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Angora Alibi A Seaside Knitters Mystery #7 ✅ [PDF / Epub] ☉ Angora Alibi A Seaside Knitters Mystery #7 By Sally Goldenbaum ⚣ – The sun is shining in Sea Harbor and a group of friends the Seaside Knitters are spending Thursday evenings knitting the sweetest of gifts—a baby blanket But as the due date draws near they find the The sun is shining in Sea A Seaside Kindle Ï Harbor and a group of friends the Seaside Knitters are spending Thursday evenings knitting the sweetest of gifts—a baby blanket But as the due date draws near they find they must take time away from their needles and yarn to confront a murder and untangle a mystery before a certain baby is brought into the worldIt’s an exciting time for yarn shop owner Izzy Chambers Perry She and her new husband are Angora Alibi Epub / expecting a baby and all of Sea Harbor seems to be rejoicing with them As a mother to be Izzy is having a heady summer—full of bike rides runs along the shore and time spent with her aunt Nell and the other Seaside Knitters—until the day she spots an abandoned baby car seat and hand knit blanket on the beach Izzy immediately recognizes the blanket’s material—a soft yellow angora yarn she displayed in her shop window last fall Maybe Alibi A Seaside PDF ´ it’s the hormones but Izzy has a terrible premonition and when she realizes no one is claiming the car seat she shoves it in her trunk Soon it starts taking over her thoughts and her dreams What happened to the baby who once sat inside itUnfortunately Izzy’s fear of something bad happening comes true when a young man Alibi A Seaside Knitters Mystery Epub / who did odd jobs at her doctor’s clinic is killed during a scuba dive When Izzy discovers the man was actually Alibi A Seaside Knitters Mystery Epub / murdered and is connected to the abandoned car seat the crime becomes too close for comfort and Izzy asks her aunt Nell and knitting pals to investigate It’ll take the Seaside Knitters’ careful attention to patterns—and their fierce commitment to bringing Izzy and Sam’s baby into a peaceful town—to knit this mystery together.

10 thoughts on “Angora Alibi A Seaside Knitters Mystery #7

  1. Kwoomac Kwoomac says:

    As I skim other reviews of this book I see it is popular with knitters I don't knit so maybe I didn't feel a connection to this group of women who knit together while they solve murders in their uaint little town in Cape Ann That's pretty much all they do Sit and knit and constantly rehash the details of the latest murder over and over again And just in case you didn't think of this yourself there are constant comparisons between knitting something and solving a murder There's I think we're getting close But it's still a little bit like this sweater We need to weave the ends in and Nell refreshed their memories lining up pieces of conversation they'd all been privy to over the weeks They lay there in front of them like pieces of yarn ready to be stitched into the whole There are plenty references but I think you get itThe mystery itself was interesting Sure I figured out pretty uickly who it had to be by eliminating all the obviously red herrings thrown my way I wish it was a little tighter with fewer knitting sessions and a tad action But I guess that's why most people read them It is book #11 in The Seaside Mystery series So please note not the right match for me but others may love it

  2. Hilary (A Wytch& Hilary (A Wytch& says:

    Sally Goldenbaum writes stories that make you want to go visit the place sit with Izzy Nell Birdie and Cass sharing knitting and wine and smelling the seaIzzy is pregnant and she and Sam and pretty much everyone else in Sea Harbor are looking forward to the new arrival but Izzy starts to get jittery when she finds an abandoned child car seat and blanket near the beach  Her nerves are even shaken when a distant cousin of the much loved local nurse is killed and then there is another death  Now the four friends need to knit the clues together at the same time as knitting baby clothes so that Baby Perry can have a safe arrival in Safe Harbor

  3. Ruth Ruth says:

    I first found out about the Seaside Knitters Mystery series when I read a review that my aunt had written on Goodreads I had read all of them but not too long ago I discovered that there was a new book Angora Alibi When I was looking this up I further discovered that there was a book before this one that I hadn't read called A Fatal Fleece I will be reading that one soonIn this book Izzy is getting ready to welcome her first baby into the world and the knitters have been busy knitting up a wardrobe for the infant Life in the uaint beach town is disrupted when Jane's distant troubled relative is found dead and not long after an old resident is found dead at his home With a heavy dark cloud hanging over the town the knitters are putting their heads together to try and make the pieces fit revealing who the murderer is Everyone wants it to be an outsider who was passing through but with the second murder no one can hold onto that idea They want this mystery to be solved before the baby arrives Will it be possible?I love the characters and the setting is incredible Reading about how often the friends get together and what Friday nights on Ben and Nell's deck are like makes you want to move there That is until you think about the homicide rate in this little town by the sea Delightful read that keeps you guessing who dun it

  4. Linda Linda says:

    This was a good one I always enjoy my trips to the cape with the seaside knitters This one kept me guessing but I was very excited to figure it out before the reveal which was uite an exciting few pages Looking forward to seeing what happens next

  5. Leah Leah says:

    This one involves drugs murder a private beach diving pregnancy and a health clinic The mystery was okay I liked the beach but not what happened there I also liked the food and knitting The characters are still delightful

  6. Katrina Katrina says:

    Love this series

  7. Tina Tina says:

    A member of the seaside knitters club and yarn shop owner Izzy and her husband Sam are having a baby and with the demands of pregnancy and life Izzy tries to stay in shape with running along the sea shore then one day she sees a abandoned infant car seat with a blanket in it she has seen before She recognizes it as yarn blanket displayed in her shop window then Izzy can't stop thinking about the car seat and the blanket inside when she decides to put the car seat in her trunk then strange things start happeningA friend of Izzy's distant relative Justin dies when he is scuba diving and soon every one in the seaside knitters club discovers that Justin was murdered and then another local man that lives along the shore Horace is murdered The Seaside knitters are soon on the case and try to weave together the pieces of the puzzle to discover that someone in their town is a murdererThis book hooked me from the first page I became lost and transported in this Sea Harbor world of the Seaside Knitters Club and a murderer beautiful writing with many animated characters I don't knit but always wanted to learn and if you are a knitter or not you will enjoy this story it was the cozy aspect of this cozy mystery Even the covers of this series beckon me to want to read them and become part of their world

  8. Shari Henry Shari Henry says:

    Okay okay so I know all my higher minded literary friends may mock me but here goes I got hooked on this Sally Goldenbaum's Seaside Knitters Mystery series after reading the very first one Death by Cashmere right after it was published in 2009 and about the time I was learning to knit The fact that less than four years later the author has published the seventh title in the series ought to tell you a little something The plot is simple the writing is formulaic the editing often leaves a lot to be desired But the pages turn uickly the story doesn't reuire too much of me or my brain power and most importantly I like the characters They are kind to each other they like to knit and they love good food A good recipe for tuna and a simple baby blanket pattern close out this title And though I may not like to admit it I am probably old enough to ualify as at the typical demographic for cozy mysteries like these books anyway Waiting for Goldenbaum's next title won't keep me on the edge of my seat but I'll be uick to put it on hold as soon as I see it in the library's catalog

  9. Ann Ann says:

    This book is part of a series set in an idyllic town on Cape Ann Massachusetts I had a lovely holiday in the same area eight years ago Part of the reason I like the books is because it brings back happy memories of my holiday These book are murder mysteries but are a very relaxing read nothing gory and apart from the murder nothing particularly violent A great holiday read I love the knitting and food references throughout the story

  10. Linda Smatzny Linda Smatzny says:

    This is the story of Izzy and Sam and the arrival of baby Perry Izzy is feeling unsettled and doesn't want the baby to be born until everything feels right Part of the unsettled feeling is the fact that two murders have occurred in Sea Harbor and the knitters are trying to figure out the whys and whos The book was a uick easy read

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