9. Lisa Lisa says:

    First read Sept 2015 What is it about Laura Florand's books that never fails to make me all warm and gushy gooey inside? Reread July 2016Yep Still very much in love with Philippe the Lion Prince Lyonnais and goddamn all the hot chocolate makes me want to have some tooReread May 2017Upping this to 5 stars because lbr I love this too much I mean Dom and Jaime is still my #1 otp but Philippe and Magalie are just so perfect togetherReread May 2018I miss Paris and the beautiful day when Marie took me on a mini Florand tour and we visited the Henri IV statue and sighed

  10. Marie Marie says:

    reread 121019 the magic of this story this romance and the two characters is still enchanting me whenever i read this it feels like complete pure happiness it makes me smile from the inside out it gives me comfort like only your favorite book can givereread 281116 i will never grow tired of this book i still laugh out loud at the funny scene i still feel for Magalie when she struggles to open herself i still dream and find my way back to l'Ile Saint Louis i still swoon over Philippe The lion etc etc Truly my favorite read of the year

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