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The Smartest Money Book Youll Ever Read [Download] ➵ The Smartest Money Book Youll Ever Read Author Daniel R. Solin – Stop working for your money—and put your money to work for you Tens of thousands of readers trust Dan Solin’s advice when it comes to investing managing their portfolios and their 401ks and planni Stop working for your money—and put your Money Book Kindle ´ money to work for you Tens of thousands of readers trust Dan Solin’s advice when it comes to investing managing their portfolios and their ks and planning for retirement Now Solin offers the smartest guide to money management and financial planning yet From managing your debt maximizing savings and making smart decisions about home ownership or not to insurance investing and retirement T he The Smartest Kindle - Smartest Money Book You’ll Ever read will be your guide to financial independence for a lifetime—and beyond Written in the same no nonsense style as his previous bestsellers The Smartest Money Book You’ll Ever read breaks financial planning and money management into bite size pieces—with immediately actionable advice Covering the key tasks in every area of personal finance Solin shows you how to • Analyze your money problems and get motivated to Smartest Money Book PDF/EPUB ç solve them • Get out of debt fast and draw up a budget you can live on—and live with • Blow off useless commission based advisors and learn to take control of your own financial future • Buy the healthlifedisabilityauto insurance you need—and only what you need • Invest so that—finally—your money works for you not someone else Step by simple step this is advice that you can actually understand and follow Smartest Money Book Youll Ever PDF/EPUB ² You can avoid debt addiction and other financial hazards as well as learn to harness the power of the web to put your money to work The Smartest Money Book You’ll Ever read is recommended by Mintcom the world’s largest free online financial planning site Smartest Money Book Youll Ever PDF/EPUB ² for use by its members However all of the advice in this book is readily accessible to all readers.

  • Paperback
  • 304 pages
  • The Smartest Money Book Youll Ever Read
  • Daniel R. Solin
  • English
  • 24 January 2014
  • 9780399537783

About the Author: Daniel R. Solin

Dan Solin is the New York Times Money Book Kindle ´ bestselling author of the Smartest series of books which include The Smartest Investment Book You'll Ever Read The Smartest k Book You'll Ever Read The Smartest Retirement Book You'll Ever Read The Smartest Portfolio You'll Ever Own The Smartest Money Book You'll Ever Read The Smartest Sales Book You'll Ever Read and Does Your Broker Owe You MoneyHis late.

10 thoughts on “The Smartest Money Book Youll Ever Read

  1. Malin Friess Malin Friess says:

    Solin provides information on budgeting paying down debt buying a housewith some repeat information on investing financial advisors wills and insuring yourself and your family 1 Save 7 10% of your gross pre tax income2 95% of actively managed funds fail to match their market indexes3 Devote no than 25% of your income to housing costs mortgage insurance tax utilities4 How much do you need to retire? Experts say 75% of pre retirement income that seems high considering how much of current income goes to housing costs childrenschoolingchildcare and savings That means saving 15% of income every year for 40 years Another rule of thumb is 20 times your annual income while employed 4 stars Informative

  2. Monica Monica says:

    Everything I know about the stock market I learned from Hollywood so everything I know about investing is useless I picked up this book because I wanted someone who wasn’t interested in taking my money to tell me what kind of investing is in the consumer’s best interest Solin explains how to invest in an honest and objective way What I appreciate most is the clear advice and direct steps he provides After reading this book I feel pretty confident about how I want to invest my money I skipped the sections on getting out of debt because it didn’t apply to me and Dave Ramsey is better at that topic anyway Some readers were annoyed by how often mintcom got mentioned spoiler A LOT but it was really easy to ignore the mintcom “tips” and suggestions

  3. Lin Lin says:

    Because I am of a certain age I am not a fan of mintcom The cover of this book has a seal of approval saying “endorsed by mintcom” I should say so This book may as well have been written by mintcom for all the “mint hints” which are available to mint users and therefore useless to me I wonder if Mr Solin received compensation for the endorsement If you like mintcom you will probably love this book I did find some value in the material presented and perhaps I will try one of his other books but I do not think this is “The Smartest Money Book You’ll Ever Read”

  4. Libby Libby says:

    This is a great intro summary into all aspects of personal finance stuff and a great review if it's been a while since you have paid attention to your own finances I think this is a must read for everyone to have a basic knowledge of personal finance and to be aware of how to plan for your financial future

  5. Joshua C Liston Joshua C Liston says:

    Seemed to wander a little than his other work but still cream of the money book crop

  6. Jessica Jessica says:

    This book had a lot of good information I listened to it in the car on my commute but I am thinking of actually buying a copy because there is information that I would like to have

  7. Joe Cunningham Joe Cunningham says:

    Actionable advice in an easy to understand format without holding your hand or assuming you’re a financial idiot

  8. Annette Annette says:

    His books are always excellent This one is a broad overview of everything which is a good primer for some of his other books on specific topics

  9. Clio Clio says:

    This book agrees with the best practices for investing laid out in the Investing All in One for Dummies by Eric Tyson et al that I'm also currently reading There's a lot of useful info here about all kinds of personal finance topics and while some of them aren't currently useful to me I'm glad I own this book because I'll probably go back and reference those sections You can easily just read the chapters on the topics you're interested in and they're all short and to the point with one sentence TLDRs at the end of eachGreat info for a dummygreat starting place for my book learning about personal finance

  10. Mycala Mycala says:

    Just a heads up this book recommends the use of Mintcom On about every fifth page That said it's a good book It covers the standard budgeting saving getting out of debt making your money work for you how to find the best insurance whether or not you should own or rent a home stock markets and mutual funds estate planning and how to navigate extenuating circumstances such as serious illness

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