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  1. Annie Brewer Annie Brewer says:

    I am SO excited about this book I worked so hard on this one and I think most of you will love this one MUCH than my previous one Dates for cover and release to come soon This will be out on Friday I had to change it but it's gonna be worth the wait I promise Totally excited for everyone to read it Hope you all enjoy itIt's going to be LIVE TODAY I'll post the link when it's upIT'S LIVE

  2. Kellie Maddox-Ward Kellie Maddox-Ward says:

    But even though the choices we make can have an impact and conseuences it doesn't mean it has to be a bad thing Sometimes the choices we make can be the best thing that ever happened to us They can be worth every tear every laugh and every smile because when it's all said and done it's the ones that make life worth living that really matter THE STORY 17 year old Gracie made a bad choice in the heat of the moment Unprotected sex with her high school uarterback boyfriend Nick Nick has a football scholarship for college and the plan was that Gracie was going with him to start their life Until she tells Nick about pregnancy Grace has made the choice not to have an abortion Nick makes the choice to walk away From Grace and the baby Gracie has made the choice to finish high school after all this is her senior year She should be preparing for parties prom and college Not becoming a single mother But she is determined to do this Gracie is scared but has a great supporting cast of friends and family Her best friends Meg and Mason is everything she could wantHer parents having had her in high school as well support her decision 100% and her younger brother Tyler thinks she walks on water School is already hard enough as a teenager without being pregnant to the uarterback She is constantly tired and emotional and rumors and whispers get to her One specific cheerleader is just a bitch It gets too much for Grace and she ends up crying at her locker one day While crying she hears someone ask if she is OK She looks up and meetsstarts chatting to Carter Jenkins the principals son Instant attraction to the G Model looking Barista She then makes the choice to get a job to save a bit of cash before the baby comes Of course she chooses to apply at the local coffee shop where the one and only Carter worksCarter and Gracie start out as friends but the times they spend together they realize they want Grace chooses not to tell Carter about the pregnancy just yetShe want him to like him for her She also doesn't want to be rejected again As fate would have it Carter does find out after Gracie passes out at work and Carter comes to the rescue He is 100% cool with it He wants Gracie if she comes with a baby then so be it That's his choiceHe has made some bad choices in the past and is a reformed bad boy but is trying to be a better person He becomes Gracies rockThey choose to get together and are happy until Nick shows up 5 months into the pregnancyHe's made a mistake The wrong choiceHe wants Gracie back Can Gracie throw away what she has with Carter to be a family with Nick? What will her choice be? MY HONEST OPINION I really liked this I managed to finish it one sitting How pretty is the cover? It was love at first sightGracie is beautiful The whole book is written in her POV So we get all the ups and downs of the pregnancy the abandonment from Nick the bullying at school her innermost thoughts the highs that come with Carter and the comedic relief of her train of thought Meg the best friend She was awesome Wouldn't hesitate to do anything for Grace and also the comedic relief when it was needed Carter sigh the reformed bad boy Who doesn't want of those? He really is an awesome guyParents AWESOME Her Mum especially having been through the same thing she is 100% there for Gracie and all her uestionsNick When he abandons Gracie I hated him then the the book went on I still didn't like him but I did feel sorry for him I do need to advise that there is a secondary story going on this book that I do not want to spoil it But lets just say when its dropped? BOOM I am assuming that will be revealed in the next book? Just found out from a REALLY reliable source cough the author coughthat the next book is from Nick's POV There was some errors in it but not enough to actually notice or to have an effect on your thoughts For example an at the start of a sentence etc I know some people are picky about that and it makes them mad but I thought it was fine I just felt like I should point it out before people start talking smack because of it lolThere is one sex scene in this I know weird huh? book about Teen pregnancy and only one? but I thought it was greatly done Just enough to know what was going on but in no great detail Good old fashioned Clean YANA whatever genre it is ha ha Ok so not so clean as Meg swears like a sailor All in all I thoroughly enjoyed it The writing style the characters the progression of it all At some heartfelt confessions it was a little cheesy but as a fan as cheese it worked for meit all wrapped up in a HEA that I was happy with but I am unsure where the next one will go as I know this is part one of a trilogy Just have to wait and see huh? Annie WELL DONE on your second book One thing I didn't get though was If Gracie was such a caffeine addict why didn't she drink coffee? LOL

  3. Maria Maria says:

    “Do not be afraid Look fear in the face and say fuck you and move on” Gracie has to make a choiceAt 17 she got pregnant by her uarterback boyfriend NickShe told Nick but he bailed on herShe was forced to make a decision that was supposed to be too early for her to makeShe decided to keep the babyBeing a single mom was going to be hard and she was aware of thatWhat she wasn’t expecting was meeting Carter The older hot sexy totally drool worthyand mature guy who was there for Gracie when she needed it mostJust when things were going well with Gracie and Carter Nick turns up and confessed he wants Gracie backAside from keeping the baby Gracie will now have to make another choiceWill she choose to Carter who has been with her when she needed it the most or will she choose to forgive Nick and try to be a happy family?First off I'd like to thank Annie for giving me the opportunity to review this book I am sincerely thankful for the chance she has given me to read and review thisI love books that deals with real issues Choices is one of those books It deals with teenage pregancy something that isn't really new to me because I experienced it first hand It is a sensitive topic and I liked how Annie touched the subject without being too preachy It reminded my of Juno one of my favorite film of all time but of course the outcome was very differentI thought Gracie was a great character I felt her struggles because I have been in her place The only difference was that she had hot G model like Carter and I didn't I was totally jealous of that Hahaha I wish I had a Carter that would have backed me up when I went through something like that Okay back to Gracie As I said I understood what Gracie went through At 17 she made a decision of keeping the baby and I would have give her kudos to that A lot would opt to have it adopted or have it aborted It's a sad reality now a days But Gracie owned up to her mistake and faced the conseuences The popular kids bullied her because she got pregnant early but she didn't care She knew there were people who truly cared about her and she doesn't give a fck on what they said Nick however was a different storyNick was an ahole to my eyes immediately I hated the fact that even though he loved Gracie he couldn't be man enough to face his responsibilities Man I was so mad at him when he was talking to Gracie on the football field I wanted to massacre him I mean I understand he's scared because a lot was expected from him by his mother but his actions was totally not acceptable This was exactly the same reason why my ex boyfriend left me He wasn't man enough to live up to his responsibilities He was a coward And seriously I hope all guys like him rot in hellLet's stop talking about the ahole and start talking about MrRight Carter I seriously loved Carter immediately He was the guy that should have been Nick I mean he has his share of mistakes but he changed He was the kind of person you could depend on Maybe it was because he was a little older than Gracie and Nick but still he was the type of guy I'd take any day And I just freakin' wish I was as lucky as Gracie to have someone like himDespite all the insults and the hurt Gracie had been through she had all the support She has her family her friend Meg and Mason and of course Carter At first she was all mopey and sad but she grew up She had to not only for herself but for her baby She had to mature and make a decision not only for herself but also for her baby I really loved Gracie and Carter It started with friendship and then bossomed into something else It was a little too fast for me but then again we have two books to find out what happens to Gracie and Carter and yeah yeah Nick tooA round of applause for Annie's second book I haven't read her first one but I'll try to get it when I can It was a heartwarming story about a girl who made a choice and stuck to it and a guy who was willing to be the person she could lean on

  4. Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ says:

    This book sounds like the typical teenage pregnancy story and for the most part it is but there's also some other stories going onstories about love and family and acceptance I was really impressed with Annie Brewer's ability of being able to totally immerse you in a pregnant seventeen year olds life She brings you into Gracie's world where you feel you are right there with Gracie every step of the wayThere are a lot of great charactersand some not so great Gracie has a wonderful best friend and great family that love and accept her unconditionally I love all the different dynamics that they brought to the story And did I mention Carter? He is amazing The other not so great characters also added to the story but sometimes I felt we didn't get enough of their story Nick is one in particular so I was happy to find out that his story is next I think I would've enjoyed this story a bit if I wasn't so far removed from itnot just the pregnancy conflicts but all the high school drama It doesn't help that there are some editing issues and things get a bit wordy The strange part is I found myself getting use to it and enjoying Gracie's inner dialog I felt the story ended well but it definitely left me with uestions Like I mentioned Nick's story is next which I'm interested in as well as getting some answers Favorite uote ♥ “But Gracie someday is here Now I’m not proposing to you or anything I just want you to know I’ve found the one for mein you”

  5. Marie Marie says:

    I don't love much about this book but I DO love that cover Very intriguing and eye catching I admit the description for this book didn't exactly have me craving or wanting to read this book by any means but after I enjoyed Annie's last book 'Back To You' I was curious as to how her writing has developed since releasing her debut novel Unfortunately I did not like this as much as 'Back To You' I found Gracie so very annoying and yes pregnant women are generally very sensitive and emotional especially being a teenager an all but she cried at just about everything towards the end It was emotionally draining keeping up with all of her emotional turns The book also was very dragged out in my honest oppinion and like with the previous book there was no excitement to capture the readers full attention it was a little boring I thought her being pregnant and deciding to keep the baby would mature her I felt like at the start her winy and bitchy attitude was acceptable and to be expected but after a little while I just wanted to grab her and whisper to her to grow the hell up your pregnant your about to be a mother so pull yourself together For gods sake Carter was an amazing guy truly Gracie should have adopted his attitude he was cool calm and collected He chose to stand by Gracie when Nick walked He was willing to be the good guy and take on someone else's responsibility himself It would be easy at that age to walk away and find another 'chick' but he didn't care He was a really good guy But overall this book seemed to be lacking something it could have been a little edgy Everything seemed to staged I mean her and Nick had been together for what 2 3 years? And then it's over and no one seems to care all that much Carter seems a little too sculpted and perfect Everyone has faults but he seemed to have no imperfections and that annoyed the hell out of me He was also such a kiss asser He seemed to do everything Gracie told him to and not be so independent I wanted to know 'Carter' not 'Gracie's Carter' if you get me I'm 17 and I think that should ultimately make me suited to this book and relate better especially no since my friend of almost 5 years is pregnant At 17 But she is the most caring person ever and yeah she's a little touchy feely and hugs me a lot she's not judgemental angry and bitchy at everythingThe writing could have been a lot smoother and the book was too person centred This wasn't the worse book I've read but the storyline could have been a little exciting and the characters should have personality It seemed like everyone was defined by certain traits Gracie was really judgemental with major attitude issues Meg her best friend was a little eccentric and crazy Nick was self absorbed and Carter was perfect even though there's no such thing If you like a thrilling and an exciting plot line this isn't the book for you There are no keep you on your toes moments or what's going to happen next This is a slow story about a girls emotional turmoil through a big life event and her finding love with someone new It's romantic but boring I prefer a exciting relationship with twists and unexpected surprises Not a bad book by all means just not the best

  6. Christy Christy says:

    Choices is an appropriate title for this book All the characters make them whether good or bad they have to live with the choices they make Gracie is a seventeen year old high school student She is dating one of the most popular guys in school Nick and she has a uber awesome best friend named Meg She has great parents and a cool little brother Her life is pretty great Until one day in a Target bathroom she finds out something that will change her life forever She is pregnant “I’m scared This is going to change everything” 
Gracie has a choice to make She can keep the baby abort it or give it up Ultimately she chooses to keep it Her parents are upset at first but they were teen parents as well and they are very supportive She has Meg to lean on and her other friend Mason But now she has to tell Nick Nick has a football scholarship and he and Gracie were planning on going to Cali together so he could play live out his dream be with her When he finds out Gracie is pregnant he has a choice to make He can support her and the baby or he can walk way He chooses to walkGracie is upset some of the girls at school make it worse Things aren’t looking too great for her Then she sees him Carter Jenkins Carter becomes a friend to Gracie You can tell they are really into each other but Gracie is hesitant to tell Carter about the pregnancy She really likes him and she is afraid he will also choose to walk away from her She needs him in her life even if it is just as a friend Carter and Gracie go on a few dates they are starting to fall for each other Then Gracie passes out at work Carter finds out about the pregnancy He chooses to still be with her even knowing about the baby he doesn’t care “Just know I am not going anywhere I will never break your heart” Gracie is happy Then Nick comes back into the picture with a twist I didn’t see coming Nick tells Gracie he made a mistake He still loves her He wants her back Gracie is in love with Carter but Nick is her baby’s father The could be a family Will she chose the her baby’s father who abandoned her from the beginning or Carter a man who loves her and has been there for her?
I really enjoyed this one Gracie was great and I absolutely adored Carter So freaking lovable Guys like that are rare Gracie and Carter’s relationship was amazing Meg I think she is my kindred spirit She is such a great friend and funny as hell Some of the things that came out of her mouth cracked me up “He just better watch it I am not dealing with his shit Or I’ll bitch slap him into next week” Meg and Carter definitely made this book for me A beautiful emotional and sometimes funny story about growing up love life and most importantly how the choices you make can influence the rest of your life Looking forward to the rest of this series
 Even though the choices we can make have an impact and conseuences it doesn’t mean it has to be a bad thing Sometimes the choices we make can be the best thing that ever happened to us They can be worth every tear every laugh and every smile because when it’s all said and done it’s the ones that make life worth living that really matter

  7. Ashley Snell Ashley Snell says:

    Initial After thought after finishing the book ONE WORD WOOOOOOOWWhat can I say to fully help you grasp the intensity and brilliancy in this book?This is a story that I will remember for a very long timeGrace a senior in highschool gets pregnant with her star football player boyfriend NickLong story short Other than her best friends she is left alone to face the music in high schoolIt is a beautiful breath taking character building type of story that takes you first hand into Grace's struggle with teen pregnancy and her journey in becoming a stronger womanbetter yet a motherAlthough I was never pregnant in highschool I did get pregnant when I was 19 The author Anne is an amazing story teller that touches on every emotion I ever felt when I was pregnant at a young age The good the bad and DEFINITELY the uglyI HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOKAnd if you still have any doubts of adding this to your TBR There is a scrumptous man named Carter that will make any and all doubts vanish

  8. Emily Emily says:

    Oooooooh the cover is so pretty Yes I'm done and what can I say Annie boo you kicked butt I did enjoy this book than the last and yes a large part of that was due to likable characters Here's what I loved about the book5 Love that dedication made me all teary thank you kisses1 I immediately understood her fears they were realistic and one can easily relate as many go through such fears when the news of an unexpected baby slams you in the face2 During her pregnancy I couldn't help but feel I don't know how to explain it but from a young age I always had a fascination with everything baby related At twelve I'd read most of those booklet my mom got from the hospital about the growth stages and even after the baby was born You mentioned the crackers for upset stomach anemia swollen ness and the famous mood swings I knew all of this thanks to my mother's experiences although she usually got angry rather than weepy 3 I was very glad that her loved ones and Carter supported her throughout it all Though it was tough she was indeed one of the lucky ones to be cherished during that difficult time in her life4 My favorite part in the whole book was the last part The way you spoke about choices being the most important thing in one's life was absolutely beautifulI think this book would have a five star if there were a few things Don't hate me Annie but you know I do this because I love youHere are some of the things I didn't like so much1 Many things were repeated too much that it became predictable2 How she would explain her thoughts inwardly and then voice them out almost word for word or sometimes she'd know an answer to a uestion she shouldn't have beforehand3 I wish she wasn't as judgmental about distinct characters such as Jana and Erin I mean yes they were evil but I think she was harsh to refer to them with so much hatred It made her look bad that she would address them as Bches Also I didn't really like that she made Nick's respect for his mother a bad thing I don't know I just think that I would have seen her point in the argument way better if she wasn't acting the same4 I didn't really like that everything she said no matter what people told her she had a right to it She didn't always have oneMy favorite Characters wereMaryMegCarterSylvieCassieThe GrammyLast but not least thank you Annie for making me a part of this wonderful journey Love ya like chocolate

  9. Akanksha❤ Søren♰ Akanksha❤ Søren♰ says:

    25 StarsI really like the coverThe story is really good its ment for a younger generation I think or someone who wentis going through teen pregnancy or some teen who is having sex at a young ageRANT TIME BITCHESI'm pretty pissed at the editor of this book whoever that isThere are spelling mistakes grammatical errors the dialogue part is badly editedIts like the main chick is talking just to drag shit out hell is she fucking immatureThe dialogues by each and everyone is immature Its like 15yr olds are talkingAnd the talking part you don't know who's saying what because it goes like somethingsomething I giggled when the other person is talking so it confuses you who spoke whatI reallllllllllllly likedloved Carter

  10. Alison Alison says:

    Covers outttt Read the first few chapters this looks promising c;want want want wantUpdated December 28 2012Welp just bought it hope to start soon c Review soon

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Choices Choices #1➻ [Reading] ➽ Choices Choices #1 By Annie Brewer ➰ – Gracie had everything planned when it came to her future She was set to go to California with her scholarship jock boyfriend attend college get a degree and maybe sometime later when they were older a Gracie had everything planned when it came to her future She was set to go to California with her scholarship jock boyfriend attend college get a degree and maybe sometime later when they were older and successful they would get married and start a family But all of that was taken away by the passion of one careless night A night Choices Choices PDF/EPUB or that changed everything After days of sickness it becomes apparent that she’s pregnant and the choices she must make now will change her life forever Her senior year will not be filled with making stupid mistakes such as getting drunk at parties or worrying about school events But whether her doctor’s appointment is next week or how to eat and sleep for her baby’s well being This story tells of the experiences an expectant teenage mother goes through as a part of her is shaped by the news of her pregnancy and how true love is not just words but actually being there for that person when they’re most in need despite the circumstancesBook ONE in a trilogy coming late fall.

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Annie Brewer leads several lives At home she's a caring mother of two with a heart of gold Online she's a best friend to several and puts a smile on her many fans every time she utters a word In her own world she's a dreamer But the biggest part of her is made of books books and books It's not Choices Choices PDF/EPUB or a surprise she's turned out to be such a talented young author Some of her many hobbies in.