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Thin Slice of Life ❰EPUB❯ ✵ Thin Slice of Life Author Miles Arceneaux –  Charlie Sweetwater returns to his hometown to visit his brother but arrives to find he is a no show The Coast Guard has discovered Johnny’s shrimp boat drifting abandoned in the Gulf Is it “deat  Charlie Sweetwater returns to his hometown to visit his brother but arrives to find he is a no show The Coast Guard has discovered Johnny’s shrimp boat drifting abandoned in the Gulf Is it “death by misadventure” as the authorities presume or something sinister Meanwhile Fulton Harbor where Charlie’s family have docked their shrimp boats for generations has changed—and not for the better Hard working Vietnamese fishermen are under the thumb of Col Nguyen Ngoc Bao a ruthless exiled gangster who aims to recreate his criminal enterprise in a New World setting Confronting Bao and his thugs are Thin Slice ePUB í Charlie and a mismatched group of good guys and gals a fast and loose Cajun hustler a salty cast of “Third Coast” barroom regulars a handful of courageous Vietnamese émigrés a menacing ex convict and a misplaced Texas Ranger who discovers a slice of the Lone Star State that the cowboy movies of his boyhood never prepared him for Along the way Charlie finds himself falling for his brother’s girlfriend whose zealous desire to see justice served tests his own limits for loyalty and commitment Unlikely heroes arise from improbable circumstances and the denizens of the small seaside community find their fortunes and fates ebbing and flowing like the tidal flux of the ocean itself .

About the Author: Miles Arceneaux

Miles Arceneaux is the storytelling alter ego of Texas based writers Brent Douglass John T Davis and James R Dennis Miles was born many years ago among this group of old friends who penned as a literary lark the collectively written novel Thin Slice of Life —a book that has given birth to a series of witty Gulf Coast thrillers based on its central charactersABOUT BRENTInternational business.

10 thoughts on “Thin Slice of Life

  1. Drew Drew says:

    Good read Well written engrossing tale set in the 70's on the Texas Gulf Coast Once I got into it I found it hard to put down Lots of collouialisms crude language but character appropriate Sort of Kinky Friedman ish but not as outrageous

  2. Laura Jean Laura Jean says:

    If you enjoy Carl Hiaasen's books that take place in the Florida Everglades with a cast of uirky sassy foul mouthed characters you will enjoy Thin Slice of Life

  3. Rick Kennerly Rick Kennerly says:

    Good news for Slice characters like the Billy D's of the world when Brent Douglass can recover from a life spent drifting the blowing sands of Lubbock and the Gulf Coast to become both literate and an author Strong shades of Carl Hiaasen run all through this book rich uirky textured and full of characters you'll find on only one place on earth the barrier islands of the Texas Gulf Coast Slice brims full of every Texas idiom I've ever heard in English and in TexMex and made me want to spoon Wolf Brand Chili and Ranch Style Beans right from the can as I read 'Mile's' only difficulty will be having any color left over for another book If you're a Hiaasen fan this book is as character Billy D would say Like a sore peteryou cant beat it

  4. Nlm Nlm says:

    It's not that often that I read a book where I really like BOTH the story and the characters but Thin Slice of Life hit both right out of the park It's a fast paced witty murder mystery set on the Texas coast moved along by memorable characters like the smarmy Neon Leon Guidry the threatening but in a good waymostly Miguel Negron OB Hadnott a stalwart Texas Ranger far far out of his native habitat and Charlie Sweetwater a boyish charming ne'er do well who somehow manages to do very wellI can't think of anything I DIDN'T like about Thin Slice of Life other than it was over too soon

  5. Neal Salan Neal Salan says:

    If you're planning a weekend away this is the book for you Forget the weather forget the beach forget the bar Miles has all the entertainment you'll needA Thin Slice is a great read full of engaging characters a murder a Texas Ranger who is a fish out of watererr a cowpoke out of pasturewell he's at home on the range than on the water but he wins the day and the girl as wellKeep a watch out for the next instalment from Miles LaSalles Ghost More information at

  6. Mary Mary says:

    A mysterythriller set in the Texas Gulf coast with colorful characters and language that bring the region to life The writing is both outrageously funny at times bordering on slapstick while at other times it is downright scary with good people standing up against corruption and violence An authentic story with compelling characters my favorite is the most honorable Texas Ranger this is a hard to put down story that leaves you waiting for the next installment

  7. Jimmy Henderson Jimmy Henderson says:

    Nice book if just for the local feeling I know the area so it was entertaining Very easy read I was done in about 3 days I would recommend as what I call an airplane book Gets you lost in its pages for a while

  8. Bill Bill says:

    I enjoyed this in the same way I've enjoyed Carl Hiaasen's books with a touch of El Leonard

  9. Barbara Barbara says:

    Excellent storytelling and finely honed sense of humor Set in Rockport TX in late 1970's it's a can't put it down book

  10. Bonnie M. Benson Bonnie M. Benson says:

    Fun mystery set on the Texas Gulf Coast with some interesting and surprising twists Save it for a weekend once you start it you won't want to put it down

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