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Closer (The Sartorialist, #2) ❴Read❵ ➵ Closer (The Sartorialist, #2) Author Scott Schuman – After the enormous success of The Sartorialist Scott Schuman is back with a completely new collection of beautiful images of the men and women who have caught his attentionHis much loved blog thesarto After the enormous success of The Sartorialist Scott Schuman is back with a completely new collection of beautiful images of the men and women who have caught his attentionHis much loved blog thesartorialistcom remains one of the most read in the fashion world and continues to grow in popularity as Scott travels further and widely This book emcompasses the diverse style and visual attitude of people as far afield as Japan Korea London Milan New York Paris and beyondIn The Sartorialist Closer Scott Schuman looks deeper and with great breadth at human style and the way it is expressed across the world Always reacting to an inspirational moment the images in his new book continue to reflect Scott's uniue sensibility and vision Available with two different covers one featuring a woman the other a man.

About the Author: Scott Schuman

Scott Schuman is the creator of the popular fashion blog The Sartorialist After leaving his position as director of mens fashion at his showroom to take care of his daughter in September he began carrying a digital camera around and photographing people he saw on the street whose style he found striking He then posted these to his blog sometimes with short comments always either favor.

10 thoughts on “Closer (The Sartorialist, #2)

  1. 7jane 7jane says:

    This follows the theme of the first book so many observations I made of that is in my review of that apply here also Still I found once again new ideas and often got at least inspired and made me consider dressesskirst seriously I don't own any now I really wonder why all the brown shoes caught my eye those I can't wear though Some pics are black and whiteSmall writings here and there on the '100 Burberry trech coats' project how wearing out clothes by yourself beats buying the clothes ready worn examples pictures of certain people he founds inspiring men and women of people who look effortlessly dressed really just have a knowledge of what works for them personally seeing cowboy boots in a positive like on bullfighters' clothes photographing in Venice and of family in Morocco on horizontal stripes subtle use of glitter on a certain older woman etcIt's a thick book that can read uickly anyway or not if some photos cause you to pause reflect and seek inspiriation A lot of suit ideas again for men Maybe this would make me seek out to pay attention to what I wear 8

  2. Caro the Helmet Lady Caro the Helmet Lady says:

    From the book There is no such thing as effortless chic If you are secretly harboring the dream that some day you will be able to consistently thoughtlessly reach into your closet and pull out a super chic ensemble well you are fighting a no win battle with yourselfThe most stylish people I know have spent lifetimes searching for what complements their body shape their professional and personal lifestyle local climate and how much they can reasonably budget for this pursuitLet me stress that this is not about how much money they have but how attuned they are to their reality It's an almost zen like sense of self awarenessThey don't obsess daily about what they wear but they all tend to be cautious shoppers They make the tough decisions in the dressing room not in their closet It stands to reason that if you only fill your closet with what works then just grabbing things from that closet will be a million times easier hence the perception of 'effotlessness'One can almost say the same about the books

  3. lucy black lucy black says:

    so this is pretty much like the first book Maybe a bit better There are a few freaks a bit diversity Still no fatties what and to my agravation Scott Schuman goes on about how to be fashionable one should find inspiration in someome with style who has a similar body shape to your own well no one in this book has a similar body shape to me That makes me sad This is what I thought of the first one K so Scott Schuman is a blogger photographer who goes out on the streets in big cool cities and takes photos of 'the real people' to show as he put it 'a two way dialogue about the world of fashion and its relationship to daily life'So I like fashion and I wish I had enough money to dress myself the way I would like to and I love portrait photography so I was thinking I'd real like this book Well yeah not so muchMain gripe is that although Schuman says in the book that he tries to find a diverse range of people and fashions but he doesn't and he totally photographs a type There were like two woman of fuller figure a few men no one with visible physical disabilities and the majority of his subjects were classically good looking They were mostly rich looking carefree types smoking and riding vintage bikes Where are the tired commuters Parents with their babies Fashionable peeps actually doing their daily life You don't have to be 'beautiful' to look good in clothesAnother thing I found creepy was the way the majority of women posed themselves or does he ask them to pose since when did everyday ladies stand around like vulnerable bambies with sadscared eyes and turned in toes It’s super creepy and sad On the topic of creepy the rich people trying to look slummy and hobo chic is fricking creepy too It's so horribly bogus that rich fucks spend 100s if not 1000s of bucks on patchy falling apart retro type threads to look homeless when the actually homeless have 0 bucks and die because they cannot clothe themselves and stay warm I don't hate on Schuman I think he is talented and he obviously leads an interesting life I just think if he is going to claim to be some sort of social documenter he should pull his camera away from the shiny pretty things for a moment and document some of the marginalized too

  4. Rhode Rhode says:

    I love individual fashion and street photography so was excited to see this thick book of photos As I began riffling through the pages though my stomach dropped Why The uniformity of the stick like body types I saw no visibly pregnant people I saw no fat people of any age I saw no big boned people or people with a little extra padding I saw no lusciously rounded people Nor any visibly handicapped peopleAlso the near uniformity of youthRoughly 80% if not of the these stick thin people were under 35 Of the older people most were men The few older women were also stick thin and often with someone else not a sole subjectConsciously or not the author is making an ugly statement about what sorts of people can look good What sorts of people are worthy of being beautifully dressed What sorts of people are worth looking at He has culled the pregnant the older the full bodied women He has culled the body types that represent the overwhelming majority of women He has culled the healthy life affirming joyful glorious wise and supremely elegant I have no time for this bigotry

  5. Ian Ian says:

    Much in the same vein as his first book If you're looking for a 'trend guide' or a collection of what's 'hot' in fashion you'll probably be disappointed But if you're open to learning about how Schuman's understanding of style and personal expression is growing and evolving as he continues to shoot street style images from around the world via the ones he has chosen to curate within this book and the sparse but incisive commentary he intersperses throughout to accompany them you will probably enjoy this

  6. Phoebe Phoebe says:

    After enjoying these many expressions of fashion and personality I feel a lot free er to wear whatever I'd like which is pretty much what I do anyway Now with license ^

  7. Sara J. (kefuwa) Sara J. (kefuwa) says:

    “Cult My Dad always used to say he didn't care at all about fashion But he and everyone I know care deeply about style and what it says about who you are and the group you want to fit in with Everyone from the Cowboy to Joe sixpack the retiree to grumpy teen dress in a way that clearly communicates to others their chosen group that they want to belong My Dad would say I'm retired I can wear whatever I want' but I never saw him wear a suit to play golf or an ACDC concert T shirt to the links 'Style' as a concept has been hijacked to mean elite refined and expensive when it should be thought of as a basic expression of life in much the same way as we all identify with music or speech At the end of the day style is communication”I have been a long time follower of thesartorialistcom and I even have an on againoff again pinterest board for myself to pin my faves dressesskirts no heels no cigs bicycle wine and I was delighted in an almost fangirl sense to some of my favourite selections in this book I don't know why I just love to see the photos Schuman takes of people on the street In the end I think this uote above sums up why Its the people those sometimes stylish characters walking down the street There are a few paragraphs of insight from Schuman scattered throughout the book which were wonderful my favourite being that uote up thereI am not a very stylish person and my dressing has been what's the word functional practical at best But over time I have had my understanding of fashion evolve into a fundamental avenue of self expression and respect for yourself and towards the people around you Also it does feel good to wear something you like and that makes you want to walk out and swish down the street HahaI am interested in getting copies of his other two collections now as well And yes this was an instabuy for me when I saw it at the Big Bad Wolf sale last year An odd thing for me to instabuy all things considered Threadless t shirt wearing sff booknerd that I am but what have you First finished 14th April 2020Source Big Bad Wolf KK 2019

  8. Isobel Andrews Isobel Andrews says:

    This is a beautifully produced book full of beautiful photos of beautiful people and outfits Every spread is so considered and cohesive and as you flow on through the images your attention is naturally drawn to how the clothes are worn how style interacts with context how physicality influences fashion and vice versa Schuman's genuine fascination with the people he's photographing really comes acrossI have a huge gripe though this book proudly calls itself diverse and for the most part it is the people are young and old of many colours cultures and countries But there is not one photo of a fat person in the whole collection or of someone who is visibly physically disabled Given that the book presents so many other interesting physicalities and asks you to think about how they play with style it's a glaring omission and a slap in the face At one point Schuman talks about how it can take time and maturity to see something in a different way I hope that since this book was published he's developed the maturity to observe style in an even greater variety of bodies

  9. Ellen Ellen says:

    There is no such thing as effortless chic

  10. Nox Nox says:

    I've been obsessed with the blog since it started so I've seen most of these images before They're even captivating in print

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